Opinion Posts- From All of You!

Hello everyone! Today I have a fun twist to the regular Opinion Monday! I am going to use the journal entries from Thursday's post that you all entered. I am also going to share some of the cool answers I got from 20 Ways To Change the World.

What I think about fast food:
Fast food is fun to get once in a while but I wouldn't like it if we had it all the time. It makes me thirsty. Homemade food is a lot better for you. I like fast food but I like homemade food better.

My thoughts on fast food:

It's pretty good once in a while, but if you had it all the time, you would get tired of it and it would make you unhealthy. I think it's a nice treat once in a while, though. What I think is that everyone should eat out like once a month or so, for a treat. In our town, there's a Co-op and there's healthy food there that tastes really good, so we sometimes go there. If every town had a Co-op, I think that everyone should go to the Co-op instead of going to a regular restaurant.

I recycle and turn the water off when I brush my teeth 

Some great healthy foods are: kohlrabi (eat it with peanut butter or ranch; it's delish!), kale (make kale chips; they're really good!), beets (I love pickled beets!), apples (they clean your teeth!) and spinach.

I did 8. I drew 2 girls and a cute bear cub on one side and on the other side I drew a girl falling down a hill.

Thanks everyone! And a special big thank you to Delilah for participating in all of the activities, she earns another 10 points for her cabin. Keep up the good work everyone!

Thanks for reading,

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