20 Journal Prompts

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I did switch my blogging account from Google+ back to Blogger, it's much easier. I recently got a Moleskin journal, and I've been writing in it a lot, so I thought I'd share some prompts!

Sadly, I could not get in any photos of my journal, but I'm pretty sure you get the whole journal idea.

Remember this? ;)
1) List all your fears (BONUS: List ways to overcome them...and do it!)
2) Make an observation list. Look around and start listing things. (Ex. a bright blue bird)
3) Describe a book character. Talk about their personality and what they look like.
4) Make a short bucket list. List things you've always wanted to do.
5) Where will you be 5 years from now? Describe your life in 2020.
6) Write a list of things that make you feel happy.
7) Write a quick story about an object near you.
8) Give some advice to past you.
9) List some of your pet peeves.
10) What is your definition of success?
11) Write a letter to future you.
12) Three things you couldn't go without.
13) What's your happiest memory?
14) If you could meet any person (dead or alive, fictional or real), who would it be?
15) What do you want to be when you grow up?
16) What are you really good at?
17) Write about your favorite band/singer.
18) It puts me in a bad mood when....
19) What is one thing you regret?
20) Describe your room.
I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you!
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Music Is My Life and WINNERS!

Hello everyone! I can't believe 75 sunshines are following my blog! Soon, I'll have 100 people following along! That's insane, thank you guys so much :D

Today, I wanted to talk about music, what kinds of music I like, and I wanted to share my summer playlist with you! aww yeahhh.  Let's just get into this post..

Fall Out Boy
*screams internally because of the awesomeness* HANDS DOWN BEST BAND EVER. *screams internally even more because of how amazing the band members are* PATRICK AND HIS FEDORA. Okay, I'm done.
Their music is absolutely fantabulous and I'm obsessed. In fact, I'm listening to them right now XD
Favorite Song: *screams because I can't choose* Currently, it's probably Dance, Dance, it's on repeat right now :P
Favorite Album: Save Rock and Roll
Favorite Member: (weird question, I know) maybe Andy or Pete idk, ALL OF THEM OKAY
Eek, I love them so much. Hayley is so awesome with her vibrant hair, I just want to cry. And their songs are so awesome and crazy and AHHHH *fangirls*
Favorite Song: Misery Business
Favorite Album: RIOT!
Favorite Member: I'm not actually really sure :P
Taylor Swift
Okay, she's not actually bad. Her songs are really catchy and nice, so don't judge.
Favorite Song: Bad Blood
Favorite Album: Um, 1989 I guess?
Favorite Member: SPONGEBOB. no Taylor Swift, duh.
Okay, now, my summer playlist, with Youtube links, so you can enjoy with me :D
There you go! Wait, what? Okay, yeah, half the songs are Fall Out Boy...UPTOWN FUNK! Where did you come from. I so did not put that there. Shhh. (PS, I linked the lyric video for Young Volcanoes, because the music video is explicit.)
I hope you enjoyed! And don't be afraid to start some song chains in the comments, I will add on :)
Photography- Miss Internet
Writing- Kathryn
Congrats! You win a guest post and a feature on BBK! Email me about the guest post :D
What are your favorite bands/singers?
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Spring Cleaning Tips + Flower Garland Room DIY

Hello everyone! As promised, I will be doing a DIY today! But first, I would just like to quickly apologize about my slight absence from the blogging world. I had a family issue and wasn't able to be connected, but that's all over, so I am back! Now, let's get into the post :D

 yay title pic XD
TIP 1: Clean out that shame-space.
We all know that one spot. That spot where you throw all of your stuff that you don't know where to put. Face it, and clean it out. You might even end up finding some old stuff that you thought was lost.
TIP 2: Clean your bed first.
Even though it is a small spot, cleaning the bed is the big deal. Take all of those clothes and books off and put them in their spots, make the bed, and...woah...your room looks like 10 times cleaner.
TIP 3: Listen to music.
This may be the stupidest tip ever but, listening to music makes it much more fun. I think that's common sense, considering music makes almost everything better, but still, LISTEN TO MUSIC.
DIY: Flower Garland for your room.
You Will Need
-Colored tissue paper
-Tape or stapler
-Thick and thin string
STEP 1: Make the tissue paper balls
Rip (or cut if you want to be exact) pieces of tissue paper and roll them up in balls. (You can have your younger sibling do this if you want, my little cousin had a blast rolling them up :P)
STEP 2: Attach tape to your balls
Take your thin string (I used green thread to make it look like stems for flowers) and attach it to the back of your tissue clumps (you'll have to unroll your balls first) and clump them back up. Now, make sure you leave some thread at the end for tying. Now cut.
STEP 3: Attach the balls to the thick string.
Take your thick string or yarn (I actually fingerknitted a thin scarf with some colored yarn)
 blurry, sorry :/
I then took my balls and tied them (using the little tail of string we left) to my yarn. This takes time, so be patient. I would also suggest double or even triple knotting them.
blurry again :(
STEP 4: Display!
I decided to display mine over my whiteboard, but you can do it wherever you want! I would suggest above your bed, or above your door, but anywhere looks great! (PS, double tape it, it falls down easily)
I hope you enjoyed and I just wanted to let you know, the contest winners will be announced next post :)
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I Have To Admit....

Hello everyone! I was reading through some of my old posts (for inspiration) and I came across some of my blogging advice posts. I started reading through them and I realized, sometimes I don't follow all of my rules. So this post is going to be walking through my advice posts, and seeing if I can switch it up a little bit to make it more...human.

Post 1: 5 Don'ts Of Blogging

The one that stuck out to me was number 3, here let me share:


3. Think about the numbers

Who cares if you have 4 followers or 400 followers, well you shouldn't! Blog for happiness, not for fame. Sure, it's awesome to have 400 followers, but it doesn't really matter, as long as you're having fun!


Let me just say it.... I THINK ABOUT THE NUMBERS! I get excited when I hit another 1,000 more pageviews, or gain a new follower! It's okay to do that kind of stuff, but if you base your whole blogging career on numbers and becoming famous, you might have to change your ideas a little bit.

Post 2: 5 Blogging Tips


1. Don't post more than twice a day. Sometimes I check out new blogs and I see 4 or 5 posts all from the same day. What catches my eye even more is that the posts are 2 or 3 sentences. Here's the main tip: try to post once a day, and keep your post longer than 5 sentences so that people are actually interested. Also, if you post too much then people won't be able to catch up with all of your new posts. 


If you're going to post good, actually productive content, go ahead and post as many times as you want! If you're going to post crap like a random selfie or a sentence about what's going on like 10000 times a day, don't post it. Save that for Instagram or something.

Post 3: Basics You MUST Know (BBK post)


The first tip is to make your blog pretty! Get a new design, I know Eve and Lily do some great designing! Another thing you could do is check out websites like Cutest Blog on the Block for some backgrounds and templates. Libbie did a post not so long ago about this so check that out! A good design is important, people won't like your blog if you don't have a good design.


Your blog doesn't have to be amazing, with a custom made design and everything. Sure, it would look nice, but not everyone focuses on the design. Maybe a simple background (a solid color or something simple, but not too crazy) and visible text? If you post good content, I'm sure no one will care about your design anyways.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and that it helped you out a bit :D I have a fun summer-themed DIY for you all coming up soon YAY!

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Some Harry Potter Gifs To Brighten Your Day

Hello everyone! I like gifs, you like gifs, so let's have A GIF POST! AND IT'S TOTALLY HP, WHOOP WHOOP.

I think Harry was drunk in this scene XD
THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Because I'm worth it...XD
Oh hi Patrick.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it made you smile a little bit :)
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River Rose Cafe: A Very Mystical Place

Hello everyone! I redid the blog again. OOPS. I hope you like it, it's very simple now :P

So, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I hope you gave your mothers lots of love and showed them how much you care :)

For lunch, my dad and I took my Mom to this restaurant which was really cool, so I thought I should share some pictures! The place was kind of like a shop/restaurant but the stuff they had, was pretty cool!

This really pretty tea cup display had a nice butterfly-rose tea set! It was very beautiful and pink.
If you need ornaments, come and check out this place. It has all kinds of ornaments, some that you can even use as regular decorations. These are pretty cool.
This lavender display was probably one of my favorites. The lamps they had were super cute! Also, they had these nice (but fake) purple flowers!
There was this huge display on jams and chutneys, etc. It had 45 different types of jams (at least, that's what the lady said)! That's insane! We ended up getting the Mango Chutney, which is delicious!
This display was probably my favorite! It had this really nice waterfall thing, some flowers and leaves, and some nice fairy statues! It was very pretty!
The food was delicious! (I already took a bite before taking a picture :P) I got a Cayuga, which is a tuna sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread. It came with this amazing salad which I devoured.
My Mom got this amazing wrap with Buffalo Chicken! She also got some great Blueberry Lemonade, I drank most of it :P
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was fun to go to this restaurant.
What did you do for Mother's Day?
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Some More Writing

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I'd try to write a little bit of a story. It might not turn out to be a big thing, but I thought I'd write something!

So I saw the wonderful Envy write this beautiful second person writing piece on her blog and I wanted to take a shot at it. So this excerpt is inspired by Envy!

The air was chilling, the cold winter breeze biting at your face. You shiver and hold your arms close to your body, keeping in the body heat.

You make your way closer to the house. The winds are whipping away, tossing your hair in all directions. The white snow shields your vision and you can barely see ahead.

Finally, you take the first steps onto the snowy covered steps, weakly grasping the cold railing. You pull yourself up and slowly knock on the wooden door.

The door opens and he walks out. A boy, around your age, gestures for you to come in and helps you. His hair is jet black, his eyes sparkling like stars.

You nod and weakly gather yourself and walk into the room. You sit carefully on the woolen couch, delighted to feel the flames of the fireplace crackle and heat up your shaken body.

He sits down next to you and smiles. He hands you a warm hot chocolate. You take a sip and grin. He grins back and places his hand on yours.

You put your head on his shoulder and close your eyes. All you hear is the fire crackling and the soft pattering of the snow on the roof. You drift off into a deep sleep, the best sleep you have had in days.

That was all I could think of at the moment. I hope you enjoyed and let me know your opinions below! I'm completely open for criticism, so let me know!
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Reasons Why We Should Go Live In A Fictional World

Hello everyone! I STILL HAVE NO DIY IDEAS, help. So, I have come up with some "Reasons Why We Should Go Live In A Fictional World." I don't think I need any explanation so let's just....GET STARTED.

1. The exciting adventures!

When you read the books and watch the movies and TV shows, you'll see all the characters having fun adventures.  Meanwhile, us humans on regular old Earth are boring. No exciting magical adventures for us, just boring.

So, when we pack our bags to go through the magical portal, adventures will come! Exciting adventures! Better adventures than from the couch to the kitchen!

2. The magical abilities you get.

All those worlds have special species and things to become! A wizard, a Shadowhunter, a super cool fighter dude, and an alien who travels in a phonebox. So much better than being a mere human.

I mean, think about it, how awesome would it be to hunt demons and have the ability to use magic! Or be an alien who TIME TRAVELS, AWESOME!

3. The cool people you will meet.

Psh, the coolest person we have here is like Benedict Cumberbatch. If we went to fictional worlds, who knows what kinds of awesome people we'll meet!

We could go to Hogwarts and see Neville teaching away. We could go to Gallifrey and se the Doctor and all the Time-Lords. WE COULD MEET KATNISS. Uhm, yes!

4. The fact that it would be awesome.

I don't think anyone would disagree when I say, IT WOULD BE AWESOME! I don't even think I need all these explanations, because, come on.

The way you see the worlds on TV and read them in the books, it just makes it sound amazing.

So I think we should all sign a petition asking the UN to build a portal to all the fictional worlds. Or, you know what? WE SHOULD DO IT OURSELVES! Who's with me?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to leave me some more reasons in the comments below!

Mkay bye,


A Little Bit Of Book Photography

Hello everyone! I decided to whip out the camera and get some book pictures today so I thought I'd share them with you. But before I share, I have some news:

I FINISHED NANOWRIMO! YAY! I wrote the whole month and finally did it! It was extremely difficult, especially since I'm an amateur, but it was very fun!

Second, I have a collab blog! It's open to all bloggers so I highly suggest you go on over and check it out!

And third, I'm redesigning the blog! I'll be going to a white background, simple and sweet :D. The header will be extra special though :)

Now, to the photography, comment your favorite!

Picture One: Current Read
The Fellowship Of The Ring by Tolkien
Picture Two: Favorite Book Cover
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling

Picture Three: Reading Outside
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Picture Four: Favorite Bookmark
Picture 5: Me reading a book
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Picture 6: Reading By The Window
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Ah, book photography, you gotta love it :D. Listen, I need some DIY requests so if you have any, please leave them below!
Mkay bye,