October Goals

Hello everyone! I have been absent for the past few days, I know. I just can't think of what to post! (Help me down in the comments)  I will be more active. I decided to do my October Goals today. I have been planning a fun post for you all so stay tuned!

First, I will answer my September Goals.

Meet a New Blogger Friend. Yay did that! Shoutout to JUNE!

Discover 12 New Blogs. No :( only 5.  Squishingly, Little Kawaii Daisy, Tweenist's blog, Sophie's Stories, and Tall Green Giraffe!

Don't mess up BBK. I kinda did this by getting too excited. Whoops, well that's Noor for ya.

Do well in school. I got good grades! I got lots of 100s and maybe one 88, whoopsy daisy. 

Make a new friend. Yay! I made a friend! Her name is Lacey and she's realllllyy nice!


Make Mathalon. If you haven't been following my recent posts, I just auditioned for the Math team at my school. I am really hoping that I get in!!!

Don't mess up BBK. This is still going to be a goal because I am super nervous that no one will come back to BBK because of me.

Practice my instruments more. I need to practice more because I don't practice the music and then have trouble playing the music.

Gain more followers on blog and Instagram! I have 10 blog followers so far and my goal is 20 by the end of October! Help me get there please? I have 18 followers on Instagram and my goal is 30 by the end of October. My Instagram is tardisturtle_noor so can you pretty please follow me!!!

Read 10 books. I have recently gotten back into reading a lot so I want to read a lot more. I just ordered a bunch of books so that's good......

Okay, so those are my 5 goals for this month, hope you enjoyed today's post! I've pushed up the BBK Feature Challenge to next week so we need a couple more entries!

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100 Pageviews Tag

Hello everyone! I am super excited to do another tag, created by Tweenist, called the 100 Pageviews Tag! I am way past 100 pageviews but am still happy to do the tag!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, and read my blog in the past 7 months that I have been blogging!


-Thank the blogger who tagged you! Thanks Tweenist!

-Answer the 10 questions below:

 1. How many page views have you had - you can round this to nearest 100?
 I have exactly 6,769 pageviews which I am very proud of.

2. How did you feel when you hit 100 page views?
I don't really remember, but I was probably freaking out, a lot.

 3. Who was your first commenter (that you didn't know)?
 It was Lexie from Lexie Loves. Shoutout!

4. What blog post of yours has had the most views?
 It was Fun Day By The River which has 31 pageviews and 6 comments.

5. What traffic source has given you the most views?
 Blogs By Kids with a whopping 588 views! My post on Kids Blog Club was second with 85 views.

6. Why did you start your blog?
To share my life, views, opinions. And as a place to teach kids like me different things like crafts, recipes, and books to read.

7. What are your favourite 3-10 blogs?
 Toughie! I'll do top 7.

Eve of Womanhood, Ups and Downs of My Not-So Average Life, What Lexie Loves, A Curious Pieces, Squishingly, Amelia Grace, Simply Scribbles, Little Livys.

 8. What type of the blog do you like the most?
 Every type of blog! As long as it is not badly written or has inappropriate content.

9. Who inspired you to start your blog? Could be a friend, family member or another blogger?
My dad did! Also, Eve, Morning, and June!

10. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
 Connecting with readers and writing!


I hope you all enjoyed today's post and also, I GOT AN INSTAGRAM! Follow me @whovianturtle_10

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Writing Contest! And Some Other Stuff

Hello everyone! Today I have another educational/exciting sort of post because I really have nothing to post about! Super duper sorry! I have a post schedule in my Blog Binder (which I am hoping to do a post on for BBK, soon) but I haven't been able to do it for a long time. I also have had a writing contest planned since JUNE but haven't been able to finally get to it.

Today's post is going to be on writing. A lot of you love writing, hence the writing contest and the learning about writing.

My writing contest is going to be featured on letters so today I am going to talk about the different types of letters allowed in the contest.

A letter to a friend. This letter can be to a friend that you want to say something to, something you've wanted to say for a long time or a feeling that you've had.

A persuasive letter. This letter can be to your parents asking them for an iPhone. It can really be any letter that is persuading someone to do something.

A promotional letter. This letter is sort of a promotion toward your blog or something else. It is totally excepted and I'd love to see what you come up with.

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for.........

This will have an HTML soon!

1) The topic is letters, I talked about the types of letters above and you must choose one!
2) The word limit is no more than 500 words and no less than 40 words. If you ask me for an exception I might give it.
3) The deadline is October 20, those who go past that date will not be judged. I only give extensions if asked.
4) There will be a first place only until I get more than 6 entries, then I will do 2,3 and maybe 4th place.
5) The prize is pretty exciting if I do say so myself.
-Your blog on BBK Biz Day
-A special feature on my blog.
-A pass for a free guest post either asking me on your blog or you on my blog.
-And a set of Blog Binder Printouts, created by me and my dad (who is a specialist in creating PDF files) for your blog binder! I will give pictures in next post!
I hope you all enjoy the contest and if you have any questions email me or comment. Contest entries can be emailed or posted on blog.
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Let's Talk About My Boring Life

Hello everyone! I have nothing to post about so let's talk about me today! Yay?

I got a letter in the mail asking if I wanted to be part of the math team for my school. At first I was like: (TENTH DOCTOR PIC!)

I read a little farther and saw "Each member of the winning team gets 100 dollars"
That's enough of math. Eww. Anyways, let's talk about Halloween! Yay?? I am going to be the Eleventh Doctor for Halloween! If you don't know who that is here is a fabulous pic of him:
And here is another fabulous picture of Matt Smith, the actor who plays him:
Perfection, in a picture. Okay, I am soooo rambling. This was a super short post but I am so sorry! Be sure to enter the BBK Feature Challenge! You are awesome people!
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Morning Time 4's Blog Party!

Hello everyone! Today I am participating in Morning's Blog Party! (Button in sidebar)

+ Post about the blog party on your blog with the button image above included.

+ Answer these ten questions:
1. What do you love about the fall season?
I love how everything is pumpkin! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin oreos, pumpkin juice. 

2. If you walked in a mall and saw a guacamole chip hat, would you wear one or eat it?
Wear it! I would ask people if they wanted a piece too!

3. What is one of the most frustrating or aggravating things in the blogging world?
How people complain about their lives. It is really annoying. (I talked about this in my last post, the tag.)

4. Would you rather build a snowman or sing in the rain?
Build a snowman. I love snow!

5. If you had to chose how you were a part of a theater or movie production, would you be: an actor, props designer, set designer, light/technical director, audio coordinator, costume director, music director, dance coordinator, stage manager, or a part of the audience?
Music director, I love to sing!

6. List your blogging inspirations (blogs and people).
Lily, Eve, Morning/Abby, June, Libbie.

7. Do you think you could commit yourself to a Halloween costume made of lint, or a Halloween costume made of bubble wrap?
Bubble wrap! Poppity pop pop POP!

8. Do you tend to photo bomb people's photos, or divert from them?
Photobomb. I have photobombed 27 selfies to this day.

9. What is one word you constantly have to keep looking up the definition to?
I actually can't think of one at this moment but I will comment when I figure it out.

10. If you wrote an autobiography about yourself, what would you call it (if you couldn't place your name in the title) and why?
Click and Publish: The Story of a 10 Year Old Who Created An Award-Winning Blog. This is because I want my blog to become famous of some sort and I wanted it to do something with my blog!

+ Place the link to the blog party post in the comments section below.

+ If you don't have time to post your answers on your blog, alternatively you can place the button in your sidebar and answer the questions in the comments.

Well, that is that! Hope you all enjoyed, regular posts coming to you tomorrow! Don't forget to enter the BBK Feature Challenge, it closes in just a week!

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20 Things You Might Not Know About Me TAG

Hello everyone! Today I have been tagged by June of Curious Pieces to do the 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Tag! Thanks June!

1//Copy and paste the questions below, then answer and turn them into a blog post. Or, record a video answering these questions and upload it to your blog post.

2// At the bottom of your post, tag anywhere from 2-10 bloggers you want to see answer these questions. (I also suggest hitting up your tagged people via social media just to let them know you tagged them to do this tag challenge.)

3// Use the title: 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Blog Tag. Once you've hit publish, leave a comment below with the link to your post.

4// Use the hashtag #20ThingsBlogTag when sharing on social media so we can all find your awesome posts!

Here are the fabulous questions:

Question 1: How tall are you?
I believe 4 foot 11 inches.Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?
Um, fangirling?Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
People who complain about their lives, wow what a coincidenceQuestion 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?
When people read a different book every day, FINISH THE BOOK!Question 5: What’s your favorite song?
Fancy, Iggy Azalea. It is so catchy and I love Iggy.
Question 6: What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn't yours?
I don't shop on Etsy.
Question 7: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?
Dance, read, fangirl over Doctor Who, listen to music, blog. 
Question 8: What’s your favorite junk food?
Are you asking me to pick one? Well, COOKIES!
Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?
No. I wish! If I could, I would have a turtle. 
Question 10: What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books?
ARE WE BEING SERIOUS? Fine, Harry Potter and Divergent. (Divergent is so non-fiction.)
Question 11: What’s your favorite beauty product?
Nail polish, it is the best way to express yourself. 
Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?
I fell down the stairs, everyone laughed. It was horrible. 

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Is this even a question? Iced tea! Probably the half lemonade half tea kind.
Question 14: What’s your favorite movie?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I am a true Potterhead. 
Question 15: What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?
If you haven't noticed, I am still a middle schooler. I'd probably be the nerd. WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
California! I would go to Disneyland like every single day. 
Question 17: PC or Mac?
Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?
Seeing as my crush is an eighth grader, he said hi on the bus and picked up my books in the hallway when I awkwardly dropped them. 
Question 19: Favorite celebrity?
Oh my stars, Shailene Woodley! She is the best evahhh. 
Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want be best friends with?

Not to hurt feelings but Daisy-Chan! 

That's enough of ME for today! Hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you tomorrow! Wait, what's that? I forgot the tags, oh you caught me! I TAG:


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Fashion: The Result of Me Being Bored

Hello everyone! I don't know what to post about. I really have no clue. So, I am going to have to go to fashion posting, an idea I had a long time ago but ditched. I don't have any fashion sense whatsoever, but let's see what I think is "cute".

So, I went on Justice.com. I browsed through all the sections and saved some of the outfits I liked. These pictures are not mine, by the way.

I honestly really want this. I love the color, I love these kind of sweaters, and I LOVE the saying "Amazing things will happen". This sweater is like asking me to put it on.
Every girl needs a pair of simple leggings. I love black leggings, I have like 4 pairs. They go with every single shirt and are just fabulous. (In fact I am wearing some now.)
You guys all know how much I love to say the word Fabulous. Now, I can put it on a sweater! FABULOUS! It would go really well with those black leggings up there!
For some reason, I love these kinds of sweaters. They are just really cute. I like the gray one the best. (They had black and white) I would suggest wearing it with a white or black tanktop underneath and really any color leggings.
One word, UNICORNS! Two of some of my favorite things combined: unicorns and Halloween. This shirt is perfection.
Yay, soccer! I also really like the color of the shirt, that greenish-blue is very pretty and it looks like the color on my nails!
Zebra leggings! Could this post get any more perfect? Even better, the website says the leggings are sparkly! Ultra fabulous! I would sooooo buy these.
Now to end the post with some fabulous tribal leggings. These things are too cute, I lovveeeeee them. I also saw some yellow and red ones that were cute too. (Am I secretly in Amity? Only Divergent fans would know.)

Welp, that's enough of horrible fashion sense! Tell me in the comments which one you liked best and be sure to enter the BBK Feature Challenge!
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Mount Tambora: The Volcano You Don't Know About

Hello everyone! Today, I am talking about a volcano which you probably have not learned or heard about, Mount Tambora. But first, lets go through this week's post schedule. I decided to do this just to help me out and for you guys to see what will most likely be happening on the blog until next Saturday. (Somedays I will not be posting

RULES: For some days I will have two options, you as readers can choose which one!

Monday: DIY (ideas, anyone?) or opinion post.
Wednesday: Lifestyle posting: Cultural Food
Friday: Free Choice Friday (Vote at the end of post)
Saturday: Educational Post (ideas....)

What is/was Mount Tambora?

Have you heard of Mount Tambora? I'll give you a hint, it is on the island of Sumbawa. Still nothing? Okay here is a map of Sumbawa for you:

Now you see it? Well, Sumbawa is an island in Indonesia and Mount Tambora is one of the deadliest volcanos in the world.
What did Mount Tambora do?
In around 1815, a volcano called Mount Tambora exploded. No one knew it was a volcano, it was just a mountain. A quiet mountain, until one ominous day.
When it erupted, a pyroclastic surge boomed out from the volcano, destroying everything in its path. 12,000 people were killed almost instantly, houses and crops were destroyed, and the once beautiful island of Sumbawa was now in ruins. 90,000 more people were died of hunger in the months following.
How Did the World React?
To be honest, the world didn't even know. British sailors saw the eruption happen but since it took 4 months to travel from Sumbawa to London, there was nothing that could be done.
Some Englanders knew about the eruption, but didn't really do anything about it. They didn't know where Sumbawa was and it was way too far away.
What Happened After?
The year after, 1816, was a disaster. Weather all around the world was so abnormal.
In North America, there were unusual snowstorms, in June. In Europe, many northern seas
(which were supposed to be frozen) unfroze so British sailors thought it was safe to sail on; many got frozen when the ocean unexpectedly froze up again.
In India, there was an abnormal monsoon season (rainy season). There were floods which caused an outbreak of a disease called cholera. In China, cold weather killed crops and cattle so people starved to death.
How Did This Happen?
Scientists are not actually completely sure on what happened but I'll give you the basics.
Usually when a volcano erupts, the volcanic cloud disappears almost immediately. For Tambora, it was a different case. The cloud went high up into the stratosphere (because of the immense power of the volcano) and ejected high amounts of volcanic ash into the air, causing the weather to change.
Scientists studied a different volcano, Mount Pinatubo in order to help learn more about Tambora.
What Happens to Tambora Now?
According to my sources, Tambora is still active. There are signs that it could erupt again but the chance is very low. If it were to erupt again, we would be more prepared and we could be there to help because of today's technology.
Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed! I also hope you learned something new!
As an extra, answer this question: "Why don't people know about Tambora?". Maybe your answer will be featured in another post or on a BBK Biz Day post! (Whoops, I might have revealed the special surprise....)
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I Am Malala- Book Talk

Hello everyone! I recently finished the book I Am Malala. I decided to do a book talk because there are a lot of things I wanted to talk about.


Malala Yousafzai is a 16 (I think) year old Pakistani girl who has a big story. When she was only 15 years old, she was shot in the head. She was a big activist for women's rights and more specifically women's education. Her home, Swat Valley in Pakistan, didn't give very equal rights to women. They believed that women should stay home and cook, clean, and take care of children. Men were thought as the superior gender.

She and her family didn't believe in this, she stood up for what she believed in and wrote a blog about her life as a girl living in Swat under a different name. Her father was also an activist so she started to go to a lot of events and soon started giving speeches of her own. Malala was Pakistan's heroine. She believed everyone is equal and so do I.


I believe no man/woman is greater than the other, we are all equal.
No matter how tall, or how small, we are all equal.
No matter what gender, man or women, we are all equal.
Age doesn't matter either, we are still all equal.
We were created to help, not harm.
We were created to save, not kill.
If every human being in this world believes like me, we will be equal.

I wrote this little poem, We Are All Equal, to share how I feel and how Malala feels. She was shot, but she was shot for a reason that she felt so passionate about. It inspired me and she inspired me to write this blog. I wanted and still want to be just like her when I grow up.

The book was amazing. It was detailed and written so beautifully. I enjoyed reading about how Malala lived. It was so interesting to learn about where my mother visits every year. (I'll explain in the next paragraph)

Every year, my mom goes to Pakistan. She visits family and does research. Most of her research is on Swat Valley. She learned about the Taliban (a terrorist group in Pakistan) and how girls/women like Malala lived. She even met Malala's father which I thought was awesome.

Anyways, I should stop before I ramble too much. I totally recommend this book and give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed and be sure to enter the BBK Feature Challenge, we've had our first entry but June of Curious Pieces!

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Summer Rewind Tag

Hello everyone! I am freaking out over here because I finally got tagged! Yup, the fabulous Lily from Squishingly tagged me for the summer rewind tag, thank youuu!

Soooo biggg!


✓ Thank the person(s) who tagged you. (Thanks Lily!!)
✓ Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
✓ Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
✓ Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
✓ Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
✓ Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin (http://theworldthroughmywindowsill.blogspot.com/)


1. Went to Disney World! WOOP WOOP

The place where all your dreams come true!
2. Joined Blogs By Kids!
3. Read like 50 books. No joke, I read 47 books over the summer, I am proud.
4. Almost got killed by a wave. No, just kidding. I was swimming in the ocean in Florida and a giant wave decides to almost drown me and I have seaweed on my head, perfect....
This was me, minus the tail and the pig-like features.

 5. Went to a wedding. I went to a traditional Pakistani reception in California. It was cool and I had to dress really nicely.
My Answers
1. What are you planning to do next summer?
I really want to go to England. If not, than read and blog.
2. What's your favorite summertime beverage?
Rootbeer. Well, I love rootbeer any time of year, but whatever.
3. What are you looking forward to most next summer?
Doing CAS again. That was fun. I'm also excited to possibly go to England.
4. What kind of music would you listen to while sipping hot cocoa by the fireside?
I would listen to Mozart. I have like 30 classical music songs on my iPod.
5. Reflecting on what you did last summer, what are you going to change for next summer?
Try not to be addicted to electronics. I spent half of my summer on my iPad.
6. What do you love most about blogging?
Connecting with readers. I love to meet new people.
7. Do you do anything special on your blog depending on the season?
Nope. It is weirdness all year round.
8. What's your favorite seasonal dessert?
Pumpkin pie.. yummmmmmmm!
9. Who is your biggest inspiration, and have they affected the way you spend your summer/fall?
My biggest inspiration is my mom and yes she made my summer so much better.
10. Why, in your opinion, do you think people around the world love spring?
I think that they like spring because no one really likes the cold (except for Elsa). The spring welcomes the warm and sunny days that most people (not Elsa) love.
1. What are you planning to do next summer?
2. What was your favorite thing that you did this summer?
3. What kinds of things do you post during summer?
4. Which do you like better, summer or fall? Why?
5. What is your favorite part of school?
6. Share a pretty photo that you took over the summer or describe one.
7. What 3 words can you use to describe summer?
8. Did you travel anywhere? If yes, where to?
9. Favorite book you read this summer?
10. Best blog post that you posted from over the summer.


I hope you guys enjoyed today's post, I'll see you day after.

Thanks for reading,




Hello everyone! You must be like WHHHHAATT? Two posts in a row? Awesome! (Maybe…) But today I want to talk about goals, how to set them and how it feels like when you achieve them. As an example, I am going to use my blogging goal. 

When I started blogging, which was February 2013, I thought I would never get to where I am now. But then, I created a goal. My goal was to get an average of 2 comments a post, 30 page views a post, and a feature/link to my blog that I didn't ask for. Guess what? I achieved all of those goals. 

Wanna know how? Hard work. I commented, posted, and linked all day. (I'll explain allll about that on Thursday in my BBK post.) I never gave up. No matter how unpopular my blog was, I didn't care. My goal was to do what I said I would do and that's it. 

Finally, after 1 month of working. I got my first comment. Then more comments rushed in. Now, I get an average of 3 comments per post. That's more than I wanted! 

Soon, my page view numbers started rising. Now, I get 40-50 page views per post. Again, more than my goal was. My most popular post has 356 page views! WOWWW! 

What's left? A feature/link. Now that took some time. I didn't learn that I had one (four actually) until 2 weeks ago. Teachers have been teaching their kids about blogging and used my blog as an example. I know that may not seem like much but it is awesome. My blog is good enough that it can be a teaching example, that's cool. I even got some feedback from some of the students which helped me a lot.

So basically, there are 4 steps to setting goals.

1. Create a reasonable goal. Don't make the goal too hard like: score 10 goals in a soccer game. Not even the Germans could do that!

2. Work! A very big factor in achieving your goal is to work for it. If you really want to achieve that goal, you gotta work hard! That goal isn't gonna achieve itself!

3. Wait. It is going to take time to achieve your goal. (Unless it is a quick goal, not like mine) Don't worry if you don't get your goal of 50 page views in the time you wanted. You have to wait for people to find your blog. Or if it is something else, then you still have to be patient.

4. Feel proud. You did it! You achieved your goal. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. Doesn't it feel great to achieve your goals! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and be sure tell me what your goals are in the comments! Don't forget to enter the BBK Feature Challenge! Deadline is Sept 30!!!

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I walk outside on a chilly, autumn day.
The quiet breeze makes the leaves on the trees dance.
As I walk, the leaves rustle and crunch under my feet.
Another breeze makes the trees sway to and fro.
I grab my sweater and keep moving.
A small chipmunk scurries away, into a dark hole.
A little doe runs swiftly to find its mother.
I sit for a while, admiring nature.
Watching the trees dance, the squirrels run around each other.
I know, autumn is here.
Hello everyone! I hoped you enjoyed that little poem. I wrote it as I took a walk in my backyard. I also took some pictures, want to see?  I hope you like it....
Autumn is.............


I hope you enjoyed today's photos! Make sure to enter the BBK Feature Challenge!
Thanks for reading,