Blogtober Day 8 - Favorite Things To Do in October

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday :D I have a 4 day weekend, hooray! More time to read xD Anyways, today's prompt for Blogtober is Favorite Things To Do in October. This is going to be a pretty long list so let's get into it :)

Going apple picking

I actually did this not very long ago! There are some little family run farms nearby that have apple orchards and going apple picking is a family activity that we do every fall! It's always super fun and sometimes we'll race to see who can pick the most apples! After going, we'll make apple cider or apple turnovers which are DELICIOUS. My favorite apples to pick are usually Jonamac, Gala, or Cortland.

Carving pumpkins with my dad

This is something that I do with my dad every single year. In fact, I've been doing it with him since I was allowed to be around a knife! I love telling him what patterns I want and my parents told me that when I was younger I use to always love to take out the seeds and all that gooey stuff that's inside. I carved my first pumpkin by myself last year actually, and my dad did one too.

Going around town to see the leaves

Gosh, fall is such a pretty time isn't it? All the leaves and pretty sunsets. One of the most fun things that me and my mom like to do is walking around our neighborhood at like 5:00-6:00 (when the sun goes down) and watch the sunset and look at the gorgeous leaves. It's just a really nice time to appreciate nature and the beauty of it all.

Going to Starbucks and buying the fall drinks

Yes I am guilty of this. Seriously though, Starbucks' fall drinks are the best. I love pumpkin spice hot chocolate on the colder days and then either a pumpkin spice or a caramel frappuccino on the 60+ degree days. I've always loved Starbucks drinks, I don't know why!

Decorating my room/house

I LOVE DECORATING PLACES. Like seriously I would love to be on one of those HGTV shows. I love decorating my room for every season. I love adding pumpkins, cute lights, fall leaves, etc to my room. (Post on that later this month) My mom and I also decorate our front lawn and porch for Halloween with lights, spooky things, and our pumpkins. It's just really fun for me.

That's it for today guys! I really love October, it's a fun month for me with all the pretty and spooky things :)

I hope you guys are enjoying and participating in Blogtober. For those of you that are, isn't it such a challenge! I think I'm going to award the people who do it all. And remember, you don't have to do the whole thing! If one day you decide to do a prompt, link it up and you can say it's part of Blogtober!

Also, Monday's prompt is collaborating with other bloggers, so if anyone wants to collaborate with me on Monday, just send me an email, I'd love to have you on the blog!

Tomorrow's prompt is: Favorite Part of Fall. I know, kind of similar to this, but it's different, I swear!

What do you like to do in October?

Thanks for reading,

P.S: TABINOF IS ACTUALLY OUT WHAT HOW WHAT. I watched the book making video and cried through the whole thing, I'm so proud of my babies Dan and Phil aww


  1. Do u mean do a post together? I volunteer. Im sophia from

  2. I love your list!
    I want to carve pumpkins too. I love going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a huge one and struggling as I carry it back...
    The leaves are gorgeous when they change color!
    I.Love. STARBUCKS!

    xx Emily

  3. These all sound wonderful! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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