Chill Out Broski: 39 Things To Do To Release Stress

Hello everyone! Feeling down? Happens to the best of us my dude. (i really need to stop) I compiled a little list of simple things you can do to feel better/less stressed. These are things I find useful during my times of stress (which is pretty much 90% of the time). Enjoy!


1) watch a show that's comforting - smile!
2) drink some water / green tea - they're known to brighten your mood
3) take a 30-60 minute nap - you'll feel refreshed
4) moisturize!! - your body will feel soft
5) look out the window and think about how beautiful the world is
6) draw something, even if you don't think you're good at art, make it simple
7) listen to some happy music, or any music - something that makes you feel good
8) eat something nice, especially if you haven't in a while - treat yo self
9) write in a journal, especially if something is bothering you
10) be your own best friend for a little bit

11) organize your files (it makes you feel accomplished!!)
12) do some running or exercise, being healthy makes you happy
13) buy something nice for yourself, something that makes you happy
14) talk to someone you trust
15) open your curtains and let the light in
16) stand outside for a couple minutes if the weather is alright and appreciate
17) improve your mind: read some books, listen to some music
18) have a little dance party

19) make a list of things you're greatful for
20) try some of those little meditation things
21) focus on your breathing
22) lay on the floor for a little bit
23) make sure your meals are sufficient
24) learn a new skill
25) turn your phone off for a little bit
26) forgive, let some pressure off your chest
27) make a homemade body care item
28) drink a smoothie (so good)
29) scroll through a relaxing website (Pinterest is good)
30) write some thank you notes to people you love + care about
31) hygiene is so important
32) reward yourself

33) create a vision board
34) have an at home spa day
35) take a long hot shower
36) hug a pillow like it's your best friend
37) if you don't want to draw something, color something instead
38) make a "things I love" list
39) watch some reality TV, you'll get a laugh

Alright I hope y'all enjoyed and let me know what you do to relax when the day has been tough! I could use your tips :D

Thanks for reading,

We Need More Representation in Young Adult Novels (Seriously.)

Hello everyone! Long time no bookish post! This is a little topic that I have been meaning to address, but I just haven't come around to doing it. A lot of bloggers have talked about it before, and it really means a lot to me, so I'll tackle the topic and perhaps get something out of it!

To find inspiration for this post, I took a trip to my bookshelf and glanced at my books, marking down every book that has a caucasian protagonist. The majority of books on my shelf fit this criteria. And don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that there are books out there with POC MCs, but the books that I looked at were among the most popular of their genre.

Let's look at the most popular children/young adult series:

Harry Potter? The only POC that I can think of off the top of my head were Dean Thomas, Angelina Johnson, Cho Chang, and the Patil twins, aka not enough. The three main characters however, were all caucasian.

Divergent? Again, off the top of my head, just Christina.

The Mortal Instruments? Does Isabelle count?

The Hunger Games? Rue. That's pretty much it.

Is it that difficult to write in some POC main characters? Our world is progressing, and especially with all the hatred going on and the extreme racism in the United States, it would do authors some good to represent other races and cultures. And perhaps educate their readers on sharing the love with everyone in the world.

In addition to that, young adult novels are obviously directed towards.. young adults. Shouldn't we be taught to be more open minded? Taught that not all heroes are caucasian girls? And it's sort of the reality as well, all of these amazing women POC scientists are left in the dust, even though they've done so much for our scientific world.

new thing: beyonce gifs

Caucasian female should not be the norm for a main character.

How about we open it up even more and say women in general aren't being represented enough in Hollywood, or in comic books?

Why do all the female superheroes have to wear tight suits and put "girl" somewhere in their name? Why is Superman called "Man" but then we have this TV show called "Supergirl"? Lame.

And why can't we see more kickbutt female heroes in movies that girls can look up to?

There's so much we can fix, and it can start with the arts. So you, my little amazing writer friends out there, next time you start planning out your characters, see if you can fit a few different characters, and be the start of something new. I see you.

In short, the three biggest reasons why we should see more diversity are:

1. Everyone deserves to be represented
2. Our world is diverse and so our books should be too.
3. Why not?

What are your opinions on this slightly controversial topic? Ooo and just for fun, come up with your own kickbutt female superhero and tell me in the comments! 

Love you all <3

Thanks for reading,


Three Years of A Little Bit of Sunshine




I'm thrilled I'm amazed how did I get this far explain explain

I made this blog 3 years ago on February 5th, 2014. And boy has it grown. I've watched it bloom, wilt a little, but it has never failed to make me happy and be a huge part in my life. 

I've invested a lot of time, thought, and MAGICAL IDEAS into this blog and it's paid off. IT IS A POT OF MAGICAL IDEAS. 3 YEARS WORTH OF MAGICAL IDEAS. 

I've been a faltering blogger for the past two months, maybe I don't deserve to have this blog for long but then I look back at my old posts. I cringe a little (a lot. IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING BUT LOOK IT BROUGHT ME THIS FAR K) but I also realize that I love this blog. Tis my baby, it goes to preschool this year. And my posts showed that I love this blog, or I hope. 

THIS BLOG HAS G R O W N. And so have I. I celebrated my 10th, 11th, and 12th and soon 13th (!!) birthday with this blog and all of y'all. I spent all of middle school with this blog. WOW. 

And my posts have changed, they've gotten better, and maybe worse, but they've changed! And it's kind of neat because I'll always know what I was like three years ago, based on my posts. I was a strange thing. I still am. No doubt about it. 

My follower increase rate went down, I don't blame yall I was so inconsistent. This wasn't my best year for blogging, but it just motivates me to keep it up and be RLY SERIOUS about this. BUT NOT TOO SERIOUS. Cupcakes are better that seriousness. And I'd rather my blog have cupcakes. Especially pumpkin ones but they don't sell them during the winter smh why. 

I guess I'll do that stat thing, keep up a tradition amiright?







Okay what that's actually insane I think I'm crying wow.


WAIT before I go I'd like to thank. 

every blog i follow
every blogger i've emailed
every blogger whose blog i've commented on
every reader
every follower

YOU MEAN WORLDS TO ME <333 (yes worlds as in MULTIPLE worlds)

Thanks for reading (for 3 years!)