Blogtober Day 25 - Sunday Sunshine #1

Hello everyone! Instead of calling today's prompt a boring old 'This Week', I've come up with a new name! 'Sunday Sunshine', cute isn't? Ah well, you're probably wondering what I've been up to this week so let's find out!

This Week I Posted
New Friends That Joined the Party
Into My Life
Phew, a lot of things happened this week in my life.
-I aced my math test! Woohoo, it bumped my average up to a 98. It literally made my week
-On a sadder note, I had like a wave of sadness because Fall Out Boy meet and greet tix sold out in like 20 seconds poopity poop poop poop
-I got around to watching the new Goosebumps movie and it was decent. Jack Black was like amazing, and it was a pretty creepy movie. Recommended for scaredy cats like me who hate horror movies!
-My two friends and I are starting a business around our neighborhood. We're selling little bars called ARC bars (combination of our last names) that we make ourselves! I might do a recipe on how to make them. We have Sun, Moon, and Star Bars. I think they're the cutest thing!
-I've been intensely slacking on NaNo planning and it's killing me. I haven't even touched my outline. There's less than a week left, I need to step my game up :P 
 I'm looking for a writing buddy group! If you're planning on doing NaNo this year, please email me here because I'd love to start a group with you! Or if you have a group that's willing to accept me, please let me know. I need some writing friends xD
On Social Media..
Goodreads: I've been much more active on my Goodreads, which you can find here! Mostly, I've been wanting to read:
Six of Crows - My favorite Booktuber raved about this book, so naturally I have to check it out.
Court of Thornes and Roses - I've heard soo many good things about this book, I NEED IT
Carry On - Rainbow Rowell? Follows Simon Snow? SIGN ME UP.
Pinterest: Haven't been that active on Pinterest but here are two things that I love that I pinned this week.
(not mine) Okay but how cute are these fonts. I love Pumpkin the most, but they're all so amazing!
But. SIZZY. (not mine)
Blogging Buzz
-I'm close to 60 Bloglovin' followers and I hit 120 GFC followers *dances*
-I actually don't have a set of favorite posts this week. I loved everyone's and really cannot pick out 3-4. Ooopsie.
Well that was a lot wasn't it! I might do these more in the future, it's nice to just chat with you guys!
Have a great week, let's all make a goal to do something good this week :)
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