Long Post

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my last post before the break so today's post is going to be lonngggg. Some of the things included in this post are: the showcase, activties to keep you busy on my blog while I am gone, and some info about my trip to Florida. I will bold and label each section so if you don't want to read the whole post, scroll down to the section you want to read. First, I'll do the showcase that I promised from Tuesday.

1. Ups And Downs Of My Not So Average Life

I just did a screenshot of one of her posts because I love all of her posts and don't have a favorite in particular.

2. Pinapples and Daisies

Here is a picture from Brooke's Watermelon Slushy post which I talked about in Tuesday's post.

3. Amelia Grace

Here is a picture from Amelia's latest post. (Screenshot)

4. Hello Cathy

Again, I just took a screenshot from Cathy's blog.

5. Delilah's Little Hideout

Here is a picture form Delilah's 4th of July post.

Activities to Do While I Am Gone

1. Catch up on some camp activities and earn points for your cabin. (While I will not be able to blog, the comments are unmoderated and connected to my email so I will see what you have commented.)

2. Check out some crafts and recipes. I have a few crafts and recipes on the blog which are fun. A favorite has been Fabric Weaving so if you haven't done that, check it out.

3. Chat with your cabin mates! I am adding a Chat page for a little while so you can chat with the other readers and work on challenges together.

4. Give me advice! I will totally read it and use it.

Florida Trip
This section might be a little boring so if you don't like travel blogs skip this part.

 We are going to be staying at my aunt and uncle's house which is pretty big. Seriously its like a mini mansion. I am actually not going with my parents, I'm going with my aunt and cousin and grandma who are visiting us. Its complicated. I get my own room because none of my parents are with me.

I'm taking a small carry on suitcase with my iPod, notebook, travel journal, earpods, 2 books, stuffed animal, and mini sewing kit with a half a yard of fabric. Then, I'm taking my Pillow Pet and a bigger suitcase with all of my clothes for 10 days in it. (Notice how I didn't say iPad, tthat's why I can't blog.) Why did I just explain my luggage to you, I have no idea. 

We are going to Disney World (hopefully NOT Animal Kingdom because last time we went to Disney World, I wanted to go to Magic Kingdom but no one would listen to me. I'm going to beg my older cousin to take me to Harry Potter World because I have wanting to go there for a long time. I'm not sure where else we'll be going but I hope somewhere fun.

Since it is Ramadan, (mini challenge, tell me what Ramadan is in the comments and earn 4 points for your cabin) we get to have a lot of food and my aunts cook REALLLLYYYY good food so I am excited for that. 

Well, that's all for today. I might not post tomorrow so BYEEE! I'll miss you guys a lot. I'll be back in 10 days so don't you worry. I promise, loads more fun filled posts are coming after the small break. I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you fabulous folks in 10 days. BYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thanks for reading,

ANNNNNDDDD to end this post, a cute dog with a mustache! BYE GUYS AND GALS!!!!! 


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