Blogtober Day 20 - The Halloween Tag

Hello everyone! It's 11 days from Halloween, ah I'm so excited! *doesn't know what they're going to be yet* Today's Blogtober prompt is to do the Halloween tag! The questions are all here by the way :)

1- What year did you first go trick-or-treating?
I think I was like 3, I know I wasn't a baby like most kids. My parents didn't even know about Halloween when they came here so we didn't go until I knew what it was xD

2- Favorite kind of candy?
Probably Sweetarts. They're literally the best. I love sweet/sour candies. Especially the fruity ones, like Sweetarts. Junior Mints are probably second.

3- What are you going to be this year?
I have many options but I think I want to be a Quidditch player

4 - Favorite costume you've had?
A couple of years ago I was Katniss and I had a sick costume. I got the bow and arrow and everything and it was perfect.

5 - Favorite spooky creature?
Probably ghosts because I'd want to be friends with one, like one of the Hogwarts ghosts.

6 - How hyped do you get for Halloween?
REALLY HYPED. If you haven't already noticed, I love Halloween it's like one of my favorite times of year.

7 - Halloween Pinteresty thing that you've always wanted to try?
not mine
This looks so cool. I've never done crayon melting before, and on a pumpkin? That looks amazing. 

8- Favorite part of Halloween?
Spending time with my friends. We all come closer at Halloween and just have loads of fun. Sure, candy is amazing but I feel like friend time is more precious than something you eat in a day. You can cherish those memories with friends forever.

9 - Orange or black?
Black because it's dark and more Halloween themed, you get me? Orange is bright, not really how I think of Halloween.

I hope you enjoyed that tag! I tag anyone who loves Halloween to do this :D

If you do this tag, link up down there so I can see your wonderful Halloween answers!

 Have a wonderful Wednesday/Thursday/whatever day you're reading this on.

Thanks for reading,

this post was very rushed because I am extremely tired...sorry guys :(


  1. I put the same diy in my Halloween tag post! :) It looks really fun!

  2. Katniss twins! XD

    I loved doing this tag. <3

    Also, I see that Isabelle Lightwood is one of your current obsessions. ;) #SIZZY4LIFE

    xx Mackenzie

  3. This is such a great tag! I love all of your answers ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Last year I did the melted crayon pumpkin with my sister and our friend and we failed so hard. It belonged in the Nailed It section of pinterest. We learned the hard way that it works best if you glue-gun the crayons to the pumpkin. Hot glue dries faster and sticks better so your crayons don't fall all over the place when you take a hair dryer to it. Just something I learned, so if you do try it maybe remember that. ;) haha

  5. I did it on my blog! - Elsie http://the101blog101.blogspot.com.au/2015/10/the-halloween-tag.html
    This is just in case the link doesn't work :)


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