June Favorites

Hello everyone! No one gave me any ideas for Beauty Monday so I was stuck. Instead I'm going to do something that I've seen a lot of bloggers do: my favorites for June!!

Favorite Book I've Read In June: Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L'Engle

Favorite Food: Talenti Gelato

Favorite Show: Its a tie between Doctor Who and Total Drama Island

Favorite Site: Blogger, Tumblr, or Blogs By Kids

Favorite Blog: The Ups and Downs of My Average Life

Favorite Thing to Do: Draw Fan-art

Favorite Fandom- Whovians

That's all for today, tomorrow I'll have an awesome recipe for smoothies. Just in case you are wondering the two teams for CAS are tied. 

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5 Blogging Tips

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share 5 Main Blogging Tips that I've learned over the months. If you are new to blogging then these tips are good for you.

1. Don't post more than twice a day. Sometimes I check out new blogs and I see 4 or 5 posts all from the same day. What catches my eye even more is that the posts are 2 or 3 sentences. Here's the main tip: try to post once a day, and keep your post longer than 5 sentences so that people are actually interested. Also, if you post too much then people won't be able to catch up with all of your new posts. 

2. Make sure you promote your blog. There are kid blogging websites that will promote your blog like: Kids Blog Club or Blogs By Kids. Blogs By Kids will put you on her blog list or she might even feature you! Kids Blog Club will feature you or let you guest post. Speaking of guest posting, if you guest post for other blogs, people from that blog will come to your blog. That's what I did when I started blogging. If you want, you can guest post for me. 

3. Make connections with other bloggers. This might be related to the 2nd tip but its good to make blogger friends. When you have blogger friends, you can collab, guest post, and help each other. My blogger friends are: Amelia, Lexie, Maddie, and Delilah. 

4. Blog about what you like. Don't blog about something because others are blogging about it and you think it will help you get readers. Blog because you like it and you want to blog about that. Have fun while blogging!

5. Connect with readers. I try to reply to all of your comments. I like to hear what you guys have to say! Also, let your readers connect with you. Create challenges and let your readers give their opinions to you!
That is all of the tips I have for you guys! Comment below if you have any more tips. 

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Noor (P.S Like the new design?)


Cabin Fabulous- 3
Cabin Awesomeness- 0


Snapshots- CAS Day 1

Hello everyone! Camp Amazing Sparkle has officially started and the first post is SNAPSHOTS! Here's the basic information: I give 1 main theme and have 5 pictures which have their own seperate theme that still relates to the main theme. It really isn't that complicated.

THEME- Your Backyard

Picture 1- Feet In The Grass
Take an awesome pic of your feet on your backyard grass.

It can be with shoes or no shoes

Picture 2- You With A Tree
This picture can be any part of you with a tree.

I chose my hand to be on the tree.

Picture 3- You At Any Angle
I can't really describe this so use the picture!

Since I'm not super confident with showing my whole face I took a picture from behind. Maybe I'll show my face when I get a bit older...

Picture 4- Your Favorite Part Of Your Backyard
This picture should be your favorite area in your backyard.

I love this tree is because it's really fun to climb!

Picture 5- A View From Below
Your picture should look something like this:

I hope everyone has fun with the challenge!!


~ Post on your blog and comment the link.

~ Email to me at

~ Post on any social media site and comment the link.

~ Any other way you can show me. 

PHOTOS SHOULD BE SENT IN BY NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!! Also, comment what you want for Beauty Monday.

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Camp Amazing Sparkle Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone, tomorrow I am launching CAS, are you excited! I am going to be posting all of the campers in each cabin so look for your commenting name:

Cabin Awesomeness:

Camper 1- kittycat
Camper 2- June
Camper 3- Jack
Camper 4- Samantha

Cabin Fabulous:

Camper 1- Lexie
Camper 2- Delilah
Camper 3- Livy
Camper 4- SPACE OPEN comment fab4 to take this space

If we need to add another cabin just tell me in the comments!! Check out this post if you are totally confused:

Tomorrow we are having Snapshots so comment down below where would be a great place for Snapshots! Check here for more info:

OOOH SO EXCITE!!!! I haven't been getting enough links for the Showcase so send in some more! 
One more thing (I'm sorry this has been a boring post, there will be more fun coming tomorrow!) I'm open for Summer Guest Posts so comment down below if you want to guest post and check out the sidebar for a guestpost send in. (You don't have to have a blog to guest post) 

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Fashion Tag

Hello everyone! Today I am taking a break from 30 Day and doing a tag! I was tagged by the wonderful Delilah- check out her blog, she's a newer blogger! 

Photo taken by me and edited by me!

Here are the questions!
Do you wear your hair up or down?
I wear my hair up because I'm a very sporty person!

Do you wear sneakers, flats, or Mary Janes?
Honestly, I dislike Mary Janes and I only wear flats on special occasions so its got to be sneakers.

Shorts, skirts, or jeans?
I basically never wear jeans, skirts once in a while but in the summer, always shorts!

Bright or simple colors?
A little bit of both :)

Bracelets, necklaces, or rings?
Bracelets! I wear 4 to 5 bracelets at a time!

Manicures or pedicures?
Pedicures because I love going barefoot in the summer!

I tag:

I have a couple of announcements: I am starting middle school so I am going to be posting some middle school survival tips that I learned this year! Also you'll be seeing a lot of photography because I am currently obsessed with it!

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I'm a Bad Blogger...

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not blogging lately. I've been so super busy because school just ended but today I have 30 Day Blogging Challenge in the schedule so yay! Camp starts FRIDAY so be prepared!!

DAY 13- What's In Your Fridge

Okay. I'm just going to list my favorite things in my fridge!!

Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint. I've talked about this food before but let me just say: I LOVE THIS! You must try it!!!!

Milano Cookies- YUM YUM YUMMMMMMMMMMM. I love Milano because they are like a cookie sandwich. 

Tomatos- Tomatos= best veggie of alllll time!! 

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! Before I start today's post I just want to say a few things. One, I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger. Second, some people have been being rude to other people in the comments. Its not nice so please stop. Thanks everyone! I want my blog to be a safe and happy place. 

Day 12: Your Favorite Childhood Book
Since my childhood isn't technically over, I am going to choose a book that I loved when I was little. 

The book I choose is the Cat In The Hat. I ADORED this book. It is perfect for small children and according to 4 year old me, very funny. If you have little brothers/sisters/cousins read them this book. They will love it.

Dr.Seuss is an amazing author and he has written so many fabulous books for kids. The Cat in The Hat was awesome and I love love loved it. 

I'm doing a new thing for Thursday Showcase. If you've seen something on a blog that you've really liked, link it down in the comments! I'll use it for Sunday Showcase and mention you! 

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30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 11

Hello everyone! I haven't really been keeping up with my blogging because I have been so busy but here is another 30 Day post for you! Enjoy!

Day 11- 10 Favorite Foods
I love food. Really! So choosing my Top 10 Favorite Foods was kind of hard but I managed to do it! 

1. Cookies
2. Pasta
3. Whales Crackers
4. Talenti Gelato Mediterranean Mint
5. Crystal Light Lemon Ice Tea
6. Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops 
7. Jellybeans!!
8. Tomatos
9. Gatorade
10. Strawberries

Sorry for the short post, I don't have much time to blog today. Happy Father's Day!

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30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 10

Day 10- The Best trip of Your Life

The best trip of my life..... that's got to be my 2013 Birthday Trip to San Diego. AWESOMENESS!!

So, March 2013, my mom and dad surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my birthday week. I was sooo happy, I thought about all the places we could go: Lego Land, Sea World, and the Zoo! 

But, there was a catch. My mom had a conference while we there. When I first heard this, I was fine. I thought: "Whatever, at least my birthday won't be ruined." WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG!!!! My mom's conference was on my birthday and was 5 hours long! 5 HOURS!!! I freaked out. I had to sit there doing nothing for 5 HOURS and it was my birthday! AIII!!

The vacation turned out to be awesome though. The day before my birthday, the 21st, we went to Lego Land and it was awesome. The conference wasn't too bad. There was a lot of stuff to do. (Also a lot of free stuff to get) The next day we went to the zoo, which was super duper cool. (If you're still reading this, then you get 5 points for your cabin. Comment down below your cabin name and flower to get the points)

What was your favorite trip?

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This Is How I Blog It: NEW TAG

Hello everyone! Instead of doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I'm going to try out another tag! YAY! I'll tag people and then whoever else wants to do it can. 

The tag is simple, I ask a few question about how YOU blog and you answer! Its fun to see how people blog. I'll even answer my own questions!

Do you prefer: bright colors for your blog OR simple colors
Bright colors! I love a little spark in my blog

Do you blog in: quiet areas, or loud areas?
I normally blog in loud areas. If the house is too quiet, I'll put on some music. 

How would you describe your blog? A book blog, fashion blog, etc.
I would describe mine as a craft/lifestyle blog. A little mix of everything!

Long posts, short posts, or somewhere in the middle?
Honestly, I would rather write short posts but then my blog would not be interesting, at all

When you first started your blog, what did you think?
When I first started, I thought I was never going to get any readers. I thought I was boring and that my blog was hopeless. Not so positive, huh!

How do you think your blog is going to be like in the future?
I think my blog is going to be pretty popular, that's all I can say!

I tag....


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Book Talks: Al Capone Shines My Shoes

Hello everyone! Instead of Review Thursday, I'm having Book Talk Sunday. Basically, reviews on Sunday but with a lot more talking about the book. Thursday will now be Thursday Showcase. Thanks! (BTW, I got this idea from 

BOOK: Al Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko  (Book 2) 

When twelve-year old Moose Flanagan finds a note in one of his freshly laundered pillowcases, he knows exactly who its from: Al Capone. Capone may be one of the most notorious criminals in residence at Alcatraz, but he and Moose have a special connection. And now, it seems, Al Capone wants Moose to do something for him. As Moose and his friends work together to figure out how they're going to get away with helping one of America's most notorious gangsters, some of Alcatraz's other inhabitants are trying to get away with something of their own.........

Non-Spoiler Review
I think this book is great. All the characters are fabulous and its actually a good sequel. But if you're going to read this book then you should read the first book first: Al Capone Does My Shirts because you'll understand everything much much better.

Spoiler Review 
This is the part where we talk about the book. There are going to be spoilers so beware! 
If you have not read the book, then do not read this. You will not understand.

1. The relationship between Piper and Moose. During the book the reader is like, ooh they love each other. Are they going to kiss? NO BECAUSE OF STUPID THERESA! Then, Piper gets all mad at Moose and the reader is like, aww they hate each other. Of course, Annie has to be all "Miss Secretly Loves Moose When I Know Piper Loves Him" If I were Moose, I would choose Annie because Piper is mean, even though Piper is my favorite character.

2. Why does Jimmy get mad at MOOSE. It was Scout who said he throws like a girl not Moose. Jimmy is pretty cool (except for the fly thing) but now he is being a jerk. 

3. Piper being a spoilt brat at the end of the book. She says she will never love her baby brother because her father loves him more. HE WAS JUST BORN FOR GOODNESS SAKE! OF course Piper's dad is going to care for him because he is a newborn child who was abducted by a bunch of stinky cons! Come on Piper, use that brain. 

That's all for book talks! 

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30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 9

Hello everyone! Before we start I just want to say, I'm postponing camp until I finish school or until 30 Day is finished because it is so overwhelming to do it all. Thanks for understanding! 

Day 9- What's In Your Bag

I have a bag, and its not my backpack. It's a Ravenclaw hand-knitted bag and I love it. (I'm too lazy to give pictures, if you want pictures, let me know in the comments below. Hey that rhymed! I'll just edit and add pictures!)

1. Chapstick and a lip gloss. I have an EOS (a small round object, chapstick) and lip gloss which is Vanilla Coke-Cola 

2. A book. No girl can not have a book in her bag. I'm currently reading Kizzy Ann Stamps, review coming soon! 

3. A bunch of BFF necklaces. This is random, I just have them in there because...

4. 3 Pokemon cards. As I look in here I realize, when did I put these in here? I have a Black Kyurem EX, a Squirtle Full Art, and a Pokeball (boo). 

That's about it folks! Tell me what you want to do for Free Choice Friday and I'll do it later on today!

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30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 8

DAY 8- Your Current 5 Goals

Hello everyone! Time for another 30 Day! Today, you get to learn my 5 Goals!

1. Become a great soccer player. I want to become a fabulous soccer player so I can get my dream job of becoming a professional soccer player.

2. Get into the finals of the Invention Convention. I talked about this in Day 6's post. I got accepted into the semi-finals of the Invention Convention and its this Saturday! (I might blog about it) I hope I get into the finals but I think a lot of 8th graders will do better than me. :(

3. Survive 6th Grade. I'm in 5th grade right now, so in 3 months I'll be off to the middle school. I'm really scared and I don't know what to do. (Well I do, but I'm still scared) Any advice, older kids?

4. Become a great sewer. I love sewing and I hope to learn how to sew dresses and stuff one day. I want to be just like my grandma and make stuff for my family. 

5. Stay a great friend. All of my friends say I'm a great friend and I hope to stay that way. I don't want to be like some other people who are at one point your BFF's and the next day they're complete jerks. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's 30 Day post! Stay tuned for more. I'm sorry I haven't been camp posting. But I'm changing hulahoops to indoor ball games so stay with me!

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It's finally here! CAS, CAMP AMAZING SPARKLE!!!

WOOT WOOT! Before we start camp activities tomorrow, we're going to have to get set up!

STEP 1- Find Your Cabin
If you've already made a cabin, skip this step and read the next one. Individual campers listen up: comment a number. First commenter would comment 1, second commenter 2, etc. This will help you sort into cabins. I'll explain why in a second.

1,2,3,4 - you are in Cabin Awesomeness
5,6,7,8- you are in Cabin Fabulous

STEP 2- Points
Have you found your cabins, great! The people in your cabin doesn't matter its how well they do. For each activity a camper does, they must comment on the post saying they did it and their cabin name. In each post I will give a "proof request". Let's say it was a sewing craft, for the "proof request" I might ask you to describe the fabric you used. If I believe your proof then your cabin gets a point. Another way to get points is by participating in all of the weekly camp activities by commenting on the posts. This gets you two points. The cabin that gets the most points is awarded a special prize at the end of camp to each of the campers. 

STEP 3- Gather Supplies
Every post I will say what you need but you should have basic supplies:
paper, glue, scissors, pens, pencils, markers/crayons, and paint. 

That's all for camp but I do have a quick 30 day!

DAY 7- Your 5 Favorite Songs

My five favorite songs are: Jar Of Hearts: Christina Perri, Let It Go: Idina Menzel, Where Have You Been: Rihanna, Still Into You: Paramore, and Dark Horse: Katy Perry.

Thanks for reading,