Blogtober Day 2 - Fall Essentials

Hello everyone! Yay it's Friday! Also it's the second day of Blogtober, and today's prompt is my Fall Essentials! Let's get into it :D

A book to cuddle up with
I mean. Come on. If a book isn't on your LIFE essentials list, you're doing your whole life wrong okay. I'm currently reading TMI: City of Fallen Angels and I'm obsessed, this series is great.
Tea and a nice mug
I'm not much of a tea person, but I really love fall tea flavors like apple, cinnamon, pumpkin. This one is the Cinnamon Apple from Celestial teas, it's a herbal tea, I'm not a big caffeine person :3
(Isn't that Harry Potter mug just the best thing :P)
Fall nail colors
As you may know, I don't wear makeup. Nail polish is probably my only 'makeup'. These are probably my favorite colors. I love the darkish colors and of course a shimmery gold :)
Colors shown
Sinful Colors - Dream On (the purple one)
Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby (red)
Wet and Wild - not shown on package (gold)
Maybelline - Onyx Rush (black)
Fuzzy socks
My feet get cold, so I love fuzzy socks in the fall/winter! They're so nice and comfy and ahh.
sorry for the bad picture, ew ew
Fall scented things
Ahh Bath and Body works things, I've been talking about these A LOT. I love the pumpkin, the coffee, the cinnamon, apple, etc scents, they just make me feel all warm inside.
Products Shown
Pumpkin Cupcake - Hand Sanitizer
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - Hand Sanitizer
Cozy Vanilla Cream - Hand Sanitizer
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte - Body Lotion
Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon - Fragrance Mist 
Lip balm
My lips get so chapped in the fall. Like it's horrible so lip balm is an ESSENTIAL for me.
A memory capturer
I like to think of cameras as 'memory capturers' especially Polaroids. I love taking pictures of all the leaves and selfies with my friends with my Polaroid! It's just so much fun and I can capture so many memories with them :)
I hope you enjoyed that essentials post!
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Thanks for reading,
(I just practiced violin for an hour so my fingers are killing me. It was torture typing this xD)


  1. Loved this post! I play violin too, gosh, my fingers hurt awfully after I practice as well. xx

    Shine on,

  2. You have the BEST products. Pumpkin sounds delicious! But not in an eating way. I don't play violin but I play the piano, and my elbows and shoulders start to hurt. :(

  3. I'll have to try those B&BW products!!!
    Grace Anne //

  4. This all sounds wonderful! I love autumn scented things. That gold nail polish is really pretty ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. All of these things sound awesome especially the fussy socks with I currently need to get more of

  6. Yes!! Books are necessary all year round!

    I like tea when the weather gets cooler, or hot chocolate.

    All of your bath and body works products sound so awesome! I love bath and body works.

  7. I love all your essentials! That Harry Potter mug is spectacular.

  8. A book!
    We all need a book to cuddle up with during the fall.

  9. oh my goodness those nail polish colors are life, totally feeling those same vibes. those fall scented things seem so wonderful. and abandoning all hope of ever not sounding cliche and all that, i love pumpkin and i love fall and this is great!


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