Free Choice Friday: DIY Memory Strand

Hello again! Its Free Choice Friday and the shining people voted on Room Decor! TWEET TWEET! 
iI have finally come up with a post and today we're going to be making.... a memory strand. This piece of string/yarn contains pictures/cards to remind you of your best memories. You don't need much!

Yarn or String (Yarn works WAY better)
Tape (I used Washi Tape because it adds way more creativeness to the pictures) 
Pictures or cards

Here are my materials

So first, cut a piece of string/yarn to the size you want. (I didn't measure mine, sorry!) 

Take your first picture and also cut a piece of tape about that size. Place the tape at the top of the picture like so. Story of this picture: this is the cover of a Playbill from the Broadway "Wicked". We went to go see it in January and I loved it!!

Now take the tape and place it on the string. Fold over until the tape reaches the other side of the picture. Press down to secure.

Take your next picture and do the same thing. I used like 3 pieces of tape on this picture because it is big. Story of this picture: This was a drawing my 6 year old cousin gave me. 


Again, take your next picture (mine is a card) and do the same thing. For this card I used two pieces of tape. Story of this picture: My best friend actually designed this card for me and gave it to me this year. 

This one, I did differently. It already had a hole on top so I pulled the yarn through the hole. Story of this bookmark: my friend made it for me when we were in 1st grade. 

This one I did the same as the Wicked Playbill. Story of this picture: Last Month, me and my three friends went to go see Aladdin on Broadway. The show was amazing!

Here is what it looks like when done! Lovely!

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  1. Cool DIY. I went to see Wicked on Broadway and it was amazing!

  2. Hey! I made one. It was really cool because I used some purple yarn that had white stripes and I used dark, dark purple duct tape and I got a lot of compliments because it's a nice way to hang your cards and pictures. Thanks for posting such a great tutorial! looking forward to more! :-)

  3. This is really cool! It'll be a perfect thing to keep my drawings on! (I'm running out of space to keep them :p )


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