things writers should remember (you're a gem to this world)

Hello everyone! Weekend, finally augh :D Getting back to school after break was such a drag, I fell asleep in half of my classes on Monday... oops. 

However, I've been connecting with my writer side a lot more (aka my darker side, i would never kill anyone in real life.. maybe?) and I've often had to remind myself of simple little things, that have really made my writing experience a lot better.

While you're writing, it may be helpful to remind yourself of these things, you know, so you don't want to like completely rip your hair out. (comment if u relate)

i absolutely adore this book it's so inspiring and beautiful just get it ok #notaspon

1. You have literally read your writing thousands of times, it's going to sound bad, but I promise it's so much better than you think. 

2. There's a reason it's called a first draft. You can even call it a rough draft, because it's supposed to be rough. That's what editing is for broski. *cries*

3. Don't write something just because it's trending! You're not going to finish this book for another 2 years and chances are, it won't be trending anymore. you do you boo boo. 

4. Your character does not represent you. Do not be afraid to make a character insanely evil and horrible, you're not evil and horrible, the character is. it's not the same. 

5. Writing fast does not equal good writing. Take your time, go with the flow, find the flow, and write at your own pace. Words are words, no matter how fast they're written. 

6. And don't shame yourself for writing fast! You go you speedy little thing, you're awesome, and your writing is awesome. 

7. Please don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you that "Writing is so easy." Instead, throw them in a pit and let them wallow in their ignorance. Or better, make them write your novel. All 150043994 drafts of it.

8. Don't be afraid to kill someone off. Heck, go on a murder spree if you'd like (calm down JK Rowling) ok maybe don't kill everyone, but if it's necessary to the story, go ahead, you don't have to make it graphic. 

9. There's no 100 step list to becoming a writer. All you gotta do is write. 

10. Your story is never too crazy. Go ahead and write the romance novel about mermaids in space, there's always a first for everything. 

spring is finally here and i love flowers

11. USING PROMPTS IS OKAY! Don't be ashamed if you need a lil inspiration :D

12. Don't force yourself to write, the flow and inspiration will never come if you're just not feeling it.

13. The worst thing you can do to yourself as a writer is compare your writing to someone else's.

14. The second worst thing you can do is try to closely imitate someone else's writing.

15. Don't ever doubt yourself. The fact that you brought yourself to attempt to write something is a brave and great feat, pat yourself on the back. 

16. It doesn't take 30 days to write a book, sometimes it takes more than that to plan a book. You're not rushed. 

17. TAKE BREAKS. You will go insane if you write for like 20 hours straight. And then you'll hate writing. And that's a disaster. (because your writing is a gem)

18. There isn't one 'write' way to write (HA IM FUNNY). In fact, I don't think you can correlate the word "write" with "right", because in writing, wrong and right just don't exist. 

19. No one will judge you for being a planner or a pantser. once again, you do you boo boo

20. No one is going to judge you if you ditch a piece of writing. Maybe you didn't like it, that's okay, you get an infinite (kinda) number of chances, keep trying :D

DID THIS HELP?? AT ALL??? What are some other things you need to remind yourself while writing? Join the #writersstruggle with me!

Thanks for reading,


the pros and cons of rereading and rewatching

Hello everyone! Tis spring break! And that means plenty of glorious hours for reading and binge watching. Except I haven't watched or read anything new. In fact, I reread Harry Potter and I rewatched Jane the Virgin. someone help me i am too obsessed.

the violin has nothing to do with this post i just love my violin

It brought me to think, is rereading/rewatching something redundant? Or, when should you stop rereading a series? Is there even a limit?

The answer that comes to mind is NO. I WILL LIVE THE MAGIC AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT TO NOOR LEAVE ME ALONE. (i have internal fights with myself it's probably not healthy but whatever) But shouldn't one be open to new things? Continously reading or watching one series gets boring doesn't it? (it really doesn't but that isnt the point)

So, me being me, I made a pros and cons list, because what's life without lists? (a lot of things but lists are my life ok sh)

the most obvious reason, so you can live it all again. Experience the quotes, laugh at the characters, cry at the deaths, go on the journey like you did the first time! If you really love it, you can't get enough of it. i will never get enough of Draco's snarky comments. never. no matter how many times i read the series.

so you will always remain a fan. I don't know about you, but if I don't read or watch or talk about a book/series/tv show/movie (you get the point i don't have to keep on doing this) for more than a couple months, I'll start to lose interest in the series. I'll literally forget how amazing it is. Sometimes I just want a snap back to.. fantasy? I NEED THE FUEL.

you may have not read a good book or watched a good show in a while. Find yourself constantly hitting the one or two star button on Goodreads? Can't get past the first episode of that new show? Reread your favorite book, or watch your favorite show! It's guaranteed that you'll like the book/show, and it's a refresher from all the literature garbage you've read lately.

(jk it's not garbage, every book is a gift, some better than others, but all of them are gifts, in their own way) However some shows can be absolute garbage, several come to mind.

you're forgetting all the details. 
me: buzzfeed quiz on harry potter trivia.. LETS GO.
quiz: what was Ginny Weasley's Patronus?
me: *sweats* *pants heavily* OH CRAP I DON'T KNOW. *sinks into chair in shame*

It's a terrible feeling. After that, you just have to reread the series. Or you'll feel like a bad fan.

This list was probably one of the toughest lists I've ever had to make in my life, it involved me hitting my head on my computer because I NEEDED ANOTHER REASON but my reading soul told me that there were NO REASONS. #readinglifeishard

when are you going to tackle that TBR? 
me: *is reading the lunar chronicles (again)*
me: *glances over at bookshelf*
me: i'll get to you someday
bookshelf: lol yea right

THERE'S TOO MANY BOOKS, AND SO LITTLE TIME. I tell myself this like every day? But then I somehow find myself picking up my favorite books and looking past the ones I picked up at the store. It's not that I don't want to read them, it's just the others ARE SO GOOD. *cries*

or that Netflix watch list? Trust me, I have around 15 shows on My List on Netflix that are calling my name but I still click "next episode" on Jane the Virgin so that I can watch that same episode for the fifth time. logic.

the book/show/movie loses its suspense. After a while, you tend to know what happens in a series, you know all the funny lines, the scary moments. So it's never really the same the 5th or 6th time around, you may gain more knowledge of the thing, but you lose a lot of the fun.

(i tried really hard to come up with more reasons I PROMISE)

I still love rereading, don't me wrong, I think I just have to cut down, a little.

REREADING / WATCHING? Yes or no? If yes, what’s your favorite book/show/movie to reread? And if I missed any pros or cons, let me know!

Thanks for reading,


five celebrities you should most definitely worship

Hello everyone! Chances are, you're a fan of something. Whether it's a book series, or a tv show, or a food item (uh cookie dough fandom for the win.). And as a result, you've found yourself worshipping loving  liking worshipping a human being from that particular something (maybe not the food unless you're into the chef fandom or something idk you do you boo boo). This has happened to me, of course you'd know that if you knew me.. at all. So I've compiled a list, again if you know me you know that lists are my way of self expression, of celebrities/people who you should consider adding to your worship list.

one . tom felton

Tom Felton will always be #1 in my heart for so many reasons. One, he captured Draco's role so magnificently that I mean, how can you not love him? And after the movies ended, he never stopped being Draco. He is incredibly friendly with fans, and often speaks about his role and jokes about it, so, again, how can you not love him?


anotha one

two . eddie redmayne

I PROMISE THEY'RE NOT ALL IN HARRY POTTER MOVIES. i promise. ahem. Eddie Redmayne could single handedly take over the world with his sheer adorableness. i just. need a moment. *cries hysterically* and his acting is so good. When I found out he was playing Newt, I held my heart in shock. Not literally of course BUT IT FELT LIKE IT. 

the greatest

three . lin manuel miranda

this should be self explanatory. Not only is he the creator of a PHENOMENAL musical and soundtrack but he is one of the funniest people ever. If you go on his Twitter you will laugh yo booty off. He's down to earth and not problematic whatsoever. Heck, you don't even have to like Hamilton to worship him. Just worship him anyway. worship them all. cough.

uhm me

four . gina rodriguez

Not sure if you guys this show, but Gina is the star on CW's Jane the Virgin! Not only is Gina an amazing actress, but she's an activist as well and tries to educate people on the matters of our world through social media and things like that. She helps young girls feel comfortable in their skin and inspires them to go for their dreams. In addition she's hilarious, has impeccable style, and is freaking adorable. 

her w justin baldoni who is also a favorite <3


five . lilly singh

Lilly doesn't like to be called a celebrity but IN MY EYES SHES A STAR. gosh where do i start. She's a Youtuber, who makes videos that make people laugh and also videos that inspire people. She is ALSO SO FREAKING FUNNY, her style is FLAWLESS, her hair is MY DREAM, and she is incredibly modest and a lovely person. I myself got to meet her a couple years ago at Playlist Live and she was such a sweet person and that memory inspires me every day. MY LOVE. 

probably my favorite quote from her videos


that is all!! I hope you guys enjoyed and you choose to begin.. worshipping.. these wonderful amazing lovely shining people, you won't regret it. *slowly backs away into dark alley*

let me know which celebrities you worship, don't be shy! I'll check em out!

Thanks for reading,


why do you want to become a writer?

why do you want to become a writer?

voices are meant to be heard. mine cannot be kept in its place forever. the small jewelry box in which i keep all my greatest possessions will soon fail me if my dream is failing me too. i am meant to be heard.

education. take the young blissful minds of the masses and create wonderful dreams and stories that they will forever keep in their hearts. that the garden of their soul will always hold the flower that was me, my writing, my thoughts, my soul. 

to keep myself peaceful. everything i have ever thought combined into 100,000 words or more sounds like a magnificent thing to accomplish. i keep myself sane, i write. i type. i listen to my fingers against the keyboard and i close my eyes and open them again and realize i have made about 100 typos but it doesn't matter because the flow is there and the peace is there and it is reverberating in my head.

escape from reality, to find a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, an ocean of words that are mine, all mine. the people, all mine. the necklace, bracelet, chain of words all strung together, just the way i want them, the way i want them. 

because, why not?


HEY HEY HEY. miss me? (to be read in a sassyyy voice)

I'M ON SPRING BREAK!! confetti! partay! cream soda! (random, but I <333 CREAM SODA DUDES) 

i love writing!! can't wait for NExT Camp NaNoWrimo when I actually have a story lol

why do you lurvvv to write? let me know!!

Thanks for reading,


album review: american teen - khalid

Hello everyone! Music is a huge part of my life, it's how I display my emotions and it's what I do what I have nothing to do, in fact it influences a lot of my writing in my novels and blog posts :D But the sad thing is, I never talk about it on the blog ?? WHA. that ends now dude.

Thanks to my rad friends and the internet I've come across some Kool Tunes, my current favorite being the album American Teen by the amazing singer Khalid <3 The songs are really mellow and v nice to listen to while reading or writing, so nothin hardcore that your brain focuses too hard on. (if that makes any sense lol)

so without further ado.. here's my opinion on all the songs in this album!

even the cover is a e s t h e t i c 

Track 1 - American Teen - This song just gives me good vibes tbh. The beat is nice and peppy, like I can totally have a let-loose-dance-party to this song man. It addresses the "recklessness" (in a good way) of teens.. in a patriotic way? 

And we don't always say what we mean, it's the lie of an American teen. My youth is the foundation of me.

Track 2 - Young, Dumb and Broke - Also v mellow, but not as peppy, more soft. It's definitely a love song, possibly he's trying to convince his love interest that they should get back together because they're young and they should get more chances. EITHER WAY IT'S A GOOD SONG K

Yeah, we're just young dumb and broke, but we still got love to give.

Track 3 - Location - HANDS DOWN THE BEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM. it's. so. catchy. When this song comes on I CANNOT HELP BUT DANCE. it's so good, if you don't want to listen to the entire album, just listen to this song. the beat is too good. toooooooo goooooddddd.

Track 4 - Another Sad Love Song - this song is extremely sad, but also powerful. It feels, in a way, like a saga as if this song comes after Track 2. It's the aftermath because this girl dumped him, didn't listen to him, and broke his heart. The beat actually feels like it should give good vibes, but you have to really listen to the lyrics to know the TRUTH. (weird wording) whatevs it's a good song. 

They'd think we're perfect if they'd ever seen us, but I guess this sounds like another sad love song. I can't get over how it all went wrong.

Track 5 - Saved - this song reminds me of a driving song, like something I'd definitely listen to on a road trip. The chorus is insanely catchy though. Some parts of this song really outline Khalid's singing talents, he has quite a lovely voice. I also feel like this song could somewhat apply to a broken friendship, not just a love relationship.

I hope you think of all the times we shared. I hope you'll finally realize I was the only one who cared.

Track 6 - Coaster - a lot of these songs are terribly sad breakup songs lol. This song is kind of different, it's a mainly piano beat with a lil bit of percussion, either way it's a good breakup song :(

Track 7 - 8TEEN - THIS SONG ALSO HAS A REALLY GREAT BEAT. I feel like it's kind of sarcastic.. sort of making fun of teens in 2017, complaining about their problems that aren't that bad? that makes no sense noor. 

Because I'm eighteen, and I still live with my parents. Yeah they're not like yours. Well yours are more understanding.

Track 8 - Let's Go - another one of those YES YOUTH COOL !!! songs. It's just telling teens to "let go" and go with the flow bro. perfect for my dance party. 

Leave your sorrow on the table, pick up your worries and throw them out the window.

Track 9 - Hopeless - sad, nice beat, sounds like it should be a happier song, but it's not.. sensing a theme. still love it. Adding it to the dance party. 

I'm going to go ahead and stop here because all my song reviews are gonna sound the same plus this post would be SUPER LONG. no one wants to read that. 


Thanks for reading,


find the good in all things

Hello everyone! The title of this post is my new philosophy on life, because isn't that what you're supposed to do as a teenager? Find yourself? Obviously. So that's what I've been doing, looking through everything, and wondering how I can change my perspective on it. How poetic. *says dramatically*

Beauty comes in many forms, that's something we hear regularly. However, things often occur that make us not want to believe that this is true. That we instead turn to finding the ugliness of everything, erasing the beauty and pretending it's not there.

Trying not to find it.

In most situations, beauty needs to be found, it's almost never just there. And when we think it's just there, it's the plain beauty, but not the deeper truth. It's the beauty that everyone sees, the one that you see, but it's not your beauty.

It's obvious that some people may find different things beautiful, but I've found that people can also find the same thing beautiful in different ways. One may enjoy the simplicity of something. Another may find the vibrant colors stunning. Whatever it may be, if the subject makes you smile, or gives you some sort of elated feeling, you should keep that subject close to your heart.

Beauty is what makes the world flourish. I'm not talking about the materialistic beauty that is what they try to teach us in the magazines, just the normal beauty that you find in the world. Over the years, the meaning of beauty has been distorted, and it's partially the magazines' fault. People are thinking that "worrying" about beauty is bad, basically implying that beauty = a human being's appearance, which is not always true.

It appears that I'm somewhat getting off track of my point, which I don't think I've actually stated.. oops. I just want you to live finding beauty in the simplest things you encounter. Take a couple minutes and find something and give it a story, give it something that pleases you. Something that will make you cross that object and smile whenever you see it. Give it beauty, or rather find its beauty. Most things have beauty, it just takes a person to find it for themselves.

And don't get the idea that I'm trying to be overly poetic. (although we're reading Shakespeare in English so you can't really blame me lol) Optimism, in my opinion, is quite important to live a happy life. Which is, again, fairly obvious I suppose. You wouldn't want to go around finding the terrible things about everything, it would just ruin your mood.

So today, or tomorrow (time zones are mean), go find the beauty in a random object. Do it. And smile. And tell me what it was, and maybe what story you gave it that made you happy. I'm giving you homework, yes. Fight me. No, don't actually fight me I'm a small child who likes pretty things :D

Yeah yeah I'll stop being so s t r a n g e soon. I MUST EDUCATE THE MASSES. no this is literally nothing like that noor shut up. OK BYE

Thanks for reading - it took me 4 times to type reading right. ITS ONLY 5 PM,


who said that you had to be okay?


Hello everyone! How are you? Are you okay? Interesting question, isn't it? Our generalized answer is yes, I am okay. But are you okay? You may be stressed out of your mind, you may just want to lay back and take a break for a minute, a day, a month, or a year. And that's okay! There's no reason why we should have to be okay every minute of every day.

Chances are, if you made a full blown list of everything you had to get done, it would be terrifyingly long, you would feel some mild stress pumping through your veins. That mild stress can be motivation, instead of sitting around, picking yourself up and doing those things on that list.

Of course, we should never let stress build up to anything more than that, but we shouldn't necessarily force it back down. You don't always have to have a smile on your face and keep working, you're allowed some time to be sad, or insanely stressed, because it goes away. And it doesn't have to go away in seconds or minutes, you may have to give it a couple hours or even days before you're fully calm again.

Happy is not the default setting on your body. Just because you're feeling a little elated at one moment does not mean you're going to get everything done on your to-do list super fast and have the rest of your day to yourself. In fact, feeling happy sometimes distracts me from my tasks. I'll have an urge to do something else (that's not on my to-do list), and I'll do it, because I feel good about it, I'll tell myself "Yeah bro, you do that thing because you're doing so great with your tasks today." (when in reality, i've only gotten one thing done.)

Once again, I am by no means telling you that you should be constantly stressed and mad because that's how things get done. It's good to be happy, but no person can always be happy. Sometimes, I slip into a mood of feeling content. Not happy or sad, just content. And I find that that's when I get the most things done, because my brain isn't giving me any distractions relating to my mood.

So attempt to push those stressful feelings away (I do this by saying "What should I be focusing on now?") but don't force yourself to feel happy, don't take time out of your day to make yourself happy unless you're so stressed and upset, that being content isn't enough. (that's important, i don't want anyone to misinterpret what i'm sayin here)

I know it sounds strange, telling yourself not to be happy all the time. But you don't need it, because in the end, finishing that essay is going to make you much happier than a little dance party you had just so you could feel happy. If you can put that dance party off to after your essay, or as a break while you're writing that essay, it feels so much better. BUT, don't hurt your emotions to get something done. IF you're feeling very upset and you're forcing yourself to write that essay, have your dance party. Make yourself feel comfortable first, don't push yourself that hard. 

In other news, I turned 13 a week ago, isn't that rad! I've epiphanies about life and the meaningless emotion that is stress and why I hate it so very much. I would expect more posts like this in the near future.

School has become so incredibly stressful as we're preparing for the regents, which are our first big standardized tests coming up in May. AAAAA.

But happy April! I really love April, the rain is a lot but the temperatures feel sweeter. (Is that an acceptable adjective to use to describe temperatures?)

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed, please don't make this post seem like I'm telling you not to be happy, all I'm trying to say is that if sometimes you don't feel happy, rather content, don't beat yourself up about it.

Thanks for reading,