20 Ways You Can Change The World!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I've been planning a lot of cool posts for you guys be prepared. Today I am going to share simple ways you can change the world. I've done a lot of things like this but I thought I'd do them more often. With some of the challenges, you can also earn points for camp. I hope people get inspired to change the world with these challenges. (Check for a P to see how you can earn points)

1. Plant a garden with recycled materials. P- Tell me what you planted and what did you plant them in. 4 points

2. Go to a local park with some friends and clean up all of the litter. P- What are some things you collected? 3 points

3. Eat healthier and inspire others to eat healthier too! P- What are some great healthy foods to eat? 1 point

4. Create! Draw, paint and create different works of art and mail them to your local retirement home. It'll bring a smile on a senior's face. P- What did you draw? 4 points

5. Donate old clothes, backpacks, supplies, etc to a shelter. Someone who needs those things can now have it thanks to you. 

6. Have a lemonade stand during the summer and donate some of the money to a good cause. P- Which cause did you donate to? 5 points

7. Already have that toy? Give it to someone else who doesn't have many toys.

8. Use both sides of the paper, don't waste! P- How did you use that paper? 1 point

9. If the place you're going isn't that far away, walk or bike there instead of polluting the air by using cars. 

10. Volunteer! On weekends, when you have nothing to do, its always great to volunteer somewhere and help out others! P- Where do you volunteer? 5 points

11. Make a friend with a kid at school who looks lonely. This puts a smile on someone's face and gives you a great new friend!

12. Tutor! If you're good in school, tutor a sibling or friend. You don't have to ask for money, do it as an act of kindness. 

13. Turn of the water when you are brushing your teeth. This saves so much water that can be used for more important times. P- Have you ever accidentally left the water running? 1 point

14. If you're driving by a lemonade stand with your parents, ask them to stop and buy some lemonade. It will make that kid super happy.  

15. Adopt an animal. Even if its a fish, an animal still gets a new home! P- What animal did you get? 3 points

16. Check for the Leaping Bunny label on products. This means that the product you just bought was not tested on animals. 

17. RECYCLE! If we all recycle, we can all change the world! P- Do you recycle at your house? 2 points

18. Put a bird feeder outside! Great way to help animals everyday. 

19. Be aware of the problems around you. This way you can help fix them. 

20. Smile! Your big, happy smile makes the world brighter. 

Other Websites You Can Visit To Learn More-

Friends for Change
The Big Help
Do Something

Note- All of these ideas were mine. I hope you guys enjoyed and more exciting posts are coming up sooon! Thanks for all of the great comments!

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  1. I often turn the water off when I'm brushing my teeth.

  2. I recycle and turn the water off when I brush my teeth so that's...3 points?

  3. When are you doing the show case on my blog?Next Sunday?I just haven't seen it so yeah...Sorry if I sound like an impatient todler

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I do all of those things! Not kidding, not one tiny bit! Well, we have always had a garden in both our front and back yard, but we didn't plant it in pots, we just planted it in the ground and put some bricks around it. We have: lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, greenbeans, tomatoes and some flowers and herbs. I will send you a pic of it in an email! :)

    Well, we picked up a few soda cans, one dirty napkin, some candy wrappers and a plastic bag.

    Some great healthy foods are: kohlrabi (eat it with peanut butter or ranch; it's delish!), kale (make kale chips; they're really good!), beets (I love pickled beets!), apples (they clean your teeth!) and spinach.

    Well, I drew a picture of some kids washing a dog and getting wet, a picture of a barn with some animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc.), a picture of a flower garden with lots of fancy-looking butterflies and bugs and a picture of sunflowers.

    I donated some old dresses, jeans and socks. Plus a backpack, some markers and some old stuffed animals.

    I donated $12.67 to Salvation Army.

    Gave away a box of old toys to a refugee family that moved here.

    I drew a picture of my B.F.F. and I and then drew picture of my cat on the other side of the paper.

    We walk to our church because it's very close! Like a few blocks away! :D

    We volunteer at a local thrift shop and at a place called ECHO.

    A few times. :(

    I got a cat!! Her name's Lucy. We got her a little before starting my blog.

    Yep. I always look for the Leaping Bunny label.

    Yes! who doesn't recycle?!

    Yep, we have a few bird feeders outside our window! I actually kinda enjoy watching the birds more than T.V. And, Lucy likes watching the birds a lot, too!

    :D If you could see me, you would see me smiling!

    I'm sorry this was a long comment!


  5. I did 8. I drew 2 girls and a cute bear cub on one side and on the other side I drew a girl falling down a hill.

  6. Some healthy foods to eat are strawberrys, watermelon and brocilli. I don't think I spelled that right.


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