Florida Fun and Something New

WASSSUPPPP Y'ALL! I'm blogging to you straight from Florida where I am having a grrrreattt time! I just saw the World Cup final where my fave time GERMANY won! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA! (I'm sorry, I'm just so happy). I have only 10 minutes to blog because my cousin is coming home soon and we are going out for dinner! 

Tomorrow will be really fun because my older cousin is taking me and my younger cousin to Disney World and Harry Potter World. (Don't tell anyone but I am more excited to go to Harry Potter World) 

We are also going to the beach because there is a beach very close to my aunt and uncle's home. 

Now for the new thing. I am making a scrapbook/journal of Florida with journal entries and lots of pictures. Along with camp, when I come back, I will share a page or two of my adventures in Florida. 

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the Florida gal


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  2. Hi Noor, When are you coming back: I'm missing you and you posts, seriously!!??

  3. I hope you're having a nice trip. :)

    Miss you,


  4. CAK starts today!!!

  5. Hi Noor! When are you coming back? I really, really miss you and your posts... :(

  6. i went to Florida one time too! but i didn't get to go to harry potter world, but i went to disney world!
    it was really cool! my fav ride was the one and only: SPACE MOUNTAIN mountain mountain.


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