The All Talents Big Bonanza

Hello sunshines! (OOH I LIKE THAT) If you've just read the title, you must be like WHAT. Okay, I have a super excited CONTEST! WHATTTTT NOOO WAYYY. Yes way. YES WAY.

In celebration of me coming back from my blogging break, I HAVE A CONTEST. Yay! And this is not just any contest, no. It's an All Talents Big Bonanza contest. That's right.

-There are three categories: photography, writing, and drawing or digital drawing.
-You may participate in no more than 2 of the categories.
-Entries must be in by May 20.

Photography Rules:
-You may enter up to 6 pictures.
-You may edit your pictures.
-You may NOT steal any other pictures and edit them yourself.

Writing Rules:
-Maximum of 10,000 words.
-Minimum of 100 words (unless it's poetry.)
-For poetry, must be longer than 5 lines.
-You cannot use old writing.

Drawing/Digital Drawing:
-You may enter up to 4 drawings.
-Drawings must be new.
-Must be original.

That was short but exciting! Regular posts again on Friday, I promise! I have even more exciting things coming up, so well, get EXCITED! Leave the link down below if you enter.

If you have any questions, drop them down in the comments or send me an email!

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The Basic Young Adult Novel

Hello everyone! I'm bringing back opinion Monday YAY! I've read many YA novels in my day, and most of them have certain...factors to them. I decided to share these with you, I bet you can connect some of these to some particular book series'. Inspired by a Tumblr textpost.

1.There is a girl, she's usually white.
I don't mean to be racist or anything, but think about it. Here, need some help.

Tris? Katniss? Clary? Hmm, all teenagers, all Caucasian (don't ask me how I know that word, I watch the news.)

2. Two boys are both totally in love with her.
oH, bUT, HoW WiLl sHe ChoOSE? (Did that make you cringe or what?)

For Katniss, it's Peeta and Gale. Clary: Simon and Jace. Think about it.

3. Has family issues
Either has had a big fight with a family member, or a family member is dead.

Tris with Caleb. Katniss has Prim. Clary, has, well, Valentine. Hermione has her parents.

4. Oh yeah, and she's a teenager in charge of saving the world.
Even though she has all this stuff to take care of, she's being given this big responsibility.

Let's go through the list, shall we?

Katniss: 1, 2, 3, 4
Tris: 1, 3, 4
Hermione: 1, 3, 4
Clary: 1, 2, 3, 4

Well, look at that! See some similarities? :P

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was fun to write! DIY coming up on Wednesday, promise.

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I'm Back!/ Signs That You Need A Blogging Break

Hello everyone! *dusts off computer, smiles at screen, gives virtual hug to all of you* IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK! Although I'm way behind in Nanowrimo :P. YAY! I'm here, with fresh new ideas, ready to start a new journey!

Of course, I had reasons to start my blogging break, so I'm using these reasons as signs, signs that you might need a blogging break.

It's really hard for you to keep up with your posting schedule.
Let's say you had to post every 3 days, but that wasn't really working out. You would miss days on end, and barely posted, and you felt horrible. Well, I got news for you, you need a blogging break.

ALTERNATIVE: You can expand your blogging schedule. Maybe 5 days instead of 3.

You are not coming up with any new ideas.
Everytime you write a post, it's bland and unoriginal. The ideas just aren't flowing and you have no inspiration. Well, I got news for you, you need a blogging break.

ALTERNATIVE: Spend a couple of hours, "idea hunting". Go through Pinterest and Bloglovin, scouting for ideas. This may be time-consuming, but hey! You didn't want the blogging break. '

You are just not feeling the passion to write anymore.
You don't feel like blogging, sure you have the ideas, and all the time in the world, but you just don't want to do it. Well, I got news for you, you need a blogging break.

ALTERNATIVE: There really is no alternative to this. A blogging break will help you with this, you just need a breather.

This was a short, itty bitty post, but trust me, you guys are gonna LOVE the posts that I have planned, so get excited!

Mkay bye,


I'm Taking A Blogging Break

Hello everyone. If you've read the title of this post, you must be like WAT. And it's true, I will be taking a 1-2 week long break. Read on to hear why.

The ideas haven't been really been flowing, I just have a bad case of writers block. I really want to be able to write quality posts for you guys instead of crappy ones, that are on time.

I won't be deleting the blog, I'll come back and be the same, fresh with new ideas!

I just need a little breather and I'll be fine, the same old Noor!

I also feel like no one really reads my posts anymore and that makes me sad :(

I just want to say, I love you all (not in a weird way or anything :P) and I will never leave the blog, just a break.

See you in 1-2 weeks, don't lose faith! I will come back, promise! I'll still be commenting on blogs and all that, don't worry.

Plus, I feel like I'm not in the mood to blog anymore, and after the breather, I hopefully will be.

Mkay bye,


When D Strikes: Chapters 9-10

Hello everyone! So today I have been really busy, so here is another chapter of Chelsea, I'm so sorry, regular posts will be back on Thursday.

Chapter 9

“My life is going nowhere, where is this even going to go?” Chelsea whispered

“What?” D asked.

“Nothing. Just mumbling to myself.” Chelsea replied.

“Okay, it’s right over here.” D led Chelsea into a large room filled with computers and different gadgets.

“How did you even get the money to buy all this stuff?” Chelsea asked amazed.

“Before my parents died in the car crash, I and Dani found all this spy gadget stuff in my attic. Plus all the money that I inherited from my parents.” D replied walking over to the biggest computer and typing in some numbers.

“But, why? Why all the gadgets? You’re like, what, 15, why do you need all this, how? How?” Chelsea said confused.

“First of all, no one cares about me. I convinced everyone I was 18. And I’m 17 by the way, I was held back because I was like stupid or something. And I need all this to help other people after what I did.” D replied.

“So wait, everyone thinks you’re 18 so you escaped and now trapped Jamie here and you live with him. I’m really not getting your lifestyle.”

“After Dani left, I went back to the orphanage until I found out about the group of people targeting me. So, I came here and found Jamie. Jamie lives in the orphanage too, he doesn’t live here with me. I’ll be here until this whole thing is over then, I’ll be 18 and go live my life.” D replied, typing away. “Ah, here we are. This is the message that I’ll be sending to Dani. You’ll just need to add in the secrets, and bam. You’re done, and you don’t have to have anything to do with this.”

“How long will that take? It’s like 6 right now, I need to be home soon.” Chelsea asked, reading over the message.

“You’re acting like I’m your friend and we’re at my house or something instead of me being your kidnapper/blackmailer.” D said, looking at Chelsea.

D handed Chelsea a piece of paper and told her to write down all the Daniest secrets she could think of. When Chelsea was done, she handed D the paper.

“Ma’am! We have a problem.” Jamie barged in the room with a worried look on his face.

“Jamie, I’m in the middle of something, what is it?” D asked, annoyed.

“Remember that waitress we hired? She just came running, banging on the front door that Dani and her little sidekick are in the restaurant looking for Chelsea.”

“Okay, um, ask her to keep them distracted. Chelsea needs to go, now! You’re done anyways, good doing business with you.” D said, hurried as she pushed Chelsea out of the room to Jamie. “Your secret is safe with me as long as mine is safe with yours.” Chelsea nodded.

“Okay, here’s the deal, I’ll act like your boyfriend as we walk into the restaurant and pretend that we didn’t know they were there. Then I’ll walk away, okay?” Jamie asked, walking up the alley to the street.

“Okay, whatever you say.” Chelsea said smirking, trying to catch up with him. 


Chapter 10:

Chelsea and Jamie walked down the alley and onto the street. As they started to get near the restaurant, Jamie grabbed Chelsea’s hand.

“What was that for?” Chelsea asked, looking down at their hands, interlocking.

“Oh you know, to make it more realistic.” Jamie said.

“Right….realistic.” Chelsea mumbled, rolling her eyes. Jamie turned red and looked at the street.

As they approached the restaurant, Chelsea looked through the window and saw Dani and Cassie sitting at the table. Jamie opened the door for her and walked in.

“Hey! Dani, what, what are you doing here?” Chelsea said turning red. She was a bad liar, she never got away with anything, how was she going to do this?

“I’ll see you later, okay?” Jamie said. He leaned in for a kiss, but Chelsea pushed away, giving him an annoyed stare.

“Sorry, I just thought it would seal the deal.” Jamie whispered, walking out of the restaurant.

“Chels, who’s that?” Cassie said, smiling.

“Oh, that’s Jami-“she stopped. “James, my new boyfriend.”

“Oooh, he’s cute.” Cassie squealed, giggling.

“Cassie, that’s enough.” Dani said strictly. “Where the heck have you been? You disappeared on us 3 hours ago!”

“I was….um, Jamie’s.” she started to turn red but kept a straight face. “Yeah, I didn’t want you guys to know…” She bit her lip.

“Oh, you should have just told us! I thought you were like, kidnapped or something!” she sighed with relief.

“Well, no, I’m right here!” Chelsea said laughing.

“I gotta go guys, my mom’s making meatloaf tonight!” Cassie cried, grabbing her coat and walking out, waving to the girls. Chelsea waved back.

“Hey, Dani, I have to talk to you about something.” Chelsea said, grabbing a chair.

“No, I have to talk to you.” She pulled Chelsea’s arm and dragged her out.

They walked out to the alley and Dani let go.

“You’ve been working with D, haven’t you?” Dani asked sternly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Cheslea replied.

“Oh come on Chelsea, you’re SUCH a bad liar.” Dani yelled. “I DON’T want you with her, if you try with her, I’ll make you pay.”

“Wait, she wanted me to give you this. Please don’t rip it, I think you’ll want to read it.” Chelsea said, handing her the letter.

Dani snatched the letter from her hand and opened it. She skimmed through it and smiled and started laughing.

“Tell D I said no! NEVER! I wouldn’t work with her again in a million years.” Dani said laughing.

“But, the gang! They’ll arrest you!” Chelsea said confused.

“I don’t care about the stupid gang, I’ll take care of them by myself. It’s late, you should go home.” Dani said, walking back to the street.

“But!” Chelsea yelled, running after her.

“GO HOME!” Dani screamed.

Chelsea nodded and walked back to her house, getting ready to eat dinner.

I hope you enjoyed! DIY on Thursday, I promise :P

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Books and Reading: A Book Challenge

Hello everyone! I was browsing le internet when I came up with an awesome idea! Why not try a book tag/challenge! Yay! I'm not tagging anyone, but I invite anyone who wants to do it, please do!

Must answer all questions
Repost the picture with a link to Noor's blog
You MAY tag people if you would like, but it isn't required
Have fun!
1. April TBR? (To be read)
The whole The Mortal Instruments series. I am almost done with The City Of Bones, can't wait to see the movie!
2. Book (series) you would like to see as a movie?
The Selection series! I love it, I think it would make a great movie. I did a review on it right here!
3. Overhyped book/author?
If I Stay. I mean it was a great book, but I didn't actually cry and I felt like it wasn't as great as everyone said. Would you guys like a review?
4. The best book series you will ever read?
Harry Potter, hands down. BEST SERIES EVER OK. No argument there.
5. Book to movie adaption that was really bad?
The Percy Jackson movie series.  It was just bad, very baaddddd.
Don't get me wrong, the books were great! But the way they carried it out into the movie, wasn't great. I felt like the actors couldn't feel the characters and play them like they were, but I'm not an actor, so I don't know :P
6. Books that just made you cry.
TFIOS. This is so cliché, I know, but that book was sad. John Green set us up, he set Gus up for slaughter, ITS NOT FAIR.
Harry Potter would be next because of ALL THE DEATHS in the last book.
7. Book you're reading right now? Give it a quick rating.
I am currently reading: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones, by Cassandra Clare. AND OH MY ROWLING, THIS BOOK. I will do a review soon, no, I NEED to do a review soon.
I would rate this book: 4.2/5 stars for awesomeness and 1/5 stars because it broke my heart with all the plot twists and AH.
8. A book series that you just didn't like?
I would probably say the Matched Series. It was just too much for me. The author tried to combine every single dystopian book ever made into one dystopian series and it was way too much. Plus, the love triangle was just insane!
9. Book that you haven't read yet, but really need to?
The Death Cure, aka the third book in the Maze Runner series. I've kinda been purposely avoiding this book because of, page 250... And because I heard that no one likes the ending and I'm too scared to pick it up, AH.
10. Come up with your own question!!
I hope you enjoyed this little tag/challenge! Let me know if you do this on your blog, that would be awesome!!
Mkay bye,


Pintertest: DIY Wall Art

Hello everyone! I saw a lot of comments on my last post on Nanowrimo asking the following questions, so let me answer them:

Is it too late to join Nanowrimo?
Nope! You will have to put more effort into it but you should be fine :)

Can you join in the UK?
I'm actually not sure, I bet you can though!

Now to the post! A couple of days ago, I saw this pretty awesome pin on Pinterest:

Tape painting: Here is how we did it:  - bought a big canvas and sprayed it metalic gold (2 layers)  - added a pattern using washi / masking tape  - painted the shapes using different colors acrylic paint  - gently remove the tape
credit not found

Pretty cool huh? So I decided to try this for myself.

-One big sheet of paper or blank canvas.

STEP 1: Putting the Tape On

So get your paper and tape and start putting pieces of tape everywhere to create geometric shapes, big or small!

STEP 2: Start Painting!

Now grab your paints and, paint! It's okay if you get it on the tape, that's what it's for!

STEP 3: Rip off the tape.
This is where patience comes in handy. Being me, I just ripped the tape right off, not going slowly and some of the paper went with the tape. AHH! I had to fix it with more paint. D:
STEP 4: Display!
(Sorry for picture quality, bad lighting) Now show off that baby!
If you do this project, be sure to send me a pic on Instagram or Google Plus! I hope you enjoyed today's Pintertest!
Have you ever tried any Pintertests before? Did they go as planned, or fail?
Mkay bye,


Camp Nanowrimo- Some Little Tips


Hello everyone! So, on April 1st, Camp Nanowrimo began! It is very exciting and I am using When D Strikes as my story. (My goal is 20,000 words since I started a little late.) I really encourage you to join if you're an aspiring writer. Tip: If you started late, you should use a story that you have already started!

Go check out their website and join!! Make sure you are commited before you start though, it is a complicated process to get your goal before April 30th. They also have another camp in July and an official one in November.

Note: These tips are also good for any other writing exercise! I can use some of these for school and studying as well!!

1. Set up a time for writing.

I personally try writing two chapters every day, at least 300 words in total, if more, great! I usually write an hour after I get home, as much as possible.

You can set up hour for writing, or just write whenever you can! Jot down some sentences on the bus, or during your free time, whenever! It all counts.

2. Plan a little bit.

You don't have to go all out and plan every single little detail, just a little bit.

After I write my two chapters, I start planning out the next two, the details and new characters and everything. It helps.

Even if you have some little ideas during the day, jot them down in a notebook! It all adds up. Pocket sized notebooks are great to carry around with a little pen.

3. Keep it up.

Don't ever give up. You can do it, I KNOW you can.

If you can't think of anything, take a step away from the computer, notebook, or whatever. Breathe. Give yourself some space. It works, trust me, the ideas start flowing in, smooth as peanut butter.

4. Word sprint, and don't stop until you run out of ideas.

After that little breather, grab your pencil or put your hands on that keyboard and TYPE. Go go go!! Don't stop, just keep going and don't delete anything, you can review later.

When you run out of ideas, take another breather and repeat that process. Just word sprint your way to 50,000 words! Nanowrimo even hosts word sprints which you should definitely participate in.

5. Use that "Stats" page.

Once you make your account, you should most definetly update your word count, always. And once you do that, check out that Stats page! (Find it under Camper Profile)

Use that to help you figure out how many words you need to write everyday!

Also, use that "You Will Finish On" to see if you need to up your game and try writing the "Average Words Needed To Finish On Time" everyday (or more to save the stress)

I hope you got some tips from this and be sure to check out Camp Nanowrimo and get writing! (

Mkay bye,


When D Strikes/Chapters 7-8

Hello everyone! A lot of people have been asking what happened to Chelsea, so here goes!

Chapter 7

“Where, where am I?” Chelsea whispered. She looked around the room, of course, like she guessed, it was pitch black.

“Shh, it’s okay Chelsea, you’re fine. Just cooperate with us, and you’ll be sent back. We have your friends, they’re fine too.” a voice said, most likely her kidnapper.

“Are you D?” she said

“No, but you’ll meet D, soon enough.” The person smiled. He flipped a switch and a bright light shone down at Chelsea’s face, revealing the person’s face.

He had brown hair, green eyes, a face similar to Dani’s, and a big flashy grin resembling Dani’s “Get my way” smile.

Dani’s brother? Chelsea thought. No no, can’t be, Dani doesn’t have a brother. Or does she?

“So who are you, D’s friend or something? Are you the only one?” Chelsea asked. The guy’s smile turned into a deep frown. He stared at the floor.

“No, far from friend, I was one of you. D’s victim. But I befriended D, or at least tried to, to you know, get out of my deal, but D just made me a worker. Yeah, I’m the only one here, D hasn’t blackmailed that many people, but when D does, it’s big.” the guy said, keeping his eyes glued on the floor.

“So, you’ve been here since then? What about your family and friends?” Chelsea asked, starting to feel bad for the guy.

“Family, friends? I have none. I’m an orphan. I ran away from the orphanage, and D found me. D used me for information, just like D is going to use you. But enough of that, I’m not supposed to be your friend. So stay still and don’t talk.” The guy said looking up at Chelsea with a firm look on his face.

“Use me? What information does D want?” Chelsea said, confused.

“Let’s just say, D and Dani don’t exactly get along, D needs information against Dani. D wants to punish Dani.”

“Okay hold on what? D has Dani right here. He, er, she, whatever, you know what I mean. D can just punish Dani here. Second, D is going to punish Dani by doing the exact same thing Dani does, blackmail!”

“You don’t know what Dani does, she tortures people, not just mentally, but physically. Do you know who Dani really is? Do you know what she really did? She’s a criminal, she needs to be stopped. And so does D. D and Dani go way back, they have been enemies for a long time.” BEEP BEEP. The watch on the guy’s wrist started blinking.

“Alright, time to meet D.” the guy says smiling. “Good luck. If you try anything fishy, you’ll end up like me.”

“One more thing. If D and Dani go way back, D’s probably only like 15! How does D do all this? ” Chelsea asked.

“D and Dani might have been criminals, but they’re geniuses too. They have their ways.” 


Chapter 8

“Right this way.” The guy said holding out his arm “Remember, don’t talk unless D tells you to, and don’t tell anyone D’s identity. D will know, and D will NOT like it.”

“Can you at least tell me your name?” Chelsea asked.

“Fine, since you will most likely never see me again, the name’s Jamie. Now come on.”

Jamie pushed Chelsea into a bright-lit room. She squinted and walked over to a black table. She sat down at one of the chairs and started tapping her fingers at the table.

A couple of minutes later, a figure walked into the room. It was a girl, and Chelsea assumed she was one of D’s associates.

Wait. She thought. D doesn’t have any other associates besides Jamie, so this must be..

“Ah, if it isn’t the famous Chelsea! Welcome to my…um….station! I’m D, as you probably already know.”

“So you’re a girl!” Chelsea blurted out. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands. That was a rude statement, even to a blackmailer criminal.

Jamie stared at Chelsea in anger.

“What are you doing?” he muttered, gritting his teeth.

“It’s alright Jamie, she’ll learn. Now, let’s talk about me, shall we!” D said smiling

Wow, D is pretty self-centered. Of course she is, she’s a blackmailer! Chelsea thought.

“What’s a criminal without a backstory? Right, Jamie?” Jamie nodded quickly.

“You’re probably wondering about me and Dani, right?” D asked.

Chelsea nodded. “You’re allowed to talk, you know.”

“Oh great thanks, didn’t know that.” Chelsea said sarcastically. She widened her eyes and turned red.

“I thought you learned not to talk to me like that! Alright no matter, let’s continue.” D said. “Me and Dani, the best of friends in middle school, 6th grade. We were the sweetest children, never broke any rules. Until 7th grade, when Mandy Walkenburg came along. She was evil, pure evil, and ripped our lives apart. Then, Dani and I decided that we should do something. So, we fought back. We ripped her life apart, and it felt good. We gained other people’s trust and ripped it up and flat-out blackmailed them.”

“Why? Why would you do that?” Chelsea asked confused.

“We had problems in our own life, I was an orphan who got abused by my foster parents, and Dani had problems with her family. She never really told me much, but I didn’t care. And it was fun, we liked the control.”

“Well, what happened?” Chelsea asked, intrigued by the crazy backstory.

“A boy. It’s always a boy. Andrew Fuller. He was awesome. We fought over him and ended up blackmailing each other. Mandy ended up getting him anyways. We went our separate ways. Dani apparently, ended up shoplifting. And me? I just stayed here, doing nothing.”

“Alright, so why do you need me?” Chelsea asked.

“You know more about Dani than anyone else. Even more than me. Even more than her other group friends. I need your secrets.”

“But, why? Are you trying to blackmail someone else?” Chelsea asked.

“I’m trying to blackmail Dani into coming back with me. Temporarily, at least.” D said.

“But why? I have a right to know why! If it’s a big enough deal, Dani will just come back! Plus she’s right here, in your station. I SAW HER!”

“You don’t really know Dani, do you? She’s stubborn. She’ll probably want to defeat this force by herself. And that was a holograph that we used to blackmail you.” D said shaking her head.

“WHAT FORCE!!! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!” Chelsea yelled.

“Ok CALM DOWN!” D yelled back. “A group of girls in town knows us. They know what we did. They have everything. I need Dani to find out who they are, and what they know. They’ll try to blackmail us, but with Dani, that’s not going to work out.”

“So what if they tell everyone! Blackmailing isn’t a crime, is it?”

“It is. And we did worse. We hacked, and stole. We could go to juvy. What we did was bad. I can’t risk that leaking out and ruining our lives.”

“I think you deserve it.” Chelsea said.

“Remember, if you don’t cooperate, I reveal your secret.”

“But if I don’t cooperate, your secret is revealed, and that’s much bigger than mine. I could just say, that you and Dani blackmailed me and everyone would believe me.”
"But I'll keep you trapped and you won't be able to eat or drink."
"Okay, fair enough, lead the way."
Woah that was long XD

I just feel that lately I haven't had the inspiration to blog. I love blogging but I just really haven't made time for blogging. Is this a phase? Can someone help meh? I DON'T LIKE THIS PHASE AT ALL.


I hope you all enjoyed today's little post and (hopefully), I'll have a DIY on Wednesday.

Mkay bye,


Symptoms That You're In A Fandom

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was busy and in an emotional breakdown stage because I just finished the Death Cure. "Please, Tommy, please." WHY. So it inspired me to write this post today. Alright, let's get started!

I know, I'm 11, and I'm not supposed to feel these feelings and think this way about books but c'mon, they shouldn't put these books in the "Kids/Tweens" section of the store if they don't want us to read them.

Also, Harry Potter and Doctor Who are actually directed towards kids so just saying.

1. You get seriously irritated whenever says or pronounces something wrong.

A basic text conversation would go something like this:

Stupid Muggle: Hey how's it going!
Doctor Who fangirl (me): Nothin really, just watching TV.
Stupid Muggle: Oh yeah, do you still watch that show, Dr.Who?
Doctor Who fangirl (me): *gets irritated but politely corrects* Do you mean Doctor Who?
Stupid Muggle: Sorry! Whoops! Isn't about that alien guy called Doctor Who who travels around in that Turdis thing.
Doctor Who fangirl (me): WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY

So yeah, you can't call yourself a Whovian if you've said/texted "Dr.Who" or called the Doctor, Doctor Who. Its just not right. And I know some "Whovians" who've done this.

(Real life friends and bloggers! I think you know who you are.)

2. When your OTP gets destroyed in the next book/movie/episode.
Me when I thought Hagustus would turn out great:

Me: flips through TFIOS laughing and daydreaming
Very Unaware Of What's Going To Happen Next Me: HAGUSTUS I SHIP IT
Me getting suspicious: Wait what? Augustus is gonna die? Nah, John Green wouldn't do that
Me at the end of the book: WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
Me closing the book: Be right back, I gotta go torture John Green.

3. You cry over one little word.

TFIOS: *someone says okay* *entire TFIOS fandom starts crying and drawing clouds.*
Maze Runner: *someone says please* *entire TMR fandom starts screaming "NEWT NO"*
Harry Potter: *someone says Always* *entire HP fandom says "AFTER ALL THIS TIME."*

4. You know everything about that certain band, person, tv show, movie, book, etc
If there was a test on that fandom, you'd ace it with an A+++++++++++
That's me with HP. I've spend hours on Pinterest looking up Harry Potter Facts.

It's an unhealthy obsession, but it keeps your life complete.

5. You have a lot of merchandise from that fandom. A LOT.

My room is a shrine dedicated to books, not even kidding. The minute you walk in, you're ambushed by posters and bobbleheads and all that crazy stuff.

Someone I know wrote one chapter of Mockingjay on her wall. She's commited.

Bonus: One Little Pet Peeve Of Mine

When someone says their in a fandom, but really, are not. And you can tell.

Sample conversations:

Fall Out Boy fan: Hey, you like that band FOB?
Stupid Muggle: Yeah!
FOB fan: What's your favorite song by them?
Stupid Muggle: Um, I like all of them!
FOB fan: Right, yeah. Who's your favorite band member?
Stupid Muggle: Um, I'm not sure....

Doctor Who:  (based off of an email conversation I had with a blogger)
Stupid Muggle: *has never talked about DW ever with me or anyone else*
Me: Hey you like that show DW?

Stupid Muggle: Yeah!!
Me: Cool! Favorite Doctor?
Stupid Muggle: *chooses Doctor that she's heard of* I like 10.
Me: Cool! Do you ship 10-Donna?
Stupid Muggle: Um, yeah.

Alright that's enough for today! I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you on Monday with a book review!!

What fandoms are you in?

Mkay bye,


Last Post: I'm Deleting The Blog

Hello everyone. I know, you must be like WHAT? But yeah, I'm deleting the blog. Let me explain in a second.

I feel like no one cares about this blog. So what's the point of blogging? Okay, this is my last post. Don't try to convince me.

Goodbye blogging world, it was fun, while it lasted.

But before I go, I just wanted to say one more thing. April Fools.

Did I get you? Haha, alright let's get into the real post. I'll be sharing some fun April Fpp;s pranks that you can try!!

1. Blocking out the remote.
If your family is TV crazy like mine, you can take a piece of tape and put it on the front of the remote, so that the remote doesn't work until you take the piece of tape off.
This is a fun prank to do to watch your parents or siblings go crazy when they try to use the remote.
Bonus: if your parents/siblings ask you to try it, you can sneakily take the piece of tape off of the remote and then it will work like normal so that they will think you're some sort of wizard or genius.
2. Replacing toothpaste with cream cheese
Give a little breakfast in bed to your siblings or parents by making a bagel with cream cheese. Add a little toothpaste to one of the bagels for a minty taste!
Make sure that you don't add too much toothpaste, otherwise it could be a health hazard. Don't be too pushy for them to eat it, they might get a little bit suspicious.
3. Changing the language on someone's device
If you ever get ahold of someone's device, you can go to settings and change the language. It's better to do it on an older person's device, since they most likely don't know much about electronics.
Then, if you want to, you can text or call and say April Fools! and then give directions on how to change it back.
4. Switching around someone's clothes in their drawers.
When I go to get ready, I usually just drift off and pull things off the hangers because I know exactly where everything is.
A good way to prank someone (or me) is to switch the shorts around with the jeans or something like that. It will only work for lazy people who never pay attention, but nowadays, that's like everyone.
5. Replacing conditioner with lotion.
Oh yeah, somebody pranked me with this one once. They look exactly the same and feel almost the same, so you shouldn't really have a problem.
Although, I'm not sure if lotion is actually good for the hair, because you might be doing that person a favor...
6. Telling people that you're deleting your blog.
This will probably work! Unless they read my blog, then probably not. But still, it would be funny, and slightly heartbreaking.
APRIL FOOLS! I told you there would be 10, but there's only 6, ha! That and I can't come up with anything else.
Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you don't hate me forever now.
Do you have any April Fools pranking stories? Share them down below!
Mkay bye,