Sunday Showcase- New Blogs!

Hello everyone! I've noticed you haven't been commenting and that's made me sad! Comment please! So I have 5 new blogs to share with you all, two which have been requested to me. (Sorry that it took me so long Connor.) Please note- all of these pictures are these blogger's and not my pictures. All rights go to them. 

1. Connor's Creepy Chronicles

I suggest you take a peek at Connor's amazing blog! He does Photoshopped pictures which are always hilarious. He also posts about Minecraft which I know a lot of people love. You can also request a book review. If you want to see all of this stuff and more go here.

2. Little Livy's

Livy's blog is totally amazing. She has a camp too, Camp Awesome Kids! You can still join and do amazing crafts with Livy! I love her blog and everything she writes. To check out Livy, click here.

3. Blondie and Brunette Blog

Brunette and her friend Blondie have a great blog for everyone! They post things for animal lovers, book lovers, and advice needers! (Is that a word?) Anyways, the two friends have a great blog and seem like great friends too! So come on down and click right here to check out their blog. 

4. Simply Scribbles

Ella at Simply Scribbles posts a lot of great things about her life. She takes excellent photos and writes really great. She also posts a lot of fun DIYs! To go to Ella's blog, click here.

5. My Diary

Janaki at My Diary posts a lot of great things about her life. She seems to have many, many fun adventures with her friends and family. In the picture I show, she's riding on a camel, how cool is that! To read about her awesome adventures click here.

Alright, that's it for today. Tomorrow I have either a fun craft (Quick and easy present) or opinion post. Most likely craft because tomorrow is a special holiday for me and I won't have very much time to blog. Tuesday will be a recipe!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Thank you so much noor,Im sure ill get more people on my blog,and i mentioned yours on mine too,so you might get more too!

  2. Awesome post!! :)

  3. Thank you soon much, it means a lot! And if u don't mind me asking, how did u find our blog?
    -Blondie and Brunette


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