Blogtober Day 7 - Top 5 Tips You'd Give To A New Blogger

Hello everyone! I just finished 5 pages of history homework but I think I have enough energy to keep Blogtober going! Note: Today's prompt is actually OOTD but I messed up the schedule. Here are my top 5 tips that I'd give to a new blogger :)

1) Don't worry about if people are reading your blog yet. They will! It takes time, and patient. Don't give up, remember blogging is for fun, not for fame. Just keep writing, and we'll talk about readers later :) A lot of people quit blogging in their first month because they're not at like 1,000 pageviews yet! Take me for an example, I've been blogging for like 1 and a half years and I haven't even hit 50,000 pageviews yet. It takes time, but eventually people will find your blog.

2) Read some blogs, drop your link maybe. Go find some other kid bloggers and read their blogs! There's so much that comes out of it. One, you have more great blogs to read! Two, you'll get inspiration from their posts, maybe you find something that you want to try :D Three, if you leave your blog link (I recommend using Easy Hyperlinks for your link) that blogger might go check out your blog :) It's sort of a win-win situation.

3) Email a more experienced blogger and make a blogging friend. Blogging friends are great to have, they've got your back on any question or help you need. If you go and email another blogger, not only do you make a blogging friend, but they can help you with blogging, as you are just starting out. I am always open for this, you can email me here, I'd always love to make a new friend :)

4) Make your posts neat and remember to proofread. I do not want to read a post that looks like this:

hello Everyone! Today I went to the store. lol i like this fontcan you readdd thissss loll

No, ew bye please stop. Please make your posts neat and at least take the time to proofread and please never use lol. Or OMG!!! (That can offend some religious people as well)

5) Write about something interesting. No offense, but I don't really care about your blue raspberry slushy and how good it was. Chances are, I'd click away. Before publishing, ask yourself: Would I enjoy reading this post if I was a reader? If the answer is no, stop right there and think of something else.

Those are my 5 tips that I had, hope I helped some people!

Link up up there if you do a Blogtober post today!

Also, I wanted to say Happy Blogging Birthday to Lexie! Everyone go over and congratulate her, great achievement Lexie!

Tomorrow's prompt is Favorite Things to Do in October

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  1. I love the tips!

    I do think that it's hard to read some people's posts if the font is bright yellow and really tiny

    >^.^< (My cat face)

    Emily | An Open Window

  2. These tips are great! I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! :) Keep it up!

    ~Suzy | Craftz'n'Craziness


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