Blogtober Day 22 - Halloween Pinterest Roundup

Hello everyone! I actually really hate today's Blogtober prompt to be honest, I find Pinterest roundups really boring to write but oh well. I'm supposed to be sharing some Halloweeny stuff on Pinterest things that I want to try..

This the cutest thing! I'd do this if it weren't too cold where I am...
link lost
I love this because it's literally so simple but so cute. It also saves carving time for people who don't like to carve!
Ah I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, I really want to try this! Jack Skellington is my husband, just saying..
I'm not a baker, but if I ever did take on a challenge, this is what I'd do. Witch hat cupcakes? That looks amazing and probably tastes amazing too.
Hooray, I've finally found something to put up on my door! Definitely doing this, it looks so easy and amazing! Plus I probably won't have to spend much money.
I hope at least one of you enjoyed that... If I do one of these, I'll be sure to do a DIY and let you know how it turned out ;)
Tomorrow's Blogtober prompt is to do something on your blog that you've never done before. I invite all of you to do this because it really takes you out of your comfort zone and I think it's interesting to see what all of you will do!
Thanks for reading,


  1. I LOVE the witch cupcakes! And the nightmare before christmas and glitter pumpkin crafts look awesome too.

  2. I like the nightmare be for Christmas and Pumpkin thing. Also for tomorrows prompt do you have any suggestions to me?

  3. Hey Noor! Those are sooo cool. I really want to try that gumball machine costume...

  4. That post wasn't boring at all! It was fun :)


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