Halfway Through Camp

Hello everyone! I have a few announcements about camp since it is the halfway through camp mark. 

Camp has a week break on August 15, just so that campers have time to catch up or have a vacation. Camp ends August 31, and the ending ceremony will be August 30. After August 31, normal posts will continue. I am going to now review the camp schedule for the remaining half of camp. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will be regular. 

Tuesday- Recipe Day (Today's recipes will be up shortly)

Thursday- Summer Learning

Saturday- Snapshots

I hope everyone catches up on points and they can do this by clicking on the CAS page and doing the activities. So far, Cabin Fabulous is winning so keep trying Cabin Awesomeness. I will reveal the prizes in tomorrow's post. One more announcement: I am changing my profile picture so you all can finally see my face! Yeaahh! Okay, later today, I will have a CAS post up!

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