Blogtober Day 14 - Favorite Fall Memory

Hello everyone! It's my 300th post. Wow that's insane. I hope to reach more 100 milestones soon, this is a great achievement for me. My goal is 400 posts by my next blogging anniversary, I think I can do it ;)

Anyways, today's prompt for Blogtober is your favorite fall memory! I had to rewrite this whole thing ugh Blogger why
My favorite fall memory is on Halloween 2013. My friends and I all gathered up at my house for a pre-trick or treating party which was very fun.
When everyone came in, we all gathered to admire the food. There was bbq chicken gravestones, orange fruit pumpkins, mummy dogs, all the spooky Pinterest food you can imagine. Then we went into the kitchen.
I had put together a little craft/recipe called Boonanas. Basically you took a banana and stuck chocolate chips and decorating with icing to make a ghost. Get it, boo-nanas, because ghosts say boo? Haha no, okay, sorry 9 year old me.
After dinner, we all gathered into the living room and starting dancing to random songs. If you remember, the craze of 2013 was What Does The Fox say so that was on repeat for a while.
And then it was time. Time for the trick or treating. My friend and I both went as Katniss that year xD
It was a plentiful night, some people gave out king sized candy bars which were a jackpot. We went up to the rich people street and got these huge Pixie Stick sticks. (Don't ask me how I remember that, I was bouncing off the walls that night)
Then we all went back to my house and candy gambled. Seriously, if you haven't candy gambled on Halloween, you're missing out. Basically we would trade candy with each other. I never liked Twix and my friend didn't like Pixie Sticks so we would trade those. We would also make bargains and say things like "Anyone want a pack of Gobstoppers, I'm looking for some M&Ms!". It was the best xD I still do it now but sh
Everyone went home after that but one of my friends stayed overnight and we watched movies, ate popcorn and our candy and had fun.
So that was my favorite fall memory! I hope you liked this sort of lifestyle post, maybe I'll do another one in the future.
Also, if you do a Blogtober post today, link it down there so everyone can check it out :D

 What's your favorite fall memory?

Thanks for reading,

p.s- Blogger is being a poo today, sorry about that :(


  1. That's such a great memory! And congrats on 300, that's fab!
    Grace Anne //

  2. That's a really cool memorize and congrats on 300

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Halloween memory. Mummy dogs sound cool. Congratulations on reaching 300 posts! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. When I read "candy gambling" I immediately thought of a group of 9 year olds playing poker for candy :') But nah I've swapped candy too. We can't all like licorice!

    The Life of Little Me

  5. that's awesome (: congrats on 300!! xx

  6. Wow. 300 posts in 7 months? Hmm. I've been posting since April and I've only posted- 23. Hmm.

    1. Ohh no not 7 months, more like one year and 7 months XD

  7. This is such a wonderful memory! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. I always swap candy after trick-or-treating! My neighbors and I have been doing it for years! Like your blog- it's so cool!

    1. Same! Except I do it with my friends :P Thank you so much Vivian, that means a lot :D

  9. This is nice!
    (candy swapping is my living because I have braces shhhhhh)


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