Thursday Summer Learning

Hello campers! Today is Thursday and you know what that means.... Thursday Summer Learning! (Trust me, its not as boring as you think.)

Today's learning topic: JOURNAL ENTRIES!

I love writing journal entries. You get to express yourself in whatever way you want! Isn't that just great? Today I have 5 journal entries. With every entry you comment, that's 5 points for your team. So, if you do all 5 entries, hooray! 25 points for your cabin. Conner C, you are being placed in Cabin Awesomeness. 

Journal Entry 1- What are your opinions on fast food? Must be at least 4 sentences.

Journal Entry 2- If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Must be at least 5 sentences.

Journal Entry 3- What would you take with you if you were stranded on an island? Must be at least 4 sentences.

Journal Entry 4- Why is recycling important to you? Must be at least 3 sentences.

Journal Entry 5- What is your biggest goal? Must be at least 5 sentences. 

I hope you enjoy these entries and good luck!

Tomorrow I am doing another Free Choice Friday so please vote on what you want to see

Sewing- Crayon Holder
Room Decor- Locker Decor
Scrapbooking- Travel Journal

Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote,


  1. Whoah! Cabin awesomeness? Whats that? And its Connor :)

  2. What I think about fast food:
    Fast food is fun to get once in a while but I wouldn't like it if we had it all the time. It makes me thirsty. Homemade food is a lot better for you. I like fast food but I like homemade food better.

    I vote on scrap booking!

    1. Great job Livy! 5 points to Cabin Fabulous!

  3. My thoughts on fast food:

    It's pretty good once in a while, but if you had it all the time, you would get tired of it and it would make you unhealthy. I think it's a nice treat once in a while, though. What I think is that everyone should eat out like once a month or so, for a treat. In our town, there's a Co-op and there's healthy food there that tastes really good, so we sometimes go there. If every town had a Co-op, I think that everyone should go to the Co-op instead of going to a regular restraunt.


  4. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    I would go to San Francisco! I have been there before, and it was wonderful! I would want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Alcatraz, Pier 39 and all of it again. There was a really cool Farmers' Market there, too, so I would want to see that again. I also would really want to ride on a cable car, since I didn't get to ride on last time. I collect squished pennies, so I would also get some squished pennies there, too. :)


  5. I would take my family, pets and my best friend because then I would have company and they could help build a house and stuff. I would bring my laptop because then I could read books, play games and do other stuff on it (plus, of course, blog!). I would bring a notebook and pen because then I could draw. I also would bring a first aid kit so we wouldn't get infections and all that.


    1. Oh, I forgot to say that this is for Journal Entry 3: What would you take with you if you were stranded on an island?.

  6. Journal Entry 2:

    If I could go anywhere in the world it would definitely be somewhere exotic and sunny. I've always dreamed of going to the Caribbean as it looks gorgeous and the beaches are meant to be great. I also think I'd probably love Hawaii too as again there are great beaches. Plus it would be great fun playing in the sand with grass skirts watching the sun set. Also I'd love to go on Safari with my parents - I love animals especially giraffes and elephants.

  7. Journal Entry 1:
    My Thoughts on Fast Food are that it's nice to have once in a while. It's a treat so if you had it all the time it wouldn't be fun anymore and the taste wouldn't be as nice. I think having once every fortnight should be fine - it's unhealthy but unless you really eat it often it's unlikely to do any harm. People who have it often are ruining their diet and the niceness of it.


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