30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 15

Hello everyone! I have a smoothie recipe coming up in a while but now I am going to do a 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

Day 15- Where Will You Be In 5 Years

Starting 11th grade! I'll probably still have this blog and it should be called My Amazing Life Being 15. :D Coincidence Alert- It's Day 15 and in 5 years I'll be 15. Cool!

I'll probably be applying for colleges: Cornell or MIT. I might be popular in high school but I can't promise it considering how NERDY I am now. Speaking of nerdyness, I hope I'm not a total nerd and get bullied by the popular people.

I hope I will be a popular blogger and get a good computer, not my iPad with a keyboard. Maybe I'll meet a lot of blogging friends and become a great blogger with loads of readers. 

I also want to have a lot of friends and a few best friends. I'll try to stay away from drama so that I don't get bullied or stuff like that. I don't want to lose my friends. No one does!

Finally, I want to get good grades like I do now. I want to top my grade like I did this year and get straight A's. 

I hope I have an amazing life being 15. (See what I did there?)

Thanks for reading,
Noor (smoothie recipe up later today, promise!) 


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  1. I hope you don't lose any of your friends, too, like I did. Two of my very good friends moved away and my B.F.F. isn't really my B.F.F. anymore. :(

    I hope you still have your blog when you're 15! I would be so sad if you didn't. :(

    I think nerds are cool! :D

    I think you're blog is already pretty popular, Noor!

    Happy July to you, too!



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