Blogtober Day 27 - Recent Music Favorites

Hello everyone! I did not realize today was DIY Halloween Decoration. Haha oops. So in order for me to have decent DIYs, I'm switching today's prompt with Thursday's. I'm going to my craft store today so I'll get some stuff for the d├ęcor ;) Anyway, today I'm going to be sharing my Recent Music Favorites. Let's a go!

The Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

ASDFGHJKL this is the best song I love it. Panic! released this song last Thursday (?), in time for the SPOOKY time. It's such a catchy, poppy, and kind of dark, yet deep song.

do not be alarmed by this thumbnail, remember that demon thing is this man:
Anyways, I really love this song. I love some of the lyrics as well: Heroes always get remembered but legends never die. If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine. Very poetic Brendon.

Infinity on High - Fall Out Boy
I remember when I felt this same way about Folie A Deux, but that doesn't matter... THIS ALBUM OH MY GOSH YES YES I CAN'T LIKE WHAT HOW YES. Okay I better chill.
Thriller - This song starts out very interesting. It's a classic FOB rock song. I guess nothing special.
"The Take Over, the Breaks Over" - LOVE IT LOVE IT. Super catchy, super fun I really love it. We do it in the dark, with smiles on our faces.
This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race - CLASSIC FOB, AMAZING SONG. Patrick like slays in this song. I feel like it's really deep in some sort. I just love it okay thanks bye.
Me and You (don't make me write the long song title please) - One of the more slowier songs on the album, but I still really like it. It's nice and pretty catchy.
Hum Hallelujah - I LOVE THIS SONG. It's really happy (I think) and it's nice and catchy and yes
Golden - This song is really freakin sad I don't like it, too sad I cry. It's REALLY deep and I love it's message but I just don't like the song. How cruel, is the golden rule?
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - AGAIN, CLASSIC FOB, AMAZING FOB. I just love how this song starts out with that like tuba/trombone/thing, I freakin love that. And the music vid, pure gold.
Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? Very catchy, again, love the beginning. It's a really fun song and I just love the lyrics and ugh. They say quitters never win.
The (After) Life of the Party - This is one of my eh songs. It's okay, but definitely not my favorite on the album. It's a nice song, I like it, but it's not FOB's best.
The Carpal Tunnel of Love - YES YES YES YES. I love the darkness of this song, it's amazing. AND PETE'S SCREAMING IS WHAT I LIVE FOR OH MY GOSH.
Bang The Doldrums - I used to be obsessed with this song, but I've heard it so much that it's gotten a bit annoying. I like it, it's nice. Best friends, ex friends until the end, better off as lovers.
Fame < Infamy - Another darkish song which I basically live for. I love the lyrics of this song, it's a really catchy one. The kid was alright, but it went to his head.
You're Crashing, But You're No Wave - (what kind of song titles are these seriously) FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM, PERIOD. I LOVE IT ALL ALL ALL. The lyrics, the beat, EVERYTHING. And everyone's looking for relief, United States versus disbelief.
I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears and None On My Fingers - (again, song title??) BEGINNING WOW LOVE IT. I also really love this song, oh my gosh wow it's amazing. I love the symphony in the background and how it fits in amazingly with the song.  Take one for the team, you all know what I mean.
Hungarian Dances: N. 5 in G Major
We're playing this in youth symphony and I love it. It's extremely difficult but I love how it all fits together. It's so much fun to play. I love the like bursts of fast and slow mixed in. It's a combination of dark and light, I just ahh.
I hope you liked that little 'music' update. I tried to mix in a bit of different genres. Maybe I'll make this a series, I really like doing this :)
I will definitely have that DIY post up Thursday, so look out for that ;)
Have a music filled day everyone!
Thanks for reading,


  1. DUDE.
    Also Emperor's New Clothes is fabulous brb gonna go die now.

    Oh my gosh The Carpal Tunnel of Love is literally my jam.

  3. FOB is kinda a guilty pleasure. and this is coming from a banjo player... like i literally play bluegrass shows ever weekend?
    ...there's just something about that band, man...
    oh wait, let me correct:
    Fall Out Boy is great. NOT a guilty pleasure. because if we can't listen to what genres we want, ie. if we're putting restrictions on ourselves based on our 'type' or whatever, then we're doing music wrong. like, music is music.
    okay just thought i'd add that.
    rant over.


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