Blogtober Day 10 - Staying Cozy In Fall

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Today's prompt for the lovely month of Blogtober is your ways to stay cozy in fall. Let's get into it!

cozy in fall
~Books and Music~
What better way to spend a chilly fall day then listening to music and reading a book? I can't think of one! Books are not only my top essential for fall, but they are my personal favorite way to stay cozy. And on top of that, you can put on a chill song and just lay back and relax in bed. Ahh I'm feeling warm just writing it. (Maybe because my heater is on)
~Yummy treats~
I don't know about you, but sweet treats are a cozy necessity for me. I need a nice caramel apple pie while snuggled in bed. By the way, how cute is that plate that the cookies are on, it screams fall. Also, I found this fall candy mix that I actually find quite hilarious. There's not only pumpkin and candy corn but also like corn and turkey xD
~Nice blanket~
All the items shown are placed on one of my favorite blankets of all time. This blanket is simple, cute, and just keeps me warm and cozy. I love to snuggle up in this at night, it's so nice.
~Sweet smelling lotion~
I've raved about this before but I love lotion. Just something about it makes me feel 10x more cozy and warm inside. I'll always put some on after a shower and I just love the feeling. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
~Apple candles~
Not just any candle. Apple candles. This candle is strong enough that I don't have to light it, it makes my room smell like apples when it just sits there. I'm actually really scared of fire and scared that a candle is going to burn my house down (I know, how non-tumblr of me.) so this is actually perfect for me. I really love the cozy feel that this candle gives.
If you wanna come over and count how many pumpkins I have in my room right now, I'm sure you'll lost count. I love pumpkins and their color, I feel like it makes a place much more cozier. Put a pumpkin somewhere and voila! You've decorated for fall.
~Caramel and/or pumpkin hot chocolate~
I'm not a caffeine person. Well, I'm not allowed to be a caffeine person, my parents wouldn't let me even touch a cup of coffee. So my alternative, hot chocolate. I usually make it at home but sometimes I'll treat myself (or really, my parents will treat me) to a pumpkin spice hot chocolate from Starbucks. I LOVE the way hot drinks fill your body with warmth, it's one of my most favorite feelings in the world.
~Fairy lights~
Fairy lights are just amazing. They can be put it your room for any season and they make the room so freaking cozy. I got like 5 packets of fairy lights for 10 dollars. That's an insanely great deal for such an amazing d├ęcor piece. Guys seriously you need fairy lights in your room, they're just the best. (I also have these Halloween themed ones xD)
So basically, that's how I stay cozy during the chilly fall months!

Just remember to link up your Blogtober post if you do one today so we can all check it out! ^.^
How do you stay cozy in fall?
Thanks for reading,
p.s- if you hadn't already noticed, I've been gradually changing my blogging style. I've been experimenting with photography, words, etc. Please stick with me, I'm the same old Noor, just trying new things :)
p.p.s- thank you loyal readers for always reading and commenting on my posts. You may think 'Thanks for reading, Noor' is just an ending of my post but I really do truly mean it. Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me guys <3 
p.p.p.s- count how many times I say 'cozy' in this post :P


  1. Saturdays are the best! And I love all of these things!
    Grace Anne //

    1. Aren't they! Thank you for your lovely comments <3

  2. Fairy lights are so awesome! One day I'll have to put some up in my room. :D

    Carmel hot chocolate sounds wonderful! Also, one of my favorite autumn foods is caramel apples.

    1. Ah yes they're the best! Yum caramel apples are delicious!

      Thanks for your sweet comment <3

  3. I totally agree Noor! Happy Saturday :) You say cozy 11 times, not including in the title ... gah I might have lost count. xx

    Shine on,

    1. Happy Saturday to you too! I think it was 11, congrats!

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. 'I'm not a caffeine person. Well, I'm not allowed to be a caffeine person' Lol Noor.
    I also feel that way about lotion, except I'm far lazier when it comes to applying it. Which is probably the reason why I'm constantly ashy.

    1. Ahah it's true! And sometimes I'm that way too, but I feel like it calls me. That's weird okay no.

  5. "hooray for Saturdays" my life man.

    1. SAME. And my exact reaction when I walk into the candle aisle XD

  6. This makes me so relaxed...*closes eyes* ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Rukiya XX

  7. Hey! I'm Maddie. Great blog Noor! Mine can never live up to your standards
    Please visit my blog at this address>>>
    P.S. I'm sorry I'm on anonymous, I'm on another computer XD

    1. Aw thank you for your sweet comment Maddie! That means a lot <3 I'm sure your blog is just fabulous, I'll go give it a look :)

  8. I love this!! Reading about cozy fall things like this makes me so happy! ^_^
    Thanks for following my blog! I returned the favor! I'm excited to see more of your posts. :)

  9. Lotion sounds super awesome, too bad it's not a huge craze where I live ARGHHH !

  10. These are all completely essential for autumn! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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