Thursday Summer Learning- The Brain

Hello everyone! Today we are going to learn about the brain. But, before we begin, I have a few announcements like always! It's about the prizes. If you aren't feeling comfortable about telling me your address, perfectly fine. If you have an email, even better! I can send you a gift card code to your favorite store/video game. Let's say you told me your favorite game was Club Penguin, I could send you a 10 dollar gift card to Club Penguin or a membership card to Club Penguin.   All you have to do is tell me you don't want to give me your address and then tell me your favorite store and voila! You have earned your prize with only the problem of giving me your email! Simple? Good.

Email Prizes-
1st Place- 10 dollar gift card to wherever they want. 
2nd Place- 10 dollar gift card to Target. 


Let's Learn About The Brain!

For today's assignment, we will be learning about the brain and what it does.


The frontal lobe (the one in blue) is the biggest part of your brain. It controls things such as problem solving, decision making, and emotions. It also controls some of your basic muscle functions. 

The parietal lobe (the one in yellow) is part of the frontal lobe. It helps you figure out when something is painful, or too hot or cold. It also helps you write and draw.

The temporal lobe (the one in green) is the part of the brain that helps you hear. It also helps us understand that someone is talking to us.

The occipital lobe (the one in pink) is the part of the brain that helps you see. This lobe is very fast because it has to take in all of things we are seeing, which is a lot of things. 

Your Assignment

For today's assignment, I want you writing an essay on the brain in your own words using some outside information. I also want at least 3 fun facts in your essay. This essay will earn you and your team 5 points and an extra 3 bonus points for putting in 5 more fun facts. So, with this assignment, you can earn 8 points!

I hope everyone learns something today and make sure to read the announcement at the beginning because it has some very very important information!

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the brain professor


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 21

Hello everyone! I am super duper sorry that I didn't do recipes yesterday, but I'll make it up to you by giving you a chance to earn points in today's post.

Day 21: What Makes You Sad
I was just about to skip this one because, its about sadness. But I thought, I can't skip any of them so here I am doing this. To get the points for this post, tell me 2 things that make you sad. That's 3 points. If you did what makes you happy on Day 20, then I'll count that too.

5 Things That Make Me Sad

1. Violence. People shouldn't fight to get what they want. They should follow the ways of great leaders like Gandhi and MLK Jr. They believed in peace and no violence which everyone on Earth should believe in. 

2. Bullying. Bullying is becoming a bigger thing (sadly). Kids go home beaten up or crying because they've been called names or pushed by a classmate. If you see bullying happen, go up to that bully and stop them or call an adult you trust. Together, we can stop bullying.

3. Poverty. Poverty means that some people in this world are extremely poor. They don't have enough food or clothing or shelter. I think everyone in this world should have these 3 simple things. Search "poverty foundations" on Google to learn more about poverty and simple ways you can help.

4. Bad Sportsmanship. As a soccer player, I hate when I see bad sportsmanship. This means the opposite team talking rudely about other players on the team or purposely hurting other players. The first one has happened to me before and I know because I overheard. It made me really sad, so I told my coach and those two girls were on the bench for the rest of the game.

5. When my favorite character dies. Okay, not the best one, but I am a fangirl so I have all the rights to crying when these following characters died: (SPOILERS)

Rue- The Hunger Games
Amy Pond and Rory Pond- Doctor Who
Fred Weasley- Harry Potter 7 
Severus Snape- Harry Potter 7 
Rose Tyler- Doctor Who (She didn't technically die, but we never saw her again. :(
Primrose Everdeen - Mockingjay

R.I.P :(

Anyways tomorrow is Thursday Summer Learning and we are doing Science so get your brains ready. Oh yes and wasn't I going to reveal the prizes! 

Winning Team: A writing/crafting gift bag full of all the best crafting and writing tools!
2nd Place: A moleskin notebook and a pen

Sadly some people from Cabin Awesomeness have not been commenting so I don't know if you can receive the prizes. On August 30, there is prize day which is when I will reveal who won and who gets what prizes. (Cabin Awesomeness does have a new person who might earn all of the points back)

Unfortunately, I am only able to mail the prizes to you so you will have to give me your address. If you don't feel comfortable with this, totally fine! I'll think of another way. The comments will be moderated at that time so if you were to comment the address I will write it down on a paper, delete your comment, mail the prize, and then tear and recycle your address. You will never be sent anything else by me! Simple and safe. 

Thanks for reading,

Cabin Awesomeness- 11 
Cabin Fabulous- 43


Halfway Through Camp

Hello everyone! I have a few announcements about camp since it is the halfway through camp mark. 

Camp has a week break on August 15, just so that campers have time to catch up or have a vacation. Camp ends August 31, and the ending ceremony will be August 30. After August 31, normal posts will continue. I am going to now review the camp schedule for the remaining half of camp. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will be regular. 

Tuesday- Recipe Day (Today's recipes will be up shortly)

Thursday- Summer Learning

Saturday- Snapshots

I hope everyone catches up on points and they can do this by clicking on the CAS page and doing the activities. So far, Cabin Fabulous is winning so keep trying Cabin Awesomeness. I will reveal the prizes in tomorrow's post. One more announcement: I am changing my profile picture so you all can finally see my face! Yeaahh! Okay, later today, I will have a CAS post up!

Thanks for reading,


Opinion Posts- From All of You!

Hello everyone! Today I have a fun twist to the regular Opinion Monday! I am going to use the journal entries from Thursday's post that you all entered. I am also going to share some of the cool answers I got from 20 Ways To Change the World.

What I think about fast food:
Fast food is fun to get once in a while but I wouldn't like it if we had it all the time. It makes me thirsty. Homemade food is a lot better for you. I like fast food but I like homemade food better.

My thoughts on fast food:

It's pretty good once in a while, but if you had it all the time, you would get tired of it and it would make you unhealthy. I think it's a nice treat once in a while, though. What I think is that everyone should eat out like once a month or so, for a treat. In our town, there's a Co-op and there's healthy food there that tastes really good, so we sometimes go there. If every town had a Co-op, I think that everyone should go to the Co-op instead of going to a regular restaurant.

I recycle and turn the water off when I brush my teeth 

Some great healthy foods are: kohlrabi (eat it with peanut butter or ranch; it's delish!), kale (make kale chips; they're really good!), beets (I love pickled beets!), apples (they clean your teeth!) and spinach.

I did 8. I drew 2 girls and a cute bear cub on one side and on the other side I drew a girl falling down a hill.

Thanks everyone! And a special big thank you to Delilah for participating in all of the activities, she earns another 10 points for her cabin. Keep up the good work everyone!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday Showcase- New Blogs!

Hello everyone! I've noticed you haven't been commenting and that's made me sad! Comment please! So I have 5 new blogs to share with you all, two which have been requested to me. (Sorry that it took me so long Connor.) Please note- all of these pictures are these blogger's and not my pictures. All rights go to them. 

1. Connor's Creepy Chronicles

I suggest you take a peek at Connor's amazing blog! He does Photoshopped pictures which are always hilarious. He also posts about Minecraft which I know a lot of people love. You can also request a book review. If you want to see all of this stuff and more go here.

2. Little Livy's

Livy's blog is totally amazing. She has a camp too, Camp Awesome Kids! You can still join and do amazing crafts with Livy! I love her blog and everything she writes. To check out Livy, click here.

3. Blondie and Brunette Blog

Brunette and her friend Blondie have a great blog for everyone! They post things for animal lovers, book lovers, and advice needers! (Is that a word?) Anyways, the two friends have a great blog and seem like great friends too! So come on down and click right here to check out their blog. 

4. Simply Scribbles

Ella at Simply Scribbles posts a lot of great things about her life. She takes excellent photos and writes really great. She also posts a lot of fun DIYs! To go to Ella's blog, click here.

5. My Diary

Janaki at My Diary posts a lot of great things about her life. She seems to have many, many fun adventures with her friends and family. In the picture I show, she's riding on a camel, how cool is that! To read about her awesome adventures click here.

Alright, that's it for today. Tomorrow I have either a fun craft (Quick and easy present) or opinion post. Most likely craft because tomorrow is a special holiday for me and I won't have very much time to blog. Tuesday will be a recipe!

Thanks for reading,


Sewing Saturday- Heart Chain

Hello everyone! I'm finally doing a Sewing Saturday! Yay! Before I start, I just want to tell you, the pictures aren't so good and the end result is the same. I took these pictures 2 days ago on the second attempt of making them so it isn't great. This takes a bit of practice but I've made 5 of them so far and the last 3 have been awesome. So I hope your end result doesn't look like my end result in this one. I'm sorry! I'll totally make another one and show you guys so you can see the real end result. Okay, let's get sewing!

Let's Make A Heart Chain!

Today's craft uses something called a charm pack. Charm packs are 36-42 precut 4x4 squares that sewers use for quilting. But since quilting is not so easy to do I decided to teach you all how to make something more fun with charm packs, a heart chain! 

4-10 squares (I used 4 because I didn't have much time)
A needle and thread or a sewing machine.
Love to put in the hearts!

Step 1:

First, take a square and fold it in half. Pin at the top if wanted.

Step 2:

Now, cut from the fold a heart shaped piece. You should have two hearts now.

Step 3:

Put the two hearts together (wrong sides together) and sew along the edges with your machine or needle.

(Like I said, doesn't look amazing.)

Step 4:

Continue sewing all the hearts like you did with the first one.

Step 5: 

Sew the hearts together anyway you think is best. I did it straight across all of the hearts.

Step 6: 

Enjoy your heart chain and make more to give to everyone you love!

Probably my worst heart chain ever, but that's okay!

I hope you enjoyed today's craft and tomorrow we are doing Sunday Showcase so if you want your blog to be featured, just let me know in the comments. Or if you know of any other cool blog to be featured. 

Thanks for reading,


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 20

Hello everyone! I was going to do FCF but I didn't get enough votes so I am doing 30 Day because you guys really seem to be enjoying it! IT'S ALSO MY 100th POST! WOOOO YEAAA

Day 20- What Makes You Happy

I'll list 5 things that make me happy since a lot of things make me happy.

1. Blogging. I love reading your comments and writing posts and hosting camp. Its really fun for me!

2. Reading. I love to read. I get sucked into the books and end up in another world. If I'm having a bad day, reading will always cheer me up. 

3. Being with my family. My family always finds a way to make me happy. We have a good time talking and playing games.

4. Writing. I love using my imagination to create stories with characters that connect to me. I think writing is what I want to do when I grow up.

5. Living life. This may sound awkward but living my life to the fullest makes me really happy because I know I'm making my life worthwhile.

What makes you happy?

Thanks for reading,


Thursday Summer Learning

Hello campers! Today is Thursday and you know what that means.... Thursday Summer Learning! (Trust me, its not as boring as you think.)

Today's learning topic: JOURNAL ENTRIES!

I love writing journal entries. You get to express yourself in whatever way you want! Isn't that just great? Today I have 5 journal entries. With every entry you comment, that's 5 points for your team. So, if you do all 5 entries, hooray! 25 points for your cabin. Conner C, you are being placed in Cabin Awesomeness. 

Journal Entry 1- What are your opinions on fast food? Must be at least 4 sentences.

Journal Entry 2- If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Must be at least 5 sentences.

Journal Entry 3- What would you take with you if you were stranded on an island? Must be at least 4 sentences.

Journal Entry 4- Why is recycling important to you? Must be at least 3 sentences.

Journal Entry 5- What is your biggest goal? Must be at least 5 sentences. 

I hope you enjoy these entries and good luck!

Tomorrow I am doing another Free Choice Friday so please vote on what you want to see

Sewing- Crayon Holder
Room Decor- Locker Decor
Scrapbooking- Travel Journal

Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote,


20 Ways You Can Change The World!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I've been planning a lot of cool posts for you guys be prepared. Today I am going to share simple ways you can change the world. I've done a lot of things like this but I thought I'd do them more often. With some of the challenges, you can also earn points for camp. I hope people get inspired to change the world with these challenges. (Check for a P to see how you can earn points)

1. Plant a garden with recycled materials. P- Tell me what you planted and what did you plant them in. 4 points

2. Go to a local park with some friends and clean up all of the litter. P- What are some things you collected? 3 points

3. Eat healthier and inspire others to eat healthier too! P- What are some great healthy foods to eat? 1 point

4. Create! Draw, paint and create different works of art and mail them to your local retirement home. It'll bring a smile on a senior's face. P- What did you draw? 4 points

5. Donate old clothes, backpacks, supplies, etc to a shelter. Someone who needs those things can now have it thanks to you. 

6. Have a lemonade stand during the summer and donate some of the money to a good cause. P- Which cause did you donate to? 5 points

7. Already have that toy? Give it to someone else who doesn't have many toys.

8. Use both sides of the paper, don't waste! P- How did you use that paper? 1 point

9. If the place you're going isn't that far away, walk or bike there instead of polluting the air by using cars. 

10. Volunteer! On weekends, when you have nothing to do, its always great to volunteer somewhere and help out others! P- Where do you volunteer? 5 points

11. Make a friend with a kid at school who looks lonely. This puts a smile on someone's face and gives you a great new friend!

12. Tutor! If you're good in school, tutor a sibling or friend. You don't have to ask for money, do it as an act of kindness. 

13. Turn of the water when you are brushing your teeth. This saves so much water that can be used for more important times. P- Have you ever accidentally left the water running? 1 point

14. If you're driving by a lemonade stand with your parents, ask them to stop and buy some lemonade. It will make that kid super happy.  

15. Adopt an animal. Even if its a fish, an animal still gets a new home! P- What animal did you get? 3 points

16. Check for the Leaping Bunny label on products. This means that the product you just bought was not tested on animals. 

17. RECYCLE! If we all recycle, we can all change the world! P- Do you recycle at your house? 2 points

18. Put a bird feeder outside! Great way to help animals everyday. 

19. Be aware of the problems around you. This way you can help fix them. 

20. Smile! Your big, happy smile makes the world brighter. 

Other Websites You Can Visit To Learn More-

Friends for Change
The Big Help
Do Something

Note- All of these ideas were mine. I hope you guys enjoyed and more exciting posts are coming up sooon! Thanks for all of the great comments!

Thanks for reading,


Florida Fun and Something New

WASSSUPPPP Y'ALL! I'm blogging to you straight from Florida where I am having a grrrreattt time! I just saw the World Cup final where my fave time GERMANY won! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA! (I'm sorry, I'm just so happy). I have only 10 minutes to blog because my cousin is coming home soon and we are going out for dinner! 

Tomorrow will be really fun because my older cousin is taking me and my younger cousin to Disney World and Harry Potter World. (Don't tell anyone but I am more excited to go to Harry Potter World) 

We are also going to the beach because there is a beach very close to my aunt and uncle's home. 

Now for the new thing. I am making a scrapbook/journal of Florida with journal entries and lots of pictures. Along with camp, when I come back, I will share a page or two of my adventures in Florida. 

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the Florida gal


Long Post

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my last post before the break so today's post is going to be lonngggg. Some of the things included in this post are: the showcase, activties to keep you busy on my blog while I am gone, and some info about my trip to Florida. I will bold and label each section so if you don't want to read the whole post, scroll down to the section you want to read. First, I'll do the showcase that I promised from Tuesday.

1. Ups And Downs Of My Not So Average Life

I just did a screenshot of one of her posts because I love all of her posts and don't have a favorite in particular.

2. Pinapples and Daisies

Here is a picture from Brooke's Watermelon Slushy post which I talked about in Tuesday's post.

3. Amelia Grace

Here is a picture from Amelia's latest post. (Screenshot)

4. Hello Cathy

Again, I just took a screenshot from Cathy's blog.

5. Delilah's Little Hideout

Here is a picture form Delilah's 4th of July post.

Activities to Do While I Am Gone

1. Catch up on some camp activities and earn points for your cabin. (While I will not be able to blog, the comments are unmoderated and connected to my email so I will see what you have commented.)

2. Check out some crafts and recipes. I have a few crafts and recipes on the blog which are fun. A favorite has been Fabric Weaving so if you haven't done that, check it out.

3. Chat with your cabin mates! I am adding a Chat page for a little while so you can chat with the other readers and work on challenges together.

4. Give me advice! I will totally read it and use it.

Florida Trip
This section might be a little boring so if you don't like travel blogs skip this part.

 We are going to be staying at my aunt and uncle's house which is pretty big. Seriously its like a mini mansion. I am actually not going with my parents, I'm going with my aunt and cousin and grandma who are visiting us. Its complicated. I get my own room because none of my parents are with me.

I'm taking a small carry on suitcase with my iPod, notebook, travel journal, earpods, 2 books, stuffed animal, and mini sewing kit with a half a yard of fabric. Then, I'm taking my Pillow Pet and a bigger suitcase with all of my clothes for 10 days in it. (Notice how I didn't say iPad, tthat's why I can't blog.) Why did I just explain my luggage to you, I have no idea. 

We are going to Disney World (hopefully NOT Animal Kingdom because last time we went to Disney World, I wanted to go to Magic Kingdom but no one would listen to me. I'm going to beg my older cousin to take me to Harry Potter World because I have wanting to go there for a long time. I'm not sure where else we'll be going but I hope somewhere fun.

Since it is Ramadan, (mini challenge, tell me what Ramadan is in the comments and earn 4 points for your cabin) we get to have a lot of food and my aunts cook REALLLLYYYY good food so I am excited for that. 

Well, that's all for today. I might not post tomorrow so BYEEE! I'll miss you guys a lot. I'll be back in 10 days so don't you worry. I promise, loads more fun filled posts are coming after the small break. I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you fabulous folks in 10 days. BYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thanks for reading,

ANNNNNDDDD to end this post, a cute dog with a mustache! BYE GUYS AND GALS!!!!! 


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 18

Hello everyone! Silly, silly me. I mixed up my days and thought yesterday was Wednesday and today is Thursday but today is actually Wednesday! I don't know what got into me. I have a blogging planner which said Tuesday: Recipes from readers and no posts if no recipes. But I looked at Wednesday: 30 Day Blogging Challenge. SOOOO, today we are doing another 30 Day Blogging Challenge and tomorrow we are doing the Showcase.

Day 19- Your Favorite Movie

I didn't really feel comfortable with Day 18 so I decided to do Day 19 today. My favorite movie is Frozen. I've seen the movie at least 10 times and have all of the plush toys and stuff like that. 

My whole room is basically dedicated to Frozen! I had a Frozen themed-birthday party... you get the point.

Before I end this post, I have a few announcements.

Samantha- you were asked to complete Challenge 1 with kittycat/Cordelia so please go to the More Camp Fun and reply to kittycat's questions.

Ines- you were asked to complete Challenge 1 with Lexie so please go to the More Camp Fun post and reply to Lexie's questions.

Thanks for reading,


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 17

Hello everyone! No one has replied on the latest Camp post, so if you want to earn points for your cabin, check that out! Today I am going to do 30 Day Blogging Challenge because I didn't get any cool recipe ideas from you guys.  

Day 17- Your Favorite Blogs

Ooooh I'm so excited for this one! (Note- I am blogging on my iPad so I can't make links. I'll tell you guys if you can find the blog on the Blogs by Kids sidebar but if you cannot then I will figure out a way)

1. Amelia Grace. Amelia posts really awesome things and right now she is having a Would You Rather challenge so check that out on her blog. (Blogs by Kids sidebar blog)

2. Hello Cathy. Cathy is a the Voice lover who uses her blog as a diary for all her thoughts which get really interesting to read. I check her blog every single day for some great posts! Check out her blog on the Blogs by Kids sidebar.

3. Delilah's Little Hideout. I discovered Delilah's sometime earlier this month and let me say, Delilah is a great blogger. She creates great fashion designs and fun challenges. You can find her blog on the Blogs by Kids sidebar. Do you guys remember when she guest posted a couple of days ago?

4. Ups and Downs of my Not So Average Life. Morningtime4 blogs about writing and other things at her blog! I think she's a great blogger and I love reading all of her fun stories and other posts that she writes. You can read all of her great writing when you check out her blog at the Blogs by Kids sidebar.

5. Pinapples and Daisies. Brooke over at Pinapples and Daisies has recipes, crafts, and lifestyle posts. My favorite post from her is a Watermelon Slushy which I have made and enjoyed very much. Go to Blogs by Kids to see her blog and make that cool slushy. 

Tomorrow, I am going to do an early showcase of all these blogs' best posts. One more thing- I might take a blogging break for 10 days because I am visiting family in Florida and will be VERY busy so don't get worried if I don't post from Saturday to Tuesday. I'll be posting a lot these few days to keep you busy.

Thanks for reading,


More Camp Fun

Hello everyone! Today I have some more mini-challenges for you. But first, I want to recap from yesterday's challenges which you can still do! Cabin Awesomeness has earned their cabin 2 points from answering 2 of the trivia points correct. Congrats to Jack and June for earning the points! I had a question about the first mini-challenge from yesterday so I will answer that now.

What are the questions for Challenge 1?
That's a great question and I am sorry that I forgot to tell you that! There are 5 questions from Challenge 1 and here are those 5 questions:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite actvity?
3. What is your favorite subject?
4. What is your favorite food?
5. A question of your choice!

Now onto today's mini-games! 

Challenge 3
In this challenge, you and your cabin must come up with a story. You can talk about your story in the comments. Once you have your story completed, you must comment Cabin____'s story and then your story. I am un moderating the comments so you can easily talk. 

I am also going to give you some tips on completing this challenge. Have one person be the writer, and the other three be the thinkers. Also, don't make your story weird or creepy because I will not accept a story like that. One last thing, you have to work with at least one other person on your cabin in order to complete the challenge. To start this challenge comment, does anyone in (your cabin name here) want to work with me? 

Challenge 4
This challenge is a bit easier. To do this, your cabin must select a craft/recipe and come up with your own way to create that craft/recipe. To get the full points (3 for this one, 5 for the one above) you must work with your cabin and come up with an interesting recipe related to a one that I have taught you. If I like your recipe, I might select it for tomorrow's recipe! Whichever team gets their recipe selected, gets 10 points. That's right 10 points! So get working!

I hope you enjoy these fun challenges and I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention, if I don;t get a good recipe from you guys, no camp tomorrow! MUAHHHAHAHAHAH!!! 

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the evil blogger. 


Camp Cabin Fun

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't post Snapshots yesterday, I was busy. Today I have some more camp activities that can help you get to know your cabin mates. For every one of these little challenges you do, you can earn your cabin 4 points. Cabin Awesomeness has 3 points and Cabin Fabulous has 14 points and a new cabin mate, Ines. Now for the challenges!

Challenge 1: Get To Know Your Cabin Mates

This challenge helps you to get to know the people in your cabin so that you can complete more challenges together! To do this, you must select a person in your cabin and ask them these following questions in the comments. (In tomorrow's post, I'll let the person know you asked them just in case they did not check the comments.) Then, the person must answer the questions and ask you the same questions. Finally, you must answer the questions to get the full 4 points for your cabin. The most points one person can earn for their team is 12 points. 

Challenge 2: Trivia Fun

This challenge asks 4 trivia questions to each team (different for each team) and each person from the team has to answer each question to get 4 points. 1 point for each question answered

Cabin Awesomeness:
Jack- When did Walt Disney first create Mickey Mouse?
June- What is the longest river in the world?
kittycat- What is California's state tree?
Samantha- What was my very first post? 

Cabin Fabulous:
Delilah- How many comments where there on the post Fun Day By the River?
Lexie- What is the Zodiac symbol for a person born on July 6?
Livy- What country (countries) does the Amazon rainforest run through?
Ines- What day did Frozen release in the UK?

That's all of the challenges! Have fun with your cabin and earning points!

Thanks for reading,