This Is Me....Rambling.

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to do something that I've never done before. I'm going to *sighs* ramble. Why am I so upset about this? Well, I have nothing to post. NOTHING! So, this is going to be an opinion/ramble post. Ready? Let's get ready to ramble! (get it because its a play on let's get ready to "rumble" but it's ramble? No, okay, bad joke)

HMMM.... great. Now I have nothing to ramble about. Ha, got something. (this is me thinking out loud)

The weather here is horrible. Yesterday it was like 65 degrees fahrenheit and now it's all cloudy and gross. Mother Nature is messing with me. Okay so last Wednesday it was really warm. Then on Thursday I was like... should I wear shorter leggings today (like up to my knees because it was 68 on Wednesday.) So I did and then it was super cold on Thursday so my legs froze. (See, rambling!)

Have you noticed some bloggers always write super short posts, like the posts are so short,if they were pants, no one could wear them because they were so short. Or really long posts, like longer than mine, sometimes those posts aren't even spilt into paragraphs which sucks because it's super hard to read. I've done that a couple of times but now I've learned from my mistakes. Maybe that's how you can tell how long your posts should be, by pant size. Long enough for it to cover the whole subject (unless you're rambling, well even then you need to cover the basic subject) and short enough to keep it interesting (again, unless you're rambling, but you still can't keep typing and typing.) Hey, I taught myself something today. Rambling helps. 

Conclusion of this ramble- Rambling is good (sometimes)

Thanks for reading and hope you didn't get bored!


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