Sewing Sunday- Let's Advance!

Hi everyone! It's Sunday and I've decided to share with all of you shining people the next sewing project after the pouch! Today, we're sewing...........

YAY! No? Okay...... Let's get started!

What You Will Need:


STEP 1: Cutting the fabric

I cut my fabric to around 11 cm by 13 1/2 cm. 

STEP 2: Folding the fabric

We all know how to do this by now. I taught you how in our last tutorial. If you haven't seen it, check it out, you might need it for this project. 

STEP 3: Let's Sew

Sew using the stich I taught you yesterday all around the fabric. (Just look at the picture first before you  try, I'm not so good at describing things with words! :P) Well, mine isn't perfect because I pulled too hard, but I'm not the best sewer either. 


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and happy sewing! (New post up soon!)


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  1. Noor, you post such great tutorials! I made one of these for my friend's birthday. I used this cool fabric: /Users/user/Desktop/Large_206547.jpg and some blue thread. I also used shears to make the edges look cool.


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