Confessions of a Blogger

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I was thinking about some things I've learn and done as a blogger that I would rather not admit, however I thought it would be cool to talk about them, why not.

I was originally going to make this into a tag but I couldn't come up with enough questions so

background picture is not mine

1) I'm a hypocritical blogger.
In May, I wrote a post on how to make internet friends. I don't do that, I'm quite shy when it comes to making friends and I've never actually asked anyone if they wanted to be friends, I've just kind of waited for someone to approach me, which no one really has. mistake #1, being antisocial and then I complain about having no friends to myself. vicious cycle, isn't it?

2) Again, I'm a hypocritical blogger.
I always rant about grammar and spelling and punctuation and get really angry and disgusted when I see people not using it in a post and I will usually click out of the post. But. I almost NEVER use capital letters anymore, no clue why, it just looks nicer? or maybe because it's easier and I don't want to click shift every time? i think it's just the lazy factor, y ikes.

3) I say I'm doing things but I really haven't started them at all. 
Back when I did guest posts, and now when I do blog designs, I completely FORGET and then they email me asking me where it is and I say I'm working on it and I'm busy but really i'm just an extremely forgetful person. it has NOTHING to do with you, I just forget everything. 

4) I've reused pictures millions of times. 
I'm too lazy to take new pictures, so I just use one from months back, hoping and praying no one notices. 

5) I get stressed about pageviews and followers. 
I know that I can't really control them and that I just have to put stuff out there and do some other things and then just wait (A+ description) but I get really happy with a new follower and stressed when a post gets less views than another post that got twice as many. 

6) I wish that I'd get constructive criticism, but then I wonder how I'd react. 
You know, it would be good and stuff and helpful, a lot, I wish people would stop being nice during survey but at the same time I don't know how I'd feel if someone gave me a harsher comment. 

7) I cringe at myself. 
I'll write a post, and then publish it, and then look at it and then want to die because it's so cringeworthy. I also think that I try too hard to be funny and entertaining, YIKES. 

8) I spend more time coming up with post ideas than actually writing the post. 
Honestly it takes me at least 2 hours to come up with the post and less time to write it, is that bad? I'm just out of ideas at this point, ahahah. aha. ah. a. sometimes I don't do anything at all. 

What are your blogging confessions? Any wacky things that you do that you wouldn't admit until now?

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Where Is My Blog Going?

Hello everyone! SURPRISE, 2 and a half years later I still don't know what I'm doing.

This blog has changed so much, but I've always been posting the same things and it's just a wild mess of things at this point, which is why I don't think it's going anywhere.

People may disagree, I have a good number of readers and followers whom I love very very much and I couldn't be happier with them. edit: LITERALLY JUST REALIZED THAT I NOW HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS ON BLOGLOVIN WHAT IS THIS why i'm A MESS

But mentally I feel like my blog hasn't gone anywhere, I'm still a 9 year old like I was when I started this blog who doesn't know what she's doing and she's just throwing things out there.

I told myself over the years that I didn't need a niche, and that it was okay to wild and spontaneous with my posts but I don't want to do that anymore. I may not need a niche but I want one.

The problem is, what is it going to be? I could take it several routes.

I could become a book blogger and review things and fangirl about the books I read, it's a big possibility, my blog really has been morphing into that ? But I don't review things that often, and being very honest, I'm not the best at it.

I could become a full time poetry writer and just put poetry on my blog, I already do that a lot, it's fun and I do write a lot of poetry. But my poetry isn't that original 60% of the time, could I really put out a poem every other day for the rest of my blogging career?

I could just become a lifestyle blog, I'm doing it right now, I do that kind of stuff a lot. oh who am I kidding my life is not as exciting as I need it to be for a lifestyle blog.

i don't know what i'm gonna do. i've really changed as a person and maybe i'll just keep it the way. for the meantime.

i'll fix myself.. probably.
grr i might not even publish this it's A MESS (like my blog ahAH)

bye all,


Tunes and Reads | Intense Music for Intense Books

Hello everyone! I don't know about you, but I love listening to music when I read. It just gives a nice background to my reading experience. Of course there are several other perks/things to remember and I thought it would be nice to ahem, list them to you because l i s t s 

here are some things to keep in mind/reasons WHY you could try combining reading + music

ONE || better visualization 

maybe you're reading a very intense scene in your book and you're like INTENSE EXTREME WOW. but then you're listening to a very intense song and you're like EVEN MORE INTENSE EXTREME. 

The background song can give you a better grasp on the scene, like in a movie, the music kind of shapes the scene. 

a cool option is to like play the movie soundtrack if the book has a movie adaptation. that gives the FULL experience. try it, it might be easier to picture stuff in your imagination zone. (or your brain if you want to call it that)

TWO || associating books with music

I don't know if this is necessarily a reason why, but it is another cool thing that might not be a thing for everyone but it's happened to me a lot?? 

Sometimes if I'm listening to an album/playlist while reading a book, I'll start to think of that book when listening to those songs. For example I listened to AM by Arctic Monkeys while reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and I always think of the character St Claire when listening to certain songs?

Is my brain just weird or does this happen to other people help

THREE || not all music is good for reading

you know how I said intense music? yeah heavy metal and rock shouldn't be the intense music that you're listening to while reading. something lighter, or any type of classical music is nice. Also try to keep it quieter. 

why? because having your brain focus on too many things at once is bad, but if you keep the music on the down low, you won't have that problem. 

FOUR || fitting music to books

The thing with Arctic Monkeys and Anna and the French Kiss just happened to work together for me. But lately, I've been trying to gather playlists that fit with the book to actually elevate my experience. 

Don't listen to hardcore classical during a light romantic book, it's going to be more distracting because the music doesn't ACTUALLY fit the book. I don't think a date by the river fits with Flight of the Bumblebees. Unless it's some sort of intense scene, YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. 

If you're listening to lighter music while reading a lighter book, it's gonna be easier to slip into the book. It's like the thing with the movie soundtrack, the music fits with the scene. if that makes ANY sense whatsoever. 

FIVE || reading + music isn't for everyone

If you are good at multitasking, you have good focus, you don't get distracted easily, then you should give it a shot. 

If you get distracted easily, it might be hard for you, not saying you shouldn't give it a shot, but you might be focusing too much on the music and won't be able to read. 

Do you read while listening to music? Do you think that it would be for you? What songs do you like to listen to while reading?

Thanks for reading,


the universe is strange and so are we

we were too rare to die
too strong to survive
strange ones gleaming in the sun's light

we are so effortlessly wonderful
that even the brightest of stars envied our shine

we found home in the vast universe
traveling from planet to planet
in our minds, or maybe in reality

the universe called us home
we followed the call
we never looked back and disappeared

into the wild, where we opened our hearts, chaotic.

thanks for reading,

Keeping Myself Organized

Hello everyone! I've recently been inspired by bullet journaling to start working in a nice planner I bought, it's extremely useful for keeping myself in check so I thought it would be nice to share with you how it's going so far.

This my spread for this week, I started with the planner on Wednesday so I had these two blank boxes to work with. Next week I'm planning on using the weekend boxes for this since they're too small to do anything else with.

The Monday box I kept a little "habit tracker" where everyday I tracked whether I did a couple of things that I wanted to do everyday or regularly. Working out, going out to play soccer, drinking 5 cups of water and writing my blog. I just colored in the box when I did something that day.

The Tuesday box is where I started an emotion tracker for the entire month. Everyday I'd use a color to indicate how I was feeling that day; sad, angry, happy. envy.

my handwriting is so GROSS and I spelled month as "moth" why

Then for the day boxes, I did a little timeline at the top where I could block out my day. I'd track how much I slept, whether I had any events that day, and when I wanted to go out and play soccer.

Under that, I just put some tasks that I wanted to accomplish as little reminders, for my art journal, things I wanted to order, blog related things, anything that I wanted to accomplish that day.

- - - - 

Besides keeping a planner, I also really like to track what I want to do in the day, scheduling it in hour blocks. EX: 1:00 - write blog, 3:00 - play soccer

It really helps me to make sure that I'm doing everything that needs to get done so I can accomplish more in a day with a plan so I don't get distracted and procrastinate (even though I sometimes do anyway..)

- - - -

Having a planner and keeping a to-do list are both very simple things but they've helped me out so much this past week that I've gotten more done than I did in the entire month of July. When school starts you can just call me Organized Girl. if I keep it up. 

Let me know how you stay organized? Do you use a planner or keep a bullet journal? Maybe we can share ideas :D

Thanks for reading,


Blogging Olympics Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged by the lovely Vivian to do the Blogging Olympics Tag! The Olympics is always a fun time of year and I love watching the events, so I thought this would be a fun tag to do, thank you Vivian <3


-Use the Blogging Olympics image (or make your own)
-Thank the person who tagged you and list the rules
-Answer the Olympics themed questions (feel free to add your own)
-Tag others!


Team USA :)

If you could compete in an event, what would it be? 
Soccer, as I play soccer and it would be AWESOME to play alongside the womens USA soccer team.

Favorite event to watch? 
Soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. Soccer because I play (obviously), gymnastics because it's entertaining to stare in awe at how talented they are and swimming because it's exhilarating. 

Olympian you most admire? 
I can't really choose, probably a couple of the female swimmers, just because they all work so hard and they do so well. Or Alex Morgan, a soccer player for the US womens team just because she's so kickbutt.

What sports do you currently play? 
Soccer, trying out for the school team this year :)

Summer or Winter Olympics? 
Summer, probably because all my favorite events are during the summer and I can watch it more since I don't have school.

Ever been to see the Olympics in person?
Gosh, I wish but it's definitely on my bucket list.

A sport that should be in the Olympics? 
Pie eating, it's recognized as a sport in a lot of places so why not

What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics?
feeling extremely anxious, sick, but ready to go. Basically on the verge of passing out from excitement and anxiety. 


i hate tagging people because i DON'T want to leave anyone out so I tag everyone nice nice

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let loose a little darling

why don't you let go for a while
let your mind slip away somewhere

some place where the river runs deep and your spirits fly
the caverns of hope, the ponds of faith

let loose a little darling
you can't tell what you'd find

travel across the depths of imagination
discover your worth

don't let yourself crawl into darkness
find the light in the meaning of life

shake yourself off a little darling
you can't tell what there'll be

roam in the place
where the river runs deep and your spirits fly

- -

thanks for reading,