SUPER Quick Post

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some quick news. 

  • Tomorrow's post will be another review. If you would like me to review something, put it in the comments.
  • I have a fabulous Etsy Store to share!


Does your doll have a bed that needs some bedazzling? Then check out the Etsy shop Avas Doll Room. This shop sells fabulous doll bedding for 18 inch dolls! I so recommend this shop. 

I'm so sorry for the quick post, so enjoy this fab pic:

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Meet My American Girl Doll

That's right, American Girl doll. I have one and I'm proud of her (not that any of you would be laughing at me because you all are so nice! Right?) I thought since there's not going to be a Sewing Sunday (WHAT? I'll get to that in a sec.) might as well give you a "confession" post. 

Now to the thing about Sewing Sunday. My sewing machine is down. Again! I left my hand sewing needle at my friend's house so no sewing. Grr. Here is this post making up for it. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. I didn't have ANYTHING to post about. Here we go....

Here is my doll- Alisha. (This is like the worst picture EVER! I'm sorry) She is a Just Like Me Doll 
#IDon'tKnow. I've had her for 2 years (that's why her hair is all crazy) Quick Fact- Alisha has a blue Sharpie mark under her right eye but you can't see it because her side bangs are covering it. 

What do I post about Alisha? I guess her story???

I got Alisha when I was in 3rd grade. I had wanted an American Girl doll for like FOREVER! Sometimes I used to go on the AG site and build my own doll. One day, I was on the AG site building my own Just Like Me Doll and browsing through the clothes. (I had one piece of clothign in my cart) My mom told me to go clean my room so I left and did that. The only thing was I didn't turn off my computer....... (moment of suspense).......

When I came back to browse more, I saw my tab had been closed. Little did I know my sneaky mom had went to the checkout, bought me the doll and the clothes, and closed the tab all without me knowing. (She still does this!) 

A couple of weeks later, my mom picked me up early from school to go to NYC (if you are wondering where my dad was, he was in Florida seeing my uncle) and when I got home I saw a package, opened. I took a peek inside and I saw an American Girl Doll face looking at me. I jumped and I screamed and hugged my mom. I had an American Girl doll, and clothes for her. I quickly changed my doll into her new clothes and got in the taxi to go to the bus station holding Alisha in my arms (her name wasn't Alisha yet.) We had such a fun time in NYC. I got 1 new set of clothes for my doll and the school backpack set from my mom's friend. 

This one is a much shorter story. On March 2, I went to see the Lorax with my friend and her friend. My friend's friend was named Alisha. (My doll's name at the time changed daily) I thought Alisha was the most prettiest name in the world. When I came back home, I declared: My doll's name is going to be Alisha! 

Well, that was a long post. Tomorrow's post will be much better, I promise! Stay tuned

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Hello everyone! Today is Earth Day! I'm so excited because yesterday I posted up in the announcements section about the Earth Day challenge. Today I am super excited to share with you! Ready? Let's go!

Celebrate Earth Day With Me!

Hello readers! As you may know, Earth Day is coming up! (Tuesday April 22) I wanted to celebrate in a way that my readers can do something! So, I'm giving you an Earth Day challenge!!

1- Check out my post on ways to be environmentally friendly.  Choose one way or more and do it!

2- Grab the button saying "I Helped The Earth!" Put it on your blog and tell your readers! Note- If you do not have a blog then show the button off some other way! Tweet, instagram, Facebook post, anyway you can and send me the link of it. Make sure you tell what you did in your status/post!    (Find the button in "Contact Me") The button will be posted today. 

3- Comment on my latest post saying you did it and send me the link!

If you have any questions, email me!!


You have until next, next Tuesday to complete this challenge! Let's see how many people can go help the Earth!

Thanks for reading and take the challenge!


Should Kids Have Homework Over Spring Break?

No, I do not think kids should have homework over spring break. Spring break is a time for kids to relax and have fun with their families. Homework doesn't really let them do that. 

Like I said before, spring break is a break, a time to relax and have fun. Don't think about school or work. Some people might argue that kids might lose some knowledge over the break. Sure,if you are talking about summer vacation. But this is spring break, usually about a week long. How much knowledge can you lose in a week?  

Wait, there is one exception. Next week, we have the New York State Math tests. (We as in all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in NY) These tests are a pretty big deal, if you get a bad score, then that's really bad, like I mean really bad. These tests are also pretty hard. So, if your teacher were to give you homework to study for these tests, then fine, I can understand that even if your teacher gave you 36 pages of homework like my teacher did. *sighs*

Anyways, if you don't have any major tests coming up soon, there is no reason for your teacher to give you 36 pages of homework to do over your break. It makes no sense at all. 

Happy Spring Break everyone! (even though mine is just about finished)

Thanks for reading,

PS- There is a new announcement! Check it out in the Announcements page! Its the new Eearth Day challenge I was talking about! 

Pretty flowers and trees! Spring is here!


I Missed A Sewing Saturday???

*sighs loudly* I missed another craft day. I did upload the Free Day Friday post. It was finished on Friday, the post did not publish. It should be up today. As for Sewing Saturday, something came up and I was gone for the whole entire day. But don't worry, there will be a Sewing Sunday..... you'll just have to wait and see what the next sewing craft is in the series. 

Anyways, this post has a purpose. I have a few sewing related questions to ask you! This is to make up for Sewing Saturday. (BTW- The craft I was going to do yesterday will be next week's Sewing Saturday craft) 


1. Do you sew by hand or machine?

2. Have you been able to complete any of the projects?

3. Is sewing fun for you?

4. Name one thing you would like to learn how to sew

5. Did you know how to sew before this?

6. What was your favorite project?

Thank you for answering my questions! Maybe I can get in a couple suggestions from Question 4.\



Enjoy this picture:

Pretty stars! :)


Free Choice Friday: DIY Memory Strand

Hello again! Its Free Choice Friday and the shining people voted on Room Decor! TWEET TWEET! 
iI have finally come up with a post and today we're going to be making.... a memory strand. This piece of string/yarn contains pictures/cards to remind you of your best memories. You don't need much!

Yarn or String (Yarn works WAY better)
Tape (I used Washi Tape because it adds way more creativeness to the pictures) 
Pictures or cards

Here are my materials

So first, cut a piece of string/yarn to the size you want. (I didn't measure mine, sorry!) 

Take your first picture and also cut a piece of tape about that size. Place the tape at the top of the picture like so. Story of this picture: this is the cover of a Playbill from the Broadway "Wicked". We went to go see it in January and I loved it!!

Now take the tape and place it on the string. Fold over until the tape reaches the other side of the picture. Press down to secure.

Take your next picture and do the same thing. I used like 3 pieces of tape on this picture because it is big. Story of this picture: This was a drawing my 6 year old cousin gave me. 


Again, take your next picture (mine is a card) and do the same thing. For this card I used two pieces of tape. Story of this picture: My best friend actually designed this card for me and gave it to me this year. 

This one, I did differently. It already had a hole on top so I pulled the yarn through the hole. Story of this bookmark: my friend made it for me when we were in 1st grade. 

This one I did the same as the Wicked Playbill. Story of this picture: Last Month, me and my three friends went to go see Aladdin on Broadway. The show was amazing!

Here is what it looks like when done! Lovely!

Thanks for reading,


Hello everyone! While I attempt to create a room decor post for you shining people, I am going to write this post. I know I said I'd stop 2 posts in one day but I am bored and when I'm bored, I blog!
This post is not a ramble, it has a reason. To share with you the latest things going on here on the blog! Let's get started:

Tomorrow- Sewing Saturday: Amazing Lip Gloss Holder

Sunday- Sewing Sunday: Next step in the sewing series

Monday- Opinion Posting: Should Kids Have Homework Over Spring Break?

Tuesday- SPECIAL EARTH DAY POST!!! I am so excited for this post because I have a fab new challenge for all of you! The challenge will be posted on Sunday on the Announcements page. 

Next Thursday, we have a special guest: Amelia from Amelia Grace! She is going to be posting the fabulous review for the Review Thursday. Note: her post will be up next Thursday, not this coming up Thursday! 

That's all the news I have! Stay tuned! (Why do I sound like the people of the radio? Welcome to Amazing Life Being.10 *sings* Magic Life Being.10! Okay that was weird.)

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the bad radio person. 

Oh yes, also enjoy this lovely picture:

Oh Harry. 😂


Hatchet- A Book Review

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today, I'm going to share with you another book review! This book is called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Gary Paulsen is another fabulous author that I love. 

13 year old Brian Robeson is in a pickle. In other words, he's in trouble. Big trouble. Brian is in a life or death situation. He was on his way to see his father in Canada when his single engine plane crashes. He discovers he's in the middle of the wilderness with a Windbreaker and a hatchet. He has to try to find food and water all by himself. 

Brian isn't only troubled physically, he has some problems emotionally. His parents are divorced and he has been keeping a secret that has been tearing him apart slowly. He will have to control his feelings and use his brain to save himself. 

Brian Robeson has no one. He has only one hatchet.
I thought Hatchet was a really good book. I'm not too crazy about survival stories but this one is actually really good. It is interesting how Brian has this crazy life where at one moment he was given this hatchet as a gift and the next, his pilot dies from a heart attack and he's alone in the Canadian wilderness. I do have to say, the book ended abruptly. (Is that how you spell it?) Hatchet is a great book worth reading. I got my book for $7.00 at Barnes and Nobles. 

Rating: 4 stars 

It is time to vote for tomorrow's project! 

-Washi Tape
- More sewing!
- Room decor
- Or your choice*

*For your choice, give me an idea in the comments. I will only use the first comment with the "Your Choice Idea" Voting ends Friday the 18th at 9:00 AM, NY time. 


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Sewing Sunday- Fabric Weaving

Hello everyone! This might be posted on Monday because I am writing this really late. Also, this can be hand sewn but I used my machine because I had to do this really quick. Anyways here is the post (you can use your machine too if you want.)

First, cut 8 pieces of fabric strips that are 5 tall and 1 wide. 

I labeled the pieces for you to make it easier. (Can you read that? Sorry if you can't, just tell me in the comments)

Take fabric strip 1A and fabric strip 2A and lay 2A on top of 1A like in the picture. 
Pin down. 

Now take 1B and put it on top of 2A, like in the picture. Pin down. 

Next, take 2A and put it on 1C, like so. Pin down. 

Now, take 1D and put it on top of 2A. You can't see mine but I think you get the idea. Pin down. Basically you have just done an over, under, over, under sorta thing. Exactly like weaving! Also, there will be a extra piece at the end, don't cut that off yet. 

TIP- Make sure all the 1 pieces (1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D are close enough together. Thre should not be a gap between the pieces.

Now take your 2B piece. Take 1A and put it over 2B. Make sure it looks like mine in the picture. Pin down.

Next, put 2B over 1B and pin down. 

 Whoops, here I messed up. Take 1C and put it over 2B. I did 2B over 1C. 
Do not look at the picture for this step. 

Again, messed up here. Put 2B over 1D and pin down. You have just done under, over, under, over. 

Do the same thing that you did in row one to here. Go over, under, over, under with strip 2C. (Sorry about the messup in row 2. Ask me in the comments if you need any help.) Row three should look like this when you are done.

For row four, do the same thing you did in row 2. Under, over, under, over with strip 2D. 

Now flip over and make sure all the pieces are in line and pinned. 

Afterwards, cut off all the little excess strips. Also, cut to the size you want it to be.

Time to sew! As you can see, I've sewn on the very edge of the square/rectangle.This is to secure.

Now I'm sewing on the next part. I've created a diagram to show where to sew on the fabric. 

The places where you sew are the yellow lines. In all, you should have 6 lines of stiches. 

This is about what it should look like when done. If you want, you can add a backing by measuring how big your woven fabric is and then cutting out a piece of fabric that size. Then you sew the two fabrics together by the wrong sides. 

Here is another completed one. 

Share with me some of your completed projects! Maybe if I get enough I can do a special post next week! Send in the pictures at

Thanks for reading,

Send me those pictures! It can be from any project, but has to be sewing!!


Sewing Saturday- Jo-Ann Haul

Hi everyone! I'm sorry, I don't have a FABULOUS Sewing Saturday post up because my sewing machine's needle broke :( so I my dad is (attempting to) fix it. So, since I was having no sewing in my day, my mom was being nice and gave me 40 dollar budget to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics. (Thanks Mom!)

Here is what I got-

Fabric quarters (18 in by 21 in each)
Thread, pink and white.
Washi tape- just because
Fabric! Yay!!!

These are the fabric quarters I got! The first one is my favorite, lovely owls! The second one was to make a something for my 6-year old cousin. The third and 4th are just, cool. 

These are the things I got to make a baby quilt for my cousin's daughter. I can't wait! 

With these materials, I am planning on making something for my teacher.

Well, do you like all of it? Is it even a haul? Mini haul or medium haul? 

Anyways, I am planning on using one of the fabric quarters for the Learn To Sew series on Sewing Sunday! Get your needles ready shining people! 

P.S- Speaking of Sewing Sunday..... I might be having a sewing giveaway!!! Stay tuned for more answers!!

Thanks for reading,


Quick Post

Hello everyone, I haven't been getting many entries to the monthly challenge so i created a giveaway via Rafflecopter

Check it out on my Facebook page:

Book Review: Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life!

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a book review! I don't do book reviews that much, but today I am trying.

Jeremy Fink And the Meaning of Life

On his 13th birthday, Jeremy Fink recieves a special box with the words Meaning Of Life engraved on it. He and his best friend Lizzy are eager to open it. When they do, they discover it is locked. After this, Lizzy and Jeremy journey all over Manhattan to find the key and discover the Meaning Of Life. Join Lizzy and Jeremy on their journey to find out what's in the box. 

My review: I think Jeremy Fink is a great book. In the beginning, it was a little hard to understand but overall it was good. I would rate it 4 stars. Wendy Mass (the author) has written other fabulous books like The Candymakers which I can't wait to read next. 

What do you think? Will you read this book?

Thanks for reading!


Free Choice Friday- Journaling: My Way.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the First Free Choice Friday! I chose the craft/tutorial this time since I forgot to post yesterday. Today I'm going to share with all you shining people my new hobby: Journalling. But, I'm not going to teach you how to journal (that's a later post) I'm just going to teach you what you need for journalling. I first discovered journalling from Emily Jane and Vanilla Craft Blog

Here is my journal:

It's very crazy, I know. I didn't have matching duct tape. 

Now for the materials! 

Here is my pencil case. It is small but bigger on the inside. (Doctor Who reference, get it, like the T.A.R.D.I.S?) I like it because it's small and easy to carry. 

Color pencils are one of the things that you want to have for journalling. They are easy to color and draw with. I have mostly Crayola Color Pencils and then some other pink. 

Now the writing/drawing stuff. (Pens and a fine tipped marker.)

1- My really old pen. This pen is really useful although it is kinda uncomfortable because of the paint that I spilled on it. Oops!

2- A fine tipped marker. I love this marker. It is really easy to draw with and I can color with it too. 

3- A pen. This pen is the one I use the most. It is a general pen and I write with it too. 

4- A fine tipped pen. This pen is for the more detailed drawings. 

Extra drawing stuff! There is a metallic marker for the drawings, a black marker to outline, and a highlight to highlight stuff. 

Scissors and glue, so important while journalling! Cutting and pasting is super fun and you can't do that without the handy dandy scissors and glue! Also, we've got a lot of oil pastels. (24 to be exact.) The oil pastels are optional, but I like having them around!

So, are you going to start journalling? I would totally recommend it. 

Your journalling blogger,


Should The Goverment Put Warning Labels On Soda?

Hello everyone! It's another opinion post. This time I'm stating my opinion on whether the government should put warning labels on soda. 

Some government officials from the state of California have proposed a law to start putting warning labels on soda telling people that it is bad for you. Here is my opinion on this law. 

No, I do not think we should put warning labels on soda. People already know that soda is bad for you, so it would be there for nothing. Soda isn't the only unhealthy thing. If you were to put these labels on soda then you would have to put them on other things like candy and chips. Also, if the government wanted to solve the promblems on obesity then they should lower the prices on healthy drinks. Doctors and dentists encourage people to drink water but if the water costs $2.00 and the soda costs $1.00, more people are going to buy soda. Warning labels on soda is not such a good idea.

Thanks for reading,


This Is Me....Rambling.

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to do something that I've never done before. I'm going to *sighs* ramble. Why am I so upset about this? Well, I have nothing to post. NOTHING! So, this is going to be an opinion/ramble post. Ready? Let's get ready to ramble! (get it because its a play on let's get ready to "rumble" but it's ramble? No, okay, bad joke)

HMMM.... great. Now I have nothing to ramble about. Ha, got something. (this is me thinking out loud)

The weather here is horrible. Yesterday it was like 65 degrees fahrenheit and now it's all cloudy and gross. Mother Nature is messing with me. Okay so last Wednesday it was really warm. Then on Thursday I was like... should I wear shorter leggings today (like up to my knees because it was 68 on Wednesday.) So I did and then it was super cold on Thursday so my legs froze. (See, rambling!)

Have you noticed some bloggers always write super short posts, like the posts are so short,if they were pants, no one could wear them because they were so short. Or really long posts, like longer than mine, sometimes those posts aren't even spilt into paragraphs which sucks because it's super hard to read. I've done that a couple of times but now I've learned from my mistakes. Maybe that's how you can tell how long your posts should be, by pant size. Long enough for it to cover the whole subject (unless you're rambling, well even then you need to cover the basic subject) and short enough to keep it interesting (again, unless you're rambling, but you still can't keep typing and typing.) Hey, I taught myself something today. Rambling helps. 

Conclusion of this ramble- Rambling is good (sometimes)

Thanks for reading and hope you didn't get bored!



Crazy Cooking Tag: My Post

Hello everyone! Right now, I'm going to share with you my tag post! Enjoy!!!

My Tass Kabab Cooking Adventure!!

A little bit earlier in the day, my dad and I went on a cooking adventure! We decided to cook something called Tass Kebab

It was really fun and the kebab turned out really good. (Kebab is like a beef, I think the recipe we used was an Armenian one. Not postive...) Anyways, I am going to share with all you shining people some pictures we took while cooking, not going to share the recipe but I will give a basic view of what we did with each picture. 

First, we put 2 tablespoons of butter in a pot at medium heat. We waited for it to melt, then we washed our meat, beef. (Note- we didn't use the right part of the beef so the finished thing turned out not so perfect.

Then, we chopped onions. (My dad did this part.) 

Next, we put the meat in the pot and let it brown. 

After that, we took the meat out and put in the onions.

After the onions became see through, we put the meat back in with the onions still in. Then we seasoned. After seasoning, we stirred. This is before stirring. 

Afterwards, we made a tomato mixture.

Then covered the meat with it

UNFORTUNATELY....... I couldn't get the final pic.... here in my family, we finish our food. Quick


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Amelia at Amelia Grace

Annie at The Oldest Sister/ Polka Dot Kitchen 

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