Summer Blog Post Ideas

Hello everyone! So back in spring, I did a little collection of a bunch of blog post ideas relating to spring so I'm gonna recreate that, and do summer blog post ideas! These are all basic ideas that anyone can use, and giving credit to me is optional, not mandatory. Go ahead and take your pick and enjoy some free inspiration :)


1 - Movies that come out in summer that you want to see
2 - Summer reading list
3 - How to relax during summer
4 - Binge watch worthy TV shows to watch over the summer
5 - Favorite summer foods
6 - Summer books for every aspect of summer (on the beach, at home chilling, by the pool)
7 - A photo diary of a trip or the whole summer
8 - Summer bucketlist
9 - Share a summer food recipe
10 - A moodboard of your summer aesthetic
11 - Take some pictures during the sunset.
12 - DIY something for your room and document it
13 - How to stay healthy in the summer
14 - Healthy summer foods
15 - DIY popsicles
16 - Favorite books about summer
17 - Write an AU of your favorite characters on a beach
18 - Write your characters doing something so simple that you wouldn't write it in your book
19 - Summer activities for kids
20 - How to rock a road trip
21 - Plan a dream vacation
22 - Share a vlog, maybe your first one!
23 - How your New Years resolutions are coming along
24 - Beating the summer heat
25 - A summer poem
26 - Surviving road trips
27 - Summer outfit of the day
28 - A day in the life post
29 - Summer smoothies
30 - Favorite summer pins

I hope you got some inspiration from this and if you use any of these prompts, link me to them, I'd love to see how you can make them your own!

(try and count how many times I said "summer" in this post I dare you)

Thanks for reading,

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Reader Problems

Hello everyone! Being an avid reader comes with its share of problems, little things that make your bookish life a little difficult. So I decided to combine them into one list and see if any of my fellow bookworms out there share my reader problems.


- Having too many books on your shelf to read.

- Spending way too much money on books.

- Having all the books in the series but the covers don't match.

- Constantly adding more books to your TBR.

- Being disappointed with a book that you thought would be really good.

- Not completing your Goodreads year book challenge.

- Not getting into a book that everyone else enjoyed.

- Getting stressed over a book and having to stop reading because you have to go.

- Forgetting your book at home when you're going on a long trip.

- When the sequels suck but you really want to finish the series.

- Your book is too big to carry around.

- Finishing an AMAZING book and not knowing what to do with your life.

- Getting multiple copies of books because they all must match.

- When there's not a fandom for a book you love.

- Liking the characters but not the plot.

- When the movie comes out based on the book but it doesn't seem like it is based on the book.

- When someone thinks they're a bigger fan than you.

- Running out of shelves to put books on.

- Not being able to put down that book because it's too good.

- Having no time to read.

I hope you guys enjoyed + somewhat related to this :D

What are your biggest reader problems? How do you overcome them?

Thanks for reading,

p.s - Rukiya's blogger awards are NOW OFFICIALLY up on her blog so check em out :P

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35 Things To Do This Summer

Hello everyone! Summer officially begins for me on Tuesday and I'm really going to try and be productive by getting healthy. So I decided to help you all be productive this summer as well by putting together a bunch of things that you can do to be productive and get stuff done, based on category. I hope I help!

So I created 5 categories: blogging, wellness, hobby/extra, books, social. Of course you don't have to do all of the ones in a particular category, mix and match to make your perfect summer. 

- brainstorm a list of 20+ post ideas so you're jam packed for a while.
- push yourself to comment on at least 10+ blogs a day.
- also push yourself to write a post more than once every week.
- get out there in the blogging world and make some friends.
- try a new type of blogging that you've never done (ex: DIY, review)
- do something like a contest or a challenge on your blog or participate in one
- create a summer tag

- wash your face every day
- go on a ____ mile run every day/every other day
- do one of those __ day meal plans
- do a tv show/movie workout plan (FriendsCommercialsHarry PotterHow I Met Your Mother)
- do a no junk food cleanse for a week
- go on a walk every day
- get rid of one unhealthy habit

- pick up an instrument
- try 10 Pinterest DIYs/recipes
- buy a cookbook and bake/cook at least 10 things from it
- have an all-day netflix marathon
- beat a videogame
- start collecting something
- pick up photography

- start a summer TBR
- set a reading goal
- participate in a book challenge/readathon
- write 10 reviews
- become more active on goodreads
- reread a series
- organize your bookshelf

- make a new friend
- try to hang out with a friend every week
- call or text a friend every day
- talk to 5 new people
- email a blogger asking to be friends
- try to get at least 5 people's numbers/social media

I hope this helped not make your summer boring like mine usually are, sigh. 

Let me know what your summer goals are in the comments ^.^

Thanks for reading,

p.s - my good friend Rukiya, is doing a bloggers award contest on her blog, check it out :D

Piper McLean Cosplay - The Heroes of Olympus

Hello everyone! In March, I did a little cosplay of Princess Winter from the Lunar Chronicles, and that was fun and people seemed to enjoy it so I did another one, with one of my favorite characters of all time, Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus series.

Again this isn't true cosplay, just outfit inspiration I suppose, ahem let us begin.

au that Piper totally wears a flower crown because let's be real

the outfit for this one was hard because I always imagined Piper with a CHB shirt and shorts but I don't have a CHB so I improvised and did this weird shorts thing, eh. 

took the little cardigan off and put my hair down, change of scenery. 

I know Piper doesn't like embracing her daughter of Aphrodite status but the props for this were hard so I decided to throw a lip gloss in there. 

I used a stick in the last one so I thought why not and I threw a stick in here too. why not. 

a lil twist on the classic shoe shot

hey hello I hope you guys enjoyed! 

also, there was a deer sitting by the little gardening thing in my yard, if you can find it and tell me which pictures it's in I'll give you free cookies. 

aLSo, which character should I "cosplay" next, this was fun :D

Thanks for reading,


Thoughts At 3 AM (the sequel)

Hello everyone! the nonsensical thoughts return. Back in January, I did a post called "Thoughts At 3 AM" where I stayed up until 3 AM and documented my insane thoughts, from being so tired. So I decided to do that again, because it entertained me to see what went on in my head at that late hour. 

let us commence. i actually tried sleeping before this but then i just:

-this is my only post plan, what if i fall asleep with nothing on the post page and have no post. 
-is watching old fall out boy interviews really what I want to be doing with my time? yes.
-I need to get more food but it's too far
-so earlier I said I would go get more food but I went and got another blanket, yet no food. 
-i got cookies again. 
-cookies in these posts must be a recurring trend. i should keep it up.
-what would my life been like if i didn't ever read Harry Potter. oh the nightmare
-why are things called things like what if gibberish like fjdjfjsdf was actually a real word in another world and we just didn't know and like actual words were gibberish in their world
-do dogs have names for people
-what if we were the movie and the movie characters were watching us
-i'm so creative i should write a book, wait i am
-how do i manage to use decent grammar at 3 am
-now it's 4 am, this post is invalid 
-how am i going to spend the rest of my life
-what if i die in my sleep
-this post went from stupid to just deep
-i kind of stop using periods
-i have to get up in 2 hours
-hah oh well, not really but i'll just be dead tomorrow :)
-who came up with emojis
-i should sleep

which random thought was your favorite? what do you normally think about at 3 am, while attempting to sleep?

Thanks for reading,


Q & A

Hello everyone! After letting you submit your wonderful questions for an entire 4 days, I'm finally going to be answering them. I'll keep the answers short, max 2 sentences so I can fit everything in one post ! Thank you to everyone who submitted and hopefully I'll answer your questions thoroughly.

question one: what is your favorite part of blogging?
answer one: definitely engaging with other bloggers and sharing my ideas with others. I tried that with journals and stuff like that, but nothing has ever worked as well as blogging.

question two: what is your favorite hobby?
answer two: I don't exactly have a favorite hobby, but I do enjoy playing my violin and soccer, and writing, and reading and blogging. I basically just listed all my hobbies yikes.

question three: what editor do you use for your pictures?
answer three: I mainly use BeFunky for everything because it's simple and free and gets all the work done. If you want to make nice graphics for posts, I would recommend BeFunky, definitely over PicMonkey, my old program.

question four: what are some photography tips?
answer four: I am most definitely not a pro but the best tips I can give you are: have good lighting (nobody wants a gross picture where you can't see anything or a picture that blinds you), make sure your surroundings are nice, and get creative. Use props, go outside, anything that makes your photo unique.

question five: what was your first favorite book?
answer five: Honestly probably one of the Geronimo Stilton books because I remember reading all of them in 3rd grade as a challenge. They were always entertaining.

question six: how did you do your blog design?
answer six: Through sweat and tears and lots of redoing. But really, I just used simple CSS and an editing program and did it in a couple days, I could do a post on it if you'd like, it's honestly not that complicated.

question seven: what is the worst book you've ever read?
answer seven: Easy one, hands down the Matched trilogy. Think of all the YA cliches in existence and put them into one book, and you have the Matched trilogy.

question eight: what do you fangirl over?
answer eight: Loads of things really. Harry Potter, Dan + Phil, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, occasionally Percy Jackson, GLEE, loads of books, DOCTOR WHO, loads of other bands, and anime.

question nine: what's your favorite blog?
answer nine: Pretty much all the blogs on my Friends page under "Favorite Reads.

question ten: out of all the books you've read, which one makes you want to squeal and giggle until the world ends?
answer ten: CARRY ON BY RAINBOW ROWELL. no other book in existence has made me FLAIL that much.

question eleven: do you have any music recommendations?
answer eleven: oh my rowling yes of course. AHEM.

Greedy, Side By Side, Into You - Ariana Grande. Dont Threaten Me With A Good Time, Golden Days - Panic! At The Disco. Feels Like Forever, Broken Generation - Of Mice and Men. Alpha Dog, W.A.M.S, The Carpal Tunnel of Love - FOB. Kill the DJ, Troublemaker - Green Day. Dead!, I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance. Mad Hatter, Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez. Ma City, Dope - BTS.

question twelve: take me through your ideal day. 
answer twelve: netflix, 3DS games, facetiming, eating, reading, and writing fanfiction.

question thirteen: how do you get ideas for posts?
answer thirteen: My main inspirations are Youtube, my problems in life, other blogs I've read, interesting things I've found in books, things I want to fangirl over, and Pinterest. Usually I'll be doing something and a post will come up that's related to the thing I'm doing.

question fourteen: are you more a dragon or unicorn person?
answer fourteen: Dragon. At least I should be as I keep 5 of them in my basement. Why does one need friends if they have dragons?

question fifteen: how did you choose the name for your blog?
answer fifteen: This is the stupidest thing ever but I was doing a new blog design for myself and I was choosing a font and it was called "a bit of sunshine" so I named my blog after the font. sigh.

question sixteen: who is your spirit animal?
answer sixteen: Saying Dan Howell would be cliche so I'm going with Levi from Attack on Titan.

question seventeen: if you could have any pet, what would it be?
answer seventeen: I would say dragon but I have five of those, so I think a Hippogriff.

question eighteen: why don't you ever post anymore?
answer eighteen: 2real5me but honestly that's a good question, recently I've had a lot going on and I also have finals coming up which could make or break which regents classes I get next year so it's very frustrating and difficult and sadly, blogging is one of the last things on my mind, so I am doing my very best.

question nineteen: what is your dream vacation?
answer nineteen: I've always wanted to go to Japan, they have aLL the cool stuff there.

question twenty: what bands do you listen to besides the ones you talk about?
answer twenty: YIKES. I guess I normally talk about "the emo trinity" so Green Day, Of Mice and Men, BTS, blink-182, Pierce The Veil, Thirty Seconds To Mars, The All-American Rejects ??

question twenty one: do you ship Drarry?
answer twenty one: Nah I'm hardcore Dramione, fight me Romione fans. (don't actually fight me I am a weak small child)

question twenty two: how did you become obsessed with FOB and other bands?
answer twenty two: One day I woke up and I went "I want to be emo" (that was cringe wow) but really I sort of just fell into them, probably from Spotify. FOB was my gateway into the rest of band world, I found Thnks Fr Th Mmrs first and then I listened to FOB more and then I got into other bands from FOB and here I am today.

Aye so I hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if I answered your question or not :D

Thanks for reading,


q and a??

hello everyone! so you know what would be fun, a q and a.

maybe you have questions to ask me, or to ask just generally or i dont know?? ask me questions, i'll answer them.

ex: how did you become insane? you got any book recommendations? how does one fangirl?? any MUSIC recommendations?? can you share your playlist?? i was wondering if you could do ___ for a post??

^^^^ all things I can answer and will happily answer. so yeah there's a form thing down there that you can fill out yay.

also - don't make them inappropriate or anything like that, because obviously i won't share it and it's just no thanks, thanks.

i also asked some other little questions that will help me with the blog (its only 2) but they are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL !!


thank you if you asked a question ^.^

Thanks for asking (no?)