February Favorites

Hello everyone! Leap year hooray and the end of the lovely month of February! I haven't done a monthly favorites since November or so. This favorites is small, but I think some of the items are interesting this month.

OPI Nail Polish in "Not Tonight Honey!"

I love love this color. I'm obsessed with gold and anything gold and this color is a really neutral gold. The shine is subtle but still gorgeous. It's also fabulous quality for a drugstore brand. 

Green Apple Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

Lip scrubs have been my holy grail lately, they help with the chappiness (not a word, we'll go with it) of my lips during the cold, harsh winter. (how did Elsa keep her lips as good as she did during all that time in the cold seriously) This smells (and tastes) good too :D

Cherry Lemonade lip balm from Love and Toast

Another lip product, what a surprise, especially in the winter. This smells AMAZING LIKE woWZa. The packaging is also super adorable. It's not as moisturizing as I hoped, but the smell is just the best.

French Lavender and Honey body lotion from Bath and Body Works

don't give me that look what did you expect. I got this for a holiday gift in a set and I began using it this much and it's really getting me into spring. I just forget about the dreary, cold, dry skin inducing weather and smell the sweet flower scent. Like all BBW products, this is really moisturizing and helps with all my dry skin areas!

Neutrogena White Tea & Vitamin E face scrub

I've been breaking out a lot lately surprisingly and my mom recommended that I try a face scrub. So we stopped by and picked up this one. It smells amazing and feels really good on the skin, and you can honestly tell that it works. I highly recommend this to treat your skin. 

Aveda Volumizing Tonic hair spray

I love this stuff, it's like another holy grail product for my hair. It makes my hair super soft and gives it so much volume, especially with my thick hair type. I also find my hair super shiny, a good version

Mead Cambridge Jan-Dec 2016 Planner

I've been needing a planner like this for forever, and IT'S GOLD. It's so beautiful and fun to write in. Especially with these adorable feather pens that my aunt got for me in Bangladesh. But seriously, this planner has really helped me get organize my days, and keep everything on track. 

My Entire Fall Out Boy Playlist

because my concert is in siX daYs, I've been listening to this on repeat for ages and ages just to get in the hyped mood all month long. I mean this is like a forever favorites but I thought it deserved a special spot on this month's list. 

Airheads Xtremes Sour Strips

this is my favorite candy hands down. it's not too sour and sweet too. It makes a great Fuller House binge snack as well :)

Hope you guys enjoyed and maybe found something to look for in the stores, I highly would recommend all of these products :) 

What were some of your favorites this month? What's your thing that you need in order to survive the winter?

Thanks for reading,


Making Your Room: Fuller or Emptier

Hello everyone! After I did the little ol' Finding Your Aesthetic post, many of you requested for more room related posts.

So today I'll be showing you how to achieve that full room look (similar to mine) or the simple room aesthetic, using the same items!

Use plants

Plants are a great way to fill up a room as well as creating a minimalist look. 

Fuller: You can get cheap ones at a lot of your typical stores, my grocery store sells them. And then you can just place them all around your room and it fills up any empty space. 

Emptier: You can place a little plant on your bedside table or your desk and it will add a really nice neat touch to your space. If your area is plain, the plant will give it a little pop of color that makes a minimalist space perfect. 

Most plants like the one I have don't cost very much, this one cost around 4-5 dollars.

Fairy Lights

I got my fairy lights for 2 dollars each strand at my local craft store and I know Target always sells really interesting ones so I would check in those places! 

Fuller: You can place lights by a little picture wall and that fills up the wall. You can also layer the lights on the wall in rows. Pinterest has tons of fairy light inspiration ideas that I've used for my room.

Emptier: Place a strand of fairy lights above your bed or your desk to, just like the plant, add a little pop of light to your room and make a nice neat placement. 


because, books right. 

Fuller: If you have a little shelf or something, place a bunch of books there, as many as you can. It doesn't matter if they're organized, that gives it more of a fuller and "messy" appearance. 

I also have small books stacked on my bedside table that fills empty spaces!

Emptier: Choosing books that match together is the key. Especially if the covers are mostly black/white. You can place these on your bedside table in a neater fashion. 

Black and White Quotes

Honestly you would think this would be more for the "emptier" side but no actually I've found it can really fill up a room. 

Fuller: Just add a bunch of black and white quotes to a wall and it can look really cool, like a wall of words. If any of you try it, let me know because I think it would look gorgeous. 

Emptier: Basically do the opposite of above. Add a couple quotes to the wall, separated from each other. Black and white especially helps to make a room look very minimalistic, it's neutral. 

Other Tips

Here are some other little ideas to fill or empty your room!

-LOADS of pictures. I just print a bunch of pictures out.
-A fun bedset. Your bedset could be patterned, beds always make a room seem more full. 
-Lots of little organization things. You can be organized but have the bins take up space too!

-BLACK AND WHITE. just yes. 
-and framed stuff because that looks neat yay. 

I hoped this helped some of you, a lot of you enjoyed the other room aesthetic post so this should also help. I suck at conclusions like I've always sucked at conclusions I apologize. 

What's your room type? Full or empty? How do you want your room to be like? 

Also very important: is the correct grammar form, fuller or more full? my parents and I are having a legit argument over this help 

Thanks for reading,


The Harry Potter Spell Tag

Hello everyone! So I was browsing the internet and found this very interesting tag. And since it was a Harry Potter related tag, I decided to try it out, here we go!

1) Expecto Patronum - A childhood book connected to good memories. 

The Ivy & Bean series! I used to read this series in 1st/2nd grade along with my best friend and we adored it and tried everything to be like Ivy and Bean.

I remember particularly that there was one book that was where Ivy and Bean took a blood oath so me and my friend gathered in the shed and tried to take a blood oath but we backed out at the last second, also because my mom caught us... yikes.

2) Expelliarmus - A book that took you by surprise. 

The Battle of the Sun by Jeanette Winterson. I was sitting there, minding my own little business and WHAM Winterson threw this GIANT plot twist at me.

Do you ever just sit there holding your book tightly, re reading that one little section trying to figure out what the heck just happened. 

3) Prior Incantato - The last book you read.

Cress by Marissa Meyer. I'm attempting to finish the Lunar Chronicles soon. As some of you may remember, I didn't necessarily enjoy Scarlet as much as I enjoyed Cinder but as I read through Cress, I think it might be able to renew Scarlet's mistakes. 

4) Alohomora - A book that introduced you to a genre that you hadn't considered before.

Hm, this is a difficult one but I'd have to say: My Name Is Not Friday by Jon Walter. I recently reread this book after a while as I simply adored it the first time I read it. 

It really introduced me to my interest in the Civil War/discrimination and also into historical fiction more. I love reading books that relate to the harder parts in history, especially when it gives you a better understanding of that period in time and I felt My Name Is Not Friday really did that for me. 

5) Riddikulus - A funny book you read. 

Eh, you see I don't really read books relating to comedy. But I could choose The Mortal Instruments as most of my tears while reading that series not only resulted from sadness but from laughter as well. 

But I could also say Fangirl, since that was a hilarious book in many aspects. 

6) Sonorus - A book you think everyone should know about. 

AHH THIS IS SO HARD WHY? I have two: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and The School For Good and Evil by Soman Chainani which I feel people know about but just haven't read?

7) Obliviate - A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read. 

THIS MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE: The Scorch Trials/Death Cure by James Dashner. The first book was good, I mean I enjoyed it thoroughly and I was excited to read the next few books but

it was just wrong? Like it was so confusing and nothing really made sense. I just couldn't finish The Death Cure I DNFed it when you-know-who died.

8) Imperio - A book you had to read for school.

Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie. This was a middle grade, but fantastic book. I loved it except for the obnoxious work that paired with it. I was really fascinated with the plot and the author's idea for it.

I cried a couple times during it, I believe it was the author's debut novel and he did a wonderful job writing it. The character development was like amazing and I was quite surprised with the ending, not because of the big plot twist, but because I thought a different big plot twist would happen, but it actually didn't happen.

9) Crucio - A book that was painful to read.

The entire Matched series. IT WAS JUST SO CRINGE. It was everything that could be possibly wrong with a book in one series.

You know all those fantasy sci-fi cliches? From the main character being a caucasian female, to the love triangles, to the plague. Yeah it was all there. It was just so painful.

g l e e 

10) Avada Kedavra - A book that could kill. (interpret as you will.)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. need i say more? no. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tag, I thought it was such a cute lil thing and i just had to take part!

Ok, I tag everyone who can tell me their favorite Harry Potter spell in the comments! Enjoy this tag, and let me know if you do it. 

Thanks for reading,

(I didn't create this tag but I could not discover the original creator, sorry!)


What My Parents Have Done For Me

Hello everyone! Today I was on the bus ride home, watching some Buzzfeed videos and I came across this one:

This video shows children of Asian immigrant parents explain what sacrifices their parents have made for them. 

It really hit home, close to the heart and I cried like a baby on the bus. Of course, I ran off the bus when my stop came and hugged my parents. 

But it really got me thinking what my parents have done for me, what sacrifices they've made for me, and what things I've done that make me ashamed. 


My mother and father are both first generation immigrants, my dad coming from Bangladesh and my mom coming from Pakistan. They came here for an education, where they met in Hawaii. 

They did come for an education, not for me as I was born here, but the thing is, they stayed here for me. We live in a small town, nothing really big. But they stayed in this small town for me to receive my education. They could have easily left, but they didn't. 

I think about all my parents could have accomplished if I wasn't born, and it honestly makes me depressed. I think of all the thousands of dollars that they spent on me to give me the best life that I could have. My dad gave up his millionaire status when I was 2-3 to pay for my ear surgery. My dad wanted to move to LA and become a film director, my mom wanted to take up full time research in Pakistan. But they didn't move, because of me. 

Naturally, I wish that I hadn't been born to give my parents all the opportunities that they wanted. Why did they do this for me? What's so special about me? But they love me. I'm their child, their everything and they'd give up anything for me. Everyone's parents would. 

The fact that I know my parents would sacrifice everything for me is insane. The thought that they would die to save me if they had to is insane. I don't think about this enough often. And everyone should think about this at least once before you say how much you hate your parents for taking away your phone for 2 days. 

When I was a little bit younger, possibly 8-10, I used to hate my religion. I couldn't do things other kids did, and I couldn't do certain things when I grew up, like drink alcohol. I used to be ashamed when I would reveal that I was Muslim. Now, I'm ashamed to even remember that I used to think that way, about my faith, just because some people thought it wasn't a good religion. 

I think about how ungrateful I can be sometimes. The fact that I have all this faith surrounding me but I was ashamed of it. The fact that I don't appreciate that my parents came to a foreign land and stayed here for me enough. The fact that I don't appreciate my parents enough period. 

Go hug your mom. Your dad. The person who takes care of you. Remember all they have done for you. Even if they're not immigrant parents, they've made so many sacrifices for you. Just always remember that. 

What's the biggest sacrifice your parents have made for you? Did you just go and hug your caretaker? If not, do that right now.  

Thanks for reading,


my personality

this outfit IS my personality. 

half black, half pink. I mean, I don't like pink that much but it sort of represents my "girliness", the side that's obsessed with 'girly' things on Pinterest and trying makeup and doing outfit posts.

Then the other side is black, the one that's like "emo", if you will. 

But I feel like there's only like 30% of the human race that is completely one side or the other. We all get girly sometimes and we all get in the other mood, the "i don't care, I'm freakin awesome"/emo.

Most of us aren't "black" or "white". We're like grey I suppose. In the middle of it all. 

so whether you're more on the white side, the black side, or grey; right in the middle, you're great and so is your personality. 

some action shots. featuring: the balance, the twirl, the balance pt 2, the kawaii, the dan howell peace signs, and the windy hair thing. 

Hello everyone! it was literally SEvEnTy DEGREES outside. ITS THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY THIS never HAPPENS. So I took the opportunity and went and took some pictures!

This outfit is like hot topic addict meets ballerina wannabe idk. And then I paired it with Converse and I thought: yes okay this is okay. 

I used my tripod! You got to see different parts of my backyard. And I took some action shots, they didn't make their own individual pictures but they got their own collage.
My neighbors were watching me doing this and I didn't realize until like 10 minutes later xD

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this, these pictures were really fun to shoot :)

Thanks for reading,


Thoughts At The Library

Hello everyone! Continuing with the "Thoughts.." series,  I've decided to do a "Thoughts at the Library" post, since a lot of insane thoughts pile through my head as I pile books into my arms at the library. I think most of us can relate to this, especially if you're a broke book hoarder like me.

Where's the YA section?


*opens Goodreads on phone* This one's on my TBR, this one's not, BUT I CAN ADD IT. 

*looks for author's name* THEY DON'T HAVE THE BOOK? How am I supposed to complete my monthly TBR?  I'll have to spend money on a book now. 

This book seems lame, it has a cool cover though. I'll take it. 

I don't need all these. Meh they're free. 

A BOOK NO ONE HAS REVIEWED? I can be the first one and be super cool. Yes. 

I can take some nice pictures with this book. 


My arms are starting to hurt, they should really have carts in this place. 

Me: *screams when I see book I want* Random girl: *side eye glances at me* What? People go crazy over books. You'd be like this if you saw Justin Bieber in public or something. 

*looks at the back of a book, puts back on shelf* There's not enough books about dragons. 


*sees person picking up book I don't like* *stares in horror* *wants to stop them from making a huge mistake in their bookish life* *is too awkward*

*stares at pile of books* Do I really need all these books? Will I finish these all in the time I'm given? Haha, there's always renewal!

Librarian, staring at all my books: are you sure you can check out all these books? Me: Oh yeah! I'm like 80% I can fit all these in my mom's car...

There you have it! Let me know if you can relate to these!

Are you more of a book buying person or a library person? What things do you do at the library?

Thanks for reading,


Don't Be Mopey on Valentine's Day

Hello everyone! Potterfest is postponed, the post I was planning to do today requires me to go outside and do things and it is currently 1 degree outside so no thanks.

tomorrow is Valentine's Day. and honestly I couldn't care less ahah. But I'm not gonna be a Debby Downer, because I am NOT one of those people, and I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't be one of those people.

Chances're not going to be single forever. Especially if you're 15+ plus. If you're under 15 well I see no reason why you should be one of those people.

So maybe you should live it up. Because being single means you don't have to live up to someone's expectations, or give them gifts, spend your money on them. Being single means you don't have to love anyone but your immediate family.

Don't give me that: "I'm alone" crap. Do you have friends? Do you have family? Do you have books? Do you have Netflix? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then girl, you aren't alone.

Go call up some people, invite them over, skype them, especially if they're alone on V-Day because they've probably been waiting for someone to call them up and talk to them. You're doing yourself and them a favor.

Or you can just forget its Valentine's Day, enjoy the cheap chocolate and go on with your day to day activities, like it's just some ordinary day.

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY. No one's stopping you. Make the DIYs, create the drinks, have fun with it, you can rock your Valentine's Day. Because you can love YOURSELF. Take yourself out on a date.

And if people judge you for liking Valentine's Day, screw em.

YOU CAN ALSO HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. If you think Valentine's Day is just a holiday that stores made up to sell you stuff like I do, that's fine. Pretend it's just a random ol' day in your life.

BUT. please don't ruin someone's else's day by saying you think it's stupid. Honestly, that's just mean and could really hurt someone. So try and keep that opinion to yourself :)

so you hate Valentine's Day because you don't have a valentine. And you're sitting around, watching old love movies and crying. no, okay that's not okay.

Because if you really want to have a valentine, you aren't going to get one by sitting around and sobbing about it. You gotta go get it.

Don't ruin your day by being sad and mopey, don't be one of those people. Be one of those other people and rock your Valentine's Day :)

You may watch those old movies, but you may NOT cry and pity yourself about it. capiche?

Have a nice Valentine's Day guys <3 Or just have a great Sunday!

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day? V-Day = yes or no for you? 

Thanks for reading,


Potterfest Day 6 - How To Be Hermione Granger

Hello students! Today's Potterfest post is sort of a life post, to help you students enhance your life. We all want to be Hermione Granger. Don't lie, we ALL wanna be Hermione Granger. So here are some full proof ways to become Hermione Granger.

1) Don't care about what other people think of you.

Sassy Hermione Granger may have started out being a bit self conscious, but as the books went on, she couldn't care less about what her peers thought of her.

Do things that make you happy, be someone that you want and if someone doesn't like the way you are, ditch 'em, they aren't worth your time. Hermione was called a know-it-all, but that did not stop her from answering questions in class, getting good grades, or doing other things that contributed to people calling her a "know-it-all". You shouldn't stop doing things you like if someone else is teasing you about it. In fact, you should do those things even more, just to rub it in their faces a bit.

2) Be logical and try to approach things in a mature way.

Hermione always does things maturely, and whenever she has to tackle a difficult problem, she does things logically, and never takes a shot in the dark. 

We can all get immature sometimes, even Hermione does. But when things need to be taken seriously, it's important that you work your hardest on them, and really think deeply, like Hermione always does. And try not to mess around when you're not supposed to. You're Hermione Granger, and Hermione Granger does not mess around.

3) Always be there for your friends.

No matter what they said or did, Hermione was always there for her friends in their time of need. That's the kind of attitude everyone needs to have. Your friends are your friends, and if they are really your friends, then they don't really mean the mean things that they say.

Stick up for them, or defend them against dragons or mountain trolls, your pick. 

4) Believe in yourself.

Hermione always believed in herself, and the one of the many reasons why she was beautiful was because she knew it. You have to know that you can do something, know that you're beautiful. Because only then will you truly be beautiful. Beauty doesn't come from someone else's compliments, it comes from your compliments to yourself. 

5) Be awesome.

Because you're Hermione Granger and you're amazing. 

How does it feel to be Hermione Granger? Pretty great huh. So for 5 points to your House, tell me in the comments: Besides Hermione, if you could be anyone from Harry Potter, who would it be?

Let me know your House as well so I can award you the points!

Sadly, there's only two posts left of Potterfest BUT, they're extra exciting so woohoo!

By the way, Ravenclaw is still in the lead.

Thanks for reading,


Potterfest Day 5 - Quidditch

HELLO STUDENTS! Tis the day of Quidditch! The day where you can fight for your team. This Quidditch is a bit different. You will be playing a Seeker, and in this Google Forms below you will answer questions that will get you to the top. So go ahead and fill it out:

OKAY! So comment something random below, and when I've checked your answers, I will let you know if you've won! Every right answer is worth 5 points, last question is worth 10, and if you get them all right, you get 30!

GOOD LUCK! Ravenclaw is still in first, BUT! Gryffindor still only 10 points behind :O

Thanks for reading,


Potterfest Day 4 - Defense Against The Dark Arts

Hello students! Welcome back to class, today we will be shifting over to DADA! Today's lesson is on the ever so interesting topic of dementors.

As many know, dementors are creatures that suck your soul, take out every single happy moment from your body. But we will learn how to send them back, using our Patronus. To figure out what your Patronus is, take this simple quiz:

1) Choose your favorite spell:

a) Accio
b) Wingardium Leviosa
c) Lumos
d) Stupefy
e) Crucio

2) Who's your Hogwarts crush?

a) Hermione Granger
b) Cedric Diggory
c) Luna Lovegood
d) Seamus Finnigan
e) Tom Riddle

3) What's your Quidditch position?

a) Chaser
b) Seeker
c) Keeper
d) I'm on the sidelines.
e) Beater

4) Do you fear death?

a) meh, sort of
b) yes yes yes
c) not really, although I can't stand to think about it
d) nah
e) I cause death.

5) What's your favorite class?

a) Charms
b) Herbology
c) Transfiguration
d) Potions
e) i hate school.

6) What's your Hogwarts House?

a) Gryffindor
b) Hufflepuff
c) Slytherin
d) Ravenclaw

Mostly A's- A Labrador Retriever
Mostly B's- A Phoenix
Mostly C's- A Swan
Mostly D's- A Fox
Mostly E's- A Cheetah


Tell me below what your Patronus is, what House you are in AND: What's your happiest memory? Comment all these below for 10 POINTS!

STANDINGS: Ravenclaw in first but Gryffindor ONLY 10 points behind! Slytherin 20 points behind Gryffindor and Hufflepuff 30 points behind Slytherin. Good luck :D

Thanks for reading,


Potterfest Day 3 - Triwizard Tournament

Hello students! Today in Potterfest, you will be competing in our own little school Triwizard Tournament!

Basically, you will be entering a maze. And in the maze you will come across riddles, and turns, and questions. At these stopping points will be two links, one paired with an answer, that decided which way to go. Click on the link of your answer and read what's written on the page and follow the instruction. Do NOT lie and look at both pages. Good luck! If you reach the finish, comment the answer to the last question in the comments. Remember, there will be tricks along the way, so use your skills! BEGIN!

As you walk down the long, dark depths of the maze, you stop at a fork. The first challenge of the road. You can take right or left. You feel warmth coming from the left and the smell of the ocean coming from the South. Which route do you take?

Left     Right

You keep going, either happy from your new riches or disappointed from your loss. Nonetheless, you keep walking. Suddenly, you come across a paper on the ground. It reads: To pass this barrier you must answer this simple question: What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die? You think of your answer and think it in your brain. There comes another fork in the road. Choose a pathway. 

Left    Right 

You come out. But out comes a dragon, swooping down. If you still have your wand,  you shoot it with a blast of flames. If you do not have your wand, you have been shot with a blast of fire, and you jet up in flames. Another choice has appeared. You can either choose to hit the portkey on the left or the portal on the right. 

Left   Right

You tread carefully, as you can hear yells coming from the distance. Soon you are faced with 2 large mountain trolls, making their way near you. You:

Attack them, like Harry Potter did      Try to sneak around them stealthily.

As you come back sweating from your fight, you decide to take a break and sit down. But as you do, you feel the hedge sucking you in, what do you do?

Shoot a flame at it          Don't do anything

When you escape, you see the Cup glowing in the distance. You laugh and run but there's an invisible barrier in the way. There's another piece of parchment lying on the ground. Because I Ronald Weasley have developed this glorious maze, it is only natural that I would have added a question concerning yours truly. When is my birthday? (you may look this up)

March 1st no the link isn't broken               November 24th 

In addition to clicking the links, you must comment your answer below to win the 100 points! Don't forget to comment your house as well!

Good luck! Ravenclaw is still in the lead as of yesterday's challenge.

Thanks for reading,


Potterfest Day 2 - History of Magic

Hello students! Welcome to Day 2 of our lovely Potterfest! Today's class will be History of Magic. No no, don't groan, I gave old Binns the day off and you have a guest professor, a young girl from my very own novel: Professor Kristin Jahames!

The wonderful Professor Jahames has managed to track down one of the Wizarding World's most famous heroes, HARRY POTTER! The honorable Mr.Potter agreed to come up today and allow you to ask him some questions. So I'll hand it over to Professor Jahames. (Whenever I need to make an interruption I'll say it in italics.)

Erm, you can just call me Kristin. Or Kris, if you'd like. Professor Kris. Yeah, yeah, Professor alright whatever.

I don't really do magic, I come from a realistic fiction novel you see but I have read Harry Potter so um. Presenting Mr. Harry Potter! Why did I choose you, Laila would have done a much better job. Shush, I'm doin good.

H: Ah yes, hello young students of Hogwarts, tis I.

K: Welcome back to Hogwarts Mr. Potter sir! I'm trying to hold in my fangirl ahah.

H: Yes it's great to be back. So Ms. Kristin Jahames, you have some questions for me perhaps? I always love to inform young students on the terror of Lord Voldemort, and how he may return one day. Beware children.

K: Ah yes Mr. Potter, but alas I do not wish to scare the students. We do have questions for you though. I'll begin, I suppose. They all seem a tad bit too shy. Well, I shall ask the question that we have all been wondering. What is it like to be the biggest name in the book world? As a part of a book that has not yet been published... Don't look so disappointed! I'm still working you.

H: *laughs* Well, since I was young I've learned not to let the pain.. er fame get to my head. It feels normal, except for the fact that I get hoarded constantly on the streets.

K: That sounds wonderful! How I long to live your life... we still got a long way to go.. *grumbles* Anyway, what's up with Ron and Hermione these days? Haven't heard from them since they went to receive their official branding on the chocolate frog cards!

H: Oh busy away! Both working, harder than ever! Hermione has been busy with all these interviews, and of course, writing her book on her account of the Second War. Ron on the other hand, drowning in fame, in the good way of course. He's living the life!

K: Typical of Ron and Hermione! But good for them nonetheless. What tips do you have for these new students? I'm sure they'd love a piece of advice from good ol' Harry.

H: Study, follow your dreams, don't let bullies get to you and: Stay alive. And don't do anything stupid. And don't try to do anything I did, it was pure luck.

K: I'm sure it wasn't all luck, you're an extraordinary wizard! All the feats! You have a First Class Order of Merlin! Surely, that's not luck!

H: Maybe not, but I always had help from my friends. Oh, of course, another tip, stick together.

H: Well, I must be going now but er, if you have any questions young ones, send me an owl, or a comment down below.

K: That's all for me, I do say that went well. Yeah yeah, get back in the book.  You better finish me at some point.

Thanks Kristin and Mr. Potter for joining us! If you have any questions for Harry, leave them down below. I'll send over an owl and reply to you with his answer! 5 points awarded for each question asked.


HOUSE RANKINGS: Ravenclaw in first, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tied for second, and Slytherin in third! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Thanks for reading,

Check last post to be sorted!


Potterfest Day 1 - Sorting

Hello everyone! It's officially the first day in my little Potterfest! Today, you all will be sorted into your Houses.

Okay, a while back, I wrote a post on a quiz to sort you into your house! So to find your house, click here! Don't lie about your House, it makes everything boring :P

So now, comment below which House you are in and I'll put you up here! You have until tomorrow to sort yourselves ;)





But wait, that's not all! At the end of each post, you will receive a task to complete (it'll be very simple) and you can earn a certain amount of points with it. This post will be a little different as each house will receive a separate task, to see if they're really worthy to be in their house.

So in the comments, I want you to tell me, your house and answer the question that fits with your House, to the best of your abilities:

Gryffindor: Tell me the bravest thing you've ever done, and your motivation to do it.

Ravenclaw: What would you do if a dragon attacked you? You have your wand, and you're in the forest. Good luck ;)

Hufflepuff: Give me the best quality that you look for in a friend. Also, what would make you ditch that friend?

Slytherin: What's the best prank you've ever done? and/or make up a prank using magic! (i am in no way implying that Slytherins are all pranksters, I thought that this would be fun)

Alright, every time someone answers, you get 10 points to your House! Good luck, may the best House win this challenge!

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2 Years of A Little Bit of Sunshine

Hello everyone! 2 years. 2 yEaRs. Can you believe it? I can't!

2 years ago on February 5th, 2014, I published my first post, not knowing where I was going or if I was even going to keep this blog. I did. and it was one of the best things I've ever done.

Back then, I was Adventures of a Wonder Kid. A 9 year old girl, a 5th grader, trying to make her voice. I found Kids' Blog Club, did a guest post and it all went good from there.

I met new friends, experimented with new things, improved my writing and grew my blog! I learned how to computer code and designed my own blog!

Then I changed it to My Amazing Life Being 10, as I was 10 years old at the time. And my blog grew even more! I started using a proper camera, and put more time into my posts and blogging.

1 year of blogging came along, with my 40 followers in hand I switched to A Little Bit of Sunshine and that's when I got serious about blogging. I knew it was something I loved to do and would work to not give it up.

A couple months later I hit 100 followers, one of the biggest milestones in my blogging career.  It was amazing and I remember how wowed I felt.

Now I'm sitting here, 2 years later, and 2 years (almost 3 ;0) older, writing my two year blogiversary post. And wow, in 2014, I couldn't even dream about getting 132 followers, or getting 100 pageviews, MUCH less 62,000. But here I am. And it's thanks to you guys.

A lot of people in our blogging world kept me going, and it would take the whole post to list them all. But if you've ever commented, read a post, or even if I've commented on your blog, you are part of this list for sure :D

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride, and I hope you'll still be here for the third year. In this year of blogging, I really hope to expand my blog and help it grow even more, there's still a long way to go :)

Anyway, in honor of this occasion, I'm having a little 'challenge' ;)

We all love Harry Potter. So in honor, starting Sunday, I'm dedicating an ENTIRE week to Harry Potter! Next post, you all will be sorted into your houses and for the whole week, I'm posting stuff relating to Harry Potter and in each post will be a challenge where you can earn 'points' for your House. It's really simple and I think it's going to be loads of fun. I'm super excited to get this started! I'm sure you guys will have lots of fun too :D

But here's to another year of A Little Bit of Sunshine, I hope it keeps going, and I hope all of your blogs do too :)

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Bookish TMI Tag

Hello everyone! I was watching my favorite booktuber, Jesse the Reader and I found this amazing book related TMI Tag! So I thought it could be fun if I tried it! Let's a go :D

1) What fictional character has the best style?

Isabelle Lightwood oh my gosh like black is back. She always rocks every outfit, and those BOOTS.

2)Your book girlfriend/boyfriend/ fictional crush?

DRACO MALFOY HANDS. DOWN. gOrgEoUS human being oh my

3)Ever loved a character but than started hating them?

yikes. yes? Gale from THG...I'm pretty sure we all did.

4)Biggest/Longest book on your shelf?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I'm like 95% sure.

5)Heaviest book on your shelf?

I think either Mockingjay that's like really huge hardcover. Either that or The Search For Wondla.

6)Do you have any book posters?

A lot of THG ones from magazines. I don't have HP posters, but I have like pictures. Does that count?

7)Do you have any book themed jewelry?

Yup, a couple Mockingjay pins and a WHOLE lotta Deathly Hallows stuff...

8)Book OTP?

DRaMIonE ahahah. don't hate me (hermione x draco)

9)Favorite book series?

Harry Potter why is that a question. The Mortal Instruments is a close second..

10)Favorite Book-to-movie soundtrack?


11)A book story you miss/ wish would continue?
Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, and probably a Wrinkle in Time, they were all amazing worlds that I just felt a part of you know?

12)Favorite stand-alone?

A Wrinkle in Time, Fangirl, or Eleanor and Park. Rainbow Rowell man.

13)Since when do you read books?

I started reading when I was 3 but I think I got into reading like in love when I was 6?

14)Which Hogwarts house are you in?

Ravenclaw, definitely. I feel like whenever anyone says that they sound self centered. But I love solving puzzles and using my brain.

15)Quality you look for in a book?

Makes me feel something. I have to feel sad, happy, mad. (not annoyance because I hate the book though, that's sort of a different story)

16)Favorite book quote

Big surprise, it's from Harry Potter. "We've all got light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on." - Sirius Black

17)Favorite author?
You expect me to say JK Rowling but honestly it's either Cassie Clare or Rainbow Rowell :P

18)Favorite book cover?

Either the Harry Potter covers that I have now (the new ones by Kazu Kabushi) or.. oh dear I can't choose ahaha

19)Action or Romance?

Action, I don't like mushy gushy stuff.

20)Where do you go when a sad moment happens?

my bed and sob. simple.

21)How long do you need to finish a book?

an hour to a week, depends on the book. If there's a lot of sad moments, I tend to take breaks and calm down. 

22)How long is your mourning period?

3 hours or so, eat ice cream, cry, read fanfics, browse tumblr, repeat. 

23)Least favorite Book?

the ENTIRE Matched series. It was awful like I finished the series, but it was dreadful.

24)Turn on in a character?

CHARM AND SASS AND CLEVER LINES. I don't care if you're a good character or not, if you've got class, I'm yours.

25)Turn off in a character?

26)Reason i joined blogging

because I thought it would be fun, if I sat here and said it all it would taking me an entire post. that can wait.

27)Name a scary book?
oh I'm not big on horror, so no I have no clue. 

28)Last book that made you cry?

If I Stay oops, I just read it so *sobs*

29)Last book that you gave 5 stars?

Oh no I can't remember, it's been a while. I think Cinder by Marissa Meyer..

30)Any favorite book titles?

ALL OF THE TMI TITLES I just thought they were pleasing I don't know.

31)Last book you read?

HP and the Order of the Phoenix just because it was right there and I needed some dose of HP.

32)Book you're currently reading?

Nothing, I'm deciding which one on my TBR to read so.. and I'm going to the library so that adds to the big list of choices.

33)Last book adaptation you watched?

The Book Thief, it wasn't bad actually. 

34)A book character you always wanted to talk to?

ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD MAN or Minerva McGonagall. 

35)An author you always wanted to talk to?

JK ROWLING I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. She's like queen also but I need to talk to her over tea like that would be my chance to feel British ahhh.

36)Favorite Book snack?
tea. or cookies. or both. I don't really know, it depends on my mood honestly. 

37)Book world you want to live in?

Harry Potter tbh, it seems amazing and I'd obviously be a witch. 

38)Book world you DON’T want to live in?

the hunger games I thought this was obvious. The Maze Runner could be pretty sucky too.

39)Last time you smelled a book?

my friend wanted to know what our science textbook smelled like so. 

40)Weird insults used in books?

I can't think of one right now, I'll have to get back to you on this one.

41)Favorite romance book?

ehehhehe If I Stay? I don't know, like I said I don't like romance too much. 

42)Do you write?

yes although I don't know if I'm good at it xD

43)Favorite magical item?
A seraph blade would be good, but a wand of course.

44)Your quidditch position?

Chaser, I make the goals man. 

45)Name a song you connect to a book

"Immortals" by Fall Out Boy, with The Mortal Instruments. Definitely, a lot of people came back from the death there. 

46)Favorite book related chat up line?

I must need Occlumency because I can't get you out of my mind!

47)Have you ever used it?

As a joke yes, actually. 

48)Favorite book fandom?
Harry Potter we're amazing like COME ON. We ALWAYS come back. 

49)How many books do you own?

50-80? I'm not actually sure xD

50)Who do you tag?

Everyone who can tell me what Hogwarts House they think they'd be in!

Thanks for reading,