Sewing Saturday- Jo-Ann Haul

Hi everyone! I'm sorry, I don't have a FABULOUS Sewing Saturday post up because my sewing machine's needle broke :( so I my dad is (attempting to) fix it. So, since I was having no sewing in my day, my mom was being nice and gave me 40 dollar budget to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics. (Thanks Mom!)

Here is what I got-

Fabric quarters (18 in by 21 in each)
Thread, pink and white.
Washi tape- just because
Fabric! Yay!!!

These are the fabric quarters I got! The first one is my favorite, lovely owls! The second one was to make a something for my 6-year old cousin. The third and 4th are just, cool. 

These are the things I got to make a baby quilt for my cousin's daughter. I can't wait! 

With these materials, I am planning on making something for my teacher.

Well, do you like all of it? Is it even a haul? Mini haul or medium haul? 

Anyways, I am planning on using one of the fabric quarters for the Learn To Sew series on Sewing Sunday! Get your needles ready shining people! 

P.S- Speaking of Sewing Sunday..... I might be having a sewing giveaway!!! Stay tuned for more answers!!

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  1. Is it sewing Sunday or sewing Saturday? Or are you doing both?

    1. This post is a Sewing Saturday, my Sewing Sunday should be up tomorrow

  2. Hi Noor! I saw your comment on my blog about doing a guest post. I would love it if you would do a guest post! E-mail me at

    Amelia :)


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