Blogtober Day 26 - My Opinion On Makeup For Young Girls

Hello everyone! It's 10 PM so I'm just going to get into it. Today I'll be doing a post on My Opinion On.. Makeup on young girls (my age, ish) Let's go!

So I was walking through my school, casually trying to get to a class when I see a group of  6th grade girls giggling about. What took me back was not the fact that the bell was going to ring in a minute and they should not be standing around, but the bright blue eyeshadow on their eyelids.

When did that happen? For Pete (Wentz)'s sake, you're 11 years old, the only thing you should be applying on your face is face wash!

I think an acceptable age to wear makeup is maybe like a tinted lip gloss in 6th grade and maybe maybe a light mascara in 7th grade, if your parents allow. But like no one should be wearing full on eyeshadow and a (really bad) winged eyeliner at 12. It's not necessary, let your skin be free!

I'm not going to lie, I've gotten a couple of those Claire's makeup sets for my birthday and I do play around with them sometimes but I would never dream of wearing it to school!

What I honestly want to know is why. Does makeup make you feel prettier? Do you wear it to make you feel cool?

"You don't need makeup at such a young age, your skin is young and beautiful and doesn't need harmful substances on it. It makes it worse for your skin when you grow up". -quote my mom who feels very strongly on this subject.

I just really don't like the idea of makeup in middle school, it's not needed, and you most likely aren't going to apply it well. Embrace the time when you don't need makeup and maybe wait a couple years before diving into that stage.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that you also would love to chat about this! Leave me a comment down below letting me know how you feel on this, I'd love to talk to you! We can all have a full on discussion in the comments :P

Have a lovely rest of your day <3

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  1. I believe make up is a form of self expression. I'm in 8th grade and I wear mascara and that's it, but my friend wears gorgeous make up-nothing too crazy- that's quick and easy but looks amazing.

    Another one of my friends wears this thick eyeliner that works perfectly with her look. It represents who she is.

    I have to wear a ton of makeup for dance tho....

  2. I'd go ahead and agree with Emily.
    First of all, not every single middle schooler in the whole entire universe sucks at applying makeup.
    Second of all, not all makeup is toxic. Lots, especially the stuff marketed to middle schoolers, has substances in it to actually help clean out your pores and prevent you from getting pimples from the makeup, like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. There are tons of makeup products out there that are also non-comedogenic, which means they won't clog your pores.
    Third of all, like Emily said, makeup is a form of expression for some girls, just like dying your hair may be a form of expression for you. This is obviously not true for all, but for some, they wear makeup not because they're insecure or trying to fit in, but because they like it, they like experimenting and creating fun looks with it. Why would you dye your hair or wear Hot Topic merch? To look "cool"? No. To fit in? No. Because you like those bands and you like that hairstyle. And so it is with many girls and makeup.
    I really applaud you for voicing your thoughts on this topic, though! It's awesome to have discussions where all us bloggers share our different opinions.

    - Ellie

    P.S. For Pete (Wentz)'s sake is my new favorite phrase. The genius of Noor strikes again.

  3. My opinion is mainly just let girls or boys do what they want to do. Most of the people I know who wear makeup don't wear it to impress others, but for self confidence. I know from experience that if makeup is something that you're into and you just did your makeup right, it makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Excessive makeup is unnecessary, so I see your point, but I think that makeup is a form of expression and an art, so I don't really put an age to it.

  4. I agree with you in a lot of bits in this post noor! But I do also agree with the stuff other bloggers have been saying that it is a form of art. Still, you go girl for speaking up about your thoughts and opinions! Elsie
    P.s check out my blog soon, I might do this prompt :D

  5. I reckon if you have good skin, foundation and concealer and stuff isn't needed because all they do is make your skin more unhealthy. As for the eyes though, sometimes mascara and winged eyeliner really can make you feel better and look better. I mean, I personally wouldn't make the effort to perfect that every day, but some people do and that's fine. Sometimes it just gets to the point where you no longer feel comfortable in public without makeup, and I know it's unhealthy but it's also a self-conscious issue that we shouldn't judge. As for bright blue eyeshadow... wow didn't know that was a trend :O

    The Life of Little Me

  6. O agree with this post. Think that young girls shouldn't't really wear makeup. Though to much of my mom could have just cotton into my head.

  7. I agree both with you and with some of the commenters. First off, makeup in sixth grade is a little much. And bright blue eyeshadow- that's a big no-no. At the same time though, I agree with Emily, makeup is a form of self-expression. And like M said, sometimes all you need is a little mascara to give you a confidence booster. If you don't feel confident with your skin, sometimes some powder really helps as well, just to blur some of those marks. I personally started to wear makeup in seventh grade, and I think that's a pretty good age. Nothing crazy, but some concealer and mascara can be fine for a seventh grader. But if a girl wants to wear more, I don't see a huge issue with it. Makeup is a great way to express yourself, to boost your confidence, and it's a learning experience. You get better at it with age. But if you never try, you'll never learn!
    Grace Anne //

  8. I agree with you about the WAY TOO MUCH makeup, yet I think if your allowed, you can wear a bit of mascara and lip gloss. Concealer is okay too if you have really dark undereyes...

  9. I do think this subject varies person to person, and others can be heavily influenced by their environment of thoughts on this subject. As a girl who started wearing makeup as a preteen, I do feel its not a very stable age to put pressure on them for being who they are and having fun with makeup! I do agree with you, makeup is damaging for the skin, but for every age! Young skin is more fragile and in preteens, your diet and skin will effect you in years to come so I actually think, Girls can wear makeup at any age just be aware of what could happen to their skin if they don't look after it, if they don't take their makeup of everyday and if they're sometimes taking their facial routines a little lazily! I use a facial scrub once a week, a moisturiser which took me while to find but is a miracle, and using the moisturiser twice a day every day. I use an amazing toner with fruit extracts, to get off the makeup that you cant see when you take it off with makeup remover, and since starting to really get into a routine of looking after my skin really well, I have seriously only 1 blemish and no spots! Of course you get them around when you're hormonal (Come on girls, thats where your spots may be coming from!) but it can also be your diet. Thank you very much for this blog post, you've inspired me to write one myself as I have some thoughts related to this topic and never really thought of sharing them! I think though, at the end of the day, you're your own person and you should only do something to please yourself and make yourself feel good, not please anyone else. Even for seeking a girlfriend/boyfriend, trust me if they're as loving as they admit but want you to look perfect 24/7 they obviously are judging people on their appearance so be yourself and be happy :)

  10. Tbh, I like makeup. Im also pretty good at applying. I respect your opinion, but I also disagree. I do agree tho that bright blue eyeshadow is a bit inappropriate for a 6th grader on a school day.

  11. I think that makeup is okay to wear as long as it is quite a natural look, Bright blue eyeshadow is a bit extreme though especially on a school day. I am in sixth grade to, and I only sometimes wear a bit of tinted lipbalm and that about it.

  12. I think that people should be allowed to wear makeup to school if their parents allow. I also think that you should be able to wear all makeup just at home and not in public, but it is what it is.


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