Thursday Summer Learning- The Brain

Hello everyone! Today we are going to learn about the brain. But, before we begin, I have a few announcements like always! It's about the prizes. If you aren't feeling comfortable about telling me your address, perfectly fine. If you have an email, even better! I can send you a gift card code to your favorite store/video game. Let's say you told me your favorite game was Club Penguin, I could send you a 10 dollar gift card to Club Penguin or a membership card to Club Penguin.   All you have to do is tell me you don't want to give me your address and then tell me your favorite store and voila! You have earned your prize with only the problem of giving me your email! Simple? Good.

Email Prizes-
1st Place- 10 dollar gift card to wherever they want. 
2nd Place- 10 dollar gift card to Target. 


Let's Learn About The Brain!

For today's assignment, we will be learning about the brain and what it does.


The frontal lobe (the one in blue) is the biggest part of your brain. It controls things such as problem solving, decision making, and emotions. It also controls some of your basic muscle functions. 

The parietal lobe (the one in yellow) is part of the frontal lobe. It helps you figure out when something is painful, or too hot or cold. It also helps you write and draw.

The temporal lobe (the one in green) is the part of the brain that helps you hear. It also helps us understand that someone is talking to us.

The occipital lobe (the one in pink) is the part of the brain that helps you see. This lobe is very fast because it has to take in all of things we are seeing, which is a lot of things. 

Your Assignment

For today's assignment, I want you writing an essay on the brain in your own words using some outside information. I also want at least 3 fun facts in your essay. This essay will earn you and your team 5 points and an extra 3 bonus points for putting in 5 more fun facts. So, with this assignment, you can earn 8 points!

I hope everyone learns something today and make sure to read the announcement at the beginning because it has some very very important information!

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the brain professor


  1. I don't have an email either. You don't have to get me anything.

    1. Okay that's fine too. I hope you enjoy the activities!

    2. Today is the last activity is CAK.

  2. Hi! I like Club Penguin and I also like Amazon! So if you could get me a Club Penguin membership card or a Amazon gift card then I would really appreciate it. I am 10 and my email is so email me plz!

  3. About prizes - if my camp won could I have my prize in pounds?? I could convert it but it would be pretty hard so if you could that would be great! Who's winning?


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