Your Very First Sewing Project

Hello everyone! Before we start this awesome craft, I wanted to share with you the blog's craft schedule for every week. I will not post a craft every day and sometimes there will be a craft and a regular post. So here is the schedule. 

Terribly Easy Tuesday- Super easy crafts that anyone can do (Its a weird name I know)
Free Day Friday- I take your suggestions from the post on Thursday for crafts. No suggestions? I get to choose the craft.
Sewing Saturday- A fun sewing craft.
Today I am going to teach everyone how to hand sew a super cute pouch. Hand sewing is uber easy and anyone can try. 

What You Will Need:


STEP 1- Cut the fabric

I cut my fabric to around 5 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. But since I have a lot of readers who use the metric system, cut the fabric to about 14 cm by 14 cm. 

STEP 2- Fold the fabric

Now that you have your fabric cut, fold it in half. Since I had a pin laying around, I pinned it to keep it shut.

Also, if you had a little part showing, cut that.

STEP 3- Thread the needle

This is the hardest part of the whole thing, threading your needle. First, you cut a piece of thread, it should be pretty long but not WAY too long. So, you see the little hole at the top of your needle? Put one end of the thread through that hole, this might take a while but its worth it. 

Finally got it? Good job! Now pull the thread through but don't let the needle fall out! Now, with the needle still on the thread, take the two ends of the thread and put them together. 

Now what you need to do is tie a knot at the end of the strings. Double knot it. 

STEP 3- Lets Sew!

Take your needle and poke a hole down at one of the ends of the fabric. (Look at the picture first before you do it)

Now, poke a hole up and pull. 

Great! Now repeat until you reach the end of the side. 

STEP 4- Almost done!
Now knot the thread at the bottom (not where the needle is) and cut (not on the knot, a little bit past it, towards the needle leaving a bit of thread at the end of the knot. P.S: You might wanna double knot the knot, it can get out easily. 

Now, do the same thing as you did on this side on the other side, but not on the top because you need space to keep things! (Note- you might not need to re-thread your needle, if you have enough thread then use that for the other side.) Congrats! You've just created a nice little pouch, if you are feeling adventurous, try adding something like a felt flower, or a little stripe for the side. The possibilties are endless! Hope you enjoyed the craft!

Thanks for reading

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  1. Hi! I made this for my mom for Mother's Day and she really liked it. She asked how I made it and I told her about your blog. I think that your blog is wonderful! Thanks for writing it!


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