My Blogging Story

Hello everyone! It kind of surprised me when I discovered I had never done a post on my blogging story so I decided to share that.

When I was 7, I used to write up a small newspaper that I shared with my class. Then, my dad created a blog for it and I thought it was the best thing ever. Eventually, I stopped posting and deleted it.

Then when I was 9, I created an AG blog which became pretty popular but I stopped posting and then I deleted it.

Then once more, last year, I decided I would try writing a blog once more. This time I would take it a little bit more seriously. I got inspired by several bloggers Kids Blog Club and Call Me Hannah.

I was originally going to write about world problems but then I read some more blogs and realized that I should write about my true passions and how I really feel. My perspectives of the world.

My blog got bigger and bigger and now, after 8 months of blogging, my blog hasn't lost its power and I hope to continue blogging so I can look back at my feelings and my passions when I grow up.

I'm still not brave enough to tell my friends about my blog because I'm sort of nervous to hear what they say. But I don't need to tell them, I'm happy.

I was going to make up a story because I didn't really know and I was embarrassed by my true story but I realized that I have to be honest, to teach myself. And I'm proud, of myself and what this blog has become.

Sorry that this was post was so long, I just needed to tell the true story and all of it!

Thanks for reading,


BOOK TALKS: Matched Trilogy

Hello everyone! Sorry about the no post today, I totally forgot! I'm still building up suspense for Friday so this post will be non-Halloween related. Today, I am going to be doing a book talk for the Matched Trilogy. Remember, don't read the "Talk" section if you don't want spoilers...

The Overview

Matched- Matched is the first book in the series. Cassia is a 17 year old girl who has a big event coming up, the Matching Ceremony. She gets Matched with her best friend, the person who she loves. But something weird happens which changes her life forever. Join Cassia, Ky, Xander, and Em on their journey through the Society.

Crossed- Cassia and Ky have been separated. Cassia meets Indie and they journey through the Caverns to find Ky. Ky meets Eli and Vick and they are on a quest to find Cassia. Little do they know, something big is happening, the Rising has begun.

Reached- The Plague has spread, the Rising has taken over the Society, and Cassia, Ky, Xander are in the middle of it. Will they find a cure? What happens to the Society? Should they really believe in the Pilot?

The Talk

Matched- I thought Matched was a good book. I like the way the author, Ally Condie, spread out the story. (SPOILER) I was sad when Grandfather died, although I did like the book a lot.

Crossed- I don't know, I thought Crossed was a bit boring. It didn't really have very many suspenseful moments and I just went through it, not very happily. It was a good book but I think Matched and Reached were better.

Reached- Reached was my favorite. It was sooo amazing. It was very exciting and there were so many exciting cliffhangers. There were plot twists in plot twists! (SPOILERS) Oh my goodness, not INDIEEEE. She was my favorite and I totally shipped Indie/Ky. It was an amazing book and I hope Ally Condie writes more!!!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and get excited for Friday!

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Let's Talk About It: Ebola, Halloween, Contests, and MORE

Hello everyone! Today I am taking a break from Halloween stuff and starting a new series called "Let's Talk About It". Its basically a mini-talk show with blogging news, news, events, and stuff like that. I'll try to do one as a filler so they won't be here super often but if you like it then tell me!

Hello Earth and welcome to Letttttt'sssss Talk About It! Today's main stories are:
EBOLA: Is it a Threat?
The Big Deal About Halloween
Having A Contest On Your Blog
EBOLA: Is It A Threat?
If you live in anywhere but Africa, no. There are around 5 people in the US who probably have Ebola and they have been quarantined.
If you live in Texas, or New York and are scared of Ebola, don't be. There is a veryyyyy small chance of you actually getting it, so it is not a problem to you.
On the other hand, Africans have a higher risk of getting Ebola. Thankfully, it is going away, but many people still have it. So if your thinking of going to Africa, also think about cancelling your trip.
The Big Deal About Halloween
What is the big deal about Halloween? For most kids who celebrate it: candy, friends, and costumes. For me, its candy, friends, and costumes.
I love candy. When I grow up and don't go trick or treating, I'll still buy candy for myself. Friends are a big part of Halloween. I go to my friend's houses for parties and then head out for a night of fun. I also love dressing up in costumes and expressing myself.
Basically, everyone loves having fun on Halloween. A lot of people don't even know Halloween was originally for scaring spirits off.
Everybody Loves Contests
One of the best ways to get your blog popular, is to host a contest. Everybody loves contests or giveaways. It gives them a chance to get something. I will do every entry in the giveaway so I can win!
Host an art, photography, writing, etc contest. These are always fun to host and fun to enter. Giveaways are always fun because you can get sponsors or giveaway junk you don't need. >:D
I hope you enjoyed this little news post and comment if you want more!!
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My Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! I know, I've been doing a lotttttttt of Pinterest idea posts but they are just soooo cool and fun. I've decided to post some ideas of décor that I am planning to do and how I might be doing it.

Saturday's post will be a transition into the exciting posts for next week which you will find very exciting because these are the secret posts. Can't wait to see what all the bloggers have planned for next week!

This one is actually really simple and easy. My mom said I could make the webs and then hang them up with fake spiders. (We have left overs from last year)
I personally love the banner. My grandma has some fabulous orange ribbon that would work perfectly for this project. The pumpkin is cute too.
This looks super simple and can be done with paper, string, and imagination. I will probably use black, orange, and white paper and maybe use some candy corns too.
Link same as above!
These look simple to make. Cardboard+ gray paint+ painted roses and letters= tombstone.
My mom loved this one. We have a bunch of old tea lights so this is perfect...
I hope you all enjoyed today's post as much as I did. Next post, I'll try to talk about costumes so be sure to tell me about your costume and I might feature it next post!!
Thanks for reading,



An American Girl Doll Halloween

Hello everyone! Remember how I said that I would be including some AG stuff. Today I am going to share some Halloween stuff for AG so this is one out of 2 posts. Next week, I'll post about Alisha's Halloween so here are some AG Halloween ideas for ya.

(Sorry if you don't like AG, I'm not really posting much about AG a lot ) :) :)

Costume Ideas

This one is cute! I really like this one. It is also really easy to do.

There are soooo many ideas for costumes and all of them are super cute. Link is here!
Décor and Accessories
These are super cute and easy to make! Find the tutorial right abouttt, nope not
Doll Diaries is a good website for doll things and this is a fun tutorial. Linkie!
That's all for today, comment down below telling me what you do for your AG! I would love to hear. New post on Thursday so stay tuned!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Felt Pumpkins

Hello everyone! Long time no post! Today I am going to be doing a craft from the ideas which is the felt pumpkin. I was really lazy so mine didn't turn out great.

Orange/yellow/brown and black felt
A needle and thread or a sewing machine
Buttons (optional)

Threading a needle
Blanket stitch:
Running stitch (I have a post on that!)

STEP 1: Cutting the Circles
So obviously, the first step to making pumpkins is cutting the circles. My trick is to fold the felt in half and cut a half-circle on the fold. You will need two of these.

STEP 2: Sewing the Perimeter
This is the step where the blanket stitch comes in. You have to sew the blanket stitch all the way around the two circles, keeping them together. If you want to use some other stitch, you can but I find that stitch easier. (Mine is verrryyyy messy.)

STEP 3: Adding the Face
Now, this "pumpkin" looks like a big orange blob right? We need to add a face to this pumpkin. Use your black felt and cut out 2 triangles, squares, or circles for the eyes.

STEP 4: Sewing On The Eyes
Now, we can use a simple running stitch to sew on the eyes.

STEP 5: Cut and Sew The Mouth
The mouth is fun because you can cut it in any shape and size. Since I am lazy, I cut my mouth into a circle.

Now you can hang, cuddle, or place this pumpkin and have fun with it. I hope you enjoyed today's craft and I will write again on Tuesday!

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Hello everyone! I know, you were expecting a craft but I didn't have time today.

I am going camping this weekend so I will not be posting on Saturday but Sunday and Tuesday. I'm sorry about that!

Today, I am going to be doing to do a quick "Update" post that I've done before.

Reading...Reached by Ally Condie
Writing...A compare and contrast essay for Language Arts.
Watching...How I Met Your Mother
Thinking...About all the things I have to do tomorrow.
Excited for...GS camping this weekend.
Doing...Blogging for you all!
Eating...Sweettarts (the candy)


Sorry for the short post and I hope you enjoyed and wasn't bored!

Thanks for reading,


Boo! Super Cute Decor Ideas!

Hello everyone! Don't worry, I didn't forget about the post today! Today I am going to share some super cute décor ideas that I found on Pinterest. Tell me in the comments if you would like a tutorial.

I also decided to maybe add some American Girl crafts into the week so if you might like that, please tell me in the comments! (None of these are mine, all rights go to the owner)

This looks easy to make and I bet I could do a version with ghosts and fairy lights. Comment "1" if you would like this to be a tutorial.
This is super adorable and is easy to make. It would look great hanging from the door. Comment "2" if you would like this to be a tutorial.
This one is pretty self-explanatory but if you want this one the be a tutorial, comment "3".
I've seen this one before and I've always wanted to do it. I'd just have to gather up some milk bottles which might take quite a while. Comment "4" if you want a tutorial.
Oh my stars, I could put like cinnamon smelly stuff in there and it would be so cool! Please comment "5" if you want this to be a tutorial.
Okay, this is just too cute. I love their little faces! Comment "6" if you want a tutorial. :)

I couldn't really find anything else but if you do, comment the link and I'll see if I'm able to do a tutorial on this! :) I love your opinions and don't be afraid to share!!

I hope you enjoyed and I'll try reallllyyy hard to post tomorrow using your ideas!

Thanks for reading,




Sunday Showcase: Coolest Posts

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a Sunday Showcase after such a long time. I've decided to tweak it a bit and do a Sunday Showcase but by post topics, so 2 posts per post topic.

Curious Pieces' October Post
I loved this post written by June! It was a goals post and it inspired me to write my goals post. Check out the fabulous post here.
A Bit Confusing's Awesome Photography Post
Barbora at A Bit Confusing recently posted this fun photo post with her friends which made me smile! Check out the sweet photos here.
Carrot and Claire's Fall Décor Post
I thought this post was really cute and saw all the doll sized and adorable things that Claire put in her dolls' room! Check out the cute post here.
Fun With AG Fan's Clever No-Sew Doll Blouse
Amaya over at Fun With AG Fan posted a fabulous tutorial on how to make a no-sew doll tunic which I just love! Learn how to make it here. 
Eve of Womanhood's Huge Tag Post
This was an old post but I loved reading all of Eve's answers and learning about all the new tags out there. I was even tagged for one of these and will be posting it soon. Find that post here.
Gebbles Writes' Trip to Canberra
Gemma Rose of Gebbles Writes took a trip to Canberra and posted this awesome post full of fun pictures! To see all of the fun she had click here.

Sorry for the short post, I am typing this at 9:30 at night and cannot focus very well. Comment down below if you have any fun posts you loved and I might just feature them next week! Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure into Halloween month!
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Sewing Saturday: Making a Crayon Roll

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be teaching all of you how to sew a crayon roll. I saw some pics on Pinterest on how to make them but I decided to come up with my own tutorial. BOOM!

For the Scary Month of Halloween, 3 spots have been taken up by Lauryn, June, and Livy. Please make sure you follow the requirements! Posting for the party will start Monday, my next post.


You Will Need:
-Fabric: 11 1/2 inches long by 5 1/2 inches
-Sewing shears
-Needle and thread/sewing machine.

The first step is to cut your fabric. This is what mine looks like. (Dimensions above) Cut two pieces.
Now, sew along the yellow lines. Don't worry about the red line yet. Sorry about the lines.
Sorry for the bad picture. Fold up the side that had the red lines from the last diagram. Don't fold up all the way, leave a couple of inches of space.
Okay, now sew along the yellow lines or close enough. You should have little pockets.
It should look something like this. I had 15 pockets but it depends how far you sewed your lines.
Your pockets should look like this. I used a marker to demonstrate.


Now stick some crayons or mini markers in it and bam! Now, you can roll it up and secure it up with a hair tie or rubber band. Perfect for school!
I hope you enjoyed today's craft and get excited for Halloween posts next post!!!!!
Thanks for reading,


Random Edits I Did

Hello everyone! For the next couple of posts or so, I am going to be stalling waiting for this to happen:

All the information for this fabulous new thing is in a page named Halloween Month! I still have 5 spots open for the blogger thingy. Let's get to the weird edits I did.
(These are all my edits and do have my watermark on them. You can take them for yourself but are not allowed to crop out the watermark or remove it.)
I will miss you sooooooo much! Never forget Matt, Whovians! (Don't worry Chris and David, I'll still make room for you when Capaldi finds his way into my feels.)
I just love this picture and this quote. SOO PRETTTTTYYYY

This is what's called: "going overboard".
Anywwaaayyyysss, hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my blog party and enter the writing contest....
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FAQ- about Me

Hello everyone! Today, let's learn about my life. Why, because you weird (Jk) people requested it, I'm kidding you are fabulous. But still, why did 6 people request my life? God knows. So I'm gonna do an FAQ about me and anyone of you can do it to!

Q- What is your name?
Noor 13th Doctor, of Gallifrey. 

Q- How old are you?
10 and a half years old. BOOM

Q- What is your favorite color? 
Blue, blue, and blue. 

Q- What sports do you play?
Soccer and swim! I'm number 17 BTW.

Q- Why did you start this blog?
To share with people my life and different fun things.

Q- What fandoms do you belong to?
I'm a Whovian, Sherlockian (I don't know the correct name, sorry!), Demigod, Tribute, Potterhead, Divergent, and a Pokemon Trainer. LOOK AT ALL DEM FANDOMS. 

Q- What are you going to be for Halloween?
The 11th Doctor! I have a Fez (which I sorta lost), a Sonic (which I sorta lost), and a bowtie (which I didn't lose). I AM THE 11TH DOCTOR NOW, 11TH DOCTORS ARE COOL.

Q- Do you have any social networks?
Pinterest: @foreverkicker Instagram- @tardisturtle_noor 

Q- What langauges can you speak?
German, English, Urdu, and Bangla. 

Q- How long have you been blogging for?
8 months! My blog anniversary is coming up soon!

Q- What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?
Fangirl, text, read, write, blog, read blogs, internet surf, and do boring homework. 

Q- Did you get into the Mathalon?
I DID! YAY ME!!!!! I'm so excited, meeting is tomorrow. I'll give you guys all the news in my next post but you probably won't care.......

Okay, that's enough of exploding today. I hope you enjoyed today's post and oh wait... I have material to reveal to the audience today. (My attempt at being FANCY.... I'm so fancy, you already knowww)

OOOOOH! I've been planning this for quite a while and its actually going to be the whole month of October with special things in the final week! 

-I'll be having a blog party with 4 or 5 bloggers so if you are interested in that be sure to comment or email me. I'll be giving out up to 7 spots, 3 at the least.

-I am also doing a bunch of crafts so tell me if you want me to do that.

-Guest posts are also available at this time if you want to make it based on Halloween! 

Thanks for reading,


BBK Feature Contest Winner, Annoucements and STUFF

Hello everyone! I have a lot to talk about today so stick with me. It is not going to be a normal post and I promise normal posts will be coming soon.

Annndddd the winner is...................

MORNING! Of The Ups and Downs of My Not So Average Life!!! Congrats!

Your feature will be up on BBK soon Morning! Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll post Morning's entry up on the blog tomorrow. Or so.

I have a heapload of announcements so lets get started!

-Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll, it will be up for another two weeks so make sure to vote if you have not yet. For every vote on each post I get, there will be one post on that topic. If you are still reading comment PUMPKINS.

-I'm thinking of having a Halloween blog party with a bunch of bloggers so if you think that would be cool, comment down below.

-I'm having a writing contest so be sure to enter!

That's all for today and comment some blogs because I am doing Sunday Showcase tomorrow.

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The Average Tween

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to discuss..... tweens. Tweens are girls who are almost teens so 10-12 year olds. See if you can match up with any of these!


-Has a phone or iPod. There is literally no one in my school who does not have some sort of phone or music device. NO ONE

-Tries to look pretty. I do this, I have panic attacks sometimes about my appearance so I spend an hour getting ready. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen.

-Has a BFF. Or at least someone who you call your BFF. This girl cares for you and knows ALL of your secrets. Shoutout to my BFF, Farah!

-Has a hobby. Whether it is drawing or taking selfies, every tween girl has a hobby.

-Takes about 2-5 selfies a day. No joke, girls at lunch are taking selfies allll the time. STOP WITH THE 1000000000 SELFIES!

-Has an Instagram. I have an Instagram, and I obsess over it. But, I share stuff with my friends and you guys so its not a big deal. But some of my friends have Instagram and post selfies, but don't make their Instagram's private.

That's all I could think of. If I missed any traits of a tween girl, tell me in the comments! Also, check out the poll down below and follow me on Instagram, tardisturtle_noor

Thanks for reading,