Springing Into April Photo Challenge

Hello everyone! I will not be doing a March Favorites this month, sadly, but I do have this exciting little event for you!

Some of you may remember that I did a thing called Blogtober in October where I'd give you blogging prompts for every day and you'd post about it. This is similar. But with pictures. yay.


What do I do? Every day, there will be a prompt for a photo (as shown above) and you will have to take a photo based on that prompt using whatever you wish. I invite you to grasp the prompt in any way possible, and maybe do the opposite of them sometimes. 

For example, #20 is cloudy day and April 20th may not be a cloudy day for you but you could switch things up and do a sunny day. 

Where do I post my pictures? Anywhere you'd like! You can attach the photo to a blog post, make a page, or post it on social media with the hashtag #albosspringingintoapril. 

I have also created a Pinterest board for the challenge where you can upload your pictures so if you want to be added, comment your Pinterest and I'll add you ASAP!

What happens at the end? At the end of April, I'll choose my favorite pictures from each prompt and put them all in one big post!


Please let me know if you're participating or not and how you will be posting your photos. It makes it easier for me to see the gorgeous photo you've taken ;)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have an awesome Friday and happy April!

Thanks for reading,


Camp NaNoWrimo: Pros and Cons of Participating

Hello everyone! The end of March, sad. But the beginning of April. exciting and nervewrecking, for a wonderful thing has arrived. Camp NaNoWrimo. It is currently 3 days until April begins and I still do not know whether I want to participate or not. I have a story outlined that I was going to write over spring break but that never happened so I could always use it for NaNo this time.

By the way, Camp NaNo is a writing thing where you set a word count goal for yourself, try and achieve that goal, and if you do, you get cool stuff. sweet.

To come to my final decision, I decided to make a little pros and cons list to help me, and maybe you figure out whether it is a good decision for you to do Camp NaNo. Let us commence.


- THE EXPERIENCE! all the stuff you'll learn.

- FRIENDS! people you meet in your cabin or um, your characters?

- THE JOY OF WRITING. that feel you get when you're literally writing a book.

- THE CHALLENGE OF WRITING. the thrill you get when again you're trying to write ___ words in literally 30 days. 

- PRIDE. i've done regular NaNo and Camp NaNo each once and I can tell you the pride you feel after you've finished your ____ amount of words is priceless.


- IT IS TONS OF FUN. you will never be bored. virtual write ins + writing a lot = FUNFUNFUN

- YOU GET A FREE BOOK OUT OF IT. well that is, if you finish. 


- your novel could suck. You are trying to write ____ (usually above 10k) words in 30 days, which is a lot of words, and sadly not a lot of time, so it's most likely not going to turn out well :/

- you can edit your word goal. Okay this may seem cool but it takes away the challenge of it all. Knowing that if you want to give up and lower your word count to some stupid number, you can, takes away all that thrill.

- the community is much smaller. People tend to do traditional NaNo more than Camp for several reasons, so you might not connect with as many people. 

- it gets stressful. But, if you have good time management and can work hard, it'll be fine. 

- EDITING. need i say more

- it can possibly result in a lot of this:

In conclusion, I think it just depends on how packed you are. BUT if anyone has any questions for NaNo, let me know, I am not an expert but I do know my way fairly well around it so yes. 

I will most likely be doing NaNo, I'm all prepared I just need to prepare mentally, which shouldn't take more than one sleepless night of frustration. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and that it helped out! Also let me know if you are doing Camp this year so we can arrange a cabin together or something ;)

Thanks for reading,


The Sunday Sunshine #2

Hello everyone! I'm not one to do recap posts, but I realized that I haven't done a Sunday Sunshine since literally October. Why not throw one out there? Let's see what I've been up to this week :)

This Week I Posted

(not much)

Into My Life

-I turned twelve, as some of you may know as I did a post on it. I just had some friends over but we had a terrific time, and had a great cake as well :D

-I went to the Syracuse Mall with the same friends. It's HUGE. They have a mini amusement park inside, it's insane. They have every single store imaginable. Of course, nothing beats NYC ;)

-It was spring break! Although I pretty much did nothing but be sick and play Sims. 

-I got the Sims 4, which has been the highlight of my week even though 75% of my time on the game is rebuilding my house. (They get better every time, trust me)

-I've been also trying to get in a lot of reading, which hasn't worked well since I've been getting distracted. I still have a grand total of 3 books to read before the end of the month to reach my goal. Hooray. 

On Social Media

Goodreads: Haven't been very active on Goodreads lately but here is a list of books that I've recently added that I'd really like to read. 

Lady Midnight - CASSANDRA CLARE. need I say more? I just picked this up at the bookstore and I'm excited to hopefully not be annoyed by Emma Carstairs..

Siege and Storm - I just finished Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo yesterday and I need to start devouring this one. The ending of Shadow and Bone was somewhat confusing so I NEED MORE. 

Pinterest: I have been super active on Pinterest lately. Especially with my Bedrooms board. Yeesh. 
Here are some of my favorite pins from the week!

I love this bedroom because I've just always dreamed of a bed surrounded by plants. 

okay but. 

LLOOK AT THIS bEaN. lOOK At hIM. *jumps into the sun* 

i think another random picture roundup is due. 

Blogging Buzz

-I am super close to my goal of the month which is 145 GFC followers *dances*

-I'm also this close to throwing myself out of my chair because I can't think of any post ideas like this one was a last resort. help.

-I haven't been very active this week so once again, I don't have a list of favorite blog posts. Let's just say I loved all of your blog posts, which I probably did so *dances faster*

alrighty everyone, hoped you enjoyed!

What's been happening with you this week? Highlights, downsides? Let me know! Oh yeah, have a wonderful next week, in case you don't stop by again soon ;) (which you should... i'm gonna go bye)

Thanks for reading,


Princess Winter Cosplay - The Lunar Chronicles

"Because the palace walls have been bleeding for years, 
and no one else sees it." - Winter to Scarlet in Cress

(pixeled my face)

I feel like this would be like in an under attack situation.

closeup of this gorgeous cover <3

Winter if she was on Earth I suppose

I found this crown lying around but I thought it
fit with the outfit so why not

Also found this pretty simple necklace so I put it in my hair.

These shoes don't fit perfectly but I thought they looked 
pretty nice with the color scheme of the cover. 

- - - - 

Hello everyone! Today I decided to try a "cosplay" thing, but honestly it's just inspired by Winter and her character; what she might have worn. 

I'm currently devouring Winter, it's amazing and I've grown onto Winter as the story has gone through, earlier in the series when she was introduced, I found her quite annoying and odd, but I can tolerate her now :)

This dress is really sparkly but I love the gray. The designs on it are nice, yet simple too. I actually used "props" for this outfit and I thought they fit quite well with the dress and my image of Winter.

The shoes are what I think of as the "standout" part of the whole thing, but like I said, they fit with the cover of the book which is why I used them as the accent. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if I should do more of these "mini cosplays"!

Thanks for reading,


t w e l v e

I suppose being a year older is flipping the next page, the next era, no. It's the same thing, except you're just a little older, but you feel the same as you did yesterday, just a little older.

They show us that growing up is a great thing, and all the things you can do when you grow up. What if I don't want to? What if I want to stay 11, and never turn 12?

But age is honestly just an extra number, added on to the number you already have. It doesn't define you, what you do, it's just a number. And if you wanted to, you could forget all about that number, and live your life just freely.

With a growing age, comes more responsibilities, that fact is true. But with growing age, new opportunities arise as well. And no one is stopping you from not acting your age now and then, no matter how old you get, no matter how many birthdays have gone by.

I've turned twelve today, said goodbye to eleven, that year is long gone in the wind. But this new year of life could be different. I can't dwell on in eleven forever, it is my past, and twelve is my future.

Being twelve might not be anything special, but it is a chance for new things and new ways to grow, so welcome twelve year old me, hope you enjoy your stay.

Twelve is my last year of being a child before I become a teenager, so I might as well make it worthwhile.

13 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 13

1) Do the color run, or some other athletic fundraising thing. 
2) Try three foods that I've never tried before. 
3) Camp out in the backyard. 
4) Before my birthday, make it a habit to tell everyone I'm still a kid. 
5) Actually try and invent a language. 
6) Bike all around my neighborhood 
7) Find the friends I want to keep throughout my teenage years.
8) Have a great last half of 7th grade and early half of 8th grade.
9) Buy my parents something nice for MY birthday instead. 
10) Go on a road trip with some of my friends. 
11) Try at least five things on my crafts Pinterest board.
12) Bake loads of things.
13) Dance in the rain. 

Hello everyone! I turned 12 today, hooray. I hear that 12 is the cringe era of life, but I'm looking forward to making sure it's not cringe. 

Last year, I did a little event but this year I'm just going to leave you off with this happy little piece. Maybe I'll do something more special for thirteen <3

I hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for sticking with me :D

Thanks for reading,


The Misadventures of the Funko Pops

Hello everyone! I'm currently freaking out as my mom came home with HARRY POTTER FUNKO POPS. They're so cute, and I just. Okay so I decided to take them on an adventure throughout a small room, and document their tales. Things went good at first, no one got hurt. But the tale began to take a dangerous turn, I'll just let you see the footage.

It was dark in the Hogwarts castle. and Ron and Harry has just snuck out from their dorm to embark through the halls, but they were not surprisingly stopped by a very angry, and groggy Hermione.

"What do you think you're doing out of bed?" said Hermione sternly. 
"Off to duel Malfoy, he challenged Harry." Ron snarled. 
"A duel? We're 2nd years, are you trying to get yourself killed?" Hermione said.
"You can't just turn down a duel. It's shameful." Ron said. Harry nodded. 
"Well, I ought to come with you." Hermione gave them a small nod. 
"He already has a backup, me." Ron said, stepping in front of her. 
"You?" Hermione snorted. "You know no good spells, I'll be a better backup." 
Harry shrugged and the three of them continued down the hall. 

They reached the end of the corridor and came to a dead wall. 

"Where are we Harry?" Ron muttered. 
"Malfoy told me to come here. It leads nowhere." Harry responded, puzzled.
"Oh step aside!" Hermione sighed. She pulled out her wand, and muttered a charm.

The trio felt themselves being engulfed into the wall, as they twirled through it. 

They were swirled to the top of the ledge. They looked out at the glass and saw the ground below them. Ron looked down and fainted. Harry looked at himself and shrieked. 

"We're... tiny!" He cried. 
"That Malfoy! He must have tricked us. I knew this was trouble.." Hermione said.

They looked down at the floor below, and saw how high up they were from the ground.
"How are we going to get down?" Ron groaned. 
"Don't fret." Hermione pulled out her wand and all three of them levitated up.

Ron and Hermione landed safely on a nearby bookshelf. However, Ron fell into a cup..headfirst. 

"Get me out of here!" Ron yelled. 
"Shh, Ron!" Harry whispered harshly. 
"Don't worry, we're so small, our screams are like the softest of whispers." Hermione sighed. 

They finally hoisted Ron out of the cup and sat on the shelf. 
"How do we undo the spell?" Ron asked.
"I don't know, I haven't learned that countercurse yet."

Hermione scanned the areas, looking for any possible resource. She giggled excitedly. 
"Look! There's that plant! I saw it in a book once..." She looked off into the distance. 
"Well aren't you going to tell us what it does?" Ron said annoyed. 
"It's a growing plant, can't put my finger on the name." Hermione said, going deep into thought. 
"Oh never mind the name, how do we get to it?" Ron cried.

Hermione began drawing out an elaborate plan and mapping throughout the room. 

The trio eventually came across an odd sort of magic. 

"Hermione look, what is it!" Ron said excitedly. He and Harry had begun walking on the little pads.
"It's a Muggle computer, don't mess with it, it could be dangerous!" Hermione warned. 
"Oh it's all in good fun." Harry said smiling.

They danced across the keyboard and in the middle of doing the Love Potion Polka, the screen flashed on. Ron screamed, startled and Harry fell back. 

"Told you! Let's get a move on before you hurt yourself." Hermione said. 
The boys nodded and followed her.

"Finally, we've reached the plant region!" Ron panted. 
"Now we've just got to find the plant." Harry sighed. 

All of a sudden, Hermione shrieked and ran behind Harry. 
"What is it Her-" He stopped, eyes wide open. 
"Harry, Hermione, you okay?"

Ron spun around and cried out. 
"Mrs Norris is guarding the plant! What do we do?" He moaned. 
"Pull your wands out everyone!" Harry yelled. "We counterattack on the count of 3!"
Harry glanced over at Ron's tattered wand. "Me and Hermione counterattack at the count of 3!"

1, 2 , 3!
2 jets of white light hit Mrs. Norris. She squeaked loudly and fell to the shelf. 

They climbed over the fainted body of Mrs, Norris and eat a leaf off the plant. 
They regained their normal size and sighed in relief. 

"I'm never trusting Malfoy again. Once again, you saved us Hermione!" Harry shook his head. 
Hermione smiled and nodded back, pleased with herself. 

"You bet! That little snake is getting it back at breakfast tomorrow. A levitating pie over his head and SPLAT! Right on his puny little head." Ron snarled. They laughed and walked back to the dorms. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this little story, let me know if you'd like to see more of the Mini Trio!

I'm on spring break, finally so expect more spring like posts ;P (even though it's going to snow all weekend here hah)

Thanks for reading,


Thoughts When You're Having A Good Day

Hello everyone! I decided to put a different positive spin on the whole Thoughts.. theme. I've noticed people around me have been down lately. It really seems as if though everyone is just sad.

So here are some thoughts that you have on a good day, to inspire you to think these thoughts everyday.

"Good job ____, that was a great piece!"
Hey, I was just acknowledged for my work, great!

"You did so good in English today :)"
People appreciate me huh? That's cool, someone remembered me. 

"You're right I suppose, that was a good point."
My opinion is valid to others. People listen to me!

"That jacket looks amazing on you!"
People notice me, they noticed a good thing about me today!

"I love you, you're hilarious!"
People care about me enough to say they "love me". Awesome.

I just feel so great today, because so many people care about me.

I have this great memory of something good that happened today, and I'll keep that forever!

-text message- "You looked gross today.."
This is just a text message, it doesn't bother me because someone else told me I looked good today. This person is obviously too scared to tell me in person, this opinion doesn't matter.

I have all these friends who think I'm special, and one little rude opinion doesn't matter.

I am a great person, with many qualities. I rule. 

just remember all these things, and you will have a good day, trust me. But it's also okay to have bad days, just remember these things when you're having a bad day as well. 

What things do you like about a good day? What do you do on a bad day to feel better? 

Thanks for reading,


my idol is a hero

my idol is a hero.
he has survived, the worst.
he has survived himself.

he has saved others.
maybe not physically.
but he has saved others from themselves.
just like he did for himself.

he is not some "emo freak"
he has saved me.
he is a hero.
and you have no right to call him that,

his music, his life, has inspired us.
he got back when he was down.

he's done things that your idol has,
maybe not in the same way, but he has.

i don't love him because he's "hot"
or because he's in a band, a celebrity.

i love him for who he is, just the way he is.
he doesn't know me, but i bet he loves me too.
he's like my best friend, but hero version.

you probably don't know who my idol is.
that's okay, what matters is what he's done. and who he is.
because he's my hero, but he doesn't have to be yours :)


find your hero, someone who you look up to.
even if they are a celebrity,
they can do so much for you.


This is totally mushy and I apologize for being so mushy but i needed to do this. Some girls were teasing me for liking Pete Wentz so much. He's my hero, and I love him, so who are others to judge?

Who's your idol and why? Also, do you like the new design? ;)

Thanks for reading,


Spring Blog Post Ideas

Hello everyone! Tis almost spring, at least in the Northern Hemisphere it is. Last year, I did a Fall Blog Post Ideas in order to welcome fall into our lives, so now to welcome spring at last, here are some post ideas that are somewhat spring related :)

1) A springish outfit, possibly featuring pastel colors?

2) Some things you like to do in the spring time.

3) Do you enjoy the spring time? Why or why not?

4) A photoshoot of the flowers blossoming.

5) Write a sweet spring poem, or one about why you dislike spring.

6) Colors that remind you of spring and why.

7) Go somewhere that reminds you of spring and blog about it!

8) Create a spring inspired playlist and share it!

9) Do a spring cleaning montage post

10) Take pictures of flowers, or buy flowers, put them in your room, and share about it!

11) Go on a spring like adventure in your backyard and blog about it.

12) Your spring essentials.

13) Create a tag, maybe about flowers, or colors, or just anything spring!

14) Your favorite spring nail colors, or lipstick colors, or lotions, soaps, etc.

15) Start a book club with some bloggers!

16)  Create a recipe involving fruit, fruit is quite springlike I suppose.

17) Write about how to transition from winter to spring.

18) Your favorite spring time quotes.

19) Share a video of a pretty lake or park, you don't have to put your face or voice, just slap some music on it and you're good to go!

20) What books remind you of spring? Tell us!

Hope this post gave some of you some inspiration! I might try out a few of these myself. If you try any of these ideas, link your post in the comments, I'd love to check it out!

Thanks for reading,


My Harry Potter Story

Hello everyone! If you don't already know, I live, breath, and speak Harry Potter. It is my everything, my entire reason for existence. Okay not exactly, but it is more than a love, more than an obsession. It's like a constant dose of Amortentia, but for Harry Potter.

So how did this infection of love for this book series begin? It dates back to my glorious age of 8, in 3rd grade. 4 years ago. Ah, in the wonderful store where most love for fandoms begin, Barnes and Nobles.

I was casually browsing the children's section. (I remember when I graduated to the young adult section, that's a story for another day though) And I came across Harry Potter in this gorgeous little stand.

Of course, I had heard of Harry Potter, everyone has at that point, DH Pt2 was coming out later that year or so. (?) I was only 8, Harry Potter had never intrigued me. But the cover was nice, and I could relate to Harry on it. I picked it up, and actually my neighbor's mom (who I'm pretty close to) bought it for me.

I treaded on home and read the book, finishing it in a half a week, absolutely loving it, and kept on reading it. I still remember when I read Chamber of Secrets and always checked the floor before I go to bed for a Basilisk :P And being so happy when I FINALLY finished Order of the Phoenix and crying because of the particular beloved human being that passed on (sob).

AND HERMIONE IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE DURING YULE BALL. she was (is) all I aspired to be honestly.

the dress isn't blue ugh

I was obsessed and I got all my friends into it slightly. I would have movie marathons every other weekend I swear and watch ALL the Potter Puppet Pals videos over and over again. Just obsessed.

But, I hadn't finished Deathly Hallows yet. I was in the airport when I did finish it and I cried and I cried and I couldn't stop. Little, just turned 9 year old me, bawling my eyes out in the airport. It was a symbol of relief, and depression and emptiness.

It didn't stop there, I went deeper into the fandom. I remember one night freaking out because I hadn't watched DH Pt 1 yet so we went ALL OVER town looking for one that WASN'T Blu-Ray. Sadly, we did not. But my dad actually BOUGHT a Blu-Ray just so we could watch the movie. Turns out there was a regular DVD version in the set.

I actually began to lost my obsession for quite a while until I'd say 2014-2015 ish and that's when I FOUND SHIPPING. I reread the series and found myself putting people together and later learning that this was called "shipping". This new find completely changed the series for me and I began literally analyzing the series and shipping every single character with another character. it's great.

Here I am today, 4 years later, still as deep in my obsession as I was that day when I finished the 1st book. Maybe even more.

I love this series with every ounce of my body, it's a great source of happiness for me. And there's just so much to it, and it keeps going. I don't think I can put it into words honestly. "I love Harry Potter" is just an understatement honestly.

I highly recommend just divulging into this series, honestly, it's just the greatest. You might not love it as much as I do, but I hope you will appreciate it somewhat.

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter? (I think this answer is yes for most of you) Who is your favorite character. MOST IMPORTANTLY. Who do you ship Hermione with?

Thanks for reading,


they know your stories

the birds
they know you
they don't like you

their songs
aren't sweet melodies of joy
you'd know, if you understood

you've done things
they know, i do too.
but i keep quiet, they don't

the birds know your stories
they won't let you forget
the things you've done

in the night
you thought you were safe.
no darling, the birds are always there.

and you can never hide from them.


inspired by a fall out boy lyric: If you knew, what the bluebirds sang at you, you would never sing along.



Writing A Post + Blogging Essentials

Hello everyone! I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately that talk about how people write their posts, and obviously I’m often intrigued by these posts as they’re usually hilarious (take Katie Grace’s for example) and quite informative.

Today I’ll be talking a bit about how I write my post, how I come up with ideas (aka searching around in my brain for an idea, somewhat like fishing, hoping to catch a big one.) and what materials I use to create the perfect blog post.

The Brainstorm Process

This step is by far the most difficult process, and usually takes the longest. I settle into a nice area, close my eyes and think. I go into the huge room of ideas in my brain, grab my bait and begin to fish. In the beginning, I’ll grab some measly little post ideas, like a smaller fish, that could work for dinner, er the post, but is not quite good enough, so rejected.

Now I feel bad for that poor post. Eh I'll get over it. There are many more fish in the sea. 

I’ll usually grab more fish, as I try using more bait, such as watching Youtube videos, reading old posts. Then I’ll get a medium size fish, not too shabby. I put it in my little post/fish box, if I don’t like it I’ll throw it back.

Going deeper, I finally find the post idea I want, I trap the fish, oop, post, and prepare it for eating. Er, writing.

The Prep Process

That has a nice little ring to it, doesn’t it? In this step, I like to open up a Docs document and begin preparing the post. Making little notes to myself, and writing out the post.

This step does include the most self abuse, as I constantly yell at myself for making a grammar mistake. Or headdesking because that sentence just doesn’t work.

Usually, by the end I’ll have some decent words. Or an angry blogger willing to throw her computer out the window because nothing fits and this was a stupid idea in the first place. (back to idea fishing..)

The Images

Every post should have a graphic of some sort: is basically my motto. I need either a nice taken picture, a gif, or some sort of thing to slap somewhere so the post isn’t all words. That can hurt the eyes.

My image creating process usually consists of the following phrases:

-No that’s too bright!
-WHY did I choose this font?
-This picture is rubbish.
-Stop. Being. So. SLOW.
-centerus texterus! (it usually doesn’t work)

But I’ll come out of the gruel and pain of the image process with a shiny picture, and perfectly centered text. ah.

The Proofreading + Pretty-uping

During this step, I usually have a little checklist running through my head. Are all the images centered? Is everything bolded that needs to be bolded? Can I sneak a gif in anywhere? Did I use the correct form of there, their and they’re? How about your and you’re?

Then I’ll hit preview and check to see if the post is too long, too short, if there’s any spot where it looks too wordy. And then I’ll hit Publish.

and then 2 hours later someone will point out a mistake and I’ll scream for the rest of eternity. AND repeat.

As for my blogging essentials, I usually don’t use too many items. Just the basics.

Big essential of course, it’s what I use to erm, write my posts. Oh yeah and do the.. editing. And waste time on Youtube. Every single time.

I don’t think a camera is on everyone’s essential list, but for me, well let’s just say I don’t know where I’d be without it. I usually take most of my pictures that I use for the blog, and since I do have a DSLR handy, I like to use that for posts. It creates nice, (usually) quality pictures that hopefully make people read my post.. or keep reading my post.

A Planner/Notebook
Honestly, just anything where I can quickly jot down a note. Maybe my brain decides to go idea fishing when I’m trying to write a post and out comes another post idea, so then I can just quickly write it down. It’s really nice to just keep a little notebook wherever I go to be honest, my brain really likes to fish.

My brain and my stomach gets hungry and tired while writing a post. Food is a necessary item in writing ANYTHING. Without it, I’d get halfway through my post and go brain dead.

divider 2.png

That’s all for today’s post folks. I hope you all enjoyed! I think I wrote a sentence 300 times because I just couldn’t get the wording right. sigh.

What are your blogging essentials? On a scale from 1-10, how frustrated do you get while writing a post? (probably an 8 from me) 

Thanks for reading,