Blogtober 2015

Hello everyone! For some it might be still September but for most IT'S OCTOBER. THE TIME OF SPOOKY. So, I have a fun idea!

I have created a 'Blog-Everyday-In-October' challenge called Blogtober! I will give you each prompt for every day!

There'll be a linky at the end of my post every day where you can link up your post for the day! So we can spread the October love :)


Thursday, October 1st: October Goals
Friday, October 2nd: Fall Essentials
Saturday, October 3rd: October To-Be Read
Sunday, October 4th: This Week I...
Monday, October 5th: 5 Tips You Would Give To a New Blogger
Tuesday, October 6th: Top 6 Favorite Bloggers and Why
Wednesday, October 7th : OOTD
Thursday, October 8th: Favorite Things to Do in October
Friday, October 9th: Favorite Part of Fall
Saturday, October 10th: Your Ways to Stay Cozy in Fall
Sunday, October 11th: Rant About _____
Monday, October 12th: Collaborate with another blogger (interview, guest post)
Tuesday, October 13th: Create a moodboard/collage that describes fall to you.
Wednesday, October 14th: Favorite Fall Memory
Thursday, October 15th: What book are you currently reading? How do you like it so far?
Friday, October 16th: Write a poem about fall
Saturday, October 17th: Create a new/random tag
Sunday, October 18th: This Week I....
Monday, October 19th: Share a DIY you did
Tuesday, October 20th: Do Noor's Halloween Tag! (I'll post that on the 20th :))
Wednesday, October 21st: Write a letter to you in 5 years.
Thursday, October 22nd: Halloween Pinterest Roundup
Friday, October 23rd: Do something that you've never done on your blog before!
Saturday, October 24th: Things you like to do on a lazy day
Sunday, October 25th: This Week I...
Monday, October 26th: Your opinion on ____
Tuesday, October 27th: DIY Halloween Decorations
Wednesday, October 28th: What You Read In October
Thursday, October 29th: Recent Music Favorites
Friday, October 30th: October Favorites
Saturday, October 31st: Your Halloween Costume
That's it! I hope you like these prompts :) If you have any questions, leave em down below :) There is no picture as of now,  it's 9:30 and I just really quickly needed to get this post up xD
Thanks for reading,


Thoughts While In Hot Topic

Hello everyone! If you listen to rock, metal, punk, punk pop, etc you've probably been into Hot Topic. I go there all the time, it's like my happy place. I do get some odd looks however, I'm very young compared to the people there. So today I have my thoughts while in Hot Topic. Enjoy.


"Ooh look at those people looking at Fall Out Boy shirts. Should I go talk to them? Nah."

*walks in* "Anndd everyone is at least 5 years older than me. Great."
Cashier: "Honey, Justice is a couple doors down."
*looks for an extra small because everything is too big*
*starts to look at Doctor Who shirts* Some other customer: Isn't Doctor Who too scary for you?
Worker: "My Chemical Romance might be a bit hardcore for you, maybe go to Claire's and get a One Direction CD?"
*is holding boatloads of chokers, CDs, and t-shirts* "I probably look like a emo wannabe right now."
"I wonder how many 11 year olds actually come to Hot Topic."
"I bet they think I'm going through my 7th grade emo phase."
Person: Hey! I like your shirt! MCR for life! Who's your favorite member? Me: (completely awkward and unaware) Um, uh, thanks, uh, uh, um, *panicks*, um, Ryan Ross?
"This dress is actually really cute! And it's 50 dollars, great."
*awkwardly stands behind mom while she pays for my crap.*
*is looking at Harry Potter things* Person whispering to other person: "I bet she hasn't even read all the books, kids these days never read." Me: *tries not to laugh because I've read them more than 5 times.*
"I wish I just could have everything in this store."
I hope you enjoyed that little humor post I guess :P It is actually extremely awkward for me to go into Hot Topic.
Imagine a tiny 11 year old surrounded by 13-25 year olds. It's like torture when I have to ask for something plus all of the weird looks I get.
Anyways have a fantastic rest of your day! On Thursday I'm going to be starting something exciting so look out for that :)
Mkay bye,


September Favorites

Hello everyone! wait how is it September 27th what where did the time go.

Anyways it's the end of September so today I'm going to share with you my favorite items from this month :D Enjoy :)

(I'm experimenting with photography, bear with me :P)
Favorite posts from A Little Bit of Sunshine:
Favorite posts from other blogs:
I ranted about this here so if you want to check out a review, go check out that post ;)
Let's just say I'm in love with this face wash.
I have 5 fall hand sanitizers but by far, this is my favorite. It smells like a cozy well, vanilla cream :P It really reminds me of fall and its so nice for this time.
Again, I talked about this in my last post more in detail so go take a look at that :)
In short, I really like this because it detangles my hair and makes it silky and soft!
I don't really wear makeup, this is more of a 'lip tint' I guess. It gives the perfect amount of color for a middle schooler and it's a really pretty color as well. (The shade I have is 07 'Super Strawberry')
I love this scent, it's amazing for fall :D It smells like pumpkin and sugar, but I can barely smell the cinnamon. It's still a really nice perfume..oh sorry 'fragrance mist'.
I rarely put this on myself, I actually spray it in my room xD
This is the second book in the Mortal Instruments series! I'm obsessed with this book, it's really well written and I love the plot. I'm currently on City of Glass and ahhh. (The first book is the City of Bones, go check it out ;))
Green Tea Pocky
This is kind of weird but this Pocky tastes amazing okay. If you don't know what Pocky is, it's like little sticks dipped in a cream. There's chocolate, strawberry and green tea creams :) This one is probably my favorite one though :)
Vices and Virtues - Panic! At The Disco
Okay this album is life guys. I'm not going to rant on and on about it so if you want to see a full rant, let me know :) My favorite songs on the album are : Ballad of Mona Lisa, Hurricane, and Kill Tonight. It's a very fun and upbeat album :)
I hope you guys enjoyed and Happy almost October! IT'S TIME TO GET SPOOOKKKYYY
Thanks for reading,


Skin/Hair Care Favorites

Hello everyone! It's fall, hooray! Well, maybe not so 'hooray' for my skin. During the autumn time, it tends to dry out and I do break out on my face :( Not so hooray anymore. As for my hair, let's just say it resembles a bird's nest.

Today I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite items that I use to keep my skin and hair nice and lovely! Enjoy :)

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
This is what I usually put on my face after I wash my face! My face tends to get dry after I wash it, so this kind of wakes it up and makes it nice and smooth :) This is for sensitive skin, so it's great for kids :)
And this is what I use to wash my face. I really love this stuff. I haven't had a breakout in 3 weeks, and that's saying a lot because I usually breakout a lot this time of year because of the weather changing, stress because of school, etc. This works really well and makes my skin feel nice and soft :)
Not only does this lotion smell good, but it actually works really well! I didn't expect a BaBW lotion to work this nicely, I thought people bought it just for the scent, but it actually moisturizes my skin and leaves it smooth.
I really love this for fall especially! It moistens my hair, detangles big knots, and makes my hair smooth and soft! I usually put this in my hair every two weeks or so or when my hair is horrible and knotty.
THIS IS MY LIFE SAVER. I spray some of this on my hair in the morning and it detangles everything. I barely need to brush! It makes my hair nice and soft and smooth (not as well as the Oil though) and makes it look decent as well. So when I'm running late, I'll spray this in, brush my hair, and voila, it's amazing!
I hope you enjoyed this little post and let me know if you get these products and what you think of them :)
Thanks for reading,
P.S: Have you listened to your daily dose of Fall Out Boy yet today? If not, I recommend Fame<Infamy


A Collection of Things

Hello everyone! I had a DIY post. I lost a DIY post. The pictures are somewhere on my computer, I edited them AGES ago. RIP DIY pictures, I will miss you and the 2 hours it took to edit you.

I have 0 inspiration right now. I have that Blogger's Block and I don't have time to take some proper pictures. So. Enjoy this collection of things. :)

This reminds me of the HP HISHE but seriously someone should have done this


beebo urie






yes you are a little guy

I love this band oh my goodness

Phil's like 'um what'

I love him aw


he looks so happy with that tiny piano aw

no words
(Challenge: count how many times I say 'aw' in this post)
Well that was that, enjoy your cute gifs :)
Thanks for reading,


Fall Blog Post Ideas

Hello everyone! We all have those days where we're sitting there, staring at that Create Post page with nothing. Well, I'm here to help with that. Today I have some autumn-themed post ideas for you all! Enjoy :D

1) Fall Essentials
2) Fall Bucket List (like I did here)
3) A photoshoot of the gorgeous changing leaves
4) Outfit ideas for fall
5) Some fall diys (hint hint, Pinterest has some great inspiration)
6) How To: stay cozy for fall
7) Apple themed recipes
8) Pumpkin carving ideas
9) Halloween decoration ideas
10) Easy Halloween costumes
11) Fall Wishlist
12) Fall Playlist
13) Back to school anything! (What's in my bag, tips, etc)
14) Fall room décor
15) Fall Favorites
16) A fall poem (about your favorite parts of fall, just fall in general)
17) Fall pictures roundup (doesn't have to be ones you took, just give credits :D)
18) Things to do in fall
19) Do a monthly photo challenge (or you can search up 'fall photo challenge')
20) Fall Books To Be Read

 I hope you all enjoyed this and that it helped you with that blogging slump :)

Thanks for reading,

Still stuck in that blogging slump? Check out this post that I did a while back ;)


Blurry Pictures and Dirty Converse

"Ain't it fun
Living in the real world
Ain't it good
Being all alone
Ain't it good to be on your own
Ain't it fun, you can't count on no one
Ain't it good to be on your own
Ain't it fun you can't count on no one
Ain't it fun
Living in the real world"
I love this shirt, it can be styled in so many different ways!
Here's where my dirty Converse make an appearance
Hello everyone!
This is such an interesting outfit because the shirt is actually a band (Paramore) t-shirt! I don't think I've ever worn a band shirt with anything but black skinny jeans or leggings :P But this shirt went so well with the black skirt!
I also included a couple blurry pictures (on purpose) to show you that sometimes blurry pictures don't turn out that bad!
I also, (finally) got to show off my new hair! It looks so Pinteresty. We dip-dyed it red :D
I hope you liked this! Maybe I should do more in the future because this was fun.
Thanks for reading,


How To Handle A Busy Schedule

Hello everyone! School has begun. You've noticed you've had no time to yourself lately. Your schedule is never free. You find yourself getting stressed more often. Don't worry girl, I feel you.

Today I'm going to help you balance that crazy schedule and give you some tips on how to de-stress! Hope I help <3

1. Create An Actual Schedule

During the day, whenever you have free time, quickly write up a schedule of what you have to do today. If you can, write the times of when you want to start and finish each activity.


3:30- Get home from school and do homework
4:00- Practice instrument
4:30- Relax time
5:00- Check blogs, do blog work, write up some posts

This helps me so much and it also helps if you set a timer or something for like relax time so you don't accidentally go past!

2. Don't pile your assignments to the last day

"I should really write that essay. Eh, I have 2 more nights to do it, I'll start tomorrow."

Have you caught yourself saying that? Probably. I know it seems so easy to procrastinate and do it all on the last night but trust me, that future you isn't going to be very happy. Even if you have to groan and trudge through it, try writing at least 1/3 of that essay.

How does this help me open up my schedule? Well, if you end up getting the essay done, you'll have more free time the next day!

3. Do all your important things first

Homework, any other work, should just come first. Get it done and over with! I've also found that if you do your homework before you go to bed or later in the night, you're much more tired, and it'll take longer and it'll be horrible. You'll end up getting more questions wrong.

Checking blogs can wait, it's not really a hard activity. I know how tempting it is to pick up your computer the minute you set your backpack down but resist it and just get that homework done.


If you're feeling really stressed, or depressed (like actually depressed, not just bored or annoyed) with the homework/activity, take a break. Put the pencil down, and breathe a little bit. Take a little break and then come back to it. Mental health should always come first before school or anything else.

Here are some quick tips to calm down and de-stress when it comes to homework:
-Take a hot shower and then come back to it
-Watch a quick Youtube video (if you know you can control yourself and resist the temptation to watch more)
-Take deep breathes and close your eyes.
-Eat something (it really REALLY helps)

5. You may have to drop some activities

'But Noor, I love all my activities! And this is supposed to be how to HANDLE a busy schedule.'

Yes, yes, I know. But it may be your best option. Doing too many things can get you stressed out, and that's not good. I'm not saying you should drop it forever, just for the time being, until you can get your schedule in order and until you have enough time for that activity.

I hope this helped some of you and that you enjoyed it!

How do you de-stress during school? Do you have anymore tips that could go up here?

Thanks for reading,


Autumn Bucket List

Hello everyone! (the font for this post isn't Trebuchet because I'm trying something new :)) Autumn is officially here! I'm so excited, I love this season! So today I'm going to share some things that I want to do this autumn, when winter begins, I'll recap all and see how many I get done! Enjoy and I invite you all to do this too :)

wow bad quality what happened sorry guys

Jump in a leaf pile
Yes, I've never actually jumped in a pile of leaves before. It may seem cliché but they always make it so fun in the movies that I've always wanted to just take a big jump into a pile of leaves :P
Try a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and see what the hype is all about
I'm not a huge caffeine person. BUT I want to see if the big 'pumpkin spice' thing is actually worth the hype.
Bake an apple pie
My family recently went apple picking and we've been planning to bake an apple pie! We don't usually bake so this is definitely going to be a challenge xD
Make apple cider (again)
ps. Would you guys like the recipe for that? It's really easy :)
Apple cider is really great and we have a family recipe that we came up with and it's DELICIOUS
Take some nice fall photos
Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year with all the colored leaves so I want to get some nice, pretty pictures that I can share with you guys :)
Nicely decorate my pumpkins
This year, I want some really cool, nice pumpkins. Our pumpkins are always cool (we did like Voldemort, a Dementor, and Harry Potter last year) but I want to go EXTREME this year :D
That's it for today's post! More fall stuff to come because like I said, I LOVE autumn!
If you guys make your own fall bucket list comment it down below or let me know if you did a post on your blog! I'd love to see :)
Thanks for reading,
P.S: Thanks for 40,000 pageviews you guys are amazing <3


7th Grade Adventure

Hello everyone! Long time no post, I've just been really busy lately. Anyways, last year I did a post on my adventure through 6th grade. It was extremely cringe-worthy, a weird idea, and I GOT MY ENGLISH TEACHER'S NAME WRONG *facepalm*, but I decided to carry on the tradition and do it for 7th grade. (Which is the second year of middle school, first year of junior high)

Basically I'm going to go through my periods and list my teachers, and how I like them.

1st Period: German/Gym

German-Mrs.Mugavero: I had her last year and she was so nice and funny and she still is! There really is nothing bad about her, she barely gives any homework and we always do fun stuff.

Gym- Mrs. Yesensky: She seems a bit hardcore, but I think she's pretty nice.

2nd Period: Social Studies

Mr Spierling: Okay he's really cool. He likes Doctor Who which is amazing and he makes learning understandable. The only thing that I'd have to say is probably a lot of homework.

3rd Period: Math

Mrs. Jeremeko: Pretty nice, does some interesting things, I like the way she teaches and helps us out.

4th Period: Health/Orchestra

Mrs. Schmidt- Orchestra: Seems a bit strict but I think she's pretty nice.

Mr. Wood- Health: Seems okay but I can tell health is going to be a bit boring.

6th Period: FACS (Home Ec)

Mrs. Jackson: Again, seems a bit strict but she seems helpful and I feel comfortable asking questions with her.

8th Period: English

Mrs. Stowell: I really like her, she has good books in her library, she seems really nice and I'm excited to see what she does with us.

9th Period: Science

Mrs. Valenta: I really like the way she teaches us, the labs are fun, and she's super nice. (She's also my homeroom teacher)

This is a bit of a weird post but I felt like I should keep the tradition from last year. I bet that I am going to cringe at this next year.

Hope you enjoyed!

When do/did you start school? If you did, who's your favorite teacher so far? Subject?

Thanks for reading,


The Tag of Happiness

Hello everyone! So recently the lovely Opal did this tag called the Tag of Happiness and I thought it was really cute! It was originally started by the amazing Heather so go check out both of their blogs ;)

(for some reason the image is not uploading, very sorry about that guys)

Rules: Take the banner and put it in your post
List as many things as you want in each category
Come up with more categories if you wish
Tag as many people as you want

Some Songs That Make You Happy

-Dance Dance/Fall Out Boy- It has a really nice, happy vibe to it, plus it's FOB
-House of Wolves/My Chemical Romance- Again, has a really fun feel
-BO$$/Fifth Harmony- I'm not much of a pop music person but this song is nice.
-Can't Sleep Love/Pentatonix- I love Pentatonix and this song reminds me of them and their amazing selves and that makes me smile

Some Books That Make YouHappy

-The whole Harry Potter series- It's such a lovely series, and HOGWARTS IS MY HOME.
-Fangirl- An amazing book, well written, and has a happy ending. I love it.
-A Wrinkle In Time- This is such an amazing book and it's so mystical and cool!

Some Movies That Make You Happy

-The whole Harry Potter series- THEY'RE JUST SO GREAT AND AH
-Big Hero 6- Even though there are sad parts, I still LOVE it
-Ant-Man- THIS MOVIE WAS SO GREAT. I've seen it more than 5 times.

Some Foods That Make You Happy

-Cookies- I've always loved cookies since I was a kid, I don't know, but they just make me so happy.
-Apples picked off of my tree- They might be sour and small but they remind me of home and that makes me smile :)
-Chicken tikka- Everyone in my family makes great chicken tikka, I guess it's a family thing.
-Chicken biryani- Again, a family pastime. I should share a recipe because this is so yum.

Some Words That Make You Happy

-Magical- It's such a mystical and fun and well 'magical' word.
-Hi- I don't know, this word can lead to conversations and new friends, I guess that's why it makes me happy?

Some Scents That Make You Happy

-Any Fall Scent- Pumpkin, apple cinnamon, cinnamon, etc.
-Food in the oven- The smell of chicken tikka in the oven is just ahhh
-Grass- My team and I laying down face first during breaks in practice, having grass fights, rolling down hills.

Well that's it for this tag! I tag all of you to do this because it spreads happiness :)

Thanks for reading,


The Person Behind The Computer #4- Lauryn

Hello everyone! It's time for another interview! This time we have the lovely Lauryn! Take it away :D

I am almost 12. I consider myself a HUGE fangirl. I like to draw and sing. I think that if you want to know more. Then you are a stalker...

Ooh, you have to post a video of you singing soon, I'd love to hear!
 I've been blogging all in all 2-3 years. I stopped and came back so I rather say 1 year!

Well I'm glad you came back :)

I love The Hunger Games and Disney :D

My favorite part of blogging is to see all my 'fans' and chat with them! I also like to share my ideas and see what I have in common with other bloggers.

I love chatting with readers :D
My hobbies are reading, hanging with my besties, listening to music, writing in my diary, and blogging.

Hooray for reading!
Oh my, I have always liked the phrase 'Welcome to My World' and said it a lot. I mean the blog just welcomed people to my ideas and life.

That's a great blog name! I like the idea of welcoming people into your life :)
I have inspiration from Taylor Swift. And Noor and Lexie, you're my favorite bloggers!

Aw shucks, thanks Lauryn!
In a friend I look for loyalty, humor, and they should like some things that I like.

A good friend always has a sense of humor ;)
New bloggers, don't worry about your comments or followers at first. What you want to do is read other blogs. Comment on a few posts and ask them to read your blog! I guarantee they will, unless they are super mean.

Great advice, I totally agree!

That was the lovely Lauryn! I hope you enjoyed and you can check out her blog by clicking here!

Thanks for reading,

If you want to guest post or be interviewed, click here to check out the post.


Music Reviews and Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone! So, the giveaway ended today, sorry if you didn't get to enter! The winner is madebyme02! Please email me at with your name (so I can personalize your letter and you know, write it on the box!) and your address.

The runner-up winner (if madebyme02 doesn't respond within 4 days) is Amelia Grace!

Now for the real post ;) I've been listening to a lot of music lately and some new music has come out so I decided to review it, because, why not?

Panic! At The Disco's Death Of A Bachelor

So a couple days ago Pete Wentz revealed this song on Beats 1 and I couldn't speak. I love it and everything about it, it's just amazing.

It's definitely different from Panic!s usual. It's like a mix of Frank Sinatra and Beyoncé (that's how Brendon described it and I definitely agree)
Some parts kind of remind me of a winter song, not even joking.
So yes, I rate this 5 out of 5. It's amazing, Brendon's voice is amazing, everything is AMAZING. Death of a Bachelor? More like Death of a Fangirl.
Pentatonix's Can't Sleep Love

Okay the music video is life, Mitch. is. slaying. Although I don't know what happened with Kirstie's hair... But Scott's uh huhs are life I think I died. AND THEN MITCH'S YEAHS OKAY UM DONE WITH LIFE.


Rate: 10 out of 5.

My Chemical Romance's Black Parade

THIS ISN'T NEW WHATSOEVER AND I'M SO LATE ON THIS. I have no excuses for not getting into MCR earlier. *looks at music history. sees that she's replayed Folie A Deux 100 times.*

I love all these songs. It does have swearing, and it does have stuff that's most likely not kid friendly. Might not even be for me, still love it. Okay I'm going to rate all the songs now.

The End.- It's sort of slow, but I like the chorus part and I LOVE how it fits into Dead!
Dead! - One of my favorite songs. Not too hardcore, LOVE the guitar solo. just love it all.
This Is How I Disappear- This is an interesting song, it's a darkish song, it's more harder than Dead! But it's a nice level.
The Sharpest Lives- I LOVE THIS SONG. It's also a very dark (I don't know how to describe it) song. But the chorus is so catchy and like fun, I guess? Also one of my faves.
Welcome To The Black Parade- I cry at the beginning sometimes. Don't judge. But I like the rest of it, it's like a sad but really nice, like the beat and stuff. I'm so bad at this wow.
I Don't Love You- Slower song, sort of sad. But I like the song, I like the lyrics and the guitar and all that. It's a great song but sad.
House of Wolves- OKAY THIS IS SUCH A FUN AND CRAZY SONG. I CAN JAM TO THIS 24/7. I love it all. If I had to choose one MCR song to play at my funeral, it would be this one. I'd probably get out of my coffin and jam.
Cancer- This is a sad song and a slow song. I like it but it does make me sad. I did cry the first time I heard it. (I put the emo in emotional, I know)
Mama- Oh dear this song. It's a very upbeat (THAT'S THE WORD) song but has a very dark message. A lot of it is about going down there.
Sleep- I don't like the beginning of this but the rest is okay. Probably my least favorite on the album, to be honest.
Teenagers- I really like this song. The chorus is fun and upbeat and the verses are also upbeat. This is a song you should listen to when you're sad.
Disenchanted- Another slow song. I really like it though, the beginning sounds like a campfire song :P
Famous Last Words- I really love this song. It's upbeat and nice and kinda like the Sharpest Lives, sort of darkish, but not like Mama.

That was the very long music post. Again madebyme02 won the giveaway! Congrats!

I hope you enjoyed this little ranty/musical thing.

Thanks for reading,


Rock And Roll At Hogwarts- A Band Members Fanfic

Hello everyone! I wrote something. I wrote a band members going to Hogwarts fanfic. #sorrynotsorry. So I decided I would share!!

Patrick Stump from FOB- the main character
Pete Wentz from FOB- Main Bully
Joe Trohman from FOB- Older friend
Andy Hurley from FOB- Main Bully

It was Patrick’s first year at Hogwarts and he was following his older friend Joe to the train.
“Patrick, get rid of that horrid hat!” Joe said as they approached the platform.
“I think it looks fashionable.” Patrick said, adjusting his fedora, smiling. Joe sighed and pushed Patrick to keep on going.
“C’mon, we’re going to miss the train, let’s go.”
“Going somewhere?” said a kid who jumped in front of the two. He had black hair and a smirk on his face. He looked like your average bully, although much shorter. Next to him was another mean looking kid with dark brown hair, he didn’t look as tough as the other kid.
“Listen here Pete, he-“Joe said, starting towards the kid. Patrick stopped him.

“We were hoping to get on the train. Do you think you could let us on?” Patrick asked, trying to be as nice as possible.
“Well look here Andy, we got ourselves a nice guy.” The two kids laughed and pointed at Patrick. “He has a dumb hat too.” Patrick took his hat off sadly.
Andy looked at Patrick with a sympathetic look.
“Leave em’ alone Pete, he's only a first year.” Andy said, walking back into the train.
“Next time kid. You got off easy. Andy’s a soft one. Me, I’m not so kind” Pete said grabbing Patrick’s shirt. “You better keep your little friend in line Joseph.” Pete glared at Joe. He let go and walked back into the train, following Andy.
“Crap Patrick, you just got into a fight with Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley, some of the scariest kids at Hogwarts. You better watch your back. Let’s get a compartment.” Joe said to Patrick with a nervous look on his face.

“Joooeee don’t swear!” Patrick whined following Joe into the train.
“Did you hear anything I just said? And that's not swearing.” Joe said sighing.

“Yes but do you think they’ll beat up a small little 1st year like me?” Patrick said laughing.

“You won’t be laughing later.” Joe mumbled.

That's the beginning of Patrick's journey through Hogwarts :D Do you guys wanna see more? I'd be happy to write more :)
That was a messy post.
Thanks for reading,

P.S- Happy September 1st. Let's just ignore the fact that we're not going to Hogwarts today :)