Blogtober Day 1 - October Goals

Hello everyone! It's the first day of Blogtober, yay! Today's prompt is 'October Goals'! So well, you share your October goals :P Let's get into it!

Get a 95 or higher on all my tests/quizzes. Last year it was get a 100. This year, I'm in all honors classes so 95 is a good grade :P. Most of you probably think 95 is a bit high, because most schools aren't like that (A 95 is an A+) but seriously, in my school, it's difficult to get anything lower than a B-. I think this is a good goal for me, and if I keep up what I've been doing, I think I can aim for 95+ on my tests.
Do everyday of Blogtober. All us bloggers know how difficult it is to post every. single day. But I think that if I complete Blogtober it'll tell myself something about my blogging skills and my time management skills xD
Practice my violin every single day for at least 20 minutes. *looks back at February when she was trying to practice for 3 days at least* hah amateur. My violin skills have gone up since Feb. so that means more, much more, practicing. I got this.
Read 3 books. This seems like such a small number. And it is. I'm a fast reader, I just never have the time to read. In September, I read 2 books. So every month, I'm going to try to boost up the number by one until it gets a bit crazy..
Beat that one darn team that keeps beating us in soccer. I wanna kick their butt. I know I have the potential to. I BELIEVE I CAN.
Experiment with my camera. I've had this camera for a long time, I've just never really played around with it. So I hope to do that this month :)
I hope you enjoyed my goals! Let's hope I accomplish them...

 If you do the prompt for today, link up your post up there so everyone can see it!! Or, if you do an October Goals later, come back and link it up!

Tomorrow is Fall/October Essentials :)

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  1. You play violin? I just started and I sound terrible...but one of my October Goals (that I forgot to put in my post) is to work on violin! :)

  2. It's so hard to be reading books; lately, I've been trying to read so much but because of the required amount of reading for school I haven't done any free time to read (how am I supposed to read Seraphina?). Good luck with beating that one soccer team! :D

    xoxo Morning


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