Blogtober Day 30 - October Favorites

Hello everyone! I've been waiting for this prompt all month, and I forgot about it. Therefore, I don't have any pictures, I'm very sorry guys :( Here are my favorites from this month :D

The Mortal Instruments series
I bet you all saw this coming. I am obsessed with this series, it has officially tied with Harry Potter. I know, gasp, but I love it so freakin much <3
Hot Topic Tees
This should be my obsession every month but I went to Hot Topic earlier in the month and got loads of shirts. So I've been practically wearing them every single day of the week.
Soft Lips Chapstick
Seriously, this chapstick is my favorite thing ever. It leaves my lips super soft and smelling really good. It also lasts fairly long and my lips stay nice for most of the school day, which is very important for me.
The Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco
I talked about this in my Recent Music Favorites post. I really love this song. It's fun and upbeat and just really amazing. Welcome to the end of eras, ice has melted back to life.
Ref - Pentatonix
THE NEW ALBUM I CAN'T EVEN. AND THIS SONG. IT'S SO CATCHY. They all slay, especially Kirstie with her bit, oh my she's queen. There's a couple things you can't erase, you learn your place from your mistakes.
-I'm going to see Fall Out Boy on March 6th squee!
-The Meet and Greet tickets sold out in like 20 seconds so that made me sad :P
-I've been more happier lately and that's making my health better and just me better in general so yay for happiness xD
I hope you enjoyed that favorites post! I love to write these, and I also love to read these so I hope you feel like same way :)
I wonder what the new month will bring, hopefully happiness and lots of fun! We still have one day left of October, the best day of October! So let's celebrate October and get excited for November and...turkeys?
Have a happy early Halloween guys and have a great November :D
Thanks for reading,


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    1. Thank you Elsie! Happy Halloween to you too :)

  2. Happy Halloween Noor! Awww, I'm glad that you enjoy my post about SPOILERS! Have a wonderful day! :)

    anna | annaish

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  4. HOLY COW YOU LOVE PENTATONIX TOO??? Kirstie def. slays in Ref, doesn't she? And I lovelovelove Water! Her voice is per.fect for it. :D

    Felicia Kathryn from :)


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