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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! 'MURICA!!!!!! Sorry, I love the 4th of July! Today, I have a cool guest post from Delilah. But, before that I want to share some 4th of July inspiration from Pinterest! (None of these pins are mine. Credit goes to ALL of the pinners and creators of these pins and recipes)

I made a collage of all my favorite pics!

Clothes: This dress is super cute. I want this soooo bad! All I have is blue shorts and a red and white t-shirt. 

Decor: This was a wine bottle decorated but since my parents don't drink wine, I think I'll use a root beer bottle.

Food: These popsicles look so delish so that is why they are freezing in my freezer! Yes, I made them last night. 

Nails: These nails look super easy and cute. I could do them in seconds!

Next, we have a guest post from Delilah at Delilah's Little Hideout. Here it is:


Hello everyone! My name's Delilah and I blog at Delilah's Little Hideout! Today I am going to write a review about Betsy and Tacy books! 

 Goodreads description: 

There are lots of children on Hill Street, but no little girls Betsy's age. So when a new family moves into the house across the street, Betsy hopes they will have a little girl she can play with. Sure enough, they do--a little girl named Tacy. And from the moment they meet at Betsy's fifth birthday party, Betsy and Tacy becoms such good friends that everyone starts to think of them as one person--Betsy-Tacy.

Betsy and Tacy have lots of fun together. They make a playhouse from a piano box, have a sand store, and dress up and go calling. And one day, they come home to a wonderful surprise--a new friend named Tib.
My review: I think these books are really great because it tells about Betsy-Tacy and Tib's adventures of growing up! It tells you about their adventures meeting acters and actresses, going to plays, going calling, going to Little Syria, making new friends and so much more. And it's like your there, back in the early 1900s, going on all those adventures, making lots of new friends and having fun. It's amazing. It tells of Betsy's simple joys and (short-lived) sorrows. I really like the characters, too. They are very interesting people. I love this series so much.
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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