Camp Update/30 Day Challenge

Hello everyone! I have some more updates for camp and another 30 Day Blogging Challenge post! Let's get started. 


-I've sort of deleted the cabin thing. If you want to make a cabin, sure, but if you don't want to make a cabin and you just want to be an independent camper that is fine too.

- You don't have to do everything in camp. Some people are saying that they are going to be busy, and that's okay! You can choose the things you want to do and do those things!

- A little bit more about cabins- if you want to make a cabin, be sure to tell me these following things in your comment: you want to have a cabin, cabin's name, and how many people. Thanks!

Day 5- Your Proudest Moment (in 5th Grade)

I've had so many proud moments so I've just decided to choose from 5th grade. My proudest moment in 5th grade was when I was chosen to enter the semi-finalist competion for the Invention Convention. I was one of the 50 kids chosen over hundreds and hundreds of students who entered in my town and the surrounding towns. My invention is the Fishy Feed and the convention is on June 7, 2014. I am obviously going to blog about it. 

Anyways, what was your proudest moment?

Hope you try to make it to camp!

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the awesome inventor 

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 6

Hello everyone! I'm back! I have 3 photos for you and Day 6 of 30 Day! First, let me show you the pictures.

I edited this flower picture and I think it looks awesome. 

A view from the bottom of a tree. I edited it a bit. 

These ferns are in my backyard. No edit!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Now onto 30 Day.

Day 6- What Are You Afraid Of?

There are two things I am afraid of: bees and roller coasters.

I have been stung by a bee 7 times in my life. I hate any bee, wasps or bumblebees. Why won't they leave me alone!

I am scared of roller coasters because they are scary! They go up really high in the air and you can get sick from riding them. I have never ridden a roller coaster in my life and I certainly don't want to. 

Sorry for the short post but I have a quick announcement: new page!! I'm making a new camp page so check it out! 

New Book

Hello everyone! Today, I have an exciting post for you all! I've started to write a book and I'm going to share with you Chapter One/Two! Here it is:

Chapter 1- Stranded on a Raft
“Don’t you dare touch the water” The voice of my father rang through my head as I slept. I woke up to the sound of the seagulls crying. I sat up and looked around me. Water, water everywhere.

                Then, I remembered I was stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Not daring to step foot (or tail in my case) in the water.
            How silly of me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Piper Melander and I am a mermaid.

Chapter 2- The Human Encounter
You must be wondering, how the fisherman did I get on this raft? I’m getting to that so stay put. My father, the king of the mermaids, is a kind man, right? NOT! I mean seriously who puts their own daughter on a raft in the middle of the ocean?
The “horrible thing” that I did actually isn’t so horrible. One day, I was sitting on my rock combing my hair with a sea shell, when all of a sudden, I see this beautiful creature. The creature is tall, has blond hair, but no tail? He has these two things called legs, which I’ve never seen before, only in the stories.

I swim over to him and ask him what’s wrong. He stares at me and then I remember, no talking to the “humans” (apparently those are the creatures with legs). The human doesn’t seem so mean so I stay, waiting for an answer, which was the wrong thing to do. Then, the weirdest and scariest thing happens. The human pulls out a small device, points it at me and then I hear a CLICK and a flash. I freak out and scream, and the human drops the device and runs. I pick it up and swim down back to Merlandia, my home.
 I swim home quickly to my palace and open the gates of my father’s room. “Father, father, you’ll never guess what I saw.” I tell him.
“What is it my dear?” he replies
“I saw a human! A tall one and he dropped this!” I show my father the small device. My father stares wide-eyed at the device and then calls in our best scientist to examine it. The scientist says it’s a dangerous device called a camera. I gasp and tell my father what the human did with the camera.
“You came up close with a human!” my father bellowed. “You know that is breaking the law”
“I know Father, but I only asked him what was wrong!” I said gently.
“YOU TALKED TO HIM!” my father shouted. “Arrest her!”
“Father, what are you doing? Father, I’m your daughter, Piper! FATHER!” I shouted as the guards carried me through the door.
I knew I was never Father’s favorite. He adored my brother Walter. After Walter died in a boat accident, Father was never the same again. He had a short temper and didn’t care for anyone. It wouldn’t matter to him if I was gone. I’m just Piper, just Piper.

So? How do you like it? Do you want more? Put it in the comments below. 30 Day coming later today!

Thanks for reading,


Yet MORE Camp Stuff!

Hello everyone! I have some MORE stuff for camp! 

Camp Amazing Sparkle starts on June 2nd which is Monday and I'm so so so excited! We have one cabin so far which is great! Remember, you can be indvidual and it would be helpful if you could tell me that! This post is going to be explaining the weekly schedule and the schedule for 6/2-6/8. I'm going to have to exclude some of the weekly posts we do now in order to add in the new posts.

R- Regular Post
C- Camp Post

Monday- Let's Get Pretty! (Guys this one is NOT for you) Basically, every Monday, I will post a beauty/hair tutorial for all the girls who read my blog. Usually, no makeup. Just hair tutorials and nail tutorials! C

Tuesday- What Time Is It? It's Time For Lunch! 
Tuesdays will be all about food! Recipes, healthy or not healthy?, and much more! This should be real fun.

Wednesday- WWE and Let's Get Physical!
WWE will stay the same but this next one is all about getting active. Every week, I'll challenge you to an activity that I show you how to do! Great for staying active in the summer!

Thursday- Summer Learning, boo? and Reviews
YAY Learning! No? I promise, this one is fun. It won't be boring like school, but really fun! Reviews, regular.

Friday- FCF and Fab It Up
Fridays are the time to FAB THINGS UP! Every Friday, I'm going to teach you how to turn something ugly into FABNESS! 

Saturday- Sewing Saturday and Snapshots
I love taking pictures so every Saturday we're going to have a picture challenge! We choose one place (anywhere) and have a photoshoot. Then, send in those pics!

Sunday- Sunday Showcase
Sunday is just regular. Boo?

6/2-6/8 Schedule

Mon- Fabulous Nails 1
Tuesday- Yum Yum Smoothies
Wednesday- Hula-Hooping Games
Thursday- My Science Project
Friday- Fab Up Your Desk
Saturday- Kitchen Snapshots 

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday's Weekly In It To Win It

Hello everyone! It's time for another WWE! Are you excited?

MOVIE- Complete the sentence: Voldemort- Why did you survive? Harry- Because I____________
(Extra points if you guess the movie!)

SONG- What is the most popular song on iTunes now?

FOOD- What vitamins does milk have in it?

TECH- What is the latest iPad called?

RANDOM- What is an acute angle?

CRAFT- What is Mod Podge used for?

You have until next Wednesday to enter, put your answers in the comments below!

30 Day Challenge will be up in the afternoon

Thanks for reading,


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 4

Day 4- Your Dream Job

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Monday was Memorial Day so I was really busy but I really have no excuse for Sunday so I'm sorry. I really like today's challenge and I'm so excited to share! dream job.... that's easy! When I grow up, I want to be a soccer player on the U.S Women's Team. I love love LOVE to play soccer and I hope I become a really good player, great enough to get on the team. Another main reason why I want to be on the team is because my role model, Mia Hamm was on the team. Mia Hamm is my all time FAVORITE soccer player ever, so it's only natural that I want to be like her. 

If I can't become a soccer player then I want to become a famous children's doctor. I want to get a lot of money and open America's largest children's hospital. I want to help as many children as I can. 

That's all for today folks! Enjoy the new format of my blog, do you like it?

Thanks for reading,
Noor (the future U.S team soccer player) 



I know, I know, last week I did not post a Sunday Showcase because my iPad died when I was waiting for it to publish and I forgot to save it. But now I have a new and better Sunday Showcase because I am using a computer!! :)

1. A Bit Confusing's Cool Quote Pictures

This one is my favorite of all her pictures but they are all awesome! Check out Barbora's blog here:

2. Lexie's Amazing Review


Lexie at Lexie Loves just did a review on this book above. I read the review and I think it is awesome! Check out Lexie here:

3. Amelia Grace's Contest

This is probably the second time I've featured Amelia but she always has the best posts. Amelia is currently having a fashion contest so go check that out:

4. Hayden's 5 Facts
Hayden over at Hayden's Animal Facts posted 5 Facts About Snapping Turtles. Turtles are my favorite animals so this post caught my eye. Check him out here:

If you visit any of these blogs make sure you comment and  link to this post in your comment. 

I hope you enjoyed! 30 day Challenge post will be coming later today!

Thanks for reading,


30 Day Challenge/Information About the Camp

Hello everyone, I'm back again like I said! Before I start Day 3 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I just wanted to tell you a few things.

1. I'm using my dad's computer to write this post so I do not have the picture for the challenge.

2. Yesterday or a couple of days ago, I quickly mentioned something about doing a summer camp. One person commented that I should give more info on the camp. So I'll do that here:

  • Basically, its just a thing I'll do on the blog for fun and it will be absolutely free. I won't need anyone to sign up or anything like that.
  • We'll do a lot of things like crafts, games, challenges, etc
  • It can be weekly or daily. If you chose weekly then maybe on Monday I would post all of the different activities, how to do them, what you will need and you can complete them.
  • Make the crafts/do the activities/complete the challenges and then send some sort of proof (pictures would be best) showing that you did it. On Sundays we'll have a special showcase of all of the proof I got....
  • If you gather your friends (real life or online) and make a group (3 or more) email/comment saying you would like to create a "cabin" for your group. To start camp, we'll need at least 2 cabins to start camp.
  • Camp will begin on June 1, 2014. If you want to start a cabin, make it before May 30. 
  • As long as I have 2 cabins, you don't have to be in a cabin to participate but I don't want individuals until we have 2 cabins. 
  • Also, if you want to guest post for camp, email me. (you don't have to be a blogger)
IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS, ASK! (I'll have some pre-camp printables that you can do with your cabin.) 

Day 3: Favorite Quote

Finally, we can get to the challenge. My quote: "Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars" J.R.R Tolkien, author of the Lord of The Rings

I love this quote because it shows that if you are strong and brave, nothing can stop you from shining. It inspires me to stay strong and never give up. 

What's your favorite quote? 


Thanks for reading,
Noor, camp leader and a bright star

Photoshoot With Alisha

I know some of you said "NO ALISHA!" But I just had to share the pictures I took of her. 

Fun by the tree!


Laying in the flowers

Standing in the plants (no plants were harmed)

Love this one!

Showing off this awesome picture

Showing off the amazing hairstyle I did!

Hope you enjoyed! Another 30 Day post coming soon!
Thanks for reading,


30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 2

Day 2- 10 to 20 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! Today is the second day of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and I'm so excited for this one, I get to share with you some facts about me. I posted a similar post to this in March but I didn't have as many readers in March so I'm doing it again! I don't know how many facts but I'm going for a number between 10 and 20. If I get 20, yay! Ready? Let's go!

1. I play soccer. I've only been actually playing for a year but all my coaches say I'm better than most 3rd year players. (I've been a fan since I was 2 years old)

2. My favorite color is green! Green is supposed to be envy but I think of it as nature and a soothing color. 

3. I like to play videogames. My favorite videogame brand is Pokemon. I pretty much have most of the DS/3DS games for Pokemon (I have a 3DS XL) and collect the cards. I also have a few stuffed animals like a Pillow Pet Pikachu and a plush toy Squirtle.

4. I have a lot of gadgets. I have 2 iPods, one iPad, a keyboard, and a broken computer. (I am getting an iPhone this summer because my grandma promised me.)

5. I skipped a grade. I am ending 5th grade but just turned 10 years old, weird? Yup, but there is an explanation. When I was in first grade, I found everything too easy. I got 4's in everything (4's are the highest grade in elementary school here where I live) and was at a way higher reading level than most kids. (I finished the Percy Jackson series halfway through first grade. Didn't understand EVERYTHING but still read it.) So, my parents had a talk with my principle and they decided to move me up to second grade. I WAS DEVASTATED! I had to make new friends? Well, I did and now I have some great best friends and I'm happy. Technically I  skipped half a grade but whatever.

6. I love to sew. This isn't really a fact because most of you already know this :P. I started sewing in the summer starting 5th grade. I wanted to learn to sew clothes for my American Girl Doll so my grandma taught me how to sew. For my birthday, I got a sewing machine. And now... I still can't sew doll clothes for AG :(. (I am going to a shorts sewing class at Jo-Anns today! YAY SO EXCITED!)

7.My favorite shows are: Doctor Who (love the sci-fi/fantasy), and Once Upon A Time (real life fantasy, yeah!).

8. I used to dance. Now, I'm horrible at dancing and I'm NOT flexible.

9. I like American Girl Dolls. SO WHAT if I'm 10 years old. It's 8+ right? (I got Alisha at age 7, it wasn't my birthday yet. My mom broke the rules!) 

10. I "collect" stuffed animals. Well, I don't really collect them, I just have a lot of them. I also have to stuff them in my bed every night because I don't want any of them to be left out. :)

Here is my favorite little guy, Teddy, sitting on my Pillow Pet. 

Thanks for reading,

(Post down below what you want Sewing Saturday to be and I'll try to do it!

P.S- I'm thinking of doing a "camp" sort of thing on my blog this summer, but it'll be a lot of commitment. Do you think I should do it? 


30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hello everyone! I know, I know, today is WWE! But just tell me, do you guys actually like WWE? Do you want me to keep doing it? Let me know in the comments. So, I was browsing a blog: A Life Full of Radiance when I saw this thing:

So, I've decided to take the challenge! I might change it up because look at day 24. No. Thank. You. 

DAY 1- Your Blog's Name

I didn't really understand this one so I'm just gonna do what I think it is.

My blog's name is Amazing Life Being 10. There is really not much to it. It's basically saying: I have an amazing life being 10 years old! Ya with me? I hope so. 

At first, my blog's name was Adventures of A Wonder Kid but when I turned 10, I liked "My Amazing Life Being 10" better so I changed it. I did not change the web address because a lot of people linked to my blog from their blogs so I did not want the link to be broken. 

Well, there is the basic story of my blog's name. Tune in tomorrow for 20 (maybe 10) Facts About Me!

Thanks for reading,


Review: The Book of Potencially Catastrophic Science

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing this book:

I don't want to say the title all over again because it's really long! (Not my image.) 
This book is great for kids who love science and think science experiments are awesome. I don't usually read non-fiction but this one is pretty awesome. Not only does the book have science experiments, you can learn about history and how the experiment works. 

For example: The first chapter in the book is about how humans created stone tools (the Stone Age, I believe) The book first explains about the Stone Age and teaches you that history part. After the history part comes the science part. The book explains how they did it. If the chapter was on Isaac Newton, the book would explain about gravity and Newton's Laws of Motion because that is what was in the history part. After all that explaining comes the science experiments which are fairly easy. 

I really love this book and learning about all the different scientific breakthroughs throught history. Every science lover kid should get this book. 

FINAL RATING: 4 stars out of 5 stars

More Room Decor
American Girl
More Sewing


P.S- Sorry about Wednesday's In It To Win It! I'm giving everyone another week to try, I hope I get more entries. SOOO, enter! Its really fun. If I don't get enough comments for Free Choice Friday, I'll just post another WWE. Go to the other WWE to vote. You have until tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading,


Pizza Bread Recipe!

Hello everyone! I know I said no more than one post a day but I have created the PIZZA BREAD recipe!!! A lot of people have been asking for this recipe so here it is! 


- Tomato Sauce, chunky tomato soup, smushed diced tomatos (etc)
- Bread
- Cheese (I used American) 
- A spoon
- A microvable plate

STEP 1- Toast the bread
This step is fairly simple. Although, you don't want to toast the bread for too long, maybe 20 seconds.

STEP 2- Put the cheese on the bread
After you've toasted the bread, put the bread in the plate. Then, take your cheese and place it on the bread like the picture shown. How much cheese you use depends on how cheesy you want your pizza. 

STEP 3- Melt the cheese onto the bread
Now take the plate and put it in the microwave (you could use the oven but the microwave is more efficent and safe.) Set it to 1 minute. (You don't have to keep it in for one minute.)

STEP 4- Watch the cheese
After about 10 seconds, your cheese should be bubbling. Take it out and then put it back in. 

 STEP 5- Take the cheese out of the microwave
After a while, your cheese should look like this. You can keep it in for longer but I did not. 

STEP 6- Saucify the bread
I like to call this step "saucifying the bread". Basically, use your spoon to spread the sauce on your bread, covering ALL of the bread. 

STEP 7- Serve!
Now take the pizza, and put it on another plate. Cut into four pieces (if you want to) and serve!

I hope you enjoyed the recipe! Tell me in the comments how it turned out!

Thanks for reading,

The Haters Have Attacked!

Hello everyone! This is a quick post explaining to you a lot of the mean comments I've been getting. 

A lot of people have been calling me weird, or my posts bad or according to one comment (not going to say who's) "Blue is out, you are supes weird!" (Not exact wording but you get the idea) Another main comment has been judging my doll. I think she's beautiful. 

At first, I used to delete the hater comments but now, I'm leaving them up for all you to see. To see how mean and rude some people can be. Now don't get me wrong, the majority of my readers are the Awesomest people in the world. But some, not so kind. 

So please, stop these haters. If you see a hater comment, reply, tell the, they're being mean and that they should stop. Not just on my blog but anywhere! Haters can hurt bloggers and people and make them stop their blog/website because of the hurtful words. I almost did.


Thanks for reading, 
Noor, the hater disliker. 



Hello everyone! So I was inspired by the website Doll Diaries and decided to come up with a new thing: Sunday Showcase to replace Sewing Sunday. Here I find things from all across the web to share with you, AKA my favorite links. These are all kid friendly things (duh) so everyone can enjoy!

1. American Girl Doll Fan's Rapunzel Hairstyle

I love this hairstyle! Its sooo awesome! I can't wait to try it on Alisha. Here's the link:

2. Amelia Grace's Awesome Nature Pictures

Amelia Grace also took these awesome, awesome pictures! This frog is my favorite. Check Amelia out here:

3. Amaya's AWESOME Doll Headband Craft

Amaya over at Fun With AG Fan made these beautiful Flower Tiaras. Check out her blog to make one: (Sorry for all the AG...)

4. Kayla's Cute Dog

Kayla/ Laugh 'an Love took this super cute picture of her dog. I think she has some pretty awesome photography skills!! HER BLOG:

That's all for this week's showcase! I suggest you check out the links!

Thanks for reading,

Mother's Day Fun!

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers and their mothers!! Mother's Day is a big celebration in my house, let's see what I've done!

My gift to my mom was this doll that I made. It was a doll of her. My friend and I were joking that from the back the doll looked like the AG Saige. 

The next thing I made was a bowl of fruit. Yum! 

I couldn't get a picture of making the bread so here is the finished meal: fruit, breakfast pizza bread, and water. 

What are you doing for Mother's Day and leave a comment if you want a recipe for the bread. 

Thanks for reading,


WWE Update and Vote

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I am so excited because today at school we are having an early dismissal! Anyways, I just wanted to give a slight update on WWE. No one has entered yet so start commenting! I've also realized, what if other people see the answers from your comment? Not to worry, my comments are moderated so no one will see your answers but me. Also the goal isn't really to answer all the questions correct it is to answer most of the questions correct. Whoever answers the most questions correct wins. 

Time to vote for Free Choice Friday!!

Room Decor
American Girl


Thanks for reading,

DAILY PICTURE: I love this picture, its perfect. Mentors (not really but whatever) quotes to the tributes, love!


App Review- Kindle for iPad

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing with you, not a book review but an APP REVIEW! I haven't finished any books recently so I had none to review. Anyways, the app is called Kindle for iPad.

Kindle for iPad isn't exactly like the real Kindle, you can only read books on the app. But while you are reading, it still has all the features of a book on the real Kindle.

It's fun to mess around with the font, color, and size of the words and pages. Also, if you have trouble reading you can make the words bigger so its easier to see. 

Here's the big question: would I recommend it? As a book lover, I prefer reading books from, books! But, I know a lot of people who HATE reading from books so if you are one of those people, the Kindle app is for you.

Another question: Why should you get the app if you can get the device? One, because if you love your iPad (me) and don't want to get another device, just buy the app. Two, the app is FREE! Yay? Not really, you have to have an Amazon account and you have to buy the books from Amazon but they're usually cheaper than regular books.

What books have I read on there? Maybe this is something you don't really want to know but I'll share anyways. I have read: Percy Jackson, a demo of the Hunger Games, and Pride and Prejudice. (Yes the actual one by Jane Austen.) 

FINAL VOTE- 3 stars out of 5 stars
Anyways, don't forget to play WWE! Post from yesterday.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday's Weekly In it to Win It

Whoo, that was hard to type! Hello everyone! I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 DAYS! AAH!

I've created a new event/game for the blog! It's called Wednesday's In It To Win It event. (WWE, not the wrestling thing the blog thing.) What is this event? Let me explain. 

It's really easy, I will post some trivia questions on the blog every Wednesday and you have to try to answer the questions correctly in the comments. Whoever gets all the questions correct wins! What do you win? KNOWLEDGE! I'm just kidding. It's a surprise..... you find out next Tuesday! The competion ends next Wednesday when I announce the winner and post a new WWE post! Let's get started!

 MOVIE- In what song of Frozen does Anna go to meet Elsa in her castle? 

 SPORT- Where is the World Cup being held this year? OR Who won the Super Bowl this year? 

FOOD- When was the Hershey bar created?

 SONG- How long is the song Royals by Lorde?
CRAFT- What two main things do you need to sew? EASY!

RANDOM- What famous quote does Darth Vader say to Luke in Star Wars? 

Thanks for playing, winner will be announced on WEDNESDAY!!!

I have been getting some emails asking if Alisha can host some of the posts (Alisha is my doll.) on this blog. I'm going to have my readers vote:

B.Yes, but not every day maybe one day of the week.
C. Maybe.
D. I'm not a fan of American Girl Dolls
E. NOOOOO! I HATE AG! (Hopefully no one selects E.)

POST SCHEDULE- Here is my updated post schedule!
Monday- Opinion Posting
Tuesday- Free Choice for me
Wednesday- WWE
Thursday- Review and vote
Friday- Free Choice Friday
Saturday- Sewing Saturday
Sunday- Learn to Sew series 

Thanks for reading,


It Rained....grrr

Hello everyone! Guess what happened last night? It rained. No. I'm not happy about this. It was sunny for like the whole day and Mother Nature decided to make it rain. Boo. It stopped but everything was GROSS outside. 

No Sun for us. *sobs loudly* WHY, WHY!

I couldn't get any pictures of my rain, so here is some green rain. 

Anyways, yesterday I had a soccer game and since it was raining, the field was muddy. REALLY MUDDY. My shoe got stuck in the mud and I was running in a sock. A SOCK. It was really gross and then I fell and my whole body was just covered in mud. Like I said, really gross. At least we won our game, by one point which yours truly scored. Thank you, thank you very much.

SOOO, has it rained where you live? Do you play soccer? Leave a comment!

ALSO- VOTING TIME! Vote for today's Free Day Friday! You have until 6:00 Eastern Time to decide.
-More sewing!
-Gadget related stuff
-Even more room decor
- Or.... stuff to do on a rainy day!


Thanks for reading,

Enjoy this picture-