Hello everyone! While I attempt to create a room decor post for you shining people, I am going to write this post. I know I said I'd stop 2 posts in one day but I am bored and when I'm bored, I blog!
This post is not a ramble, it has a reason. To share with you the latest things going on here on the blog! Let's get started:

Tomorrow- Sewing Saturday: Amazing Lip Gloss Holder

Sunday- Sewing Sunday: Next step in the sewing series

Monday- Opinion Posting: Should Kids Have Homework Over Spring Break?

Tuesday- SPECIAL EARTH DAY POST!!! I am so excited for this post because I have a fab new challenge for all of you! The challenge will be posted on Sunday on the Announcements page. 

Next Thursday, we have a special guest: Amelia from Amelia Grace! She is going to be posting the fabulous review for the Review Thursday. Note: her post will be up next Thursday, not this coming up Thursday! 

That's all the news I have! Stay tuned! (Why do I sound like the people of the radio? Welcome to Amazing Life Being.10 *sings* Magic Life Being.10! Okay that was weird.)

Thanks for reading,
Noor, the bad radio person. 

Oh yes, also enjoy this lovely picture:

Oh Harry. 😂

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