Feminism: A LONG POST

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about a topic that I feel strongly about. NOTE- If you are an appreciater of girly girl culture, do not read this post. 

Pink, Princesses, Perfection: 3 P's of GIRL

This post is basically explaining feminism. Standing up for girls and women's rights. My mom and I strongly believe in feminism so I thought I should write this post.

When people think GIRL: what comes in mind? I asked a few friends (girls and boys) this question and here were some answers. "Shopping, not boys, purple and pink"- Boy, 11. "Clothes, smart?, awesome." Girl, 10. "One Direction, jewelery, fashion, pink, shopping" Boy, 12. "Fabulous, pink, cute, style" Girl, 11.

Notice how a lot of words were: shopping, pink, fashion, clothes. This is how kids describe girl? Nononono... Not right. Little girls like princesses right? Look at all the princess stories. Snow White, she eats a random apple given to her by an old lady, while she knows an evil magic queen is trying to kill her. I mean she should know better! Plus, only true loves kiss can save her. How does she know she even has true love? Sleeping Beauty, can be only awoken by a "prince" kiss. Right, like a prince is just gonna come wandering by. Cinderella, falls in love with a random prince and just happen to meet him again. Ariel, gives HER VOICE just to meet this prince. All of these princesses relied on a man to create their happy ever after, not cool Disney, not cool. 

But, let's take a jump outside of bad and look at what Disney did right. Mulan: awesome! Really supports the base of feminism. Frozen, true sister love. It showed that instead of true love from a man (Kristoff), Anna unfroze from Elsa's love. ANYWAYS, little girls all over are waiting for their 
"Prince Charming" and it makes them weak and helpless. 

Weak and helpless? Okay, so Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, did they ever do anything somewhat helpful except clean? Nope. It tells girls, sit around all day and look pretty and maybe clean a bit, that's how you should live your life. That may sound like an outstanding life but that is not how it works. If you are still reading, comment fabness. The stories basically support the stereotype of "women in the kitchen". 

Did you know that now they make makeup for 4 year olds? Well they do. 4 year olds should not be wearing makeup. Maybe they can dress up and stuff but makeup, no. My girl isn't wearing makeup until she is 12. Let's shift ourselves to how people think girls should be. How about a peek at Barbie. With a skinny body, loads of makeup, and shiny hair, every little girl wants to be like the fashion idol, Barbie. Even older girls, 13-15 will go without eating for a while, to get "the hot body" that Barbie has. This is a plain example of a bad role model.

Now, let's take a look at ideal girl costumes. So I was looking at Doctor Who halloween costumes online and decided to take a look at the costume websites girls section. Pink, pink everywhere. Almost every costume was decorated with pink glitter, pink fabric, pink lace, pink, pink, and more pink. (Note, I was looking in the 5-8 year old section so don't get alarmed.) I only saw 2 non-pink costumes and those were (*sigh*) Monster High costumes. Why all the pink? That shouldn't be a question, because everyone knows pink is the dominant female color. Why pink as that color, why not the "boy's color" blue? I actually don't know, but it is a very good question. 

I am going to end this post with that question. Why pink? My challenge for all of you is to break the stereotype. Write a blog post or essay just like this. Gather some friends and don't wear pink for a week. I would love to hear what you do! Doesn't matter if you are a girl or boy, the future of feminism is in our hands! As the younger generation, we can change the world. Work with me and spread the cause. 

I hope you were not bored by this post and thank you for reading though the whole thing.

Thanks for reading,

DIY: Locker Decor PART 1

Hello everyone! Today I am doing the promised DIY Locker Decorations for you! I'm really excited for this so let's get right into the post!

I have 3 crafts for you today. A chandlier, word banner, and magnetic bins. These things are completly DIY and you should be able to do this without going to the store. 

1. Chandlier

This first craft is making a chandlier out of 4 4x4 squares (aka charm pack squares), a circle made out of cardboard, a square of fabric (big enough to wrap around the circle, not shown in picture), fabric scissors and regular scissors, and a stapler!



The first step is to cut out your circle (not shown in picture) and then cut out a piece of fabric that will cover your circle. Do not cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a circle unless you are planning to glue your fabric on your circle.


(Sorry for the little shadow peeking through, they like to do that...) Now, wrap the fabric square you just cut around the circle like so. Gather up all the ends of the fabric to the middle of the circle and staple to hold it in place. 


Take your charm pack squares and cut them into strips. I did 3 strips per square so I ended up with 12 strips. 


Staple the strips onto the chandlier like shown. I wasn't able to put all the strips on because there was not enough room. When you are done, put some magnetic tape on the top and stick it on your locker! (Not shown) ENJOY!

2. Word Banner

This next craft is creating a banner which says your name or other word on it. It uses a similar technique as our Memory Strand (check out that post in the Tutorials tab!) 


Pieces of paper, number depends on how many letters are in your word. (I used 4)
Markers for decor


Take your paper and cut a triangle that looks like this. (Mine is a bit messy) Do that to all of the papers and they should look like this:


After cutting out the triangles, write your word on the triangles. I wrote my name to keep things simple! 


Grab your tape and cut a small slim piece. Attach the triangle to the string by putting a little part of the tape on the triangle and then wrapping the tape over the string and then putting the tape on the back of the triangle.Those who did the Memory Strand craft should already know what I mean.


Do this on the rest of your triangles and VOILA! You have an awesome banner for your locker! ENJOY!!!!

Since this has already become a long post, I am splitting the post into 2 parts. Tomorrow's post will be the last craft and then some Locker Organization Tips so stay tuned. I hope you all enjoyed today's crafts and be sure to come back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,


School Bucket List

Hello everyone! Today, I become a dork, a full-on dork. Why? It's because this post is titled "School Bucket List".

Okay, who the heck has a "School Bucket List". Me, apparently. I didn't want to do a bucket list, because I will have dumb ideas that are too dumb to share. Maybe I will share, once this blog is titled "My Amazing Life Being 15". But since I am starting middle school, I decided to do a School Bucket List. AKA- All my hopes and dreams for 6th grade. Let's being the nerdyness.

What an interesting edit.

1. Write for the front page of the school newspaper. I've always wanted to write for the school newspaper. It's like been a dream ever since 4th grade. My friend Shruti and I even got permission from our 5th grade teacher to write a class newspaper. (Which was pretty amazing if I do say so myself) So, naturally, I was blown away when I found out we can have a chance to write for the school paper in 6th grade. YES YES AND YESS!

2. Have an awesome teacher. Okay, I've already had awesome teachers, but let me remind myself that this is a 6TH GRADE Bucket List so let's not get crazy. I want to have that kind of teacher that lets us dance in class and drink and eat. You get what I mean. I don't want all strict teachers, everyone needs a fun teacher at school.

3. Have a Fab Locker. Already do! I made all of my locker decorations by myself (except for the rug). Soon, you guys will receive the locker fabness too, in a upcoming post!! This is your cue to get excited. 

4. Be That Kid. I want to be that kid who is super smart and everyone envies for having everything fabulized. Yeah, I may be evil. That's what happens when you watch too much Doctor Who. 

5. Make lots of friends. Have you ever heard the song "Make new friends, but keeeeep the ollllllllddddd" Yup, the one you learned in preschool. That will be my middle school motto. I want to make new friends and best friends but I should always remember to keep my old best friends too. I forgot that last year and now some of my great friends are just friends which is sad so keep that in mind folks. 

6. BE MYSELF. This is soooooo important to me! I want to always be myself and never forget that I am awesome the way I am. Never try to be someone you are not. Don't buy that really ugly shirt because everyone loves it because that popular girl is "rocking" it. (Yeah right.) BE YOURSELF, always! "Cuz, you're amazing... JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" (Props to anyone who knows this song!)

I left out "Be That Kid" because it was a bit weird.

I hope everyone liked this post! Tell me, what's your school bucket list?

Thanks for reading,


Beauty: Not My Forte

Hello everyone! So, last night I got an email from one of you guys that said:

"I am going to middle school this year and I need some makeup tips for 6th grade. I couldn't find any good ones on the web." I was scared, because I don't know the first thing about makeup. I'm 10, I shouldn't be putting on any makeup. So, I called my cousin (8th grader) and she came over and helped me. NOTE: I am only doing this post for that one person who emailed me and if you are younger than 10, makeup is not for you. So, don't think you have to wear makeup.


I used It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product because that's what I use everyday when I brush my hair. I used a comb today so it would be easier to take pics of. I love It's a 10 so all tangled hair people should so buy this, because you will be blown away. (Notice any coincidences?)

Here I am spraying it into my hair. Make sure you wait 2-3 minutes before you comb after you spray because you have to let it work its magic.

Me combing through my hair! Yay done, perfect hair in an instant....


I normally use chapstick and bam done! But since this is a makeup tutorial I decided to go with regualar lip balm and then a Maybelline Baby Lips over it. Baby Lips isn't heavily colored like lipstick so it's good for kids. It doesn't show very much and my mom approves, which is saying a lot.

Here is this Hello Kitty (embarissing? I think NOT!) chapstick that I put on before Baby Lips. I don't know why I put it on. I just have this certain feeling that makes me grab it and... moving on.

These are the two shades I have. Although they may look light on paper, if you put 1 coat of pink on your lips, it looks clear with a hint of pink. The purple though, makes you look like you are freezing to death so that's a no no. 


I don't do eyeshadow, nopity nope nope NOPE! I don't think I should be wearing it but the reader requested eye shadow too so... why not. I asked my mom for the best kiddie eye-shadow she could give me and she gave me Lorac, all neutral colors. I chose the top right color because it was the color that best suited me. 

Here I am putting on this, powder. It looks like it shows but my cousin taught me to blend it in using your finger so that it doesn't show as much. One Tip From The Cuz- Don't put on any color that isn't neutral if you are in middle school or younger. It doesn't suit a young person like you. Go natural! (I hope you guys are okay with me showing half of my face.) 

THIS WAS WEIRRDDDDDDDD. D: I might go with this routine for middle school, minus the eyes of course. You don't have to put on makeup to be pretty. You are all pretty just the way you are and I know that. I just did this post because of you shining stars asked. BE YOURSELF!! 

If anyone else has any suggestions for me, email me at

Thanks for reading,
Noor (DIY'S coming soon)


DIY: Mini Notebooks

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to make mini-notebooks that you can share with your friends and family or just make a whole bunch for yourself. 


Paper: 2-5 pieces for each notebook. (I used 4 in this one but for others, I used 2.) 
Markers: For decorating the front of your notebook.
Stapler: To bind everything together.
Scissors: (Not shown) to cut each piece of paper.


Take one piece of paper and fold it in half.


Take that same piece of paper and fold it in half again. Try to do this as accurately as possible.


Do the same thing with the rest of your papers. They should look like this.

STEP 4: 

Line up all of the papers together on top of each other like so. 


Staple the left side of the "notebook" like so. 


Use your scissors and cut on the spots where the yellow lines are on. You should now be able to flip through the pages. 


Decorate and enjoy writing! Make some for your friends too!

I hope you enjoyed this craft and look forward to some locker decoration crafts soon. There's a chandelier, magnets, and holders, plus even more! More fun Back To School coming soon so stay tuned. (Radio? I dunno.)

Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it,


Back to School

Oh my gosh guys, I am such a bad blogger. I don't post regularly and I have been losing views! Where are you guys? I miss you! Anyways, I am going to post a back to school post today and hopefully I'll blog every day from now on.

I have some really fun crafts you can do for school:

1.Decorate them folders! So, if you have some felt and glue sticks, you can cut out little shapes and decorate your folders with them. I love cutting hearts and letters and just decorating my folder, outstanding my teachers! 

2. Creating your own pencil case is fun! If you know how to sew on a button, you can create a little case then add a button closure like this:

3. If you have Lego's that you never use, make them into supplies! Create little figures, hot glue magnets, BA BAM! You have magnets for your locker! You can also build pencil cup holders out of Legos and put them on your desk. There are so many things you can create with Legos. 

Tips For Starting School
Summer ending is a big occasion for everyone. It is hard for kids to change, so I am going to give some tips that I learned at my middle school orientation this morning! 

- Sleep early the night before school and set an alarm for the next morning. This will help you create a routine for the whole year.

- Have all of your stuff organized the night before each school day so you don't have to hurry it in the morning. 

- Keep a reminder in your head of what classes you have today. This helps make sure you don't spend 10 minutes figuring out where you have to go.

My School
If you guys don't like this "lifestyle" sort of thing, head to the end of this post. As you guys may know, I am starting middle school soon. I am super excited because my locker is decorated nicely and it looks cool (post on that soon) I have classes with a lot of my friends so that is really nice. Older kids, do you have any tips on starting middle school because even though I am excited, I am nervous too.

Today, I am ending CAS, because my school is starting soon and I just don't have the time so congrats to Cabin Fabulous, to winning! I'll email everyone telling them that they won! I'll post something relating to your blog soon and ask you about your prize so look for that email!

Hope you guys enjoy this post and congrats on starting school!

Thanks for reading,


Fun Things To Do With Your Cousins/Siblings

Hello everyone! I am currently in California right now and hanging out with my cousins! Its actually been really hard to figure out what to do but we end up having a lot of fun. So today, my cousin is helping me to help you figure out what to do with your cousins or siblings! (Maybe even friends!)

1. Prank Someone
This is always fun, but only if you do a nice, funny prank. Examples of bad pranks are: messing with someone's toothpaste, hiding someone's stuff. One really fun prank is putting duct-tape on the light part of the computer mouse. When someone goes to use the computer, the mouse won't work!

2. Play Sports
Sometimes, I'll make up sport games with my cousin. One of our favorites is throwing the football on the wall and catching it as it bounces off the wall. Sometimes, I'll even commentate on the game like it's a real live game. This is really a lot of fun.

3. Play Some Board Games/Video Games
Playing video games is always fun! Being on a team or going against each other always brings a challenge for both you and your cousin. If you or your cousin doesn't have a video game console, you can always play a board game which is just as fun. Some fun board games include: Battleship, Chutes and Ladders, Jenga, Monopoly, and Guess Who. Some fun video games include: Pokemon, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, Lego Games, and Fifa World Cup. 

4. Do Creative Activities
You can draw, paint, color and write. You and your cousin can combine your imaginations to create something amazing. Maybe you can enter your work in a contest! Another thing you can do is cook or bake which is a very fun activity! I love looking up recipes online and making them with my cousins. 

5. Create A Secret Hideout
Forts are like the best.thing.EVER! With a bunch of pillows and blankets and a guardian's permission (Guardian's permission is extremely important because without it you might get in trouble...) you can build an awesome fort. Decorate your fort with pillows, electronics and fun games. Maybe even a few balls to play catch. Forts are a great way to hang out with cousins all by yourselves without any little brothers/sisters/cousins bothering you all the time. (Trust me, I know the feeling.)

Shoutout to all of my favorite cousins, you know who you are!

I hope you and your cousins enjoyed this post and I'll see you tomorrow (hopefully..) Don't forget to enter the writing contest!

Thanks for reading,


Writing Challenge- CAS

Hello everyone! Today I have a writing challenge that can help you earn points for camp! The challenge is called:

(bad editing alert)

The challenge is simple. All you have to do is write a 7-20 sentence essay on how you spent your summer vacation. All the highlights and stuff like that. If you have a blog, post the essay on your blog with the picture above (make sure to explain that it is my picture) and send me the link somehow and bam! 10 points for your cabin! 

Now, if you want, you can turn this into a tag and tag 3 people. To make it more fun, you can ask them questions about their summer that they have to answer in their essay. This is meant to be a fun activity so don't think you are going to be graded!

I am going to start off by asking 5 questions and tagging 3 people. You don't have to be tagged to do the essay so write away!

My Questions-
1. What were three things you did over the summer? Describe them in 1-2 sentences.

2. Where was the most fun place you went?

3. Did you see any family?

4. If you could describe your summer in 1 word, what would that word be? Why?

5. On a scale from 1-10, how was your summer?


Hope you enjoy this tag/challenge!

Thanks for reading,


30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! Today I am doing another 30 Day Blogging Challenge but first, I want to have a poll. Please VOTE!!!!

-Sewing and crafts
- 30 Day
- My Life

Day 25: Your Biggest Regret

My biggest regret is choosing to go to my friend's house for a 2-night sleepover and a baseball game instead of going with my cousins.

My cousins were going to NYC for the weekend to go visit some friends and asked me if I wanted to go. I said no because I thought it would be boring. It turns out they went to see a Selena Gomez concert and got a picture with her. I was so mad!

They also went to Times Square at night and had a lot of fun. When I saw the pictures, I realized I had made a big mistake.

I know it's not a great story but it is all that I got!

Hope you enjoyed and please vote, it will help me make better posts for you guys!

Thanks for reading,


Review: "Bake You Happy" Nail Polish Set

Hello everyone! I've been such a bad, bad blogger lately. I am sick and had camp and all that crazy stuff. But today I have a nail polish set I want to review so lets get started!

I got this nail polish set in Florida and I am absolutely loving it! The colors are bright and spunky and the name is extremely clever: "Bake You Happy". 

(Excuse my horrible handwriting)

Now, I am going to list all of the colors and my opinions on them.

Fondant is basically a darker version of Mint. It's a pretty color but they should change it up, making it more different from Mint. 6/10 

Blueberry Scone
Blueberry Scone is very interesting. In the bottle it looks blueish-purple and when you put it on your nails it is very beautiful. 8/10

Peach Pie
Peach Pie is a bright color. It's really fun and I think it will be paired great with Strawberry Milk and Mint for nice summery nails. The only problem is, it looks a lot like Strawberry Milk when on your nails. 7/10

Mint is overall my favorite color. I love green and mint ice cream. It also works with every other color I have. 9/10

Ube is really cool. The name is cool (I don't even know what Ube is... 2 points to whoever can tell me) The color is also very pretty and summery! 8/10

Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk is your classic summer pink. It's cheerful and happy and makes you smile! It also works very well with the sun. 7/10


This set is very nice and summery! You should check it out! 

Look at other Cherimoya nail polish sets and tell me your favorite for 4 points! 
For 1 points, tell me your favorite color in this set.

Hope you all enjoyed this fun review!

Thanks for reading,


Summer Camp Crafts/30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! I haven't blogged in like forever but today I am going to share some of these fun summer camp crafts that you do!


Friendship Bracelets-
Making friendship bracelets is the best camp activity. So much fun to make and so much fun to trade. 

Knotted Bracelet

God's Eye
Rock Painting


Day 23- If You Won The Lottery.....

If I won the lottery (which I am guessing would be about 5 million dollars) I would do a lot of things. First, I would split 2 million dollars for all of my friends. Second, I would spend the money enhancing my blog and my blogging space. I might also get some sewing things like a cool new machine. I would also get a cool computer and an awesome phone.

Of course, I would share with my family too. I would put 1 million dollars into savings and another part into college funds. I would absolutely donate to the poor. If I won the lottery, I would do a lot of great things with the money.

I hope you enjoyed the crafts! What would you do if you won the lottery? (2 points)

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday Showcase

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in like forever and I'm super sorry. Today I am going to do Wednesday Showcase and share another journal entry. First, I am going to talk about camp!

Points Recap-
Cabin Fabulous- 48
Cabin Awesomeness- 11

I am changing up the prizes a little bit... 

The only places I will be giving gift cards are: Club Penguin, Target, Toys R Us, and anywhere with a code. You must have an email, or a blog with moderated comments in order to receive your prize.

Now for the Showcase.....

1. Scene It All

Toni is an 11 year old girl who reviews lots of movies on her blog Scene It All. Her latest review was for the Iron Giant. I love her reviews and all of the effort she puts into her blog is amazing. She is also writing her own movie called The Big 6 which I can't wait to hear about. 

2. A Boy and His Blog

Christopher is a boy who writes all about his life. He has three dogs and his own garden. He also shares a lot of fun recipes such as pizza and reindeer cookies. Yum! Check out his blog, A Boy and His Blog.

3. Dolls on Da Blog

Maddison and Kanani are two dolls who blog over at Dolls on Da Blog. They write about all of their adventures as dolls. They also post tutorials! I recently guest posted there! Doll lovers, be sure to check out Dolls on Da Blog.

Okay everyone, yesterday I got another journal entry so lets check that out!

"My thoughts on Fast Food are that it's nice to have once in a while. It's a treat so if you had it all the time it wouldn't be fun anymore and the taste wouldn't be a nice. I think having once every fortnight should be fine- it's unhealthy but unless you really eat it often its unlikely to do any harm. People who have it often are ruining their diet and the niceness of it." By: Lexie 

Thanks Lexie for that fabulous entry!

Thanks for reading,


Whoops!- LONG POST

Hello everyone! Today I'm not doing any specific post, just lazy. There will be things, just not one big thing. (rambling, nah.) I'm so sorry about Sewing Saturday I'll explain about it in just a second. Just like before, there will be different categories in the post, just in case you don't want to read it all. 

The iPad Mishap
I went to NYC yesterday and forgot to charge my iPad so I left it in the car. When I came back from NYC it was dead so I put it on charge. Now, it is not turning on or off no matter what we do so sadly, we have to take it to the store and I couldn't post Sewing Saturday because, all of my pictures were on the iPad. :(

I have some quick news to share with all of you! I won CAK on Livy's Blog! I am either going to win a doll package or a mystery package! Either way, I am super duper excited. Another cool thing is, I am going to California on August 15 and I can share all my travels! I am also going to teach all of you how to make the best travel journal (it will be a three part thing) SO EXCITE!

July Favorites
If you remember, in June, I did a June Favorites. Today, I am going to do a July Favorites! YAY!

Favorite Food- Milano Cookies. I have been in love with these things for the longest time. They are so so yum! 

Favorite Show- Total Drama Island. The show is basically a cartoon reality show, cool!

Favorite Site- Blogger. So I can connect with you shining people!

Favorite Blog- Little Livy's

Favorite Thing To Do- Hang out with my cousins. I have been hanging out with my cousins a lot in July.


Favorite Fandom- Potterheads. I have been reading and watching Harry Potter a lot in July so its only natural Harry Potter would be my favorite fandom. Plus, September 1st is coming up and Potterheads, you know what that means.......

Anyways, thanks so much for taking time to read! Be sure to tell me if you do a favorites post! I'll be sure to write tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading,
Noor (who is currently stuffing her face with Milano's.... not even ashamed.)