Camp Cabin Fun

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't post Snapshots yesterday, I was busy. Today I have some more camp activities that can help you get to know your cabin mates. For every one of these little challenges you do, you can earn your cabin 4 points. Cabin Awesomeness has 3 points and Cabin Fabulous has 14 points and a new cabin mate, Ines. Now for the challenges!

Challenge 1: Get To Know Your Cabin Mates

This challenge helps you to get to know the people in your cabin so that you can complete more challenges together! To do this, you must select a person in your cabin and ask them these following questions in the comments. (In tomorrow's post, I'll let the person know you asked them just in case they did not check the comments.) Then, the person must answer the questions and ask you the same questions. Finally, you must answer the questions to get the full 4 points for your cabin. The most points one person can earn for their team is 12 points. 

Challenge 2: Trivia Fun

This challenge asks 4 trivia questions to each team (different for each team) and each person from the team has to answer each question to get 4 points. 1 point for each question answered

Cabin Awesomeness:
Jack- When did Walt Disney first create Mickey Mouse?
June- What is the longest river in the world?
kittycat- What is California's state tree?
Samantha- What was my very first post? 

Cabin Fabulous:
Delilah- How many comments where there on the post Fun Day By the River?
Lexie- What is the Zodiac symbol for a person born on July 6?
Livy- What country (countries) does the Amazon rainforest run through?
Ines- What day did Frozen release in the UK?

That's all of the challenges! Have fun with your cabin and earning points!

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