Guest Post: William Delgado

Hello everyone! Today, I have a guestpost from William Delgado. (Info linked at the end of post) This guest post is for the older readers (let's say 10+) but stick around if you would like to read it anyways. I have some birthday DIY's coming up on Sunday so get excited!!!

A high school education seriously isn't enough with today’s world-wide economy with this much young people. By the end of this decade, 60 percent of all jobs will require some type of education beyond senior high school.
The problem is that today’s school system seriously isn't setting students to succeed. Most kids work even though attending classes, have dependents of their own, take college not professional, and tend to be financially independent. 60 percentage of college students are not really college all set, testing in remedial level courses, delaying their capability to enter a software program of examine and complete a degree or credential. Only about 50 % of all students earn some type of degree after senior high school.
There tend to be several types of people that feel you should attend school. Some of the individuals definitely will want to increase their education whenever they finish senior high school so that they have a much better opportunity to getting the job that they need to support themselves and their particular family. It is often possible that you are already inside workforce and want to attend school to help you better your plight.   Possibly,   it's important for you to definitely consider the institution you are choosing with great care. After all, it is a decision which is going to affect you throughout your life. Better education gives you better job, better future and better life. You can know the world at its fullness only if you are educated better. You will also get into the all possibilities of life where you can make yourself shine only if you are well educated.
In order to ensure success, we have to make sure the solutions that work is usually scaled approximately help all students.   Scale doesn’t simply just happen. We need the right tools and the right surroundings and recognize quite role for technology, facts, and policy in our scaling technique of education. So, to chase your dreams and be successful in your life go after good colleges and better education.

Author Bio:
William Delgado is a good researcher, and for the past several years, concentrated on academicals for students who require quality service to accomplish their assignments and other projects. This has helped William to be expertise in organizations that assist professional essay writing services.

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DIY: Pinterest Inspired Room Decor

Hello everyone! I'm back with some more DIYs for your room. I'll be doing another one of these soon but with Valentine's Day stuff. These are super easy and you should have some of this stuff lying around your house. I have 3 DIY's for you so let's get started!

DIY #1- Crayon Covered Jar

An empty jar (I used a candle holder)
Hot glue gun


Gather up your crayons and figure out which ones you will be using. Now, take your hot glue gun and let it warm. (PLEASE ASK A PARENT BEFORE DOING THIS) Now, grab your crayons and start glueing. Be careful not to burn yourself. Do not take off the wrappers, you will just melt the crayon.

sorry for the picture quality

This is going to take a while but it is the only step so it's totally worth it. 

Once you've covered the whole holder, it should look like this! I put my crayons in the holder so I hope I don't grab a crayon that is glued down :o 

DIY #2- Whiteboard Made From A Photo Album

A photo album

STEP 1: 

Grab your photo album and start ripping out pages

These pages are actually whiteboard like so you can use whiteboard markers and it will erase perfectly.


Now you can arrange your pages on the wall and you can even stick paper in them to make them look nicer. I added washi tape for decoration.

This is great for organization and I use it for blogging, DIYs, and school stuff. It is also really big so I can see it every time I walk in my room. (My computer is marking DIY as a wrong word, what.) 

DIY #3- Washi tape quote

Washi tape or duct tape


This one is super easy, all you need to do is make a word with washi tape. I did "DREAM" although it is kinda messy.

That's all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed and if you do any of these tag me on Instagram at or on Google+ and in both places use the hashtag #sunshineblogdiy I have a fun guestpost for you on Friday so stay tuned!

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HOW TO: Save Up Money (For the slightly lazy)

Hello everyone! Today, I am gonna teach you how to gain some cha-chang! Come on, everyone needs some extra bling. These are going to be easy, no sweat ways to get money.


Look EVERYWHERE. Under couches, in bags, in pockets, I mean everywhere. I once found 40 bucks in, get ready, IN MY DIARY. You can find 5 to 100 dollars by looking around. I found $60 by looking through 2 purses.

STEP 2: Allowance

If my parents are willing to pay me to do chores, your parents should be too. Do simple things and you can be reeling in 2-20 dollars a week. (Depends on how nice your parents are)

STEP 3: Sell snacks

We have a vending machine at my school so everyone always brings in money. My trick is that I bring in better snacks (that cost less) and then I sell them to people. I can get 1-10 dollars per sale, depends on how good the snack is.

STEP 4: Save up all your birthday money

I spend my birthday money in 2 weeks. I've stopped doing that for the past 2 years and considering all the crazy holidays we Muslims celebrate (there's 2 Eids. That's like 2 Christmases.) I get A LOT of cash. (569 dollars is the amount of money I have saved up.)

So those are my simple ways to get more cash and if you think of anything else, leave a comment down below! You are fabulous and always will be. I have a lot of DIYs and Valentine's Day stuff going on. ( décor...) GET EXCITEDDDDD

Mkay bye,


I'm Looking For A Pen Pal: CONTEST

Hello everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I am currently looking for a penpal. But first, let me explain the two days in a row posting thing I've got going on. I'm gonna share my schedule at the end of the post so stay tuned.

So I've been blog searching lately, binge-reading (is that a thing? WELL IT IS NOW. the reading version of binge-watching.) some select blogs. Uhm, #stalker. ANYWAYS, I noticed a lot of bloggers have super cool pen pals and I was like: I WANT ONEEEE. so I am having a contest, yay.

via me on Instagram
So, uhm, how do I enter?
It's simple! All you gotta do is email me, filling out this simple form. You can write it in the comments and let me know if you don't want it to be published.
1.What is your name/nickname?*
2.How old are you?
3.Why do you want to be my penpal?*
4.Do you live in the US?
5.Do we have anything in common?*
6.Have we ever chatted via email/comments?
7.Why do you think you should be my penpal?*
8.Are you a fangirl/fanboy?*
Okay, what are the rules?
Good question. Here they are:
-You don't have to live in the US
-Younger than 18 please!
-You have to be willing to give me your address and agree to not tell anyone mine.
That's it! I'm really looking forward to having a pen pal! Thanks so much guys. The contest ends FEBRUARY 28. (normal post on Monday) IF I DON'T GET ANY ENTRIES, I'LL CHANGE IT TO VIA EMAIL. Although, via letters would be much more fun.
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What It's Like Being An Only Child

Hello everyone! You asked for this post so here it is, What It's Like Being An Only Child.

First of all, let's break some stereotypes.

1. I am not spoiled.
The immediate reaction I get from most people is "Oh my gosh, are you like super spoiled?" NO. I buy my own electronics, and clothes. I don't get everything I want.

2. I don't get super bored without a sibling.
Sure, it would be super fun to have one, but I am not depressed about it like some only kids are. Three words: neighbors and cousins.

3. My mom and dad do not shower me with love on every waking moment.
Sure, I am cared for and my parents love me sooo much but they don't spend all of their time doing stuff for me.

Of course I do want a sibling. It would be fun, no doubt. Sometimes I get nervous when I think about being an only child. Who's going to be there for me when I grow up? What if I become a loner?

But I'm always reassured that I have all of these cousins who are only children too and then I know I have them there and I always will.

So, go hug your sibling. Tell them you love them. They will always be there for you and some people (like me) don't have that blessing to have someone with them.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and LOVE YOUR SIBLINGS. That's all.

Mkay bye,


Jollygirl's Blog Party

Hello everyone! Today I will be participating in Jollygirl's blog party! Let's get right into the post.


1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
The font name for my header was "A Little Sunshine" and I thought that name was cute so I did my own little twist on it. Wow, real original Noor.
2. Favorite party snack? Why? 
Cookies because they are amazing and um yeah, I don't need anymore of an explanation.
3.What type of chocolate is your favorite? Milk, dark, white, or other?
Milk or dark, it depends on my mood.
4.Describe your favorite memory?
I wouldn't say this was my favorite memory but when I went to Disney World with my cousins. We joked around, played pranks on the characters, and had loads of fun.
5. What is your favorite post that I have published on this blog?
6.Just type whatever you want in this section. You can answer a question, type random letters, share a fact about yourself,etc
Gold and mint are my favorite colors.

Thanks for starting this Jollygirl, it was fun! I am currently planning something huge for my blog anniversary so get ready! It starts the 31!

Thanks for reading,



Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

Hello everyone! Today I am doing a post on MLK but before I do that, I just wanted to give a direct message to Hannah and Neal. Yes, those are your names, I'm so sorry that I couldn't add the links. As you all know, today is Martin Luther King Day. Today I am going to talk a little about him and his importance for the history of America.
Disclaimer: For non-Americans (I know I have a lot of readers who are) this might be awkward for you.

i didn't create this amazing picture
Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr.King grew up in a world of segregation between whites and blacks. He was treated unfairly as a young child and wanted to do something.
His father was a priest, so because of this religious influence, Martin believed in non-violence. His role-model was Gandhi, and he became the Gandhi of the 20th Century.
He grew up to become a strong leader, who lead his people to freedom.
But I'm sure, that most of us remember him for his amazing speech I Have A Dream.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." 
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
I hope you all enjoyed today's post remembering the great Martin Luther King Jr. Wednesday, I will be back with Jollygirl's blog party so stay tuned! (Also, thanks for 30 followers!)
Thanks for reading,


Liebster Award!

 Hello everyone! Today, I am going to be doing the Liebster Award. I was tagged by 7 people but I pulled a name out of a hat and it was Emily so I will be doing Emily's questions. I was too lazy to copy the questions so I took a screenshot. 

What is your horoscope sign?
1. My horoscope sign is Aries. (Born March 22) 

How many anniversaries has your blog had?
2. Almost 1 (Feb 5)

What device are you typing this with?
3. iPad, I don't have my computer with me. 

How many siblings do you have? 
4. 0, I'm an only child. I'm not spoiled. Would you like a post on the life of an only child? Comment "YES" 

Do you have a secret club?
5. I have a book club. It's not secret. But hey, whatevs. 

Why did you start a blog?
6. To show everyone how fabulous I am. Nah, I did it to share me and to share all my amazing ideas that my friends would never listen to. Plus to make people smile cuz that's my job. 

What are your blogging tips?
7. Okay um.... 
  a) Be yourself! I'm cray cray and a lot of people don't like that but it's MY BLOG. The author says "Noor Akhter" not "Hater Anonymous" 
b) post when you want to and the stuff that you want to. Don't post crafts because they are popular, if you want to post reviews, go ahead! 
c) PLEASE don't stop blogging after 2 months because you don't have 100,000 views. IT TAKES TIME. 
Which blog have you looked at recently?
8. Emily's blog to get the questions....

Have you ever done a blog survey? 
9. Yes and you can find the link under my profile pic on my sidebar where the text is. You can't miss it. 

Which drink have you drank most recently? 
10. Root beer for lifeeeeeee. 

Who are your blogger BFFS? 
11. So hard. So hard. But I can't choose so I choose June and Lexie and Livy because they have been with me since the start. YEAH BROS FOR LIFEEEE. no. okay. Sorry June and Lexie and Livy I made you look like crazies. (THEY'RE SUPER COOL THO) 

Okay um. Now I ask some questions I guess. 

1. How long have you been blogging for?
2. Favorite dance style?
3. Favorite blogs?
4. What is the most creative thing you have ever done? 
5. Top 3 blogger besties?
6. Favorite word?
7. Craziest thing you've ever done?
8. Fave thing about my blog? (hehe I'm sneaky) 
9. Do you like the number 9? 
10. Opinion on Nutella? 
11. Biggest blogging pet peeve?

Now, I ask these people to do this tag. Or they die. It's simple. 

June (I know she's already done it but who cares?)

Okay also...can you vote for me on the Preteen Dork Awards 2015? It would mean a lot to me. Her link is: just scroll to the second most recent post. THANK YOU GUYS YOU ARE MY FAB PEOPLE. (ooh should I call you fab people.)  HAVE A NEW ENDING GUYS. GET READY. (I'm changing everything up in here) 

Mkay bye,

(AMAZING RIGHT, I like just thought of it. Not kidding. Your mind. Has been blown. It should be on the ground in pieces right now. You should be dead. You shouldn't be reading this. LET IT GOOOOO LET IT GOOOO. CANT HOLD IT BACK ANYMOREEEEE) 


HOW TO: Promote Your Blog

Hello everyone! Today, like promised, I have a how-to. Now, you guys know I have a blogging helper on my blog. The one question that I get from everyone is: how can I promote my blog? Well, today I am going to give you some tips on how you can do that. 

Tip 1
10,000 page views doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. I've been blogging for almost a year and I only have 13,000 compared to others who have 100,000. If you work hard and follow these tips, you will eventually get there. 

Tip 2
Comment on other people's blogs. First of all, it's nice. Second of all, you can find new blogs. But most importantly, it helps other people (the author of the blog or the readers) find your blog. You should always say something nice about the post and remember to leave your link. If you would like a post on tips for commenting, comment "I would like that". 

Tip 3
Guest post on other people's blogs. Guest posting is a big deal and it helps get your blog out there. Most of that other blog's readers will be seeing your post and 80 percent of the time, they will click on your link. 

Tip 4
Send out some emails! Tell other more popular bloggers about your blog and if they could do a mini promotion or something. Be nice about it and don't sound desperate. I always reply and do the promotions unless you sound demanding. 

Tip 5
Post on social media, or ask your parents to! Have a special board on Pinterest for your blog, tweet/Instagram post every time you post, ask your parents to talk about your blog on FaceBook. My mom was a guest speaker in an environment issues class and she shared on of my posts!

There are so many ways for you to promote and get your blog out there. I hope you enjoyed and learned something today! Also, you know how I said I was gonna post everyday, wellll. Um. That might er change. Sorry, I learned its way too much. 

Thanks for reading,


DIY: Short into Bags

Hello everyone! Today I have a mini DIY for you. I am going to be showing you how I made a bag out of old shorts. These are just pictures and mini explanations so it's not a step by step but it's super easy. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen a pic of this. 

This is my bag shown inside out. As you can see, I used a zig zag stitch because it is more stronger. I sewed the legs shut and bam I was done! It is super easy and I think anyone can do it. 

I also tied this strong gold ribbon to the bag and it works great!

I keep my travel notebook, earbuds, purse, and little elephant in this bag. It's so cute! 

I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the short post. Tomorrow I will be back with a how-to. 

Thanks for reading,


Emily's Guestpost

Hello everyone! Today I have a wonderful guest post from Emily @ My Life As A Preteen Dork. Let's get right into the post!


Hi! I am Emily from Pre Teen Dork and today I am guest posting on Noor's awesome blog- My amazing Life Being 10. As the Chinese new year is getting close I thought that I should show you how to make an image on paint to go on your blog to celebrate. Just follow these simple steps.


First of all you get a reasonable sized square (one with round edges) and put four rectangles beneath for legs.


Next you add a circle just overlapping the top left hand corner. Get your black pen and do two ears. Now erase the unwanted line inside the head.


Now the time has come to get your spray can and do some crazy fur on your sheep's head. Also add more detail to the face.


The next thing you must do is get your black spray can out again and do some crazy body fur.


Now get the line tool and draw small lines at the bottom of the legs and fill them with black for hooves. Switch to light grey and create a tail.



 Create a background in dark grey and at the bottom draw a lime green line using your line tool.


Colour the rectangle shape in lime green using the bucket. Now get the dark green spray can and add more grassy effects. Also use the yellow spray to make stars.


Click on edit colours and get a really bright colour like my blue. Write happy Chinese new year on your picture. Now put on your blog sidebar and wait for nice comments from readers.

Emily ^_^

Thanks Emily! Great tutorial. Tomorrow I'll be back with some.....SHORT BAGS! It won't be a full tutorial, but it will be close enough.

Thanks for reading,


Why I Blog and Quick Announcement

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share some thoughts and stuff but first, I have a couple announcements:

1) I will now be posting everyday. I talk about how you should blog to make yourself happy and now I understand what that truly means. Posting makes me happy, so I will be posting everyday. EMILY'S GUEST POST WILL BE UP TOMORROW

2) I have a blog survey! You can find it here!!! Please take it, it will help me so much!

Let's get into the post.....
So, I chat with a lot of my readers via email and one of the questions I have received the most was, "Why do I blog?". I've given answers to this questions millions and millions of times but today, I'm going to give you the whole thing, the reason of why I blog.
I blog, to fill up that little empty space in me. Ever since I was 8, I knew I had to find a passion, something I loved. I tried drawing, writing stories, painting, etc but nothing came across to me as a passion. Then one night, I remember, blogging. I opened up my scrawny old computer and created this little blog.
I blog for happiness, I blog to fill myself up with something. It may seem as though, I blog to be professional. I schedule, promote, and do all of those things, but I'm not trying to become famous. It makes me happy, it just makes me filled with joy and excitement when I open up my computer and write my post.
I blog, to make others happy. It fills me with joy when I read a pleasant comment. It makes me happy when I look at my pageviews and say, I've made 13,000 people happy in the mere 11 months that I have been blogging.
I blog, to share me. I love sharing what I create, so you can create. What I read, so you can read too. What I think, so you can be inspired.
This little blog may have only 13,000 pageviews. But to me, that's like the whole world is reading. Thank you loyal reader, for making me smile, everytime I open up my computer. Thank you, I owe my success, to you.
I hope you enjoyed today's rambles. Tomorrow, I will share Emily's guestpost. Thanks for accepting me everyone, I really appreciate it.
Thanks for reading,


Guest Post: Jollygirl (and giveaway winner!!)

Hello everyone! Today I have a wonderful guest post from Jollygirl, but stay tuned because I will be announcing the giveaway winner at the end of this post!! Take it away, Jollygirl!

Hello everyone! Noor and I or doing a guest post swap, so today I'm here!

Music is a way of communication, expression, etc. Great songs, come deep inside the heart, and many are from pain. I wanted to share with you 6 of some of my favorite at this moment. So, lets get on with it!!

Sweet Caroline 

This is kind of an older song, but the tune is so catchy and you'll definitely find yourself singing along!

Get it Right

This is actually an original song from Glee that Rachel writes and sings at regionals in season 2. But, the lyrics are just perfect and so is the emotion as Lea Michelle sings the song.

Don't Stop Believing

Glee did many covers of this but this is the original song. It sends such a great message, and has a wonderful tune! 


Not many people like this song, but it really is pretty catchy and upbeat. 


This just has a wonderful happy, dancing kind of  tune and you WILL sing along. 


Try has such a wonderful message. It's a slow song, unlike the others and it's beautiful. 
Thanks Jollygirl! Wonderful post! Find Jollygirl on her blog here!
Now, for the giveaway winner! DRUMROLL PLEASE..............................................................................................
...............................Sophia M.............................hehe tricked you. YAY! *throws glitter* *sounds the horn of victory* *sings and claps for joy* SOPHIA WINS: poorly wrapped goodies of awesomeness!!!!! Thank you to everyone who entered and Sophia, check your email for a lovely email from moi! (I always thought it was mwah, I am an idiot.)
Thanks for all the nice comments I've been getting on my design! You guys are like pro-commenters. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. like how are you so nice, idk.
I hope you enjoyed Jollygirl's guest post because she is amazing and super awesome and go comment and follow and love her blog because I said so. That is an order.
Thanks for reading,


What To Do When You Have: Blogger's Block.

Hello everyone! What do you think? Pretty snazzy new design huh? It took me weeks to code and design but I did it! WOOOHHHHHH!! So my new blog name is: A Little Bit of Sunshine and the design was done All. By. Myself. 0 help. That's right. Today I am going to be doing a post on Blogger's Block because my dear friend June has been having bloggers block lately.

We all have that moment when we don't know what to blog about. When we're stuck. Just stuck. Ugh, I hate it. I had it today but then I thought about it and I realized I should post about it! So here are some tips to help you get over that dreaded bloggers block.


#1- Find some inspiration

If I don't know what to post about, I'll go to Blogs By Kids or Bloglovin and see what other people are posting about, then I'll get some inspiration from them. I usually find something and then plan my post out from there.

#2- Write about what you want to

The main time I get bloggers block is when I wanted to write something but then I thought you guys would think its boring. I try not to do that because one of the main tips for overall blogging is to blog about what you want.

#3- Look at past posts

Another thing you can do is find some ideas from past posts, which ones did you love?

#4- Ramble

If everything fails, just ramble about your life. People usually like it and its fun to write.

But for future reference, I would keep a blogging planner and brainstorm ideas whenever your brain juices are really flowing. Such as at night.....ugh.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and the new design. I will see you again on Saturday with another guestpost!

Thanks for reading,



Hello everyone! Today, I am doing a "Lately" post. I was going to do the first part of my room tour but I'm going to save that for after all the guestposts.

Lately I have been working on lots of projects. First of all, I am redoing the blog design, which has been taking me a lot of time. I would give you a sneak peek but...oh why not? Here is the new header!
Yup, the blog name is "a little bit of sunshine" inspired by the font I used for the header. I'm doing this, mostly, if not all by myself! I'm super excited to show you, it'll be finished and up on Saturday!!! I'm also working on all of these guestposts I've been doing!
I also got this super adorable chain/pendant set for the holidays and I love it! Its sooo cute and fun and inspirational!!
Now, I'm ready to show you....THE GIVEAWAY.......ITEMS! hehe I tricked you there.
This super special giveaway winner wins: fuzzy cat shea infused socks from Bath and Body Works, handmade stationary by me, Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, and a handmade card.
I will announce the winner on Saturday so stay tuned for the winner, a guestpost, and a new design!!! New post on Thursday, and its a photoshoot!
Thanks for reading,



DIY Watering Can From A Milkjug!

Hello everyone! I have A LOT of guestposts coming up on the 10, 12, and 14 so get ready! But today I will be participating in the 2 Crochet Hooks Craft Challenge. I'm not going to go into detail about it but I will say, you have to make a project using a milkjug or soda bottle. Let's get started with our craft!

2 Crochet Hooks
The first step is to grab your milk jug. Mine is a gallon but you can do the small ones too.
Please excuse the horrible background
This step is a bit tricky. Look around your house for a fairly large needle. If you cannot find a needle, use another thing that is sharp. Now, poke big holes on the lid of the jug. A tip is to move around the needle a lot so the hole becomes bigger.
You can also heat up your needle to make it easier to poke into.
You can just twist the cap back on and leave it like this, but I decided to take it a step further and decorate it! I painted my jug yellow/orange and drew a (really bad) flower.
Now, you're done! Voila! You now have your watering can that is recycled and good for the environment in two ways! One, its recycled and two, it helps water the plants.
I hope you enjoyed this fun craft and I will write to you again on Tuesday!
Thanks for reading,



Desk Organization Tips

Hello everyone! Before we get started with the tips, I just wanted to warn you, the blog may be going private for a day or two because I am redoing the design (almost all by myself!) I also redid my "About" page so I invite you to check that out. Let's get into the post!

Tip 1: Use holders and trays for easy storage

In the top left corner of this picture, I keep all of my pencils, highlighters, color pens, and erasers. I made this out of an old magnetic doll holder organizer that I painted to match. You can find many little trays around your house that you can DIY
In this second picture I have this tray that I got from my aunt from Bangladesh. I keep tape, glue, scissors, and gum in this tray.
Tip 2: For small spaces, keep all your beauty items in one part of your desk.
For some reason, I always get makeup kits for my birthdays. I don't really use them so I keep them nicely organized in my desk. I made a lot of these things you saw such as that makeup brush holder. (candle holder painted, then covered with washi tape.)
I also keep all of my purses and jewelry down here, it just keeps everything organized because I have a very small room and I cannot fit a dresser.
Tip 3: Have pen cups to organize all of those pens and pencils and magazine files to keep all your journals and magazines.
My pen cups, blue pens, and magazine holders are all from Poppin. I love Poppin, they have great products for desk organization and office supplies. I use my magazine file to hold my journals and fave magazines.
That's all the tips I have for today but I wanted to say that Livy is having a giveaway which you can find here! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway here!
Thanks for reading,