Should Kids Have Homework Over Spring Break?

No, I do not think kids should have homework over spring break. Spring break is a time for kids to relax and have fun with their families. Homework doesn't really let them do that. 

Like I said before, spring break is a break, a time to relax and have fun. Don't think about school or work. Some people might argue that kids might lose some knowledge over the break. Sure,if you are talking about summer vacation. But this is spring break, usually about a week long. How much knowledge can you lose in a week?  

Wait, there is one exception. Next week, we have the New York State Math tests. (We as in all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in NY) These tests are a pretty big deal, if you get a bad score, then that's really bad, like I mean really bad. These tests are also pretty hard. So, if your teacher were to give you homework to study for these tests, then fine, I can understand that even if your teacher gave you 36 pages of homework like my teacher did. *sighs*

Anyways, if you don't have any major tests coming up soon, there is no reason for your teacher to give you 36 pages of homework to do over your break. It makes no sense at all. 

Happy Spring Break everyone! (even though mine is just about finished)

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Pretty flowers and trees! Spring is here!

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