30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 21

Hello everyone! I am super duper sorry that I didn't do recipes yesterday, but I'll make it up to you by giving you a chance to earn points in today's post.

Day 21: What Makes You Sad
I was just about to skip this one because, its about sadness. But I thought, I can't skip any of them so here I am doing this. To get the points for this post, tell me 2 things that make you sad. That's 3 points. If you did what makes you happy on Day 20, then I'll count that too.

5 Things That Make Me Sad

1. Violence. People shouldn't fight to get what they want. They should follow the ways of great leaders like Gandhi and MLK Jr. They believed in peace and no violence which everyone on Earth should believe in. 

2. Bullying. Bullying is becoming a bigger thing (sadly). Kids go home beaten up or crying because they've been called names or pushed by a classmate. If you see bullying happen, go up to that bully and stop them or call an adult you trust. Together, we can stop bullying.

3. Poverty. Poverty means that some people in this world are extremely poor. They don't have enough food or clothing or shelter. I think everyone in this world should have these 3 simple things. Search "poverty foundations" on Google to learn more about poverty and simple ways you can help.

4. Bad Sportsmanship. As a soccer player, I hate when I see bad sportsmanship. This means the opposite team talking rudely about other players on the team or purposely hurting other players. The first one has happened to me before and I know because I overheard. It made me really sad, so I told my coach and those two girls were on the bench for the rest of the game.

5. When my favorite character dies. Okay, not the best one, but I am a fangirl so I have all the rights to crying when these following characters died: (SPOILERS)

Rue- The Hunger Games
Amy Pond and Rory Pond- Doctor Who
Fred Weasley- Harry Potter 7 
Severus Snape- Harry Potter 7 
Rose Tyler- Doctor Who (She didn't technically die, but we never saw her again. :(
Primrose Everdeen - Mockingjay

R.I.P :(

Anyways tomorrow is Thursday Summer Learning and we are doing Science so get your brains ready. Oh yes and wasn't I going to reveal the prizes! 

Winning Team: A writing/crafting gift bag full of all the best crafting and writing tools!
2nd Place: A moleskin notebook and a pen

Sadly some people from Cabin Awesomeness have not been commenting so I don't know if you can receive the prizes. On August 30, there is prize day which is when I will reveal who won and who gets what prizes. (Cabin Awesomeness does have a new person who might earn all of the points back)

Unfortunately, I am only able to mail the prizes to you so you will have to give me your address. If you don't feel comfortable with this, totally fine! I'll think of another way. The comments will be moderated at that time so if you were to comment the address I will write it down on a paper, delete your comment, mail the prize, and then tear and recycle your address. You will never be sent anything else by me! Simple and safe. 

Thanks for reading,

Cabin Awesomeness- 11 
Cabin Fabulous- 43


  1. If my team wins, I would like that writing thing but I can't give you my address. 2 things that make me sad are: kids being orphaned and in frozen when Elsa hits Anna and they have to be seperated. It's weird, but it still makes me sad. I hope that you find time to look at my blog. I understand if you are busy.

    1. That's okay that you can't give me your address, if it would make you feel more comfortable, I could email you a gift card! Just tell me your favorite store or video game.

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