Blogtober Day 21 - A Letter To Me in 5 Years

Hello everyone! How is your day going so far? I hope it's going great! Today for Blogtober, you have to write a letter to yourself in 5 years. This is an interesting one.. Let's get into it :)

Dear 16 year old Noor,

Hey, how's it going? It's you, when you were 11, you know the awkward time when you were trying to figure out to do with your life. Has life gotten better? I'm currently in 7th grade, (duh), and middle school is going well. I'm having trouble with time management and getting overwhelmed...I hope you find a solution to that.

Is Doctor Who still running? That would be pretty amazing, there's like the 15th Doctor now or something xD Is Fall Out Boy still together? I hope so. Are they still meme emo dads? What color is Pete Wentz's hair now? Have you gone to see them again? And how was the March 2016 concert, pretty sick I can guess! Harry Potter is still in the rage, I assume, because it's well Harry Potter, I mean come on. Has Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them come out yet?  They promised 2016, but I'm not sure.

The most obvious question is, do you still have this blog? If you do, great job! That's like what, 5-6 years?! You deserve a high-five because that's amazing. What's it called now? Have you actually decided on its purpose because at the moment I have no clue what this blog is for.

How about violin and soccer? I hope you haven't ditched either, but I understand if you did. Currently, they're my passions, I love them, but you might think differently in the future. I get it. I hope I get better at both of them, I want to be amazing at either.

Is high school that bad? I've heard many things, but how is it? Are you playing varsity for the school? Because if you are, that's wonderful and I look up to you and I aspire to be you. I can assume there's a lot of challenges in life, it must be difficult as a senior. But hey, you get to go college next year, I hope you (we) get into Harvard, it's my dream school right now. I bet you're scared, and don't worry, I'd be too. Wait, what? Anyways, good luck, I know we can do it. (I'm saying good luck to myself, oookay)

I hope life is going great, and if you ever feel sad, that's okay. Just please keep going, I know you have it in you! I believe in you, and you should too.

~Your 11 year old self

I hope you guys enjoyed that little post :) It was interesting to write, what would I want to ask my 16 year old self? There's definitely a lot that I'd want to know about the future, how my life is going, etc.

If you decide to participate in Blogtober today, link your post down there so we can take a peek at your letter ;)

Thank you all for your kind comments and support, it does mean a lot! And how is there only 10 days left in October? Boy, time really does fly!

Thanks for reading,


  1. This is so sweet!!!!!!! I just might have to do this sometime, I'll be 20 in five years!!!!!!

  2. What a good idea!!!! Hopefully you'll still be running your blog. I'm back from my blog break. Please can you check out my new post!!

  3. I'll have to write one of these!
    Grace Anne //


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