Being Productive: How To Rock Your To-Do List

Hello everyone! A lot of my email friends have been asking for this post and thankfully, I know how to rock my to-do list. Soooo, let's get productive!

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Ok, here is an example of a to-do list I put together. Let's take this step by step.

1. Give little sub catagories for each task.
I think that just writing out the task isn't enough. Let's use "Get the camera out" for example. Some sub-catagories for this task could be:

-Take pictures of the snow
-Take pictures of recent art.
-Edit using *insert filter name here* on Picmonkey
-Share on Instagram

Just little things to help you tackle the task.

2. Turn off anything that will distract you. 

If you're working on the computer or doing anything like that. Throw your phone, or iPod or something on the other side of the room so you don't use it.

There are also websites that can block certain other websites for a period of time so you won't get distracted by them. I use these all the time and they really help me. 

3. Reward yourself

Treat yo-self girl! After you complete a task, watch a Youtube video, an episode of your favorite TV show (not too long!), or eat something nice! You deserve that. 

When I do this, I usually set a timer (15-30 minutes), so I don't go overboard and I can get right back on track.

4. Make it fun!

If you're studying: cheer out your vocab words (A-SET-OF-CIRCUM-STANCES-THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE-TO DO SOME-THING, OPPORTUNITIESSSS!! WOOOHH) Dance a little bit while you read! You can do this for blogging too! 

Doing these little things will just make it fun!!

I hope you enjoyed today's little post!

What do you do to be productive?

Mkay bye,


Blogging Advice: 5 Don'ts Of Blogging

Hello everyone! I'm officially back into the flow of things. I will be commenting, replying, and planning ahead! Starting tomorrow. Okay nah, but I didn't know what to post again, but I figured it out! I haven't done a Blogging Advice post in forever so here it is. The Don't of Blogging!!

1. Over promoting in the comments section.
Remember in my last Blogging Advice post when I talked about commenting? And then I talked about promoting?
I promote, and many other bloggers promote, with a link. Just a nice subtle link. If you're really good, maybe another subtle hint asking someone to visit your blog like:
"Hey I did a post similar like this earlier! *gives link*" But even more subtler than that. I've seen comments that say something like this:
"Nice post. Hey, I think you missed my recent post, go check it out and leave a comment!" MY BLOG IS NOT A BILLBOARD. Go do your extravagant promoting somewhere else buddy.
How hard was it to read that, huh? Teeny tiny letters aren't that great either. Way too big or small and extremely hard to read. I don't think anyone would want to read a blog like that.
3. Think about the numbers
Who cares if you have 4 followers or 400 followers, well you shouldn't! Blog for happiness, not for fame. Sure, it's awesome to have 400 followers, but it doesn't really matter, as long as you're having fun!
4. Blogging about something just because it'll make your blog popular.
NOOR STOP WITH THIS, WE GET IT, OKAY, CHILL. I'm sorry! But I can't stress this point enough, BE YOURSELF. We all want to see the real you, because I'm sure it is better than copying someone else. 

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland
5. Say "I can't"

Because you can. "I can't be as popular as that blogger", well make that your biggest goal and work your hardest to get there, and you can. "I can't blog anymore, it is too hard." Blog at your own pace, blogging is supposed to be fun.

Okay, now that I look at this, it's just another blogging tips post, but that's okay, I still like it :D. I hope you enjoyed! *blogs for 1 hour, smiles, goes to Bloglovin to be even more active*

What are your blogging "don'ts"?

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Two Short Poems/When D Strikes Chapter 6

Hello everyone! I have 2 short poems for you and then I will be sharing one chapter of Chelsea!

Where Is Winter
In January it was fine. But then it wouldn't leave.
February, even more snow, is it time for spring yet?
First day of March, the snow came falling down.
Okay it's almost April, Persephone, it's time to come back up.

Raindrops on The Roof
Drip drip drip
Steady like a heartbeat
Falling, falling.
Ever so quietly
Thump, thump
The raindrops on my roof.

When D Strikes/Chapter 6

Chelsea ran down to Main Street, looking for the Dreslin Diner. She was out of breath, and very nervous. Negative thoughts swam through her head.

Once she found it, she walked right it and to the counter. A waitress came and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Are you..Chelsea?" she asked. Chelsea nodded silently, wondering how the waitress knew her. "Come right this way, don't say a word. Take the papers and go to the alley. Orders from D."

Chelsea nodded again and followed the waitress. The diner was small, but packed like sardines. When they arrived at the table, she saw a bunch of papers in a small packet.

"Is D going to be meeting me here?" Chelsea asked quietly.

"Shh, D's orders, you can't speak until you get to the alley. And no, not here. Take the papers and follow me." the waitress said strictly.

Once again, Chelsea followed the waitress outside the back door into a narrow alley. Outside, was a person dressed in all black.

"Where's my cash? I brought her here." the waitress yelled at the person, with her hands on her hips.

"Behind the door, in that brown briefcase. Now shut up and go back to your job." the person said in a deep voice, which Chelsea was assuming, wasn't the person's real voice. He looked  like a boy, Chelsea's age."You, Chelsea, come here. Let's get to work. Follow me."

The person lead Chelsea into a dark building. He gestured for Chelsea to come into a small room. Chelsea's eyes widened when she saw what was in the room.

"Cassie, Dani, what are you-" She was interrupted when the boy covered her mouth with a scarf.

I hope you enjoyed that chapter, and look out for a DIY coming soon!

Mkay bye,


Goodness Me and What I Got For My Birthday

Hello every *sniffle*-one! GAH! I am such a bad blogger, I didn't post yesterday, I haven't been replying or commenting or visiting blogs and GAH! Puh-lease forgive me! Here, I'll make it up to you. Would you guys like some Chelsea on Thursday, or DIY?

As you can see from the title, today I am going to be doing a "What I Got For My Birthday" post. I do hope you enjoyed :D BEWARE OF PHONE-TAKEN PICTURESSS

First off, we have Bath and Body Works products!! Hooray! There's a:
-Pink Chiffon hand lotion
-Velvet Sugar body lotion
-A Thousand Wishes Spray
-Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Crisp Apples, Copacabana Coconut, Cupcake Sweetie, Japanese Cherry Blossom hand sanitizers.
Next, we have two books. The ""I Am Malala" book (which I reviewed here) which is fantastic! And then the second book is the "All The Wrong Questions" series by Lemony Snicket. I'm planning to review the first book very soon, if you'd like.

One of my friends, got me 5 shower gels. THESE ARE AWESOME. THEY SMELL AMAZING! I think the brand is: TML, so you can go look it up if you're interested.

Another one of my friends got me this super duper cute turtle and a pack of a lot of lip balms, which I'll probably lose very soon.

My dad got me this awesome soccer ball, which I love, and I can't wait to use it on my Thursday practice!!

I also got this giant pack of gel pens. (HORRIBLE QUALITY PICTURE I'M SO SORRY) I LOVE THEM.

Eeek! Is this cute or what? It's a little bottle where you can hold perfume! I might put my B&BW perfume in there...

Finally, I got these uber cute bracelets from Claires which I'm wearing every single day from now on.

HOLD ON. Before you go, I just wanted to let you know that I don't mean to brag or anything like that. I just thought it would be fun! And I'll be WAY more blogging active over spring break, promise.

Mkay bye,


5 Of The Evilest Disney Villains

Hello everyone! I had a successful birthday party (sharing pics on Monday) and now I'm home with my bestest of friends, watching Disney Movies. So I've been inspired today to talk about the evilest Disney villains. Yeah, from happy happy birthday to dark sad villain. LETTTSSSS GOOOO

1. Frollo/The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Warning: this might get a little...religious...words like : The devil and He double hockey-sticks will be used.

Frollo, Frollo, Frollo. Said he was protecting the Church and Paris but really, he was like the devil himself. LOOK AT THIS FACE:

He was just plain scary. Hellfire is now stuck in my head, and I don't like it.
2. Scar/The Lion King
SCARRRRR I HATE YOU. BUH-BYE. YOU DIE. Simba's life was basically destroyed by his evil uncle Scar. He was a traitor, a liar, and a power-hungry beast (literally) He also had an extremely creepy smile.
3. Shan-Yu/Mulan
Pshh, how can anyone NOT be afraid of this guy? He looks creepy, like all the rest of these guys.
But I'd have to say, his death was the most prettiest out of all the villains.

4. Oogie Boogie/The Nightmare Before Christmas

HE WAS MADE OF FUDGIN BUGS, EWWWWW. Oogie Boogie practically played a game of death with his victims, deciding how he was gonna eat them, scary? UHM YES.


Not to mention, HE WAS MADE OF BUGGSSSS.

5. Prince Hans/Frozen
ANNDDDD HE ALMOST KILLED ELSA. But. Anna beat him up. :D
I think his face got a little deformed in the process.
I hope you enjoyed and if you like these kinds of posts, let me know and I'll do another one!!!
Mkay bye,


The Elite/Kiera Cass- A Review

Helloooo everybodyyyy!! I'm doing a reviewwww, finalllllyyy!! UHM YAY! So, I never really did a review on "The Selection", the first book in this series, but just go look it up. LETTTT'SSS GETTT INTTOOOO THE POST

The Elite

In America Singer’s world, a bride is chosen for the prince through an elaborate, televised competition. InThe Elite, America is one of only six girls left in the running. But is it Prince Maxon—and life as the queen—that she wants? Or is it Aspen, her first love?
How I Liked The Book

Overall, this book was nicely written. Great plot line, with lots of twists and turns. I love the fact that it is a dystopian/romance novel with a competition. Basically: Hunger Games plus Divergent plus the Matched Series.

This book wouldn't let me put it down. It was so intriguing with the ups and downs in the Maxon/America/Aspen thing. 

Discussion SPOILERS

Let's divide the characters up. AMERICA. SO STUPID. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. 

America: You obviously know Maxon is totally in love with you. And then you wait until he goes for Kriss and THEN you realize how much you love him. WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL. 

Maxon: Now onto Maxon. He was BY FAR the best character in this book, sweet, caring. He loved Mer so so much. Ugh, there was ONE thing that I really hated about him. His intimate relationship with Celeste. BUDDY, HELLOOOO, YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH AMERICA. NOT STUPID CELESTE. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. 

Aspen: Aspen. Aspen, Aspen, Aspen. LEAVE. WE DON'T NEED YOU. This whole story should be Mer and Maxon. NO ASPEN. BUH-BYE. that is all.

Marlee: MARLEEEEE! What the heck were you thinking girlfrand. You should have just ASKED to leave or whatever! That would save you the drama of becoming an 8 and getting CANED.

Celeste: OKAY CELESTE. NO NO, BUH-BYE TO YOU TOO. Go fall in love with Aspen or whatever. 

Mkay, all done! In short, this book gave me trust issues, and toyed with my emotions. BUTTTTT, it gets a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!! Yup, that's how I rate ma books. 

Mkay bye,


Chelsea's Story/When D Strikes Chapters 4 and 5

Hello everyone! I have finally thought of a name for "Chelsea's Story'. I'm calling it "When D Strikes"! So here are the next two chapters of When D Strikes:

Chapter 4

Chelsea ran as fast as she could down the street. She burst through the door and hurried upstairs.

“What’s up honey? Why are you in such a hurry? And what’s in your hand? I don’t remember you bringing any money?” Chelsea’s mom asked, puzzled.

“Not now Mom, I’m kinda busy.” Chelsea yelled.

“I can see that.” Chelsea’s mom muttered under her breath. Chelsea jumped onto her soft, pink bed and pulled out her phone.

She opened up the text and read it over again.

Who is this? How did they get my number? How do they know who I am? she thought reading the mysterious message over and over again. Chelsea hit the reply button and started typing:

What do you want? Who are you? How much do you know? Chelsea hit SEND and waited.

Almost immediately, Chelsea received a reply:

Who am I? Thought I already answered that question. I’m your worst nightmare. For now, call me, um, D.

Chelsea stopped reading. D? As in, D for Dani? No, this person must be trying to trick me. She kept reading:

You stopped, didn’t you? Yes, D. Anyways, what I want? Your assistance in some, er, business. We’ll go on later. I’ve known you for a long time, you just don’t know it. But you will never know who I am. You won’t ask, you won’t try to find out, or everything gets revealed. As for what else I know, EVERYTHING. From the blackmailing to the breaking and entering. And it ALL gets revealed if you don’t do what I say. AND DON’T TELL ANYONE. Or D strikes.

Chelsea dropped her phone and started to cry. This is where shoplifting gets you!

“What was I thinking? I’m such an idiot!” Chelsea cried, sobbing into her pillow.

“Honey, is everything alright?” Chelsea’s mom walked into the room, with a worried look on her face. Chelsea wanted to tell her mom everything but then she remembered D’s warning: “Or D strikes”

“Nothing Mom, just thought of Dad. When can we ever be a family again?” Chelsea lied.

“Oh sweetie, your father and I just weren’t made for each other. You’re going to see him next weekend.” Chelsea’s mother said, rubbing her back.

“Okay, I’m going to start summer reading. See you later.” Chelsea grabbed her bag and book and walked out to the park.



Chapter 5

Chelsea ran out to the park and sat down on a nearby bench. She pulled out her phone and sure enough, another text from D. Chelsea rolled her eyes.

“Wonder what it is this time”

You can run. But you can’t hide….Now, let’s discuss business. How about this? We can ask a question for a question. I can ask what I want and then you can ask what you want.

She hit reply and started typing

Alright. My first question. What do you want from me?

DING, another text.

I want your assistance, didn’t we already go over this? I need certain things from you, Chelsea. Things I can’t do. But you can. Look I’m sending you a message now.

Chelsea looked around and vaguely saw a sheet of paper blowing towards her in the distance. She ran towards it and picked it up. It read:

Come to the Dreslin Diner at 5 PM tonight. Bring no one. You will get your information there. Then all you have to do is complete the mission, and I’ll send you all the pictures, videos, and evidence I have. And I won’t tell a soul. You have my word. Do I have yours?

She ran back to the park bench and rustled through her bag looking for her phone. She hit reply to the previous text and started typing again:

Okay, got the message. Why couldn’t you just text me the message? And why should I trust you? Who are you?

After waiting for a couple minutes, she felt a buzz in her pocket.

Ah ah, wait your turn Chelsea. Now I get to ask you a question. How close are you with Dani?

Before Chelsea could get the chance to answer, Dani and Cassie walked up to her.

“Hey, what are you doing? And, ooh, what’s this?” Dani picked up the white paper lying next to Chelsea.

Chelsea snatched the paper out of her hand and stuffed it into her bag.

“Wow, aggressive much?” Cassie said surprised. Dani, on the other hand, looked angry.

“Chelsea, what is that? Do you think you’re just allowed to snatch that out of my hand?” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry, um, it was a…” Chelsea looked around “a secret um…. application letter. Yeah, I didn’t want anyone to know. But you, er, caught me!” she said awkwardly.

“Aha, so which college! We should all apply too!” Cassie said.

“Yeah totally!” Chelsea glanced down at her watch. 4:40 PM. “Listen, I, um, have to go…Talk later!”

“Sure, um, bye.” Dani said. “Have you noticed how Chelsea has been acting super weird lately?” she asked Cassie.

“Yeah. I don’t think that’s an application letter. We have to find out what’s going on. Let’s follow her.” Dani whispered.

“I don’t think that’s a great idea, Dani. Maybe she doesn’t want us to know. We should respect her privacy.” Cassie said nervously.

“Psh, privacy shmivacy. She should tell us everything. And if there’s something fishy going on… Well we should be the first to know. Let’s go.”
Give me your opinions! What should I add? What should I take away? Now, I have to go study for my science test. -__- DON'T FORGET TO PARTICIPATE IN MY BLOG PARTYYYY!!
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Noor's Big Birthday Blog Party!

Hello everyone! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I'm launching my week long...BLOG PARTY!!! As some of you may know, I am turning 11 in a week. So I am doing this blog party to celebrate! Plus, A LOT of you were asking for it. So here it is.


NOTE: The task is optional, it is just for fun!
1. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?
2. Fruits or veggies?
3. Writer or reader?
4. Would you rather swim in the summer or make snow angels in the winter?
5. Who are your blogging inspirations? (Blogs and people)
6. Favorite blogs of all time?
7. What is your opinion on the selfie stick?
8. Favorite food?
9. Are you homeschooled?
10. Do you like unicorns?
11. Mac or PC?
THE TASKS (optional)
1. Create a poem or short story about your birthday or the character's birthday!
2. Share some fun party pictures!
3. Create a graphic, edit, or comic about a birthday! It can be a card also!
Yay! If you participate, remember to slap this button on your sidebar:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="500px" height="500px" /></a>
If you participate, leave me the link in the comments below!
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Things I Look For In A Story

Hello everyone! I'm back on track! I have the rest of March all planned out and I'm ready to post more interesting content! I've seen a lot of bloggers start to write stories on their blogs (including me) so I thought I'd share some of the do's and don'ts that I look for in a story! Remember, these are all my opinions. They are not tips, just things I personally look for.

DO: Straight plotline, doesn't just drift off into nowhere.
I like it when the writer can keep the story interesting instead of just drifting off into a story which can just go on and on! I like a story with action! I learned this from reading my own writing. I didn't know where my story was going and it was just plain boring.
DON'T: Make the character make a "reference" that they're actually writing the story.
Okay this is very hard to explain so I'm just going to go ahead and give an example:
"So reader, you're probably wondering why I'm writing this story."
I'm not saying I don't like first person writing, I just don't like it when the person directly points out they're writing the story and calls out to the "reader".
DO: Make the reader think a little bit.
This is very specific but I find that a lot of authors/writers do this! This is cool, especially in mystery stories. I like having to think a little bit about what's going on, it gets my brain going.
DON'T: Directly give out information about the character.
I don't know why, I just don't like it when people devote a whole chapter to explaining:
"I'm Cara Bulimi, I'm 17, I live in Chicago, this is how I saved my parents lives from a big earthquake. We were under attack....."
Blah blah blah. I don't need that! Whenever I write, I like to give these little hints one by one so it adds up and like my last opinion "Make the reader think a bit", it makes the reader think a bit!
DO: Create some interesting characters
I LOVE those "mysterious" characters and the "sidekick". People can really make characters interesting and I absolutely adore that!
DON'T: Be like everyone else.
Create your own style of writing! (Okay hold on. Someone in my Reading class didn't know Shakespeare was a real person) Try something new! I love seeing new types of writing, it is fun!
I know this seemed like a "tips" post but its not! Just an opinion one! Okay now for this week's linkupNEW RULES: Please link YOUR own post. Please link POSTS not BLOGS! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post everyone! What are some of your writing dos and don'ts?
EDIT: I installed a custom domain!!! Its YAY!!
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Words/Phrases/Songs We Are ALL Getting Tired Of

Hello everyone! So um, because of the absolutely dreadful...bloggers block, I have this. Enjoy. If you have any post ideas, I BEG YOU, please tell me :D I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

I just want to punch whoever started "bae" in the face. You're my bae, she's my bae. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE YOUR BAE. STAPH. People in my grade are calling people their baes and it is not best friend. YOU ARE IN 6TH GRADE, STOP.

The Little Einsteins Remix
It was fun, UNTIL IT WAS EVERYWHERE. This song ruined the show, okay. People are blasting this song on the bus and I can't get it out of my head. WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP

What's 9 + 10? Twenny one
Aren't we all tired of this one? During one math test, someone literally wrote "21" for ALL of their answers, and I mean ALL of them. 9+10 is 19, people. CAN YOU EVEN MATH.
Eyebrows on fleek
NO, YOUR EYEBROWS ARE NOT ON FLEEK. It was all cool and everything, making sure your eyebrows were on "fleek" but now, no. If I hear "fleek" one more time, I swear.
I admit it, I went with yas. It was fun to say. But now, no yas. Just yes. I don't think anyone uses yas anymore.
Grumpy Cat
Jk everyone loves Grumpy Cat
Okay but seriously, are your eyebrows on fleek when you go to see your bae? And is 9+10 twenny one? YASSSS. Okay no. I hope you enjoyed and tell me if you like these kinds of posts and I will be sure to post more!
Mkay bye,


Pet Peeves

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my biggest Pet Peeves! Now you will know what makes me cringe. Fantabulous. Let's get into this ruler-dropping, bad grammar filled post, shall we? (Also, please don't be offended by this, it's my opinion!)

When people drop those metal rulers

CLANG! What's that, yeah a metal ruler, but also my ears exploding! We use these rulers in art and whenever someone drops one, I want to pick it up AND CRUSH THEIR LITTLE HEADS WITH IT. Okay not really but I think my classmates have found out and are using it against me.

Bad grammar/spelling

It's not there, it's their! Sorry to be one of those people but, c'mon. I've never used 'u' as a shortcut of 'you'. IT'S THREE LETTERS.

When someone can't take a hint to stop talking

So I'm sitting here in Math while this person is sitting next to me jabbering away about how awesome her weekend was and I go "We better get to work." and face my paper. SHE KEEPS TALKING. Like, take a hint, we're going to get in trouble.

When someone damages my book

Yeah, you can totally borrow my book! Just make sure it stays safe. *returns book looking like it went to China underground and back* WHAT DID YOU DO. Remind me to never lend books to anyone.

Okay so those are my pet peeves! I do hope you enjoyed and tell me if you want to see more of these hate posts. Yeah that sounded awful.

Mkay bye,


Chelsea's Story: CHAPTER 2 and 3 and Entry to Note+Rain Contest AND Pen Pal WINNER!.

Hello everyone, happy Saturday! Today I am going to post another chapter of Chelsea's story but first I am going to post my entry to the Note and Rain photography contest! Here it is:

(My 3 year old cousin sitting in the grass of a local park nearby a lake)

Chapter 2:

"Got everything?" Dani asked. Chelsea glanced down at her clothes and bag. 

"I think so." 

"Do we know the plan girls? Chelsea is going to distract the cashier while Sadie breaks the cameras, and me and Cassie take as much as we can hold in our bags. Got it?" Dani looked at the girls for a sign of approval. 

"Wait, we're not shoplifting again, are we?" Chelsea looked around with a worried look on her face. 

"Oh come on Chelsea! We were amateurs last time, this time we won't get caught!" Dani said confidently. 

"Yeah but what if we do? We were in the police station for like 3 hours, for a lip gloss! Think about all the other stuff we've done, blackmailing Jamie Wryn, breaking into Angela Kayas house, stealing Cara Tyrone's phone! We could seriously get in trouble!" Chelsea said nervously.

"Whatever! Jamie Wryn totally stole Sadie's boyfriend!" Sadie nodded in approval. "And Angela was so mysterious, we had to find out about her! Don't even get me started on Cara, that liar!" Dani said rolling her eyes. "But let me put it this way, if you don't come with us, you're out and you'll NEVER be popular again, it's up to you." 

"Fine, I'm coming. But if we get caught.." 

"Ugh you're so negative! But whatever! What store should we start at first?" Dani said excitedly. 

Chapter 3:

The girls walked into Uber Fab Girls and looked around.

"Awesome. We can work with this. Go Chelsea." Dani instructed. 

Chelsea walked over to the cashier and pointed to the little porcelain dolls on the back counter.

"Oh my goodness, so cute! Can I get a better look at those?" Chelsea said excitedly

"Oh yeah totally! C'mon back, we have them in all sorts of designs!" the cashier said leading Chelsea to the back. 

Dani and Cassie started browsing through the store and grabbing them, storing in them in their bags. Sadie pulled out a screwdriver and started to disable the cameras, stuffing them in her bag. 

Once the girls were done, Dani pulled out her phone and started typing. 

Meanwhile in the back, Chelsea was examining the dolls when her phone buzzed. It was a text from Dani:

All done! C'mon let's get out of here!

"Oh these are fantastic, but unfortunately,'t have the money! I'll come back! Nice meeting bye!" Chelsea ran out of the store earning a puzzled look from the cashier. 

Once the girls got out, they started laughing and sharing what they "got". All of a sudden, Chelsea felt a buzz in her pocket.

"Probably my mom." Chelsea read the text and almost fell back in fear. It read:

Not Mom, but your worst nightmare. I know what you did. I know EVERYTHING. Shhh..

"What happened?" Dani asked confused.

"Um, er, I have to get home, see you guys tomorrow!" Chelsea ran down the street back to her house.   


I hope you enjoyed! If you want more of Chelsea, let me know, it gets interesting!

Now..announcing the winner of the Pen Pal Contest!!! AMELIE!!! Congratulations!  Yay! Please email me your address so I can send the first letter!! IF ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO BE EMAIL PEN-PALS...LET ME KNOW!! Huge letters whoa

Okay, also, THANKS FOR VOTING! I've narrowed it down to two choices, so go check it out!


Mkay bye,